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AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s newest international sensation.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination”–Immanuel Kant

It’s a full house at the Shannon compound, tonight. Niecy, Mom and I are sharing a fun evening of watching some old school pro wrestling. AEW is offerning a few new teams and possibly a debut of the man slated to destroy Cody’s world.

Mama Dee wamted me to be sure to send her most feart felt thanks out to all of you that have sent her birthday wishes. Friday, she and I are heading to our favorite little place to eat so she can have some Catfish. I’ll find anything else to eat. Grin.

The Inner Circle are ready to destroy ever member of The Elite. We looked back at last week’s highlights. Jon Moxley is ready to fight the entire Inner Circle. Chris Jericho said he has a plan to get rid of the Inner Circle’s enemies, starting with Jon Moxley.

Tony Schiavone wanted to know who would partner with “Hangman” Adam Page. Page would not even consider the Young Bucks, or maybe he was. The partner WILL be a mystery. I’m betting on Jon Moxley.

Our stamdard trio of announcers were at the desk.

Ortiz vs Cody

Will we see Jake Roberts’ new protege, tonight? I’ve heard serious rumors that the guy is a former “Bruiser” from the WWE. Brandi and Arn Anderson  came out with Cody. The girls want to know when I will get a cool neck tattoo like Cody. Not going to happen.

Dropkick by Cody. Reversed Whip by Ortiz. Snap Powerslam by the former LAX member. Jake Roberts came out with…Lance Archer. That is not who I heard Jake was going to represent. “The Murder Hawk” is now in the company.

Ortiz hit a La Bandera to take them both to the outside. Cody flipped Ortiz into the ring steps. Santana stepped in front of his long-time partner to protect him.

Back in the ring, Cody hit a Torture Rack Backbreaker. Single Leg Crab by CodyHard kick and Uppercut by Ortiz. Goldustin Uppercut. Curt Hennig-like Leg Sweep. Ortiz choked Cody on the middle rope.  Kitchen Sink by Ortiz. Thigh Buster by Ortiz. 2 count.

Cody was dumped out of hte ring. Santana got in a shot on the leg of Cody. Aen came around to protect Cody. Anderson still looks like he could go, if need be. Huge Splash by Ortiz. Archer and Jake watched from the ringside area. Ortiz took too long and got kicked. Corner Boot Choke by Ortiz. Ortiz did his best Rick Rude impression with the hip rotation. Ortiz kept focused on the hurt leg. Five Arm into a SUplex Throw. Corner Mount Punches on the Latino Superstar. Cody pulled off his weight belt. The crowd called for blood. Cody threw the belt out intothe crowd. Ortiz pushed Cody off the top as Santana distracted the ref. Cody blocked the Superplex and hit a Front Drop from the ropes. Santana went after Cody and Brandi whipped him like ared-headed stepchild. Ortiz almost got the pin after a Superplex.

Straight Punches by Ortiz. Cody hit a Tope onto Santana. Cody with a Front Drop Suplex on the stage to Ortiz. The crowd was going nuts. Archer looked to jump the rail but Jake stopped him.

Back in the ring, Ortiz Dropkicked the bad knee and connected with a PerfectPlex for two. Kicks by Cody. Roll Up by Ortiz. Cody rolled through and went for the CrossRhodes. He didn’t get it but he did nail a Dragon Screw, in the ropes. Figure Four! Ortiz reversed it but Cody rolled back over. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Cody (Rhodes)
Dynamite Score: 93 out of a possible 100

Santana attacked, after hte match. Arn got in the ring to keep things from getting ugley. Kenny Omega and Matt Jackson rushed down to aid their Elite buddy. Chris Jericho went off with an obscene rant towards the Elite. Nick Jackson was shown, laid out. Chris, Jake and Sammy giggled as they walked away. Nick was trapped under the metal door and was seriously bleeding. The Elite came together as the EMTs put Jackson on a backboard. We were in a split screen commercial break. They put Nick into an ambulance. Matt and Cody got in the ambulance with Nick. Brandi followed in their car.

Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander vs Nyla Rose and Bea Priestley

Shida’s entrance theme sounds like it was lifted right out of a Quentin Tarantino match. I am not a big fan of Rose, to be honest.

The heels jumped the faces, right at the bell. Rose and Shida stayed inthe ring to battle. Shida threw hard shots to Nyla’s chest. Shida No Sold a strike. She couldn’t do that with a vicious Clothesline. Scoop Slam and Leg Drop by Rose. Tag to Bea. Bea just punished the oriental star with clubbing blows. Shida did her best to fight back. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick by Bea.  Rope Choke by Bea.

Modified Skidmark by Bea to get a near fall. Tag to Nyla. Hard Kick by the Women’s champion. Shida escaped a Slam. Bea with a hard kick tothe back. Vertical Suplex by Rose. Kris begged for a tag. Front Face Lock by Rose.  Jumping Knee Stike and Hot Tag to Kris. She unloaded with a Dropkick, Crescent Kick and Discus Clothesline.  Corner Attack by Kris into a Falcon Arrow. Near Fall. Bea was dazed as Kris kept the pressure on. Mule Kick by Bea. Variation of the old Pak Song Roll. Bea wotj a Seated Abdominal Stretch.

Bea had an Octopus on Kris. Back Kick after Bea messed up, a couple times.  Kris pulled Bea off the ropes and hit a Backbreaker. Tag to Shida. Shida hit a Snap Suplex to send Kris into Bea. 1-2-so darn close. Bea blocked a Suplex. Punches and kicks by the girls. Step Up Enziguri by Shida. Release German byBea. Inverted Shining Wizard by Shida. Rose got the tag. The fans really don’t care for this competitor. Shida was placed on the ropes. Rose went up top for a Guillotine Knee Drop but Kris pulled Shida out of harm’s way. Missile Dropkick by Shida. Double Team on the champ.

Rose prevented the Brainbuster. Step Up Enziguri into a Falcon Arrow Brain Buster. Bea made the save. Kris and Rose traded blows. Clothesline by Rose. Rose lifted Shida but she hit a Rana. Superplex to Bea.  Rose hit a Dropkick. Spear! Beast Bomb!

Your Winners: Bea Priestley and Nyla Rose
Dynamite Score: 89

Bea showed she would also like a shot at the title, post match.

We looked at the Dark Order. They lost to Colt Cabana and the SCU. Christopher Daniels cut a fun promo against the Dark Order. Daniels swore he was not their leader. In fact, there is NO leader of the Dark Order. Christopher Daniels threw out challenges to Stu Grayson and Evil Uno. When the Exhaulted One does not show up, the fallacy of the Dark Order would be revealed.

Butcher, Blade and MJF (w/Bunny and Wardlow) vs the Jurassic Express
Six Man Tag Team Match

Marco Stunt, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus make up the J-E. Huge chant for Luchasautus. Maybe Brodie Lee is going to be Page’s partner. Marco started against MJF. He shoved Marco down. Luchsasaurus got hte tag. Love the inkwork on the big dude. Getting more ink, myself, soon. All six men got in the ring. Lucha popped MJF. MJF pulled a swerve as Butcher and Blade hit a Double Chop Block.

Butcher and Blade took turns in the ring. The trio just dissected the leg of the big man. Flair Strut by MJF. Lucha got him by the throat. Dragon Screw to Luchasaurus. Leg Drop DDt by Butcher. Splash by Blade. The heels kept the pressure on the huge masked man. The fight went to the floor and then back in the ring. Luchasaurus was in a bad way, at this point. Cut to full on commercial. That was weird. Split Screen to full screen break.

Assisted Indian Death Lock but the ref put a halt to that. Marco was taken out, during the break. Lucha tried to fight out of the enemy corner. Round House by Luchasaurus. Lucha pulled the two men that he his ankles with him tothe corner, almost.

Hot Tag to Jungle Boy. He went to town on all three enemies. Monster Lariat by Jungle Boy. Springboard Moonsault by Jungle. Marco attacked the Butcher from behind. Double Team to take out two of the three. Tope by Marco and then by Jungle Boy. I am so digging Marco. Flip Dive by Luchasaurus. Awesome. It broke down into a Mosh Pit and a Hockey Fight. Luchasaurus was aniled with a hard kick. Marco tagged in as did MJF. He went wild on MJF. Marco almost went off on Jungle Boy for stopping him. Bunny distracted the ref. MJF with the Cross Armbreaker to get the submission.

Your Winners (by Submission): Butcher, Blade and MJF

We saw highlights of last week’s main event. Darby Allin had to go solo against Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

We got a weird (and disturbing) video of someone being pulled behind a truck…in a body bag.

Tony Schiavone had the joy (sarcasm dripping) of dealing with Dr. Britt Baker. She took shots at Utah and a veiled set of shots at the “state religion”. Dr. Baker had something to share: Pursue your Passions. She wants to be the role model for the masses, unwashed as they are.

Big Swole came out to go off on the Doc. Baker hiid behind Tony. She said Tony didn’t like Britt. Baker didn’t know why Swole was there. She got a shot in on Swole’s boyfiend. She mentioned about being married. Baker got in a shot and walked off.

Joey Janella and Private Party vs Pac, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix ( Death’s Triangle)
Six Man Tag Team Match

I just found my old Pentagon Jr. T-Shirt in my storage. Going to make a great night shirt for my sweetie. The ref was already having problems keeping order.

The bell rang and the B*stard Pac was ready to go. Instead, all three charged to go after the Faces. PAC then went after Isaiah Cassidy. Back Roll Arm Drop and Step Up Dropkick by Cassidy. Quen didn’t take the tag for some reason. Fenix did. Double team on Fenix. Wild Silly String by Private Party. Damn, that was nifty.

Joey took the tag. Pentagon was also legal. He shook off a hard kick. Big Boot and a Morningstar to Pentagon. Float Over by Joey into a Running Clothesline. PAC rushed in and attacked. Huge Dropkick by Marq Quen. Joey with a Diving Crossbody to the floor. Death Triangle was looking so weak, right now. Split Screen time.

Triple Team by the faces. Scoop Slam of Rey. Superkick by Fenix. The Death Troamgle worked over Cassidy. We went on to a full commercial, now.

While that is happening, I want to ask for positive thoughts and/or prayers for two of my dearest friends. Rey and Sunny Mercado are dealing with a major health issue with Rey’s mom. They are family and need all the support possible.

We are back. Cassidy too out PAC with a Apron Cutter. Joey got the tag and exploded on everyone. Suicide Dive Headbutt to Fenix. Joey popped Rey and tagged in Quen. Jumping Rana into a Death Valley Driver. Senton Atomico by Cassidy. Pentagon had to make the save afer a Standing Shooting Star Press. Quen was tripped, from the outside. Pentagon kicked away and hit aPowerbomb. Triple Team to almost get hte win. PAC took the tag. Back Heel Kicks and Forward Kicks. German but Quen landed on his feet. Joey gothte tag. THe Lucha Brothers were sent to the floor. Joey clocked PAC. He lifted him up. Flip Dive, over PAC and Joey, tothe floor. Cassidy dove off the back of PAC. Death Valley Driver, on the apron, by Joey. Near Fall for Joey. Pentagon and Fenix worked over Joey. Cero MiedoSpike Package Piledriver. Black Arrow!

Your Winners: Death Triangle
Dynamite Score: 97

That was one of the best matches that I’ve seen in a long time. The D-T kept it up with a wild Death Triangle submission move. The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy came down to stop this destruction. Orange rolled in the ring and did a Kip Up. I like that guy. Orange offered the ring to the D-T to come in and fight.

Dustin Rhodes was dressed and ready to fight hte Inner Circle. Dustin was painted and ready to join Adam Page, even if the Hangman didn’t want him. “We are going to do some Cowboy S**t”. Amazing that these wrestlers are allowed to use such language. I’d never want LeeAnne to watch this and hear that kind of language.

Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard are still looking for the ultimate partner. Simon Miller was one of the people wanting to be the partner (He was the first bald guy). Check him out of YouTube with his great Ups and Downs articles.

Next week, Lucha Brothers will fight the Best Friends. Next week, we will also learn who the Exaulted One is. (Matthew?) In 2 weeks, we get Blood and Guts (so much like War Games, even though they can’t call it that). The announcers went over the rules.

Jim Ross chatted with Jon Moxley. Mox is not physically cleared to compete. Jon was beaten up and p*ssed off. He didn’t want to reveal how injured he was. Jon was ready for Jake Hager and Chris Jericho. Ross brought up the Blood and Guts show in New Jersey. Jon said he would definitely be there. Jon is so much better at cutting promos.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs “Hangman” Adam Page and Dustin Rhodes

This was our Main Event. Why are they still calling him Le Champion, considering he is not spoting gold? Just saying… I do like Jericho’s Road Warriors-inspired jacket. Page walked down by himself. The fans raised their beers in honor of their anti-hero. Page saw the entrance of Dustin Rhodes. Page wasn’t sure if he wanted this but it looked like a go. Page and Dustin seemed ready to argue over it.

Page started against Jericho. Chris quickly tagged out to Sammy. They hugged. Awwww. Page ducked a Clothesline nad opened up with Clotheslines. Universal but Page with a Knfe Edge Chop. Tag to Dustin. Double Whip and Corner Clotheslines. Lariat by Page. Knife Edges and an Irish Whip by Dustin. Tag back to Adam. He was surrounded by the Inner Circle. Dropkick by Jricho. Chris went and got a beer (can you do that in Utah?). Hard shot by Page. He took the beer. Apron Punt by Sammy. Page was thrown back in the ring. Kife Edge by Jericho. Tag to Sammy.   Snap Suplex of Jericho onto Sammy. Tag to Dustin. Dustin Uppercut and Powerslam to Sammy. Modified Missile Dropkick by Sammy when Dustin was distracted.

Dustin was sent into the barricade. Jake stood near, just waiting to hurt the Natural. Dustin was sent back into the ring. The Inner Circle kept tagging in and out.  Dustin was hurting, big time. He tried to fight back with Uppercuts but was rushed intothe corner. Sammy with Deep Knee Bends with Dustin on his back. Dustin rolled up Sammy but could only get a two.

Double Team by the Inner Circle. They showed up and looked a bit silly. Dustin punched away. Back Elbow and Lionsault by Jericho. Dustin got he knees up. Hot Tag to Page.

Sammy also tagged in. Page went to town with a Running Boot. Wild Haymakers. Fallaway Slam by Page to Sammy. Slider Lariat to Sammy. Sammy with a Spin Kick. Tag to Chris. Knife Edge Chops by Jericho. Page popped Ortiz. Dustin and Page went up top and flew in two different directions. Jericho blocked the Buckshot Lariat and locked in the Walls of Jericho. Dustin made the save. Sammy tried for the Shooting Star Press but missed. Jericho pulled Page off the apron. Page bounced off the ropes and nailed Jericho. Destroyer by Dustin. Buckshot Lariat by Page.

Your Winners: “Hangman” Adam Page and Dustin Rhodes
Dynamite Score: 94

The Inner Circle started a beat down. Kenny Omega rushed in, even with the injured hand. Judas Effect to Omega. Cody rushed out to even the score, somewhat. Jake with the Gut Wrench on Cody. Ortiz with a Suplex on Cody, on the ramp. Kenny screamed and clutched his broken hand. Page was dragged up top and assaulted by the full Inner Circle. Shield Bomb failed as Matt Jackson made the save. Superkick Party! Jackson went after Jericho. Jackson stared down Page and gave him the “one finger salute”. Chris brought out a steel chair and whacked Jackson with it. The Innrt Circle stook tall over their victims.

Para mi Tia. Todo mi amor.

Match of the Night; This was a super tough one. With help from Mama Dee and Niecy, we decided to go with Private Party/Joey Janella vs Death Triangle.

Mama Dee: Happy 73rd Birthday (on Friday). You brught me back from the brink. You had some help but the majority of the credit is yours. I love you and Niecy so much.


–Jay Shannon

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