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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of pro wrestling’s hottest new promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Does Barry Manilow know you raided his wardrobe”-Emilio Estevez in “The Breakfast Club”.

I think od that quote when I see a few stars of AEW. Mr. Brodie Lee and Chris Jericho come to mind. I like them both but their styles can sometimes be “interesting”.

Back in my much-younger days, I wanted to be a rock star. One of my biggest influences was Eddie Van Halen. He got to tour the world and had one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Valerie Bertinelli, as his wife. We lost Eddie, earlier this week. Thank you, sir, for shaping my formative years.

We started with a tribute for Chris Jericho. So many wrestlers admire and appreciate him, as do I. He has been in this business for 30 years and he was in the top five of the PWI 500.

Taz and Ricky Starks were at the announce desk. It was funny when J.R. called him “Ricky Skaggs”.

Will Hobbs vs Brian Cage
“FTW” World Championship Match

This was the first defense of the title in 21 years. Cage looked like he was made of granite. We saw video of how Will Hobbs came to aid Jon Moxley.

Will and Brian went off with wild punches. Neither man would give a step. Universal into a Running Back Elbow by Cage. Hobbs came right back and clocked Brian. They tried for Suplexes but neither could hit it. 2 count for Will.

Hobbs punched away and threw Forearms. Corner Mount PunchesModified Muscle Buster Drop by Brian. They talked about WIll losing his brother. So sad. Brian ran Will into the corner and punched away. Corner Shoulders by Cage. Knife Edge by Cage. Will came right back with punches. Kick by Cage. Float Over and Dropkick by Cage.

Cage with a Standing Moonsault after a Fallaway Slam. Damn, that was impressive. Side Headlock by Cage but Will fought out. Back Drop Suplex by Hobbs. Boot by Will. JUmping Shoulder Tackle on Cage. Kick by Cage. Snap Powerslam by Hobbs. 2 count.Cage fought out of a Pedigree. Sit Out Powerbomb by Will for a near fall.

Forearm shots by Will. Pump Handle Spinning Faceplant by Cage. Fireman’s Carry into an F5. 1-2-NO! Hobbs escaped a 2nd F5 and hit a German. Double Clotheslines and both men were down and possibly out.

They traded shots back and forth. Spinning Back Fist by Cage. Spinebuster by Will. 2 plus on the count. Will seemed a bit lost on what to do next. He went up top and tried for a Frog Splash. He missed. Drill Claw!

Your WInner: Brian Cage
Dynamite Score: 98 out of a possible 100

Taz was impressed with Will Hobbs. He asked Brian and Ricky not to attack him. Taz wanted Will to join Team Taz. If Hobbs turned it down, Brian and Ricky would beat him down. Darby Allin came out to even the score. Brian and Ricky went to the floor. Taz warned Darby their would be consequences for getting into Team Taz business.

Several celebrities, including SLash, Dennis Miller, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Bully Ray and his dad, Ted, paid tributes to the 3 Decade Veteran.

Lamce Archer cut a promo against Jon Moxley. They tore down the house, back in January, in New Japan. Now, Lance wants Mox’s World title.

Jack Evans and Angelico (The Hybrid 2) vs Cash Wheeler adn Dax Harwood (FTR)
20-Minute World Tag Title Match

Tully came out with his men. I had the honor of meeting Jack Evans, here in Dallas, a few years back. He is a great trainer and a true fan of the business he works in. I have the highest respect for him.

Jack kicked Cash and hit a Rana on Dax. Roll Up for two. Lots of Flippy Dippy stuff by Jack. Angelico took the tag and hit a Crossbody. Angelico slid all around under Dax. Cash pulled his partner out of the ring. Tully talked with them.

Dax and Cash tried to leave but TH2 flew over the ropes. Jack seemed to hurt his leg or knee. Jack rolled Dax in and tried for a pin. 2 count. Jack dropped Dax and went up top. Tully distracted the ref so Cash could Crotch Evans. Dragon Screw, off the ropes, by Dax. Dax dropped Jack on the barricade.

Dax pushed Jack intot he ring and then slammed the knee into the ring post. Figure Four, around the ringpost. Dax let go and Cash ran Jack intot he corner. Sullivan Tree of Woe. Double team and Evans collapsed. Huge Knife Edge on Evans. Dax twisted Jack’s knee in the ropes. Roll Up by Evans but Dax quickly escaped. Cash tagged back in. Running Elbow Drop to Evans. Reverse STO by Cash. 2 count until Angelico made the save. Aubrey forced Angelico out of the ring. Cash stayed on the knee. Evans tried to fight free.

Full Screen. Kneebreaker by Cash. Cash kept working on the knee. Step Over but Evans kicked out. Dax tagged in but ate an Enziguri. Evans wanted a tag but Dax with a Dragon Screw into a Single Leg Crab. Jack readched the ropes. Sunset Flip by Evans. Hot Tag to Angelico. Clotheslines and kicks to both champs. Wild variation of the Dragon Screw by Angelico. Double Submission by Angelico. They barely made it to the ring. Double team by TH2. Evans was legal. He was limping, badly, as he tried for a pin. Tag back to Angelico.

Angelico flipped Evans into a 450 onto Cash. Dax tripped Angelico. Cash clocked Evans. FTR with numerous Suplexes but Angelico stopped the pin. Evans with multiple Back Elbows. Dax popped Evans in the jaw. Dax set Jack on the top and also blasted Angelico. Evans knocked Dax off the ropes. Evans with a version of the Whisper in the Wind. Cash made the save. Angelico dropped Cash and then flipped out of the ring. Gory Special to send Angelico into the ring apron. Backslide by Evans for the nearest fall, yet, for Evans. Evans flipped out of the German. Flipping Ax Kick by Evans. Short Arm Clothesline by Dax. Tiger Driver but Jack still kicked out.

Evans kicked at Dax but Harwood caught him and put him up top. Tag to Cash. Superplex/Frog Splash combo to take this one to the barn.

Your Winners: FTR
Dynamite Score: 95

The Young Bucks sdid a Superkick Party to the camera, when they thought they were being spied upon. A weird graphic came up showing FTR as hot dogs. The Best Friends were behind it. They even had Weenie Shirts to push the point home. Chuck wanted a title shot, since they are the number one contenders. Next week, the Best Friends will get the shot, thanks to Tony Khan. FTR tried for a sneak attack but Trent and Chuck knew it was coming and went to town on them. Treant and Chuck picked up the tag belts. Tully Blanchard was having a major cow. The Best Friends hugged.

More tribute to Chris Jericho. Really cool to see Lars Ulrich and Gene Simmons.

We gpt a review of ody vs Brodie Lee.

Brodie Lee vs Cody
Dog Collar Match for the TNT Title

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine was in the crowd. I am beyond honored to call that man my friend. He even knew my Grandfather, Mr. Cots. I’ve worked with him, several times, including in the great documetnary 350 Days (now available on Tubi). The introductions were made as this is the Main Event.

There were several people around ringside. Cody laid out Silver, right away. Lee popped Cody in the face with the chain. Lee kicked away at the challenger. Scoop Slam by Lee. Tony talked about the brutal Valentine vs Piper made from way back in the 80s. Watch it at some point. Silver came up bloody. Kick by Cody. Clotheslines by Cody but Lee wouldn’t go down. Goldustin Uppercut. Cody went up the ropes but Lee pulled him off the ropes. Lee slid out tot he floor. He told Silver to stand clear. Brodie Faceplanted Cody onto the edge of the apron. Butcher, Blade and Edie Kingston were at ringside. Lee sat SIlver down and then sent Cody into the poor kid.

DDT by Brodie. Anna Jay came down to watch this but she was actually there to escort SIlver to the back. Cody was busted open, right above the eye. The DDT had planted him on the chain. Elbow Drop by Lee, from the floor. Brodie tore into the open wound.

Back in the ringand Brodie with Knife Edges. Cody slid under Brodie and pulled the chain up into Lee’s crotch. Side Russian Chain-aided Leg Sweep. Cody pulled Brodie near the ring and then hit a Tope Suicida. Lee pulled Cody intot he barricade, several times. The ref checked on Cody. Arn looked so concerned. Cody looked like an extra in a George Romero movie. Brodie kicked away as the company doctor looked on in horror. Brodie moved the ringside table into position. Cody fught hard to avoid going throught hte tabl. Cody pulled Brodie off the apron and into a Cutter.

Cody was far from ready to call it a night. He slid in the ring to restart the count. He dragged Brodie to the edge of the ring. Cody with a vicious Forearm and the Disaster Kick. Lee went to a knee but still didn’t go through the table. Cody wrapped the chain aroundhis fist and punched away. Package Piledriver to send Brodie through the table. Both men were near exhaustion. The ref checked on Cody, who demanded to continue. Brodie was now wearing the Crimson Mask, as well. Cody almost got the pin. Arn was up on the apron to check on Cody.

Back to full screen mode. Brodie blinked to try and clear his eyes. Cody wrapped the chain around his hand and punched away. Front Drop Suplex onto the chain. Cody whipped Brodie like a government mule. Cody kept punching away. The ref would not stop it, just yet. Corner Mount Punches and a choke after wrapping the chain around the ring post. Cody sent Lee into the corner. Lee reversed a Whip and pitched Cody over the ropes. Lee pulled back to choke Cody. Rhodes slid back in the ring. Black Hole Slam but Cody kicked out at two.

Brodie punched the skull of Cody. He threw a chair at Arn. Alex Reynolds rushed in but Arn hit a Spinebuster. Brodie popped ARn and Cody tore into Brodie. Goldustin Upperkick. Cody was losing it. Straight punch with the wrapped fist. Snap Mare and choke with the chain. Paul Turner was getting concerned as the Zebra in CHharge. Moonsault by Cody for a near fall. Kick by Brodie. CrossRhodes! Quick Kick Out1

brodie barely escaped a Vertebreaker. Superkicks and a Powerbomb by Lee. Could be…might be…DENIED! Lee couldn’t believe it. Cody pulled Brodie into the ring post. Brodie’s jaw hit the ring post. Cody got caught on the ropes. Uppercut by Lee. Superplex by Lee. The ref started to count.

Cody slammed Lee’s face onto the chain, a couple of times. Snap Dragon Release by Brodie. Cody blocked the Discus Lariat and hit a Spinning Final Cut. Cody wrapped the chain around Brodie’s face and bashed the skull. CrossRhodes, again, to win the title!

Your Winner (and NEW TNT Champion): Cody
Dynamite Score: 99

The Dark Order couldn’t believe their leader had been so destroyed. The Nightmare Family came out to celebrate the win. Cody kissed his wife, Brandi. Tony Schiavone went to interview Cody. Cody loved performing in front of a live crowd. Cody swore he would NOT go down the Dark Path that people expected him to go. Cody wants to defend the title, next week. Tony wanted to know who he would fight.

Out walked Orange Cassidy. He made it clear he wanted the shot and Cody granted it. If Cassidy wins, will they change the belt color to Orange?

Excalibur discussed the upcoming Tournament to find a new contender for the World Title. Alex Marvez asked KennyOmega about Hangman Page being added to the tourney. Omega was happy to be a singles star, again. Omega mentioned winning so many tournerys, over the year. Omega took a shot at his old partner, Page. Omega was super confident, even against Hangman Adam Page.

Big Swole vs Serena Deeb

I hate Swole’s music. I appreciate her talent, tho. Collar and Elbow. ARm Bar by Deeb. Swole reversed it but Deeb took it back and brought Swole to the canvas. Clean break.

The crowd chanted for Swole. Swole drove Deeb down. Serena almost pinned Swole. Deeb stayed on the arm and back. Backbreaker by Swole. Clothesline by Serena. Dragon Screw, in the ropes, by Serena. Swole’s knee was hurting. Neckbreaker, also in the ropes.

Split Screen time. Serena stayed focused on the injured knee of Swole. She tied up the legs and fell backwards. Inverted Surfboard. Shole rolled around to try for a pin. Deeb snapped the arm and took Swole down. Wrist Lock by Deeb. 2 count. Swole punched up from the canvas. ARm Snap by Serena. Octopus by Serena but Swole would not submit. We cut to a full commercial break.

Swole screamed in agony. Swole with a Back Elbow as Deeb charged. Swole also cracked heads with Serena. Headbutt and Back Elbow and Clothesline by Swole. Huge Forearms and a Glasgow Kiss by Swole. 2 count. Whip by Swole. Deeb flipped Swole to the apron. Big kick. Swole came in the ring and Deeb hit an alternate version of a Cutter. 2 count. Roll Up by Swole. Backslide by Deeb for a two. Swole escaped a Butterfly Bomb. Hevy Strikes by both women. Pump Kick by Swole and another Headbutt tothe chest.

Your WInner: Big Swole
Dynamite Score: 95

Jon Moxley cut a promo about his upcoming battle with Lance Archer. Jon knew his days may be numered and Archer could be the one to dethrone him. Mox knew the truth but wondered if Archer did. Mox would not lie down for Lance. He would have to kill Mox to get the strap. “Everyone Dies”. Creepy.

The co-Main Event is on deck.

More tributes to Jericho, including my hero, Kevin Smith.

Serpentico and Luther (Chaos Project) vs Chris Jericho and Jake Hager
Special Challenge Match

All of the Inner Circle came out with their fearless leader. The crowd was digging Jericho’s theme music. Chris just smiled.

Chris opened up against Serpentico. Jericho with Forearms and a Knife Edge Chop. Rana to send Jericho flying. Chris threw the masked man into the corner. Another Rana but Chris hit a Clothesline. Serpentico slithered to his corner and Luther took the tag.

Collar and Elbow. Knife Edges and punches on both sides. Jericho has a new book about to come out. Big Boot and Clothesline by Luther. Clutch Throw by Luther. Serpentico with a Slingshot Stomp. Lther came right back in and hit a Suplex. He then sent his partner onto Jericho. Luther dug his fingers into Chris’ eyes. Whip by Luther but Jericho hiteld the ropes. Lionsault and tag to Jake.

They threw bombs at each other. Jake ran Luther into the corner nad threw Shoulders. Big Kick by Lither. Belly to Belly by Jake. Jake with the Hager Bomb attempt. Luther got the boots up. Luther slammed Serpentico onto Jake, over and over. Meteora by Serpentico. Jake took a kick to hte head. Serpentico flew off the top…right into Jake’s hands. Huge Slam and tag to Jericho. Stall Suplex by Jericho.

Chris soaked up the love from the fans. Knife Edge Chops by Jericho. DDT by Serpentico. Tag to Luther. Jericho was sent over the ropes. Luther flipped the Snake Man over the ropes and onto the Inner Circle. Luther with a Plancha off the top rope to the floor. King Kong Kneedrop by Luther for a major near fall. Low Bridge but when Chris came off the ropes, Luther popped him in the face. Luther went up top and hit a Ivan Koloff-like Face Plant. Whip by Luther. Chris wanted the Judas Effect but Luther ducked. Meteora by Serpentico but Hager made the save. Jake took out the masked man. Luther got the bat and cracked Jericho with it. 2 count. Sammy was freaking out. He got laid out. Judas Effect!

Your Winners: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager
Dynamite Score: 93

Jericho took the stick as the crowd went wild. MJF stopped Jericho’s speech. MJF had a gift for the man he so respects. There was someone under a pink tarp. He did a countdown. It was a clown. I hate clowns. The goofy clown had another present for Le Champion. MJF said he had a major announcement, next week. THe present was a framed phot. He slammed over the clown’s head and hit the Judas Effect. Jericho was ticked that MJF dared to interrupt him. They then laughed it off. The rest of the locker room came out to show their respect for the mega-star. This felt like the ending of a good episode of Saturday Night Live.

Match of the Night: Cody vs Brodie Lee


–Jay Shannon

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