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A Special edition of the AEW Dynamite Score, Saturday Edition

TNT brings pro wrestling back to Saturday evenings with this great edition of AEW Dynamite.

“Everyone is wise…until he speaks”–Ancient Proverb

Welcome to AEW on Saturday Night. This may be a one-time thing, or maybe they will return wrestling to its beloved spot of 6:05 PM (EST). This is going straight up against NXT Takeover.

They are calling this show “Saturday Night Dynamite”. Has a cool ring to it, don’t you think?

Roll tlhe opening montage!

FTR vs Private Party

Tully Blanchard is now the advisor of Dax and Cash. We saw a flashback to the craziness of last week’s Tag Team Appreciation Night. Side Headlock by Dax on Marq. SHoulder Tackle into a Universal. Dax reversed a HIp Toss into one of his own. Dropkick on both FTR members. Isiah Cassidy also got involved. Tully had a strategy session with his new charges.

Dax went to the eyes of Marq. Tag to Cash Wheeler. I like Tully’s new jacket. Reminds me of the daysof the legendary Jimmy Hart. Tag to Isiah. Tag back to Marq. Both members of Private Party worked over the arm of Dax. Double team by Private Party. 1-2-no.

Next week, AEW will air on Thursday night. Marq went out to get Dax but the ref stopped him. Tag to Cash. Marq continued to dominate until a Double Clothesline laid him out. Cash choked Marq on the opes and then tagged out to Dax. Double Team by FTR. Boot Rake by Dax. Marq’s face was dragged across the top rope.

Dax kept Marq from getting to his corner. Elbow Drop to the skull of Marq. Cravat inside the ropes by Dax. Side Headlock to stiffle any offense from Marq. Daz stopped the tag, at least for awhile. Sunset Flip Clothesline combo by FTR. Brutal Rear Chin Lock by Cash on the almost knocked out Marq Quen.

Back Drop Suplex by Marq. Tag to Dax, who blocked the corner from Marq. Quen was chunked out of the ring. Isiah finally got the Hot Tag and exploded on everyne not in Private Party. Springboard Cutter to give Isiah a deuce. Dax blocked a Suplex and went for a Blanchard Slingshot Suplex. It failed. Marq got the tag and hit a Crossbody to ALMOST get the 3. Cash took out Isiah and Dax with a Roll Up. Marq came back with a Small Package for two. Backslide by Dax for two. Tag to Cash. Universal into an Anderson Spinebuster. 2 count, thanks to Marq getting involved.

Isiah threw Dax outside. Tully pulled his man out of the way of the Plancha. Cash threw Marq intot he ring post. Goodnight Express!

Your Winners: FTR
Dynamite Score: 88 out of a possible 100

Tully was so proud of his new team.

Jon Moxley cut a promo against MJF. Mox didn’t care about what people were saying about him. Mox didn’t care for people who always talk about how great they are. Mox said he didn’t have to hide behind words. His actions speak much louder than anything that comes out of his mouth. Mox knew his time in the business will have its limits. Mox really insulted MJF and promised to beat the Hell out of MJF at the next PPV. Mox was ready to expose what MJF has been hiding.

MJF was back to give his views on the current state of AEW. He was unhappy, to say the least. He compared Dictator Jon to some of the worst people in history. He was offenced that Jon attacked him from behind. MJF was wearing a neck brace. He whined about maybe not being able to play with his future children. He blamed that all on Moxley. It was almost laughable. Mark Sterling, the lawyer, stepped in and talked about how dangerous the Paradigm S hift is. Five Million people (supposedly) signed the petition. Now, the Paradigm Shift will be banned at the Title Match at the next big show. Streling threatened to sue Mox for everything he has, except the World title, which would go to MJF.

Q.T. Marshall, Dustin Rhodes, Luchasaurus and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Butcher and Blade
8-Man Tag Team Match

All Hell broke loose. Dual Tope con Hilos by los Lucha Brothers. arshall was thrown back into the ring. Backspring Kick by Butcher worked the back. Pentagon Jr. got a kickto Blade. Double Team until Dustin came in and went to town.Japanese Arm Drags by The Natural. Arm Wringerby Rhodes. Butcher triedto interfere but it failed, at first. The quartet of heels worked over Dustin. Double Headbutt on Dustin. Dustin was sent into the corner at warp speed.

Pentagon took the tag and worked over Dustin. He taunted the others on the Tag to Fenix. He walked the ropes and flew into Dustin. TIme for Picture in Picture.

Massive Gamg Up on Dustin. Dustin tried to fight back but didn’t get far. Pentagon kept the pressure on his foe. Dustin rolled out of the ring but hte pain kept coming from Pentagon. Pentagon threw him back in the ring and locked Dustin in a modified Rear Chin Lock. Goldustin Uppercut but still no tag. Fenix came in and continued the assault. Dustin cleared the ring but Blade made th tag. Snap Powerslam by Dustin. Hot Tags on both sides. Luchasaurus exploded.

The huge masked man worked with Jungle Boy for an assisted Tope Suicida. Lucha almost got the pin but Pentaon kicked out just in time. Butcher with a Shoulder Tackle but Lucha did not go down. Stunner by Blade and Shining Wizard by Butcher. Stunner by Q.T.. Sling Blade onto Marshall. Jungle Boy with a shot. Canadian Destroyer, sort of, by Dustin to Fenix. Pentagon wanted the Package Piledriver but got into it with Blade. Shoving Match and Jungle Boy with the pin.

Your WInners: Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, Dustin Rhodes and Q.T. Marshall
Dynamite Score: 92

Eddie Kingston came to the ring and tried to unite the teams that were just griping at each other. Eddie read all four men the riot act for being like this. Eddie sounded like the gang leader (Cyrus) from “The Warriors” as he did his best to unify the four men under his guidance.

Dr. Britt Baker went off on Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian for swapping spit while playing tonsil hockey. Baker asked them to help her with Big Swole and she would give them some freebies. Britt wanted Penelope to join her team. Rebel was told she would do Penelope’s make-up for a year.

Tony Schiavone talked about Orange Cassidy’s win over Chris Jericho, last week. Trent and Chuck Taylor came out with the best bud. This was Orange’s first interview. Tony confratulated Orange on his huge win.

Before Orange could open his mouth, Chris Jericho strolled from the back. I would SO wear that wild jacket, even to church on Sunday morning. Ok, maybe not there but most everywhere else. I’d take Prissy to dinner and look so good. LOL. Jericho congratulated Orange for his win. Jericho has only been pinned three times since AEW came to TNT and he was proud that one of those who did it was Orange. Jericho did want to toast Orange but they needed a third match to determine who is the best, first. Jericho took credit for Money in the Bank. Jericho wants a Mimosa Mayhem Match. They ran a video package about what the match will be. 80 gallons of Orange Juice will be mixed with 500 bottles of “A Little bit of the Bibbly”. To win, there must be a pinfall or submission…OR throwing an opponent into the huge vat of liquid. Orange was asked if he accepted. He just gave a Thumbs Up. Jericho called out his buddies in the Inner Circle. Jericho sent his boys to destroy the Best Friends and Orange. Judas Effect to the jaw of Orange by Jericho. They held Orange up and drenched him in champagne, while they held him upside down. Jericho slapped Orange and then the Inner Circle stood over Cassidy.

The Dark Order (3, 4, and 5) vs Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks (The Elite)
Six Man Tag Team Match

Collar and Elbow and Nick took control of the arm. Dropkick on the masked man. Nick blocked a Rana and dropped the D.O. dude. Fly‌ing moves to rock Angel. Tag to Matt. Double Team to everyone in their radar scope. Northern Lights x 2 but hte other Order members blocke the Hat Trck. Tag to Nick and then to Kenny. Angel got Triple Teamed, big time. The Bucks flew out of the ring. Omega with Knife Edge Chops. Bombs Away by Kenny but he was grabbed as he got on the ropes. Chair shot to Kenny’s skull. Skateboard Stomp on the chair, which was on top of Kenny. The rest of he Dark Order went tothe floor to continue the punishment.

Kenny got worked over, in the corner. Kenny got dropped with a Clothesline for a two count. Kenny was choked on the middle rope. The Dark Order was working like a well-oiled machine as they worked over Omega. Snap Mare, out of the corner. Rear Chin Lock by A ngel. Kenny wanted a Tilt-a-Whirl but failed. Angel got nailed with an Inide Out Clothesline. Finally the Hot Tag to Nick. Springboard into a Back Stabber. Matt took the tag and the two brothers did a Bulldog/Dropkick combo. Tag to Nick, then Omega. Triple Tam on Angel of the Dark Order. The tables turned and Omega was Triple Teamed. 1-2-Almost but not enough. Omega got free and went to town with Snap Dragons. A pair of Tombstones to the Jacksons. Coup de Grace by one of the Dark Order. Kenny attacked but got sent outside. Superkick by Matt! Angel went for a Moonsault and got nailed with a Double Superkick. Assisted Indietaker led to the One Winged Angel.

Your WInners: The Elite
Dynamite Score: 93

Kenny wanted to Powerbomb Angel onto a chair but one of the Bucks pulled it out of the way. Kenny seemed to be having issues with his Elite brothers.

Alex talked about a Tag Team Tourney, next week. FTR was interviewed. They want to be the best, which means learning from the best. Tully praised his new men. “Hangman” Page smae in to go off on FTR. Cash said the Rock and Roll Express insulted them. Dax admitted that he did fake his knee injury to see who could be trusted. It turned out that only Tully and Cash ame to check on them. Dax pushed that the Young Bucks could destroy all that Page has built. They toasted the tag champ as we went to break.

Darby Allin vs Will Hocks

Darby broke out a Dropkick before the bell. Tope Suicida by the young star. Double Boots but Darby got caught. Chop Block when Darby escaped. Will blocked a Whip. Back Body Drop on Darby. Lift Drop on Daeby. Will with brutal body shots. Darby was yanked out of the corner for a two.

Knife Edges by Darby but Will hit a wicked Spinebuster. 1-2-no. Darby countered the Bulldog Bounce. Coffin Drop!

Your Winner: Darby Allin
Dynamite Score: 85

Taz called out to Darby. He said there was a new member of Team Taz…”Darby” aka Ricky Starks. Whatever. Ricky talkeda bout living his nightmares. Ricky said he liked to be reckless. Brian Cage came in the ring and smacked Darby with the “FTW” title belt. Ricky got in the ring nad yelled at Allin. Ricky called Darby “The biggest joke of them all”. Coffin Drop by Ricky to add insult to injury.

Sammy Guevara came out for another video board thing. It was another shot at Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy eventually came out and just destroyed Sammy. So glad I set the timer to run long, since the basketball game ran long. Matthew found a chair but the refs took it away from him. That was one ugly scene to watch. Hardy said it wasn’t over til he ended it.

Thunder Rosa, the NWA Women’s title holder, came to AEW to help boost the Women’s division tothe next level. She wants a title match against Shida for the AEW title.

Veda Scott joined the announce team for the Tournaey Finale. Shaul Guerrero was the ring announcer.

Diamonte and Ivelisse vs the Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes and Allie)
Tournament FInale

Dustin and Q.T. were with the Nightmare Sisters. Dustin played with action figures. Go Behind by Brandi to Ivelisse. Collar and Elbow and Ivelisse took control. Brandi reversed things into a Side Headlock. Rolling Pin gave Brandi a two. Knife Edge by Brandi but Ivelisse came back with kicks. Tag to Diamonte. Double Team on Brandi. Allie got the tag. Kick by Allie. Diamonte with a Wheelbarrow Roll Up for two. Allie insulted Ivelisse as we went split screen.

Hair Biel to Diamonte. Bfandi came back in and worked over Diamonte. Allie was back in and she kept up the pressure. Knife Edge Chops by Allie. Brandi wanted back in the match and she tore into Diamonte. Brandi ran Diamonte’s face along the top rope. Pump Kick by Brandi. Tag to Allie. Double Team by the Nightmares.

Allie fought up the ropes with Diamonte. Brandi was knocked off he apron with a kick. Tornado Suplex by Diamonte. Hot Tags on both sides. Flatliner by Ivelisse with a Claw hold. 2 count. Tag back to Diamonte. Bramdi ran her foes into each other. Tag to Allie. Rabbit Hole for a near fall. Brandi was thrown out of the ring. Allie went after Diamonte. Diamonte escaped a Fireman’s Carrya ndhit a Back Elbow. Tag to Ivelisse. Q.T. Marshall ot up on the apron. Ivelisse took him out. Brandi was flipped out of the ring. Allie got Double Teamed, big time. Kickt othe face and we are done.

Your WInners:I velises and Diamonte
Dynamite Score: 85

Medusa presented the trophy to the two Latinas. They gave her attitude.

We got a preview of Thursady Night Dynamite. That is great, since I will be tied up, all day Wednesday, for a series of medical tests.

Cody vs Mr. Brodie Lee
TNT Title Match

Arn Anderson was at Cody’s side. This was Cody’s 13th match in recemt months. Would it be an unlucky number for the Grandson of a Plumber? They did the official introductions before the action got rolling.

Cody went right after Lee with kicks and punches. Lee pushed him away and then dumped Cody over the top rope with a Slam. Cody was sent into the ring barricade. Cody’s arm seemed to be injured. Monster Knife Edges and punches by the challenger. Brodie threw a bunch of chairs and they got back in the ring. Half and Half Back Suplex by Lee. German Release by Brodie. Cody escaped a Powerbomb but ate a Superkick. 2 count. Powerbomb. Arn was nervous. Another Powerbomb on Cody. Discus Lariat by Brodie Lee to take the strap!

Your Winner (and NEW TNT Champion): Mr. Brodie Lee
Dynamite Score: 70

The Dark Order came to party with their leader. Tony tried to interview Brodie. Lee said no one believed in him or the Dark Order. Now, he is a problem for the company. Cody was placed on a back board. Brodie kept yelling about being kept down. Brodie ordered Tony out of his ring. This did not look good for the former champ. Cody gave the Thumbs Up. ARn went off on someof the Dark Order guys. Brodie attacked Arnand went for Cody. Brodie tipped over the stretcher. The Dark Order ran off any help that came for Cody. Brodie bashed Cody in the face with a black bag. Dustin was dragged out and thrown at his brother’s feet. Brandi rushed out to protect her hubby. Lee had his girl follower choke out Brandi. Brodie opened the bag and poured out its contents…the old TNT Title Belt, smashed to pieces.

Match of the Night: The Elite vs The Dark Order


–Jay Shannon

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