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The Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new international promotion.

Hosted by: Jay Shannon

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation”–Plato

Oramge Casidy was set to make his in-ring debut, tonight. I have a challenge for him from my old biddy, Tyson Raines. “Please come in MY ring with your hands in your pockets. I beg you…”

We will also see more matches in the TNT Championship Tournament. This should be a fantastic night of action. Let’s get this started.

Cody did some self-analysis as it related to going on in the Tournament. Cody said this can’t be about just collecting a check, it had to be about heart. Time to find out who has that heart.

Chris Jericho and Tony Schiavone are back at the announce desk. Jericho has an issue with Matt Hardy. They ran down the night’s events.

Sammy Guevara was profiled. He has major problems with Darby Allin. They will finish this…next.

Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin
TNT Championship Tournament, Quarter Finals Match

After Sammy’s entrance, AEW did a promo piece for Darby Allin. This kid is a bit creepy but I like him. It’s like Sting meets Bray Wyatt. Throw in a little Vampiro, as well.

Sammy flew out and attacked Darby. He ran Allin into the ring apron. He then pitched Darby into the bike rack barricade. The ref checked to see if Darby could even start the match. Sammy found a little blue steel  ladder. Sammy threw Darby into the barricade, again. Samyy reset the ladder and put Darby on it. Sammy clubbed Darby and then headed up the ropes. Sammy flew off and landed on Darby. Ouch! Still, this is NOT an official match, yet. The ref rushed out to check on Darby. Sammy was also injured. AEW took a quick break.

Somebody decided it was a good idea to bring back the moronic Rick and Morty show. Robot Chicken, maybe, but not that goofy, sick cartoon.

Darby hasn’t moved during this entire break. Sammy threw Darby in the ring. Allin kicked out at two, after the ref called for the bell. Darby was in a bad way. Clutch Stomps by Sammy. Sammy seemed to have a hurt arm after his high impact move. Boxing punches by Sammy. Sammy put Darby up top and threw a Knife Edge. Darby tripped Sammy and the Spanish God fell into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Ankle Lock by Allin. The ref tried to stop this. Chop Block by Darby. Allin attacked the exposed ankle with a series of Head Butts.

Sammy kicked Allin with his booted foot. Springboard Cutter by Sammy. Sammy scooted over to try for a pin. Two count. Darby was busted open. Ankle Lock, again, by Darby. Jericho screamed for his protege. Darby seems to have a broken nose. Sammy tried to kick and slap free. Seated Hockey Fight!  Darby and Sammy traded wild shots. Spinning Back Fist by Sammy. Kick with the bare foot for a two. Darby rolled out of the ring. Time for a quick break.

Darby yanked Sammy off the apron. Guevara hit the apron, face first. Darby went for a Tope Suicida but hit the barrier. Front Chancellory by Sammy to lift Darby and threw him in the ring. Sammy hit a 730 but Darby grabbed the rope to stop the count.

Kick by Sammy. Darby held the ropes to avoid a Whip. Kitchen Sink, in the ropes, by Sammy. Flip Stunner by Darby. Allin blocked Sammy’s finisher and loecked in the Last Supper!

Your Winner: Darby Allin
Dynamite Score:95 out of a possible 100

Matt Hardy cut another of his bizarre promos. Hardy challenged Jericho to come to the Hardy Compound and fight him in the Elite Deletion match. Hardy said Jericho fears him. Matt called Sammy a “False God”. Hardy promised to beat Sammy, turn him into some kind of food and eat him. Yuck!

Suddenly, Matt converted to the “real person” that is Matt. He praised The Elite and explained why he aligned himself with them. He said AEW is a platform for the future. He will protect that for those who come later.

Jericho got really bent out of shape about Matt’s comments.

We got an Taz-nalysis of Kenny Omega’s move set.

Alan Angels vs Kenny Omega

Kenny came out slowly to face this kid. Knuckle Lock and Alan went for a Leg Sweep. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind Takedown by Kenny. Arm Bar into a Hammerlock by Alan. Standing Switch by Kenny. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle. Jericho got in a shot at WWE for not utlizing Kenny, when they had the chance.

Kenny with measured Knife Edge Chops to Alan. Kick and Headbutt by Omega. Alan went to the eyes and took down Kenny. He went for a Backspalsh Senton but Kenny got hte knees up. Huge Backbreaker by Kenny to pull a two. Knife Ege and Forearms by Omega. Kenny ran poor Alan into the corner. Alan began to fight back but it was too little too late. Wicked Lariat flipped Angels all around.

Alan kicked away and slid out of the ring. Alan used the ring skirt to trip Omega. Double Foot Dropkick by Angels. 2 count. Spin Kick by Alan. Alan missed the Double Stomp. Alan with wild kicks and an Enzigui. Snap Dragon! V Trigger but he only got a two. Gut Wrench Powerbomb by Kenny, followed by a 2nd V Trigger.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega
Dynamite Score: 85

We saw a video package about Scorpio Sky. Sky always wanted to be a pro wrestler. Sky overcame a dramatic back injury to continue his dream. Sky was ready to give wrestling one more try before surrendering. We will learn more, later…

Dustin is putting his career on the line, tonight. If he loses, he’s done. Cody looked stressed out at hearing about his brother’s plans.

We got a weird promo piece of Matt Jackson vs Mick Jackson. It was a Falls Out Anyone Match that will air on AEW, in the near future.

We got a history lesson to set up the next Double or Nothing. It is set to happen on May 23fd.

We saw the set up for the Orange Cassidy vs Jimmy Havoc.

Jimmy Havoc vs Orange Cassidy

Cassidy is using the nickname “Freshley Squeezed”. So many jokes that I just won’t share. Jericho hated Orange, big time.  Jimmy jumped Orange, before the bell. Havoc clocked Orange in the back of the head. Jimmy choked Orange with Cassidy’s jacket. Ford caught the jacket and stomped on it. Knife Edge to the bare chest of Orange. Havoc choked Orange with the shirt. Orange was thrown out of the ring and then into the safety rail. Jimmy Croctched Orange on the barrier and then Suplexed Orange to the floor. The Best Friends backed off. Knife Edge by Jimmy. Havoc ran Orange’s head into the post. Knife Edge on Orange. Orange ducked a Knife Edge and Jimmy slapped he back and poked the eyes.

Back in the ring, Jimmy stood on the hand. Havoc punished the hand and arm. Standing Choke by Havoc. Big Boots by Orange. European Uppercut by Havoc into a Running Death Valley Driver. 1-2-no.

Rainmaker Clothesline into a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Orange got his feet on the ropes. Havoc pulled on Orange’s fingers. Jimmy bit the hand of Orange and shoved the hands into Orange’s pockets. I hear Tyson laughing in my head.

Jimmy kicked away on Orange. Dropkick by Orange into a Kip Up, still with his hands in his pockets. Tope Suicida and Top Rope Crossbody. Torando DDT by Orange. Wow! Havoc ran Orange into the corner. Orange tripped Havoc, who tumbled from the top. Orange with a Lazy Splash off the top. 2 count.

Havoc with a wild punch. Orange mocked his foe. Not a good idea. Flying Forearm by Orange. Penelope Ford got up to distract. Chuck pulled Ford down into the splits. Kip Sabian ran in the ring and flew to the outside. Ford tried to attack but failed. Freshly Squeezed to get the win.

Your WInner: Orange Cassidy
Dynamite Score: 80

Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc worked together to destroy Orange, post match. Orange couldn’t even make it to his fett.

MJF had a message for his fans. He wanted to explain why he has been missing. MJF got a hangnail. Jeez. It supposedly became life threatening. MJF has his sights set on the World title.

Wardlow vs Lee Johnson

Collar and Elbow and Wardlow threw the smaller man back. Gorilla Press but Lee escaped and hit a Dropkick. Gorilla Powerslam by Wardlow. Dang. Suplex Throws by Wardlow. This kid is impressive. Lee got out of a Suplex and went to town. Wardlow threw the kid into the corner and threw a shoulder. Wardlow pulled Lee off the ropes and hit a Knee Strike. Fireman’s Carry into a wild Airplane Spin Throw.

Your Winner: Wardlow
Dynamite Score: 83

We got a strange Dark Order video package. Brodie Lee thanekd his visitor for coming to see him. Lee understood frustration. Lee basically did an interview with the prospect. Lee stated some were afraid of success. Lee called his forces the “Lions of AEW”. He then slid a mask over to the kid. Lee accdpted the pledge into his evil fraternity.

Justin Law vs Brodie Lee

The Exalted One came out to boos from the “crowd”. He came out alone. Lee kept staring at the ring as he came down from the back.

Brodie with Knife Edge Chops from Hell. Superkick by Lee. The ref checked on Law, who was out on his feet. Traped Arm Suplex by Lee. More Knife Edge Chops by Brodie. Corner Charbe into a Black Hole Slam. Discus Lariat.

Your Winner: Brodie Lee
Dynamite Score: 73

Brodie left the ring and looked at the talent around him. He stopped at Marko Stunt. Stunt stood up to the bully that is Mr. Brodie Lee.

The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy were interviewed. They are ready for a battle with Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian. Orange never said a word.

Marko Stunt will fight Brodie Lee, next week. The Semi Finals of the Tourney will also happen.

The Bubbly Bunch was back to bore us to tears. Sammy was down because Jake Hager lost to Jon Moxley. Jericho had a plan,,,the Flim Flam Video. What the Heck? Jericho promised a bottle of Hand  Sanitizer to the best Flim Flammer. Oh please. This is so dumb. Jericho got irritated. Boring.

We looked at the career of Jon Moxley, in AEW. Mox will e out to talk, next week.

Dustin Rhodes talked about his 30+ year career. Kip Sabian countered that the TNT Title will be his. Dustin will not overlook Kip. We saw highlights of both men in action. Dustin so looks like his daddy. This may be a Passing of the Torch moment.

Dustin Rhodes vs Kip Sabian
TNT Championship, Quarter Finals Match
Dustin’s Career is on the line, as well.

Penelope Ford came out with Kip Sabian. Brandi Rhodes came out with her brother-in-law. Dustin offered a hand but Kip didn’t want to do it. They did show respect and promise not to hurt each other.

Arm Wringer by Dustin. Dustin worked on the arm. I saw Dustin during his training phase and he has only gotten better with age. Side HEadlock by Kip. Push Off into a Universal. Kip slid under and they into another Universal. Goldustin Uppercut to the young Brit. Arm Bar by Dustin.

Dustin worked on the shoulder of Kip. Knife Edge Chops by Dustin. Kip reverseda Whip but ate a Back Elbow. Ford got involved. Step Up Enziguri intoa Forward Roll and High Kick by Kip. Dustin was choked on the ropes. Ford got involved and Brandi confronted her. Shot by Kip and Sabian got a two count. Front Face Lock by Sabian. Jericho sent us to break.

Dustin with an Uppercut on Kip. Dustin hurt his knee when he struck the corner. Near fall for Kip. Step Over Toehole by Kid. Dustin punched the leg to get free. Dustin collapsed on an Irish Whip. Kip kept working over the leg. Ford gave her man advice. Dustin was limping badly. Dropkick by Sabian. Dustin fought out of the corner. Scoop Slam failed as Kip shifted his weight. 2 count for Kip.  AArm Bar by”Super Bad”.

Dustin got to his feet and punched away. Dustin held the ropes to avoid a Dropkick. Forward Roll. Discus Lariat by Sabian for a two. The ref kept checking on Dustin. Rear Chin Lock by Kip. Dustin refused to submit. Dustin punched free. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick by Sabian. Spinebuser by Dustin. Running Lariat by Dustin. Goldustin Uppercut into an Inverted Atomic Drop and Bulldog.
Whip reversed by Dustin came back with the Snap Powerslam ala Randy Orton. Kip slid out of the way. Tornado DDT by Kip for another deuce. Kip shrieked at Dustin that this was HIS time, not Rhodes’. Kip punched away. The ref forced Kip into the corner. Brandi and Ford got into it. Spear by Brandi. Kip was distracted. Code Red Destroyer by Dustin.

Your Winner: Dustin Rhodes
Dynamite Score: 94

Next week, KipSabian and Jimmy Havoc will fight the Best Friends.

Match of he Night: Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin

Niecy: 143

–Jay Shannon

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