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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“The young guys are playing checkers. I’m out there playing chess.”-Kobe Bryant

Royal Rumble is now in the books. I know this goes against what most people are saying but I thought it was awful. It did have a few bright spots but most of it was disappointing. Now, Raw is planning on keeping the ball rolling towards Wrestlemania.

We’ve had another shake up of the announce team, this week. No Vic, No Dio, No Joe. Instead, we get Lawler, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton. I was so expecting Dio to show up and dump Brock out of the Rumble, but he wasn’t there. The man who DID eliminate the Universal Champion, Drew McIntyre, opened the show from San Antonoio.

Drew pointed up at the Wrestlemania sign. He wanted someone to pinch him because this feels so unteal. He knew it wasn’t a dream, it was reality. And another reality he knew was that he could choose which champion he wanted to fight. Most people would draw it out for a long time to build the suspense, but that’s not him. He said he wanted Brock Lesnar and his title.

Drew knew most of the boys in the back were scared silly by Lesnar. He wasn’t one of them. He sent Lesnar flying with the Claymore Kick to work his way towards this epic confrontation. Drew was filled with massive energy that he will unload on Brock. Since that is a few months away, Drew threw out an open challenge to anyone who wanted to feel the energy.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came out to accept the challenge. The two bickered back and forth as to who would get to face Drew. McIntye made it easy for them as he decided to battle them both, at the same time.

Drew McIntyre vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
2-on-1 Handicap Match

The Finish:

Drew tossed Karl around with Overhead Belly-to-Belly Throws. Drew then flew off the ropes to clock him with a Forearm Smash. Luke rushed in, only to fall to a Future Shock DDT. Drew then took out both opponents with Claymore Kicks and pinned the Best Tag Team in the World, all by himself.

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 84 out of a possible100

Post Match: Drew threw both foes out of the ring. Brock Lesnar slid into the ring and caught an unaware Drew with an F5. Brock and Paul Heyman then strolled to the back.

Break time.

We looked at the TLC match from 2001. Then we got a video package about the returning MVP.

Rey Mysterio vs MVP

Rey went up top for a Seated Senton and Quebrada. Rey went for a Springboard Crossbody but MVP caught Mysterio. Ballin’! 1-2-no. MVP kicked Rey in the head. Myterio turned it around and used a Rana to send Rey‌ into the ropes. 619! Mysterio hit a wild Springboard Splash to take the win.

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 85

Aleister Black vs Kenneth Johnson

Black softened off his foe with a few prelim kicks. He then nailed a German Suplex to set up Black Mass.

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 30

I want to send out my Thank You to Michael Cole. On Sunday, he showed such great respect to Kobe Bryant and his family. I’ve had times when I wasn’t the biggest fan of Cole but his professionalism, on Sunday, was top notch. I can’t believe I am about to type this but…Michael Cole SHOULD be going into the Hall of Fame.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, I had a great discussion with my good friend, James Kelly, about hte Hall. We both agree that another addition whould be Titus O’Neil. Forget the comedy stunt that almost wrecked his career, Titus has been a solid competitior who has also done an amazing amount of charity work. We also feel it is time for Big Show to get his spot, as well.

Ok, back to tonight’s show…

Black cut a rather lengthy promo about his career. He took the full blame for getting eliminated at the Royal Rumble. He said, for way too long, he has stood back and waited for challenges to come at him. That now changes. He is ready to start kicking down other people’s doors and cleaning house.

After a break, Seth Rollins cut a promo before his title defense against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Seth congratulated Drew McIntyre for ousting him from the Rumble and eventually winning it. Seth warned Drew that it was only a matter of time before the fans turn on him. Seth crowed about how Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe were eliminated from the Rumble. Seth was certain that Joe and K.O. were going to be losers again tonight.

Kevin and Joe then came out to counter Seth’s comments. They went back and forth trying to “one up” each other.

Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy vs Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe
Raw Tag Team Title Match

The Finish:

Buddy wanted a Superplex but Kevin blocked it. Kevin nailed a Gourdbuster off the ropes and a Swanton. Seth just barely made the save. Kevin pitched Seth out of the ring and then nailed a hard Plancha. Murphy nailed the Running Knee Strike. Kevin was on the ropes but still managed to avoid Seth’s finisher. Kevin caught Seth with a Stunner but Buddy was legal and took down the challenger with the Ever-So-Deadly Simple Roll Up.

Your Winners: Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy
Raw Score: 85

We got a video package about the feud between Humberto and Andrade. We also looked at the Raw Women’s title match. Charly interviewed Becky Lynch. Charly asked Becky is she finally accomplished what she wanted/needed by beating Asuka. Becky felt great about taking the win. Everyone has been doubting her, so this win feels so special to her. She has now beaten everyone in her way, Charly asked about Charlotte winning the Rumble. Becky was ready for whoever came after her, be that Charlotte or someone else.

Humbeto Carrillo vs Andrade (w/Zelina Vega)
United States Title Match

The Finish:

As reported all around the Internet, Andrade is taking a 30-Day “Vavation”, due to the Wellness Policy. Most fans were certain that Humberto would take the title and perhaps lose it back when Andrade gets out of the dog house. Didn’t happen.

Humberto with a Back Rolling Moonsault for a near fall. Humberto headed up top for a Springboard move but Andrade had him scouted and kicked the ropes. Humberto tumbled into the ring and almost got pinned. Humberto hit a flurry of kicks and a Moonsault. Zelina earned her pay by rushing in to make the save…and pull the DQ.

Your WInner (by Disqualification): Humberto Carrillo
Raw Score: 75

Humberto snapped, after the match, and attacked Andrade. After throwing him around the ringside area, Humberto pulled back the protective mat and used Andrade’s Hammerlock DDT against him. Nice way to write Andrade out for the next month or so.

We got a video rewind of Edge’s reitrement speech of almost a decade ago. In comic books, no one stays dead. In wrestling, no one remains retired.

Charlotte Flair strolled out to chat with the fans. She played the heel by bragging about winning the Women’s Royal Rumble. We got highlights of the match. Charlotte knew Drew already made his decision as to which championship he wanted to go after at Mania. She wanted to kick back and really think about this before she made her choice…but do not be confused…she WOULD be going after a championship at Mania. (Flair vs Ripley for he NXT title? I’d love to see that as it would be new).

Asuka and Kairi Sane strolled from the back. Flair said Asuka was last year’s Rumble Winner and maybe Asuka wanted to party with her to celebrate how great they are. Asuka explained if she had been in the Rumble, Flair would not be in the ring. Charlotte wondered if Asuka waned to pick a fight with her? Not only does Asuka go after Charlotte, but Sane joins in. They nail a Double Suplex to send us to break.

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

The Finish:

Asuka barely avoided Natural Selection. Charlotte also just escaped the Asuka Lock. Asuka nailed a Codebreaker to set up for the Asuka Lock. Flair managed to roll through and Asuka had to release to keep for getting pinned. Asuka fought like crazy to get free from the Figure Eight. Just before Asuka tapped out, Kairi hit her In-Sane Elbow to pull yet another DQ,

Your Winner (By Disqualificaiton): Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 82

Sane kept up the attack, after the match. Flair sent Sane into the ropes and connected with a Big Boot.

The Street Profits are doing their typical schtick when they are joined by Kelly Kelly. Ok, she’s not as cut as Molly Holly or my dear friend, Niecy, but she is pretty. They worked towards the 24/7 title match. K2 HAS held the title, for like 26 seconds.

Mojo Rawley comes out to interrutpt them and cut a promo about how he plans to make the 24/7 title actually mean something. No Comment…

Mojo Rawley vs No Way Jose
24/7 Title Match

Mojo clipped Jose’s knees and then punched him. Moho quickly retained his title by putting down Jose with a Face Plant out of the Fireman’s Carry

Your Winner: Mojo Rawley
Raw Score: 24

In a serious bit of irony, a clown came from Jose’s party group. The clown pinned Mojo and it turned out the clown was R-Truth, winning his 842nd title (or something like that). He didn’t hold it long as Mojo came right back and pinned Truth after sending him into the canvas, face first.

Lana vs Liv Morgan

Wrestling’s new “Black Cat” decided to go after the Ravashing Russian. After a few opening moves, Liv used a Hair Biel to send Lana sailing. Lana connected with a nice Enziguri but Liv came back, in mere seconds, to do a Double Stomp to Lana’s back. Lana went for the inffamous Simple Roll Up but Liv got free. Liv set up Lana and put her down for the count with the Flatliner.

Your Winner: Liv Morgan
Raw Score: 50

Erick Rowan vs Brenden Vice

Can you smell the Squash cooking? Yep, again. Rowan nailed an impressive Drop Kick that sent Vice out of the ring. Rowan followed him outside to keep up the attack. A flying Crossbody pretty much ended this poor guy. Erick nailed the Big Splash and a Jackhammer. He didn’t want the pin, just yet. He lifted the helpless victim up and used the Claw Slam to finish off this massacre.

Your WInner: Erick Rowan
Raw Score: 50

Edge made his triumphant return to Monday Night Raw. The crowd lost their collective minds. He stopped at the announce desk to High 5 the announce team. Edge was ready to speak but his emothions kept him in check for a moment. Nine years ago, medical issues kept him away from what he loved to do…perform. It took a loog time but he is now back and ready to go. He had lived in a world of “What IFs” for far too long. Edge said he might be 46 (young kid) but he was in the best shape of his life. He talked about all those he faced in the Runble.

Edge does live in reality and he knew that he might be able to do this for very long. Edge threw out a thank you to Daniel Bryan and then discussed his aging and such. He said that didn’t matter because he had one thing that can’t be scripted or created…when he gets knocked down…he gets back up.

Suddenly, Randy Orton comes out to party with his old buddy…or so it seemed. Ortion remarked how he lived a very self-destructive lifestyle for many years. Any time that Randy dug himself in way too deep, Edge was always there with a life line to save him from himself. Randy was feeling very nostalgic and pondered if there just might be one more run for…Rated RKO.

As they looked around, Orton turned on his pal, hitting a vicious RKO. What? Randy then wnet and got a chair and blasted Edge with it. He slid the chair around Edge’s surgically repaired neck and looked ready to stomp Edge into oblivion. In an ultmate insult, Randy went and got another chair and nailed a Con-Chair-To to the fallen Edge. Can you say Wrestlemania?

Niecy: Thanks for all your help with Mom. We love ya.
Barbara: Get Well soon
Aunt Louise: Glad you are home
Jean: Always my best friend


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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