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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosed by your writing team of : “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore.

“Good and Evil, Reward and Punishment. are the only motives to a rational creature”–John Locke

We start his week with a special good-bye from Jay to one of his idols. Bob Kingsley worked in radio for decades. Jay listened to his show, every Sunday morning, while on his way to church. Bob ran down the week’s top country songs. He lost his battle against cancer, last week. Thank you and may your rest be a glorious one.

The Draft is in the books. We have new tag champs. The announce team has been reset (for much the better, our opinion). The Wild Card rule is (supposedly) no longer in effect. Let’s see how the New and Improved Raw goes…

Welcome to Cleveland. One of America’s greatest cities (our opinions). Who will be the final member of Team Hogan? What wil Rusev have to say on the King’s Court? All this and more starts…now…

We looked back at the horrific (in more ways than one) main event at Hell in a Cell. This feud has become quite brutal. Last week, Seth Rollins burned down the Firefly Funhouse. Bray Wyatt showed he has a definite Split Personality.

Roll the opening montage!

The Sky Flowers exploded as the crowd came to life. Vic said this was the beginning of a new era. Ric Flair’s music hit and the Legend of Legends came from the back. We have never had the honor to meet Mr. Flair but all three of us respect him to the highest of levels. Haven’t always liked his persona but you can’t argue with his talents, both in the ring and on the stick. Our we about to get a surprise return?  Flair said Team Hogan was looking good but they weren’t part of his squad. Flair had one more hand to play. Flair went off on several guysin the crowd. The fifth man is…Drew McIntyre. He’s Flair’s Ace. Vic thinks Drew will be a Game Changer. Flair shook Drew’s hand and then Flair insulted the local teams. Drew said he granted Flair a favor. Drew said things were about to get uncomfortable. He knew Flair would love what was about to happen.

Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet


Richochet jumped on Drew but got tossed aside. Hard shots by both men. Drew pushed Ricochet, backwards, over the ropes. Drew then went out and sent Ricochet intothe barricade.

Back in the ring, Drew with a Flair Like Knife Edge Chop. Ric loved it. Drew kicked and stomped away on Ricochet. Drew slapped the taste out of Ricochet’s mouth. Ricochet tried to fight back but a Forearm lai dhim out. Huge Back Body Drop by Drew. 2 count.

Arm Bar by Drew. Kick by Ricochet but he fell to a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam. 2 count, again. Camel Clutch in the ropes by Drew. Knife Edge Chops by McIntyre and a huge Biel. Stomp by Drew led back into a vicious Arm Bar. Ricochet punched his way free. Another Knife Edge to stop Ricochet’s momentum. Ricochet escape a Scoop Slam. He flew off the ropes but Drew caught him. Ricochet blocked a Suplex. Step Up Enziguri was shaken off as Drew blasted Ricochet. Dropkick to Drew’s ankles. Flip Dive by Ricochet to send us to break.

Drew had Ricochet in a Seated Stretch. Ricochet broke fee and threw Flair Chops. Hammer Throw by Drew. Dang. 1-2-kick out. Drew wrenched the arm, again. Flair called out Hogan to meet him on Smackdown. Flair was wound up tighter than an eight day clock.

Ricochet punched away. Drew threw Ricochet into the corner. Big Kick by Ricochet. Drew went up top but got Dropkicked on the way down. That was impressive. Forearms by Ricochet. Pop Up Enziguri by Ricochet. Springboard Clothesline and Shooting Star Press. Drew kicked out at one. Ricochet with a wild Springboard Enziguri and Moonsault Splash. 2 count. Both men were seriously winded.

Ricochet headed up top but Drew popped up. Kick by Ricochet. Ricochet got swatted as he flew off the ropes. Razor’s Edge Buckle Bomb into a Powerbomb. Ricochet still managed to kick out!

Butterfly Suplex blocked. Spinner Kick by Ricochet. Ricochet lifted Drew but McIntyre punched out. Death Valley Driver by Ricochet. Ricochet headed up top for the Shooting Star Press. 1-2-not quite yet.

Ricochet headed back up top, again. He missed the 450. Drew blocked the Recoil and dumped Ricochet to the floor. Ricochet was sent into the ring post. His right shoulder hit ful force. Drew set for his finisher. Claymore Kick!

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 95 out of a possible 100

Drew came back in to assault Ricochet. Headbutt led to the Future Shock DDT. Drew walked around with Ricochet and hit the Alabama Slam to send Ricochet into the ring steps. Flair was thrilled with his newest find for his team. Drew just might tip the scales for Crown Jewel. Will Ricochet even be able to work the Crown Jewel show?

Remember, this week only, Smackdown moves to FS1 (due tothe World Series). Not even sure we get that channel but will try to find it. Smile.

We looked at the issues between the Street Profits and the O.C.. We will have a six man match, later tonight. Who would join the Street Profits?

The O.C. were interviewed. They were asked about their strategy towards the Street Profits. Karl Anderson made fun of the Rookie team. Styles joined in and said they would stop the Profits from getting the smoke (which is illegal in Ohio). Styles knew his brothers have been around a long time and were ready to lay down a beating.

We got a look at some of the new faces on Raw. Andrade will be a top player soon. Buddy Murphy should be the U.S. Champ in a short time. Aleister Black is the new generation’s Undertaker. I’d love to see him battler Taker at next year’s Wrestlemania.

Aleister Black cut a promo about his strife and stress. He wanted to know “Why?”. Black had a Hellfire Rage in his blood. He sounded as cryptic as Taker used to. He wanted a fight…

We want to send our support out to those affected by the week-end storms around North Texas. Jay went out with his Mom on errands and found all kinds of destruction in Midlothian and Red Oak. Most of Midlothian is without power for an unkown amount of time due to the roof of a church being torn off and thrown into a series of electrical junctuons near mid-town. We called Jay about 7 this morning to be sure he and our new family were ok.

Aleister Black vs Jason Reynolds


Welcome to the land of Squash. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock. Jason took him tothe corner and kicked away. Black with a Float Over and series of huge kicks. Leg Sweep by Black and hit took the Lotus Position. Jason took a wild Back Elbow tothe face. Jason threw Black intothe corner. Ok, not so much of a suqash, after all.

Black with Forerarms, Kicks and a Juping Knee. Black Mass!

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 74

Rusev headed towards the ring and the King’s Court.

We got another great promo by AOP (Authors of Pain). Our only problem is that we all hate subtitles.

The King’s Court:

Lawler got a decent pop from the crowd. King mentioned the Bobby Lashley/Lana affair. Lawler said Rusev was ready to finally break his silence about this betrayal.

Rusev came out and shook Lawler’s hand. Rusev took a microphone. Rusev wanted the fans to enjoy the chanting. Lawler didn’t like that Rusev’s marriage was made a public spectacle. Lawler didn’t know how Rusev was able to put up with this. Lana talked trash about her husband, especially as it relates to money issues. Lawler wanted to know what Rusev was thinking. He totally blamed Lashley for poisoning Lana’s mind. Rusev promised to crush Bobby. Rusev refused to take off his wedding bnad. He was ready to give her another chance.

Lashley and Lana came on the Tron. Lashley called Lana “my woman”. Lahley promised to take care of Lana’s needs. She was all playful with her new beau. Lana said her new man takes her places that Rusev would not go. They professed their love for each other. This is just sickening. The feed cut off and Rusev looked ready to cry or explode…or both. Rusev knew where Lana and Lashley are and he will go and deliver a message…in person. He ran to the back.

Amdrade and Zelina Vega talked backstage.

Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) vs Sin Cara


Vega cut a promo before the match started. Vega wondered if the fans knew “Sin Cara” meant “WIthout Face”. Vega knew Cara would not leave with a victory. She is so good on the stick.

Sin Cara has been helping the people in El Paso, TX. We can’t begin to show our respect to that wonderful star. Bless you, sir.

Go Behind by Sin Cara. Andrade blasted the masked man. Dropkick and Tope Suicida by Sin Cara. Flying Crossbody by SIn Cara for a two. Umberto Carillo watched from the back.

Forearm by Sin Cara. Vega grabbed Sin’s leg. Stomps by Andrade. Whip by Andrade into a corner combo for two. Andrade lifted SIn and then dropped him, sideways. Hurancanrana by Sin Cara. He went up top and nailed a Moonsault to the floor. Break time.

Andrade kept the pressure on Sin Cara. Andrade crashed and burned in the corner. Forearms by Sin Cara. Springboard Crossbody by the masked Luchadore. Springboard Moonsault to give Sin a dos (2). Sin Cara ramped up the crowd. Both men traded hard Forearms.

Death Valley Driver, out of nowhere, by Sin Cara. Sin Cara went up top. Swanton failed. Sin Cara was sent into the corner. Sin Cara dodged the charging Andrade. Rana Slam by Andrade for anothor two count. Three Amigos by Andrade. He mocked Eddie’s memory. I know the word in Spanish but this is still Family Friendly writing. Grin.

Andrade went up top but got caught. Sin with vicious Chops to the chest. Andrade did his best to block the Luchadore. Andrade blocked the top rope Superplex. Sin Cara fought out of the Dead Lift Superplex. Canadian Detroyer like Powerbomb off the ropes by Sin Cara. Nice. 2 count.

Andrade laid out Sin Cara and hit hte Double Knees, int he corner. 2 count. Vega was losing it, ringside. The two traded Forearms. Andrade was flipped over the ropes and to the floor. Paul Heyman has always liked Lucha. Rana to the floor by SIn Cara. Andrade snapped Sin Cara on the ropes and Vega hit a Rana. Andrade threw Sin back in the ring. Hammerlock DDT!

Your Winner: Andrade
Raw Score: 85

Umberto was interviewed. He spoke in Spanglish. He knew he would have to face Andrade and Vega at the same time. Umberto was focused on the Universal title but would go through Andrade to get there.

Want to take a second to send out special birthday wishes to two very special people in my life. Bettie, my little sister, turns 52 tomorrow. My very first love, Jolene, does the same in a couple days. I hope to see them both at some point, this week. Maybe the two of them can join me for lunch. Smile.

The Street Profits were in the house to cut a promo. They mocked the O.C. for their earlier promo. Dawkins and Ford were excited for their Raw Debut. They were still keeping the identity of their partner a secret. The partner didn’t like A.J. Styles. I’m betting on Cedric Alexander.

R-Truth eased his way around backstage. No Carmella to watch his back, anymore. One of the Singh Borthers came up to sing to R-Truth. The other one pinned Truth. Not sure which one is which. The Singh Borthes are now the Bollywood Boys. Whatever.

We got a preview about Crown Jewel. I’ll be home from Dialysis just in time to join Candy to watch this show.  LeeAnne will be in school.

The Viking Raiders vs Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
Non-Title Match


Zack and Curt were greatful for this opportunity. They wanted to shed the Underdog distinction. No pyro for the former champs.

Erik threw around both foes. He threw Zak into Curt.  Corner Double Team by the champs. Erik threw Ivar into Zack. Suicide Dive by Ivar. Impressive as all get out. Tag to Erik. Knee Strikes. Jawbraeker by Zack. Missile Dropkick by Ryder. Tag to Hawkins. The former Major Brothers were looking pretty good. Tag to Zack.

The two kept tagging in and forth. Crossface with an Arm Extender by Hawkins. Erik was run into the enemy corner. Flying Forearm by Zack. Tag to both sides. Ivar with a huge Side Slam and Flying Crossbody. Hawkins rushed the corner for the Seated Drop. Tag to Erik after a Cartwheel Clothesline. Erik slammed Ivar onto Hawkins. Ryder made the save. Erik shrieked as Zack and nailed a Knee Strike. Hawkins witht he tag. Viking Experience!

Your WInners: TErik and Ivar, the Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 75

Lana and Lashley were still cuddling. They were asked to leave the restaurant because the owner didn’t want any trouble. Lashley didn’t think Rusev had the b*lls to face them.

Rey Mysterio walked backstage. He has an injured left arm. What would he have to say?

Found FS1. For those on Spectrum in Northern Texas, it is channel 29. Not sure what it is other places or on other systems.

We were back at the restaurant. Rusev came in and got on Lashley. He beat the stuffing out of the homewrecker. It took several cops to break it up. Lana screamed like a Banshee at her two men. Rusev was ushered out. Lana wanted her husband taken to jail. We both hate this stupid storyline. Takes us back to Edge vs Matt Hardy.

Rey Mysterio came out. He is one of LeeAnne’s favorite wrestlers. She was upset that Rey was hurt. (He will be ok, little one). Rey said he has been helping Cain Velasquez train for Brock Lesnar. Rey wanted to thank the fans for himself, his son and his entire family. Rey wanted to retire but the fans’ love kept him motivated and humbled. Rey said the fans were his family (familia). Rey pushed Crown Jewel.

Paul Heyman came on the Tron and talked Spanish to his old friend. Heyman knew Rey would never say these things if Lesnar weren’t drafted to Smackdown. Heyman said Rey was basically living in a dream world. Heyman knew about the history between Velasquez and Lesnar. Lesnar has wanted revenge for nine years. Rey cut off Heyman and went off in Spanish. Wow. What he said!

Shelton Benjamin came out to confront Rey. Shelton thought it wasn’t fair that Cain got a free pass to the WWE title picture. Shelton said he was buddies with Brock. He trained Brock. Lesnar was Benjamin’s family. Shelton started to push Rey around. Shelton wanted to know where Velasquez was. Be careful what you ask for…

Cain Velasquez walked with purpose to the ring. Cain looked dead serious. Shelton went after Cain’s knee. Cain took him down and punched the ribs. More amateur takedowns. Sleeper by Cain. Benjamin tapped out and bailed out of the ring. We hope Cain tears up Brock in Saudi Arabia. Lesnar may retain but he is going to get his behind handed to him.

Charly Caruso interviewed Seth Rollins. He looked happy with last week’s actions. Seth agreed that The Fiend was inside his head but he was in Bray’s as well. Seth said being in the ring with The Fiend will change you, forever. Seth walked over to talk with Umberto Carillo. He gave Umberto a lesson about how to be a champion. Seth admired Umberto’s desire to be champion. He wanted to face Umberto, tonight, for Carillo’s first match on Raw. That will happen, next.

The Cleveland Browns were in the house. One of the guys looked like an underdeveloped Scott Steiner. Grin.

We got a massive promo for Crown Jewel. People are wondering if Undertaker will be there, this year.

Seth Rollins vs Umberto Carillo
Non-Title Match


Really digging Umberto’s Latin music intro theme. Quick Roll Up attempt by Umberto. 1 count only. Seth sent Carillo flying. Side Headlock Takeover by the champ. Seth with a modified Camel Clutch. Umberto reached the ropes.

Arm Wringer by Umberto. Seth rolled around to get free. SIngle Leg Crab but Carillo was only inches fromt he ropes. Side Headlock by Carillo. Double Shoulder and no one moved. Universal into a wild Springboard Arm Drag. Carillo came off the ropes for a two. Seth was surprised by this kid.

Carillo sent tothe floor. Tope Suicida by Seth. He then threw Umberto into the barricade and nailed a Suples, on the floor. Time for another break.

Seth had Umberto’s arm locked up. Knee Drop to the arm of Carillo. Seth talked trash. Heel turn? Knife Edge by Seth. Rollins clocked Umberto right between the eyes and talked more smack. Knee Strike by Seth. Back Elbow by Carillo. Knife Edge tothe neck of Carillo. Umberto hit a Jawbreaker and Springboad Enziguri. Springboard Standing Spanish Fly and Flip Dive tothe floor. Umberto missed a Crossbody. Seth nailed the Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Springboard Knee Trembler for a deuce. Seth couldn’t believe that wasn’t enough to finish this off. Seth rushed the corner with a Forerarm. Buckle Bomb and Superkick by Rollins. 2 count, again. Amazing!

Rollins missed the Curb Stomp. Roll Up by Carillo. Spin Kick and DDT by Carillo. Moonsault by Carillo for the nearest of near falls. He tried it again but Seth got his feet up. Curb Stomp!

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 95

Seth left the ring but went back to congratulate his foe for a great match. We love to see that happen. We always did that at PWD.

Speaking of indy federations, I want to send my best out to the brand new Wild West Championship Wrestling, based in Nevada and California. My old announce partner, Chaz, is the owner and he is ready to bring the best to Reno and beyond. They have their first how at the Evelyn Mount Community Center. More infor on the way. The show will be in November and tickets will be available soon.

R-Truth wanted his title back. He snuck up on who he thought wa the champ. It wa the wrong brother. The two ran off and Truth realized their were two.

The Firefly Funhouse will return on SMackdown.

The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins)  vs Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows


Styles wanted to know who the third person, if there was one. We looked again at the attack on the Street Profits, from last week. Ford and Montez stayed stone faced in the ring. They invited the O.C. to come on down to the ring. Break time before our main event.

Karl started the fight. He tore into Ford. Ford with a Double Heel Trip. Dropkick by the former NXT tag champ. Dawkins threw Karl back intothe ring, where he got Dropkicked intothe middle of next week. Styles tried to calm Karl down. The crowd yelled for the Street Profits hidden ally.

Tag to Dawkins. Double team on Karl. Anderson scooted to his corner. Tag to big Luke. Kick to Dawkins. Flying Shoulder Tackle by Dawkins. He boxed the upper body of Gallows. Crescent Kick by Luke. Luke then returned the boxing to the ribs. Styles danced at ringside. Luke with an Arm Bar.

Dawkins tried to escape but ate an Uppercut.  Dawkins took down both foes. Tag to Ford. Modified Universal to drop Karl. Styles distracted Ford. He got thrown over the top. Luke with a Big Boot,on the floor. Jumping Knee, off the apron, by Karl. Time for another break.

Luke worked over Ford’s arm. Montez got to his feet and threw wild Forearms. Luke prevented the tag and threw Ford into the enemy corner. Fallaway Slam by Luke. Running Knee by Luke. Tag to Karl. 2 count.

Karl punched away and tried for another pin. He failed to get it done. Rear Chin Lock by Anderson. The mystery partner still hasn’t shown up. I’m still betting on Samoa Joe. Luke took the tag and kicked away. Ford hit a kick of his own. Double Clothesline.

Karl got the tag. Anderson rushed and got sent out of the ring. Ford finally got the Hot Tag. Dawkins took out both enemies. Styles looked surprised. Tag back to Ford. Luke prevented the Doomsday Device. Dawkins with a La Bandeera. Luke pulled Dawkins out ofhte ring. Styles pushed Ford off the top and into an Anderson Spinebuster. 1-2-no. Ford was thrown out of hte ring. Styles held Ford. The ref caught him and ejected him. Styles was livid.

Oh my! The third man turned out to be Kevin Owens. Stunner to Styles. Flip Dive by Ford. SKy High to Karl. Frog Splash by Ford to take this one!

Your WInners: The Street Profits
Raw Score: 85

Glad to see K.O. on Raw.

By the way, if you’d like to see Luke’s beautiful wife, just tune into W.o.W on Saturday nights. Amber O’Neal is involved in a great storyline against her former “mentor”.

K.O. and the Profits went to party with the crowd. Dream Match: Private Party (AEW) vs Street Profits (Raw).

Bettie/Jolene: Happy Birthday
Jean: Don’t Give Up
Candy/LeeAnne: I’ll be home in less than 2 weeks.


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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