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The AEW Dynamite Report

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Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please”-Mark Twain

Well, it’s storming like mad outside. I’ve got a fresh cup of soda, some onion rings, a chicken wrap and a serious need to watch some GOOD wrestling.

There were several wild surprises at the PPV. Lance Archer won the Battle Royal to earn a future World Title Match. The tag belts changed hands as FTR (w/Tully Blanchard) are now the kings of duo grappling. Tony Khan has promised some major surprises over the next few weeks. Let’s see whathe has in mind…

While waiting for the show to start, I looked around the Net for interesting news stories. Found a shocking thing that is somewhat wrestling related. The huge motorcycle festival up in Sturgis had approximately 500,000 attendees over 10 days. Many went without masks and now HALF of those people have the “Virus”. One wrestler who was in the middle of things was Chris Jericho, as Fozzy played at the event. People, PLEASE be careful out there. There is no indication that Jericho has the “Virus” but it was very risky for him and his band.

Tony Schiavone welcomed us to a special edition of Dynamite. MJF and Chris Jericho. CHhris felt Jon Moxley cheated to keep the World title. Jericho knew MJF would be the top champ, very soon. MJF thanked Chris and then went off on Orange Cassidy, calling him a “Brick P**ck”. The duo walked off and in split screen they talked trash about each other.

Roll the opening montage!

Lucha Brothers vs Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy was taken to the corner. Eddie Kingston and his forces were around ringside. Jack with a Side Headlock on Rey Fenix. Arm Drags by Perry. Fenix worked the ropes for an awesome Arm Drag. Fenix avoided a Dropkick and almost got a pin. Tag to Penta. Double Team by the brothers. Assisted Splash onto Perry. Penta has shortened his name. Open Hand Slap by Penta. Jack got out of hte Packae Piledriver. Double team after Luchasaurus made the tag. Double team on the Lucha Bros.. Penta wanted hte Cero Miedo sign but Luchasaurus laid him out. Jungle Boy with a Flying Rana. Nice. Tope Suicida by J.B.. Jack was shoved off the ropes into a Superkick by Fenix. Petna got a two count.

Huge kick by Penta. Mr. Perfect Flip after another kick. Bow and Arrow by Penta. Jungle Boy did a lot of flippy floppy stuf to reach his corner. Luchasaurus with an ugly Powerslam variation. Fenix was stunned. Penta protected his brother. Knee Strike to Penta. Fenix with an Enziguri. Fenix went up top but got the Ultimate Chokeslam. Penta barley saved his sibling. Tag to Jungle Boy. Flying Headbutt by Fenix into a Gory Driver.

Tag to Penta. Sling Blade to Luchasaurus. Lung Blower to Jungle Boy by Penta. Double Team Package Pileddriver/Double Stomp. 1-2-Kick Out? Really? Top Con Hilo by Jungle Boy. Fenix got laid out with a Destroyer and Jungle Boy picked the bones to take this one.

Your Winners: Jurassic Express
Dynamite Score: 90 out of apossible 100

Femix amd Penta were ready to go at each toehr. Eddie came in and had Butcher and Blade keep them apart. Eddie went off on Blade about his wife (Allie). Eddie ordered everyone to shut up and shake hands. Penta shoved his brothers away. Eddie orderd Fenix to shake Penta’s hand. Eventually, they did and they hugged. Eddie swore he was NEVER elimintaed from the battle royal.

We got snippets of the MJF vs Jon Moxley war, last week-end.

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts cut a bizarre promo.

Matt Hardy came out to the ring. He looked in good shape, considering the awful bump he took on Saturday. Matt thanked the fans for their support. A deafeniing chant broke out for him. He said the fans were partof the magic. Matt talked about all the love he got in response to his fall. Hardy said the doctors said he will make a full recovery. Hde talked about his wonderful family and apologized for putting everyone through the stress of the potential injury. Matt felt the feud with Sammy Guevara was over. Hardy was ready to get healthy. He will be taking some time off to heal. Matt did a Shout Out to his boys in Private Party. He finished up by saying the fans are the best.

The announcers praised Matt Hardy.

Angelico vs Orange Cassidy

We saw highlights of the silly Mimosa Mayhem Match. Orange won it by sending Jericho into the vat of orange juic and bubbly.

Jack Evans distracted Cassidy. Angelico went for a arm submission. Cassidy and Angelico did some serious dance moves to reverse moves. Knuckle Lock. Navarro Doce by Angelico. Cassidy broke the submission move. Cassidy with a Swinging DDT attempt but Angelico coutered it. Cassidy reached the ropes to break a submission hold. Angelico charged but flew over the ropes.Tope Suicida by Orange. Diving Crossbody and Swinging DDT by Casidy.

Orange Crush! (Superman Punch)

Your Winner: Orange Cassidy
Dynamite Score: 83

Santana and Otiz jumped Orange, after hte match. Chuck and Trent (Best Friends) rushed down to run them off. Chuck challenged his enemies to a Parking Lot Brawl, next week. Trent said they wanted to hurt the Latinos and make his mama proud.

Mega Hug!

Kip Sabian is about to announce his best man. I was talking with my old friend, Joe Guenther. We thought they should do something fun like a huge battle royal and the winner gets to be Best Man.

The Elite is no more. Alex Marvez tried to interview the Young Bucks. He got a Double Superkick as the door opened. Wow. Talk about a Heel Turn from Hell.

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford came out for the big reveal. Tony Schiavone waited to interview them. Kip didn’t want to deal with Tony and dismissed him. Jerk. Kip said a lot of people have been asking him about the future. He got a shot in on McMahon’s semi-ban on Social Media. Kip called out his Best Man. A huge guy came out but Kip said it wasn’t him. Brian Pillman Jr. came outand thought he was the Best Man. Kip totally blew him off and sent him out of the ring. Finally, we got hte Best man. It was MIRO…the former Rusev. The crowd just exploded. He took the stick to address the crowd, who broke with a “Holy Cow” chant. So nice. Smile.

Miro talked about being held down for a decade, elsewhere. He told them to take the imaginary Brass Ring and stick it. Miro said the was the Best Man in so many ways. He said he was now “All Elite”.

Tony chatted with “Hangman” Adam Page. Page was a bit bruised up, after All Out. Tony wanted to know where Page’s head was at. Page blamed himself for the team’s loss. Page said he allowed FTR to win the title shot and he has now lost several good friends. Page said he felt full of poision. Page said he and Kenny have had problems but they are a great team. Page wasn’t readyu to give up on them, yet.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss
No DQ Match

I’m seriously digging Jericho’s Road Warriors-inspired leather jacket. The fans sang along with the theme music. Hockey Fifhtt between Joey and Chris. Whip by Chris by Janela with a Running Clothesline. Knee Strike by Jericho. Numverous shots by Jericho. Janela dropped Chris and tagged in Sonny. Double Team Hot Shot on Jericho, followed by a Double Dropkick. Chris went to Sonny’s eyes. Jericho choked Sonny on the middle rope. Back Rolland Larait by Sonny. Tag to Joey. Double Missile Dropkicks to Jake and Chris. Janela and Kiss posed for the crowd.

Kiss kicked Jake int he chest. Tope Suicida into Jericho. Joey went for a chair. This is a No DQ match.Joey walloped Chris with the chair. Joey flew at Jericho and ended up on the chair. Split Screen.

Huge Knee Strike by Jericho. He then drove the chair into Joey’s ribs. Joey reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Tag to Jake. Jake just blasted Joey, numerous times. Joey was pitched out of the ring. Sonny was sent to meet him. The Inner Cricle members set up a table. Joey blocked a Powerbomb and drove Jake’s back intothe ring post.

Back to full screen, Chris got he tag. Running Boot to Joey ‘s face. Joey threw some Haymakers. Jericho was thrown into the steel chair. Tags on both sides. Kiss used speed to keep Jake off his game. Jake thew Sonny intothe corner. Jake pulled Kiss down into the Splits. Superkick by Sonny. Jericho made the save. Sonny dumped Jericho out of the ring. Jake used a trash can to bash Kiss. Hager Bomb failed, big time. Joey and Chris fought up on the ramp. Double Team and Joey was thrown through the table. Kiss was a Crossbody, off the top, to drop both Inner Circle members. Kiss with some fun Flippy Dippy Kicks. A fire extinguisher blinded Sonny so Jake could put down Kiss with a Head and Arm Uranage.

Your Winners: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager
Dynamite Score: 94

Chris Jericho went on a major rant about how bad Saturday was. Jericho said he and Jake are now going to go after the tag belts. Inner Circle vs FTR? That should be amazing.

MJF was in his War Room. He grumbled that Jon Moxley cheated him out of the title. MJF ired ll his campaign workers. MJF then went off on Wardlow for costing him the title match. MJF said he was Wardlow’s only friend and that is the only reason he hasn’t been fired, yet. MJF said it was time to work back to the top. Wardlow looked ready to smash MJF into a million different pieces but he stopped himself.

I want to send out a special birthday wish to two old friends. Shane and Shannon Ballard have helped train some of the best in the business. I had the honor of sitting in their presence to learn so much about hte business. Wednesday, the twins celbrated a very special birthday (50). In additon, my big buddy, Paul Isadora, had a birthday, as well. Good people.

Jon Moxley talked abut how dealing with Lance ARcher would be a tough challenge. Moxley felt he was unstoppable and Archer is nothing but another man who needs to fall. He suggested no one bet against him.

Dax, Cash and Tully were in the ring for a celebration. Tully super-praised his team. Cash agreedg with Tully that they are the best in a full ocean of tag talent. He took shots at SCU, Private Party, and others. Dax went off on Billy Gunn and the Jurassic Express. Luchasaurus got in the ring after some insults thrown his way. FTR didn’t want to fight. It broke down into chaos. FTR bailed out of the ring, warp speed. Others wanted to kick the stuffing out of the new champs. Ice Bath for the champs. The fans laughed at the new champs, which ticked off the trio. The other wrestlers divided up the cake adn FTR didn’t get a single slice. Awww.

Next week, AEW will move over to Thursday night. I may or may not be here. I will explain at the end of this column. Not leaving permanently but may be taking a “Forced Vacation” for health reasons.

Taz joined the announce team for the next segment. We saw highlights about he brutality that happened to Darby Allin.

Darby Allin’s music hit. No, wait, it was Ricky Starks. Whatever. He made fun of Darby’s injuries. Ricky said Darby is too reckless for the business. Ricky promised to beat Darby’s behind, the next time they faced off.

We got hghlights of Big Swole vs Dr. Britt Baker, as well as Shida vs Thunder Rosa.

Tay Conti vs Nyla Rose

Tay is from Brazil. Pat Patterson must love her (google the origins of the Intercontinetnal title). Vickie Guerrero brought out Nyla. Vickie looked great.

Tay went right after Nyla but was sent into the corner. Tay was launched across the ring. Questin Mark Kick by Tay. Roll Up for a two. Wild Knee Bar off a modified Dragon Screw. Myla tore at Tay’s face and dumped her out of the ring. Vickie got involved. Tay was thrown into the barricade as the ads took up half the screen.

Tay escaped Nyla and sent her intothe post and barricade. Knee Strike by Tay. Tay flew off the ropes for a near fall. Vicious kicks by Tay. I like this girl. Tay seemed to work some Brazilian Ju Jitsu moves into her arsenal. Nyla popped Tay’s neck and stayed on her. ARm Bar to weaken the South American. Scoop Slam by Nyla.

Back to the full screen experience, Tay came off the ropes with a Sunset Flip. Rose wouldn’t go over. Power Drop by Nyla. Tay with a Flying Triangle. Vickie shrieked for her girl to use her power. Beast Bomb!

Your Winner:Nyla Rose
Dynamite Score: 78

Vickie screamed at everyone in sight. She said he group are known as the Vicious Vixens. Shida rushed down to aid Tay. She had a kendo stick in hand. The Vixens took off to the back. Shida helped Tay out of the ring.

The Young Bucks have been fined $5,000 each for attacking Alex Marvez.

Jim Ross talked with Kenny Omega. J.R. asked Kenny how he was dealing with this. He said winning and lsoing is just part of the game. Kenny said being tag champ put him the path he needed to be on. Jim wanted to know where Kenny goes from here. Omega loves the tag division. Omega wanted to reconcile with his friends but he needed to focus on himself, too. He wants some time as a singles performer.

It looks like Thunder Rosa may well be a full time member of the AEW Roster. The announcers ran down the next few weeks’ matches. October 14th, Jon Moxley will fight Lance Archer for the World title.

Dustin Rhodes vs Mr. Brodie Lee
TNT Title Match

Brandi Rhodes and Q.T. Marshall joined Dustin. I like the Nightwing blue and black color scheme. Better than the dark red thing. This will be our main event.

Brodie came out with a few of his followers waiting for him. Cody will have a special announcement, after this match. The participants were introduced for this one. Dustin jumped Lee when he turned his back and began to pose. Lee and Rhodes went tothe floor. They fought out into the Wasteland. Lee was sent across a table. They tok the fight back to ringside. One of the floowers got dropped.

RIng sounds. The two traded wild shots. Theywent back outside. AEW MAY be on WEdnesday, depending on the NBA playoffs. Dustin with huge chops and punches. Corner Mount Punches by Dusin. Uppercut by Dustin. Lee went tot he eyes. Freight Train by Lee to drop Dustin. Slingshot up intothe ropes by the champ. Split Screen, again.

Lee took the fight back outside. Knife Edge Cop by the champ. Brodie brandished his title belt. Dustin rolled back intot he ring to continue the fight. Lee took him down and applied a Rear Chin Lock. Running Back Elobw by Brodie. More Knife Edge Chops by Brodie. Dustin was stunned.

Universal into a Flying Clothesline by Dustin. Goldustin Uppercut. Bulldog but Brodie shook it off, for the most part. Lee reversed a Whip but Dustin with the Snap Powerslam. Back Body Drop by Dustin. Boot by Distin. Rana by Dustin but he crashed into the post. Destroyer! 1-2-no. Darn it.

Dustin esaped a Powerbomb and nailed a CrossRhodes. 2 count. I got to see Dustin when he first got started, back in Dallas. He was great then and Skandor Akbar was a great teacher. Lee dropped Dustin but couldnt score the trio. “He Kicked Out” roared from the fans. I’ve missed that.

Lee missaed a Running Boot. Dustin with a Senton off the apron to the floor. They got back in the ring. John Silver got invovled. Dustin took him out with the Snap Powerslam. Dustin blocked the DIscus Lariat. Piledriver by Dustin. Lee grabbed the ropes at two. The two traded chops and punches. Clothesline by Dustin for a near fall. Big Boots by both guys. Discus Lariat by Brodie to bring this one home.

Your WInner: Brodie Lee
Dynamite Score: 92

The Dark Order carried Q.T. Marshall to the ring. Lee went off on Colt Cabana. I’d love to see Colt upset Lee for the strap. Low Blow Kick by Lee to Dustin.

Cody thought about going home but he decided to go big. He talked about how great AEW is. He is setting up a Big Show thing (not to be confused with the Giant). It will be a lot like AGT. Cody will be one of the hosts for this new competition, along with Snoop Dogg and others. It will be called the “Go-Big Show”. Expect some legal action over that name.

So, time to explain my somewhat cryptic comments from earlier. Most of you know about my serious health problems. For the better part of the last three years, I’ve been dealing with kidney problems. On Wednesday morning, I got The Call that we all wait for. I’m being tested for a potential kidney transplant. If it doesn’t match up, I will be in the hospital for a week or so. I will come out the other side with a all new Quality of Life situation. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. If something would go wrong and my time on this world is done, Bill, Bob, Big Ray, Lee, Joe, Chicago Eddie and so many others have joined me in living my ultimate dream. I love and respect you all.

Match of the Night: Janela and Kiss vs Jericho and Hager


–Jay Shannon

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