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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, and welcome to another edition of Rough Cuts, The WWE Hall of Fame.

The WWE will soon announce the remaining inductees to the 2020 class of the WWE Hall of Fame and here are my 5 picks who in my mind are the most deserving to go.
I honestly do not believe without Cyndi Lauper’s contribution to the Rock n Wrestling Era that WrestleMania 1 would have been as big of a success as it is.  Cyndi is one of the last of the WrestleMania 1 contingent to not be inducted yet and its long over due. (Leilani Kai is too not in among wrestlers or managers). She was the final piece and spark needed to make the show as great as it was.   Her career has spanned over 40 plus years.  She has sold over 50 million records world wide.  She is a Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winner as among her many accomplishments.  The list goes on and on as to what she has and still does in the music industry.  She came along at a time when women were a side attraction and her influence allowed women to be taken more seriously inside the squared circle.  Wendi Richter was the perfect partner for her and together working with and against the likes of Rowdy Piper, Captain Lou and former women’s champion the Fabulous Moolah, Cyndi embarked on a journey to show that women can wrestle and be just as relevant as the men and bring mainstream into the mix.  Allot of buzz, surrounded Cyndi’s involvement along with MTV and the casual non-wrestling fan soon became fans and watched and saw with there own eyes not only what Cyndi could do but women in general.  Cyndi’s contribution opened the doors and paved the way for the future generations that followed after.  Cyndi was the manager when Wendi won the title over Leilani at the first WrestleMania, making her a manager of the undisputed Women’s Champion to add to the list of accomplishments.  Without a doubt, there is no reason to believe that it is long over due that Cyndi Lauper finally gets inducted because she not only deserves it, she earned it.
Over the years, I have expressed deeply how much Bill Apter, means to me and so many others.  For over 50 years, Bill has been embarking on a never ending journey of story telling and there is still no end in sight for this incredible man and dear friend of mine.  Bill gave us Pro Wrestling Illustrated for 20 years as the main man and go to guy as one of the greatest wrestling publications of all time.  Bill’s stories were told like no other and every time you picked up a magazine of his you felt as though you were there at the matches right along with him.  Bill, gave us the Andy Kaufman (as they were real life friends for many years) vs Jerry Lawler feud that is still one of the most talked about today.  Bill did TV segments for the now defunct AWA as an interviewer and journalist.  He has written one best wrestling books on the market, is “Wrestling fixed, I didn’t know it was broken”  Bill has hosted conventions to allow fans all over to meet there heroes in person, the podcasts, the Apter chats and the list continues to grow each day. Bill, has given myself, along with Jay Shannon, and Don, a platform to express our view on 1wrestling.com.  I owe Bill the deepest of gratitude for giving me a chance as he does so many others a platform to write on his canvass and I will always be forever grateful for his friendship and believing me as a person to write for him all these years. Bill has been inducted into nearly every journalistic and wrestling hall of fame, except for one and that is the WWE Hall of Fame.  Bill earned this honor, just because he never worked for the WWE, he still is a part of this fraternity and family of sports entertainment and has given us enough to last for several more generations to come.  The highest honor to be recognized by the WWE is eluding my dear friend and he truly deserves it more than anyone in the history of sports entertainment and I, personally will not rest until my friend is rightfully inducted.
I think its time since the Rock N Roll Express got inducted in 2017, that the Midnight Express, Sweet Stan Lane, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey along Jim Cornette go in. There were several variations to the Express but the most famous combination of Eaton and Condrey and Eaton and Lane are the ones that fans will remember the most.  Especially the epic battles with the Rock N Roll Express. Who could forget the scaffold matches which was a first of its kind.   On May 16, 1987 the combination of Eaton and Lane won the NWA United States Tag team titles for the first time, a title they would win three times during their time together.  Thirty years later people are still talking about the Midnight’s vs Rock N Roll and still booking the matches on the independent scene.  There is no doubt without the Midnight Express there is no Rock N Roll Express and therefore, there induction is an absolute must.
Patty Seymour better known as Leilani kai, is a former singles and tag team champion that should be recognized and no doubt belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame.  She debuted in 1975 and was trained and managed by the late Fabulous Moolah.  Leilani was a vital part of the rock n wrestling era — she beat Wendi Richter for the title but lost the belt back to Wendi at the very first WrestleMania.  She was also a tag team champion with Judy Martin known as the Glamour Girls.  Yes, fans the WWE had a women’s tag team championship back in the day and sometimes it gets forgotten about.  Leilani was part of a feud with the jumping bomb angels and then the titles were put on the back burner and forgotten about — but still Leilani was and always will be recognized as a singles and tag team champion.  Her last true title came On March 12, 2003, when she defeated Madison to win the NWA World Women’s Championship in a dark match on a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view.  i truly believe for someone who has been around the business as long as she has deserves to be honored and recognized for her work that spanned over 40 plus years and I think it be only fitting that she finally gets inducted for her longevity and her multiple championships she gathered along the way.

Dangerous Danny Davis is one of the most famous crooked referees turned pro wrestler during his stay in the WWE — Grant it, Davis is not the first person to use the crooked storyline but still stands out as memorable to me because in March of 1988, at East Rutherford, NJ, the main event was George the Animal Steele vs Dangerous Danny Davis inside a steel cage.  This was the main event of the evening and the only time i had ever had ring side seat tickets to a pro wrestling event.  it is also, the first time and only time i met my dear friend Bill Apter who was covering the event for Pro Wrestling illustrated. if it wasn’t for this main event, I would have never met Bill and grown a greater appreciation for the hard work that these men and women do night in and night out.  Davis, believe it or not was also a wrestler before he became a wrestler. For years, he competed as Mr. X, a masked wrestler while also working as a referee.  His biggest win as Mr. X came on the October 28, 1986 episode of WWF Prime Time Wrestling when he defeated fellow jobber Rudy Diamond.  Fans, though will remember when he started to favor the heels and award the heels matches over the baby faces using his crooked tactics per say.  On the January 26, 1987 edition of Superstarsthe Hart Foundation defeated the British Bulldogs to win the WWF Tag Team Championship. Danny Davis was the referee for the match and as part of the storyline, he allowed the Hart Foundation to use illegal double-team maneuvers in the match.  As a result of the match, WWF president Jack Tunney stripped Davis of his referee duties.  That same night, Davis was approached by manager Jimmy Hart about joining his stable of wrestlers. Davis joined up with Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) and became known as “Dangerous” Danny Davis.  By 1989 the gimmick was phased out and Dangerous just became Danny Davis the referee and stayed with the WWE till 1995.  Still, though you have to admit.  Danny accomplished allot in his tenure while working for the WWE and its time that his hard work is noted as he was a vital part of the 80′s era and without doubt Hall of Fame worthy.
There you have it wrestling fans, for this Hall of Fame Edition, this has been Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla.  May all of your matches be a main event.

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