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The AEW Dynamite Score

A recap and review of wrestling’s newest orgainization’s weekly show.

Hosted by your writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“War does not determine who is right-Only who is left”–Bertramd Russell

This week, we will crown the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. Will it be SCU or the Lucha Brothers? Let’s take a look…

Befpre we get rolling, I want to welcome a special guest to the panel, this week. My sister’s beau, Marco, is over to spend his birthday with us. He’s got the spare chair to cheer on his favorites and boo the ones he doesn’t care for. Happy Birthday “Brother”.

Tony Schiavone introduced to the show. He mentioned that Cody and Chris Jericho will sign for the Main Event of Full Gear, later tonight. Dustin and Cody hugged as they came out of their little jet. Tony chatted with Cody about the upcoming match. Cody and Tony got in a white limo.

We got highlights of last week’s main event. It became a time limit draw. Jon Moxley lost it and attacked the ref. Kenny Omega came out to defend the guy he is set to face at Full Gear. PAC also has an issue with Hangman Adam Page. They will battle at the PPV.

Jon Moxley had a fit, backstage, and went to see Tony Khan (AEW President). Khan would not sanction a rematch. Jon threatened Kenny Omega because Khan tried to make him unsanctionable.

Roll the opening montage!

We were in West Virginia. Excalibur and Jim Ross were doing the calls this week. Rick and Morty will join them later. (Why?) We saw a rundown of the night’s card. Tons of tag team action.

Sammy Guevara vs “Hangman” Adam Page


J.R. talked about how these kids were the building blocks of wrestling’s future. Collar and Elbow into the ropes. Clean break. Rick Knox was the Zebra in Charge. Knife Edge Chops by Page. Big Boot by Page that stunned Sammy. Suplex to give Page a single slap on the canvas. Universal into a Dropkick by Sammy. He got booed into the middle of next week. Snap Suplex by Guevara. 2 count.

Forearms by Sammy led to a set of Knife Edges. Page came back to Paintbrush the youngest member of the Inner Circle. Page with a Fallaway Slam as Sammy flew off the ropes. Sammy pulled Page off the apron. Adam hit the apron with both his back and head. Sammy tossed Page back in the ring. Hard shots by Sammy set up a nasty Samoan Drop. 1-2-no.

Sammy taunted the crowd and wasted a ton of time. He jumped down from the ropes and slapped Page. That woke up the Hangman. Page blasted Sammy with all kinds of moves. Page nailed a Lariat that would make Stan Hansen smile. Excalibur mentioned the Inner Circle wee in the house.

High Boot and Saito Suplex by Page. Sammy rolled to the apron. Page came out to meet him. Sammy fought out of the Dead Eye. Uranage/Sidewalk Slam, on the apron, by Page. Pop Up Powerbomb by Page to score a deuce.

Page with a wild Moonsault to the floor from the top turnbuckle. The fans loved it. Sammy avoided the Buckshot. Kicks and Knee Strikes by both men. Buckshot Lariat!

Your Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page
Dynamite Score: 91 out of a possible 100

Page took the microphone and acknowledged that things haven’t been going his way, recently. This win motivated him to take PAC’s head off. Page talked about unleashing some “Cowboy S**t” on PAC. That got a wild chant going.

Promo for Full Gear.

The Rock and Roll Express were in the back. They got mad respect from Private Party. The crowd loved it. We were in commercial.

Shanna vs Hikaru Shida


Ok, weird trivia that Jay happens to know. Mr. Sulu, from the original Star Trek, was Hikaru Sulu.

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Shanna. Standing Switch. Arm Snap over the shoulder by Shanna. Arm Wringer by Shida. Arm Drags on both sides. Rolling Neckbreaker by Shanna. Kick by Shida. Shida was thrown out to the floor. Shida dropped Shanna and then went looking for “toys”. She found a steel chair. Shide flew off the chair to deliver a wicked flying Knee Strike.

Back in the ring, Shida unloaded on Shanna. Scoop Backbreaker by Shida to garner only a one count. Toe Kicks by Shida. Corner Jumping Knee Strike by Shida. 2 count. Shanna started to fight back but Shida was a stronger striker. Front Chancellory but Shanna reversed it into an Inside Cradle. Brutal Forearms and Elbows by Shida. Shanna blocked the Brainbuster. The two women fought into the split screen commercial.

Rana by Shanna. The two traded forearms and Clotheslines. 2 count for Shanna. Spinner Face Plant Suplex by Shanna. 2 count. Shanna got caught up top and Shida blasted her. Shanna fought back and it was a coin toss to see who would come out on top. Headbutt by Shanna. SHida fell into the ropes. Double Stomp off the top gave Shanna a near fall. Closer than 19 is to 20, per Jim Ross. I’m so going to steal that line. Smile.

Shanna slapped the head of Shida. Double Underhook but Shida fought free. Vertebreaker by Shida! That move is outlawed many places. Shida with an amazing Dead Lift Superplex. Shanna with a Roll Up for two. Shida and Shanna both almost got Roll Up Wins. Flying High Knee intoa  Falcon Arrow by Shida. 2 count. We were down to under five minutes. Shining Wizard gave Shida the win.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 94

The ladies in AEW are incredible. Other organizations could learn a lot by watching these women.

We got a promotional piece about Brandi Rhodes’ change in personality. It appears that she may be under the influence of someone else.

Chris Van Vleet brought out Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. Yes, the Rock and Roll Express were out to push tag team wrestling. This was always Jay’s (and Robbie’s) favorite team. Santana and Ortiz (the 5150/Inner Circle) came out to assault Ricky and Robert. Ricky took a blackjack to the ribs. Take me back home, kids. Double Powerbomb to put Ricky through the stage. The Young Bucks rushed out to protect their idols. “Rock and Roll” rang out as we cut to the first official non-split screen commercial break. TIme for fresh orange soda and unsalted crackers.

Tony and Cody talked in the limo.

We started to get a six man match but we stayed in the limo so Cody and Tony could walk down memory lane. Tony talked about seeing Dusty Rhodes “Buck Naked”. Not a sight I can unsee.

John Silver, Q.T. Marshal and Alex Reynolds vs Trent, Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy
Six Man Tag Team Match


They kept throwing in Rick and Morty segments. I hate that show, to be honest. The second team members were all dressed as Morty and Rick. This was just goofy.

Collar and Elbow by the blue haired best friend. Double Team and Trent lost his wig. Knife Edge by Trent. Silver was rocked. John tore off the wig and dropped Trent with a big kid. Typical Mosh Pit mess by the six men. Silver missed the Lariat and got planted by Trent’s DDT. Chuck with a Standing Sliced Bread on Marshal. Trent with a Flying Knee STrike after making the tag. Half anf Half on Alex. The Best Friends wanted to hug but Q.T. broke it up. Orange slid in the ring. Orange with baby kicks to the legs. Dropkick with his hands in his pockets. Super Group Hugs. Tope Suicida by Orange. Double Team Stomp to take the win.

Your WInners: Trent, Orange Cassicdy and Chuck Taylor
Dynamite Score: 75

AEW has to be happy that they are destroying Vince in the ratings, so far. Just don’t get too confident. Remember what happened to WCW?

Chris Jericho came out for the Hour Turner segment. That term is even more appropriate than ever, since TNT is a Turner Network. Chris was wearing a seriously ugly Halloween jacket. Time for the Contract Signing. The limo pulled up and Tony and Cody got out. Cody came out with Tony for the signing. Tony was in charge of the signing. I wish Cody would take back his surname of Rhodes. Tony explained the contract and the stipulations of the match. Cody, the challenger, signed the contract first. Jericho took his sweet, dear time playing mind games. That got a “You Suck” chant going. Jericho said their match was the biggest match of the year and the biggestof Cody’s career. Chris took shots at the crowd. Jericho wanted to sign the contract so he could teach Cody a lesson. The lesson? How to be a loser. People started to back up when Chris and Cody got to their feet. Chris said he would not allow this match to be turned into a comedy skit. Jericho offered his hand to the challenger, Cody. They shook but Cody would not let go. We couldn’t hear what COdy was saying but it was intense. Jericho said Cody was needed elsewhere….

Sammy Guevara showed Jake Hager assaulting Dustin Rhodes, in the parking lot. Jake slammed the car door on Dustin’s arm. MJF rushed out with COdy to check on Dustin. “Iron” Mike Sharpe flashback! Jericho broke out a celebratory cigar.

The medics checked on Dustin all during the break. We then went back to the arena. The fans were in complete shock at the vicious attack we just watched.

The Hybrid2 and Kip Sabian vs Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) aka The Elite


Hybrid2 is Jack Evans and Angelico. Jay’s had the honor of knowing the Bucks for many years. He’s also met Jack Evans, right here in Dallas.

The Elite were jumped before the bell. Sabian with a Flip Senton to the floor. Jack and Angelico double teamed Omega. Kenny Dropkicked the shins of both enemies. Sabian same in to attack. Double Team by the Bucks. Stereo Enziguris by Omega and Nick. The Elite were getting a huge reaction from the crowd. The Bucks were pulled out of the ring. Jack with a vicious Jumping Thrust Kick to Omega. He followed it up with a Handspring Plancha. Sabian with a Snap Suplex to Matt. Hard kicks by Sabian.

Double Team on Matt by Hybrid2. Seated Side Octopus by Angelico. Cut to commercial.

The Bucks took out Sabian with a bit of Risky Business. 2 count. Omega was in bad shape. Sabian escaped and went for Deathly Hallows. It failed. The fans were so into this match. Tags to Omega and Evans. Snap Dragon Suplexes to all three foes by Omega. Omega snapped his fingers and all three men fell down. P Trigger failed. Cartwheel Kick by Evans. Double Team byt he Bucks on Evans. Tornado DDT by Sabian. Superkick Party!

Evans took out Matt. Omega with a Jumping Knee Strike on Angelico as he went for the Razor’s Edge Bomb. Sabian attacked Omega’s ribs. Flip Dive but Sabian got caught. Powerbomb on the ring apron. Triple Superkick to Jack Evans! Shining Wizard into the One Winged Angel!

Your Winners: Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega, the Elite
Dynamite Score: 95

Ortiz and Santana attacked the Young Bucks, post match. We got flashback highlights of this really good match.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon cmae out looking like a modern variation of “Ravishing” Rick Rude. Jon Moxley wasn’t putting up with this crap. He nailed the DDT in seconds on Avalon. Moxley then went into promo mode about his unsanctioned match against Kenny Omega at Full Gear. Mox didn’t like being treated like an outsider. He sounded like Steve Austin, big time. Mox wasn’t going to change who he is. Mox said he was the baddest S.O.B. in the company and dared anyone to stop him. Mox is only beginning to go out of control. Mox had a message for the Suits: “Kiss my *ss and stay out of my way”. The crowd exploded.

Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix vs Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky
AEW Tag Team Tournament Finals


The other teams kicked back and watched this finals match. Kaz and Pentagon opened it up. It broke down into a Mos Pit, quickly. Sky attacked both Brotehrs. Wild Double Team on Sky. Pump Handle Driver by Pentagon. Awesome. Sky attacked Pentagon to save Kaz from the Package Piledriver.

Double Team on Kaz by the Luchas. Fenix tagged in. Knife Edge to Sky’s chest. Monkey Flip Clothesline by Kaz and Sky. Nice. Legdrop by Kaz. Pentagon attacked and accidentally took out his sibling. Rana by Sky off the stairs to Pentagon. Double Team on Fenix. 2 count for Kaz after planting the masked man. Fenix went to Kaz’s eyes. Springboard Arm Drag by Fenix. Pentagon with a Superkick to Sky, on the floor. SKy was being sent tothe steps but jumped up. Double team on Kaz by the Luchas. MIz/Morrison Leg Drop from the inside to the outside. Time for one more break.

Legdrop by Rey for a two. Pentagon took the tag and continued to punish Kaz. Sky was sent intothe barricade as Pentagon worked over Kaz. Fenix took the tag back and worked over Kaz’s ribs. Fenix talked trash to Sky. Dropkick by Fenix. Roll Up Armbreaker but Kaz rolled free. Kaz attacked both Luchadores. Angel’s Wings by Kaz. Sky begged for a tag and got it. Sky hit all kinds of Clotheslines and Dropkicks. La Bandera to put Skyon the apron. He came back in with a Rana. Tope con Hilo to take out Pentagon. Kaz went for a Top Rope Rana but his head struck the apron. He was out on his feet. That was dangerous for Kaz. Double Team Swinging DDT by SCU. SKy with a Round the World DDT to pull a two count. SCU Later failed. Candaian Destroyer by Pentagon. Rolling CUtter by Rey Fenix. Uno—Dos—NADA MAS!

Fenix blasted Sky’s neck. Double Crossbody Blcks. Pentagon went after Kaz’s ankle. Running Powerbomb onto the time keeper’s table.

Sky tried to fight both foes but the brothers kept up the pressure. Sky escaped from Fear Factor. Scorpio Sky rolled up Pentagon Jr. to take the titles!

Your WInners: SCU
Dynamite Score: 98

Match of the Night: You just saw/read about it. SCU vs Lucha Brothers


–Jay, Candy, LeeAnne (and Marco)

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