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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore.

“The Secret of Happiness, you see,  is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less”–Socrates

SummerSlam is in the history books and, to be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. It came in 30 minutes short and a lot of top stars were not even on the card. Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre , Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamurs, Ali,  Daniel Bryan, Aleister Black, the Kabuki Warriors and so many others wre left off the show. The matches were acceptable but nothing spectacular. Hopefully, Raw will make up for the shortcomings of Sunday Night.

We’re still in Toronto for tonight’s show. Miz is supposed to battle Dolph Ziggler but Mr. Ziggles got destroyed by Goldberg, last night. Plus, we will start setting the table for Clash of the Champions. That is going to be an epic show for us, as we will get to see it together. Candy will be in town for a few days. Smile.

For those of you who might have missed the SummerSlam week-end shows, may we suggest that you be sure to check out NXT Takeover. That show was top notch from top to bottom. Those ladies and gentlemen showed exactly what good wrestling is all about.

We opened with highlights of the Main Event. Seth Rollins beat absolutely all the odds to upset Brock Lesnar and become the NEW Universal Champion.

Who is next to challenge the Beast Slayer?

Seth came out to a massive pop. He was still limping, a bit. Seth was grinning from ear to ear. “Burn it Down” echoed off the walls. Seth admitted he wasn’t sure if he had what it took to defeat Brock, last night, Seth stated that Brock was all he appears to be. “You Slayed Him” rose as the next chant. Seth felt that the fans came alive as Rollins’ tank reached “E”. The fans took him somewhere he could not go alone. That extra push helped him slay The Beast.

Suddenly, A.J. Styles strolled from the back with the other members of The O.C.. The trio joined Seth in the ring. Styles told Seth to hang on. A.J. explained the O.C. wanted to congratulate Seth on his win. Styles put himself up as the next person to go after Rollins. Styles issued a straight up challenge to Seth for tonight. Rollins acknowledged his respect for Styles. The crowd was into the idea of them fighting. Seth said his respect for Styles was gone. Seth accepted the challenge. It will be Champion vs Cahmpion. Styles offered his hand but Seth was hesitant to take it. Gallows and Anderson stepped down to show they would not attack Seth. Rollins did take the handshake. Styles thought Rollins was scared of him. It was a mixed “A.J. Styles”/”Burn it Down” chant-a-thon.

We are getting another 2 out of 3 falls match. Sigh.

The Street Profits did their thing early. I give them credit for being amazing inside the ropes. However, their on screen shenanigans are getting stale. Sami Zayn came in to talk trash. He said the parasites in the crowd would suck the life out of the Profits. Sami made fun of Rollins and Becky Lynch. Sami went to far by talking crap about Samoa Joe. Sami needed a change of drawers when he realized that Joe was behind him. Joe told Sami to get to the ring…now.  Joe shoved the loud mouth down and headed towards the ring.

The King of the Ring Tournament…next Monday. Awesome.

The announcers brought up the Roman Reigns situation. Soneone is trying to injure him…or worse. It looked like it might be Samoa Joe. No. It could be Daniel Bryan or Rowan. Probably not.

Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn
Special Challenge Match


Looks like Joe is turning Face. I’d love to see him and Roman form an All-Samoan Attack Squad.  Sami danced from the back. He didn’t get the respect he was expecting. Part of the crowd sang along with his music but not all of them, like they used to.

The ref made Joe back of. Sami ran Joe’s face across the top rope and punched away.  Shoulder Tackle by Joe into a series of Headbutts. Universal intothe Kokina Clutch! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Samoa Joe
Raw Score: 60 out of a possible 100

Joe got on the stick and said he might have forgiven Roman Reigns but not to the fans who projected the lie on him. I can understand his anger.

Miz strolled backstage. Miz was on deck to battle Dolph Ziggler.

My girls loved seeing Dolph get his “hiney” handed to him by Goldberg. They also went wild when Seth won.

New Day is doing a fun new commercial for Skittles.

Saw Miz on Jimmy Kimmel, the other night. He did great. Maryse is now 8 1/2 months along. She is due at any time.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler

We saw stills of how Dolph got destroyed, last night. Dolph came out in street clothes. He was clutching his ribs, big time. The crowd gave Dolph a rough time. Dolph called Miz a coward and asked if he was happy. Dolph said the fans knew Miz would never have beaten him. Dolph whined about getting Speared, multiple times. Dolph was not cleared to compete, tonight. Dolph then jumped Miz and beat the daylights out of him. We went to commercial before the match officially started.

So IT, Chapter Two comes out just before Candy comes to town. That is part of our multi-day “Date”. She promised her late brother (RIP Rob) that she would see the movie. I’m stepping in for him as the one to see it with her. She has to sit on my right because my left arm is my Dialysis Arm and can’t risk breaching my graft. Smile.

Miz with a Kitchen Sink to Dolph as we returned. That knee to the ribs hurt. Miz punched away. Miz threw in a few kicks, as well. Shotgun Knees by Miz, over and over. Full Body Clothesline. Ax Bomber by Miz. Miz hates being a Face but he is embracing it.  It Kicks. Dolph kicked out of the Figure Four. Miz struck the ring post. Zig Zag! 2 count.

Dolph Tuned Up the Band but couldn’t hit hte Superkick. Figure Four! Dolph refused to give up. Ziggler crawled towards the ropes but didn’t make it. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): The MIz
Raw Score: 75

Dolph got on the stick and talked trash. He brought up Maryse. It was another Monty Python moment. Skull Crushing Finale!

It was interview time. Becky Lynch beat Natalya, last night. Becky did not want to celebrate. She did send out respect to Nattie. She had others to deal with.

Elias was in the ring. He got his butt handed tohim, by Edge, last night. Elias now gets it. He asked someone to go ahead and coeme out to interrupt him. No one came out…at first.  Ricochet decided to accept the call.He had toned down his Nightwing costume, a bit. Ricochet told Elias that the Drifter sucked. Elias promised to embarrass Ricochet and called for a ref.

Elias vs Ricoshet


Headstnad Rana and Dropkick by Ricochet. 2 count. Elias went after the ribs. Knife Edge Chop by Elias. Back Body Drop to Ricochet. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Elias. He put all his weight into the grinding move.

Ricochet got to his feet but Elias took him over. Rolling Dropkick by Ricochet. Ricochet punched away. They botched a flipping move and the fans gave them Hell for it. Enziguri by Ricochet. Rule #1–If you foul up a move, don’t go back to it. Ricochet landed hard on the floor.

Enziguri by Ricochet, back in the ring. Ricochet went up top. Sunset Flip from the top scored the pin. Elias’ shoulder was actually up at two.

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 80

Rey Mysterio headed towards his encounter with Andrade…next.

Candy and I really hope we get a Mask vs Hair match between Andrade and Rey, soon.

Next year’s SummerSlam will be in Boston.

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade
2-out-of-3 Falls Match


First Fall:

LeeAnne just loves Rey Rey. She’s asking for a mask for herself. May still have one, somewhere. Zelina came out with Andrade. She was just poured into her outfit. Candy loves Rey’s ink.

Hard Knee and kicks by Andrade. Rey reversed a Powerbomb. Vega distracted Rey and helped Andrade pin Rey.

Fall One–Andrade

Second Fall:

Andrade sent Rey intot he ropes. Flying Headscissors by Mysterio. They fought on the ropes. Jumping Kick by Rey. Rana off the aporon by Rey. The ref started to count. Rey threw Andrade back in the ring. Springboard Crossbody by Rey to get a Near Fall.

Back Elbow by Rey. Andrade hit one of his own. 2 count. Stomps by Andrade. Andrade crashed into the corner when Rey moved. Shoulder by Rey. Sunset Flip Powerbomb by Rey. 1-2-no. That wasn’t hit quite right. Big Kick by Rey. Rey missed the 619. Rey and Andrade tried for Roll Ups and faile.d Step Up Enziguri by Rey. Dropkick. 619! Frog Splash but Andrade had the knees up. Hammerlock DDT.

Your Winner: Andrade
Raw Score: 80

That was almost unheard of for someone to take two straight falls.

Michael Cole interviewed Steve Austin. Austin talked about how well Seth Rollins did, last night.  Austin appreciated Seth’s way of thinking. He liked Seth’s commitment to the sport. Austin told Seth to stay focused, no matter what. Austin felt Seth found a part of himself that he never knew he had. Cole wished Austin well on his new show. Got it set to tape.

Rey was interviewed, backstage. Rey was at a loss in his career. Rey had to support his family.

The Street Profits were back. They tried to help boost Rey’s morale. Dawkins was napping, on the side. They talked about the rest of the show. Dawkins was chugging water.

Drew McIntyre was about to face Cedric Alexander, again. Drew was ready to end this feud, tonight. Cedric was in for a brutal beating that would end the fairy tale.

Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander


Cedric tore into Drew and sent him tothe floor. Flip Dive onto Drew. Top Rope Missile Dropkick. These two will be in the Tournamet.  Running Raror’s Edge/Buckle Bomb by Drew. 2 count. Knife Edge by Drew. The two traded slaps. Shinu Numaki Sleeper by Drew.

Cedric got up and punched away.  Big Boot by Drew. Overhead Throw by Cedric. 2 count. Clubbing blows by Drew. Backspring Enziguri by Cedric. Both men were down.

Cedric threw all kinds of shots.  Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by Cedric. Drew almost messed up that one. Glad they aren’t my students. Drew with a modified Black Hole Slam off the ropes. 2 count, yet again. They went to the floor and fought. Drew was sent into the ring post. Lumbar Check…on the floor. The ref was still counting. Cedric got back in the ring but flew out. Alexander was hurt on the landing. Drew took Cedric back tothe ring and set for the Claymore Kick. Cedric couldn’t even stand. Inside Cradle by Cedric. 2 only. Spanish Fly by Cedric. Love that move!

Drew blocked the Lumbar Check. Running Back Elbow by Drew. Inverted Alabama SLam failed. Roll Up for a two. Claymore Kick!

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 94

The O.C. members wree chatting, backstage. They were giving praise to Seth Rollins. Gallows and Anderson joked that Styles never beat Lesnar. A.J. was confident that he would embarrass Seth, later on.

Paul Heyman walked into Brock Lesnar’s dressing room. Interesting.

No Way Jose and the Adam Rose Party Crowd aka the Conga Line came out to the ring.

No Way Jose vs Robert Roode


Sweet Robe! My girls want to get me one of them for around the house. Think it’s a bitout of our budget. Grin.

The Canadians enjoyed Roode. Collar and Elbow intothe corner. Roode opened up on Jose. Hard Whip by Roode but he ate an Elbow. Jose threw hard hands. Kick by Jose. Spinebuster by Roode. Roode has grown back the beard. Glorious DDT!

Your Winner: Robert Roode
Raw Score: 75

Charlie Caruso was ready to interview Brock Lesnar. Paul made fun of her interview style. Lesnar will NOT get a rematch (my girls just shrieked with glee). Paul went into the locker room. Guess no comments from Brock.

Lucha House Party vs The Revival


This one started fast. The Revival double teamed on Lince Dorado. Leg Drops on the masked man. Dawson made fun of the Luchas and got punched. Tag to Dash Wilder.

They were interrupted by R-Truth, who was being chased.

Match Stopped.

It went craxy outside. Hart Attack on Truth by the Revival. Dash and Dawson both pinned Truth. Co-Champs! Kalistohit his finisher and almost got the pin. Truth was placed on top to get his 12th title run. Carmella partied with her guy. The chase was on. Too funny. The fans loved Drake Maverick. He is one of my favorites. Truth came out and scooted under the screen. Truth was exhausted. Elias walked up behind Truth. He smashed Truth with the guitar and got his third title run started.

I’m betting on Drew McIntyre to become the new King, next week. 8 stars from Raw and 8 from Smackdown will compete for it.

We got an update on the Roman Reigns attacker mystery. We saw all the previous incidents. We will learn more, on Smackdown.

Natalya came out with her arm in a sling. LeeAnne likes her because they both love kitties. We saw stills of the great match between Becky Lynch and Nattie. Becky won with the Dis-Arm-Her. Natalya got a lot of respect from the Toronto crowd. Nattie admitted she did tap out to a superior performer, last night. Nat has a dislocated elbow. Nattie said she would not change anything she said. Nattie said they would fight again, soon. Natalya had something to share. Her dad came to her in a dream. He was proud of his little girl. Jim Neidhart died one year ago.

Sasha Banks came out! What the Heck? Corey Graves was seriously hostile to the grape-tressed battler. Nattie smiled at her friend. They hugged, gently. Sasha ripped off her purple wig and attacked Natalya. Sasha now has bright blue hari. Sasha did her best to destroy the arm. She pitched Natalya out of the ring. She made comments about Jim and threw Nattie intothe ring steps. Sasha continued to work on the injured arm. I want to see Nattie come back and trash that skinny heifer. Sasha went and got a chair. She was stopped by the arrival of Becky Lynch.

Sasha and Becky tore into each other.  Becky tore Sasha a new one. They went tothe floor and continued to fight. Banks ran Becky into the barricade. Banks got the steel chair. She wore it out on Lynch’s back. This was just stupid.  Becky was thrown into the ring steps.

Viking Raiders vs two local jobbers

We got an inset video from Ivar and Erik. The Sons of Odin (my preferred name) just annihilated Sebastian and Carter. Double Team on the one poor guy. They refused to take the pin. Erik took the tag.  Shotgun Knees on the floor to Carter. Viking Experience on Sebastian to bring this to a close.

Your WInners: Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 30

They need better competition.

Charlie interviewed Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. They will face the Kabuki Warriors, next. Alexa didn’t want to be like the Iconics. Nikki gave Bliss all the credit for their success.

Smackdown is moving to Fox in October.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs Asuka and Kari Sane
Women’s Tag Team Title Match


Paige was not with his girls because she was about to undergo another neck surgery. We wish her all the best for a speedy recovery.

Sane and Bliss started the contest. Bliss got plinked in the face by Sane. Smile. Crossbody by Sane. Asuka came in and they double teamed Bliss. They also knocked down Nikki. Asuka tried for a pin but only got a two. Break time.

Nikki was sshaking Sanen as we returned. Sane tried to get free but Cross hit Knee Strikes and took Sane down. Cross Tie Choke by Nikki. Sane punched free and hit a Jawbreaker. Nikki prevented a tag, for a moment. Asuka finally go the Hot Tag. Knee Strike by Asuka., followed by hard kicks. Shining Wizard by the Empress. Wild German by Asuka. Bliss got hte blind tag. Cultch DDT by Bliss. 1-2-Sane broke it up.

Tag back to Nikki. Double Team failed. Cutter combo on the champs. Tag to Sane. Alabama Slam by Sane. Kari went up top. Nikki rolled out to the floor. Crossbody to the floor! Nikki was thrown back in the ring. Sane went back up top. In-Sane Elbow! Bliss made the save.

Asuka missed a wild kick.  Asuka ended up kicking the ring post. Bliss screamed for a tag. She pulled Nikki to the corner. Sane attacked. Backfist. CrossCut Neckbreaker. Twisted Bliss!

Your Winners: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
Raw Score: 84

Seth Rollins cut a quick promo on A.J. Styles.

We got a sneak peak at Straight Up Steve Austin.

The did a promo about next week’s King of the Ring Tournament. It will be a 16 man tourney.I need to do a “King” column. Should be a fun show.

Seth Rollins vs A.J. Styles
Champion vs Champion


Gallows and Anderson came out with Styles. Big Surprise. Neither title was on the line. Seth’s ribs were still heavily taped up. Seth blocked a kick and ran Styles into the corner. Shoulders to rock the U.S. champ. Sullivan Tree of Woe. Seth stomped away. Hesitation Dropkick by the Universal Champion. Styles escaped a Suplex and worked on the ribs. Superkick by Seth. The O.C. pulled Styles out of harm’s way. Styles dropped Seth on the floor after a Suicide Dive. Commercial time.

Styles blocked a Suplex and hit a Gutbuster for two. Karl and Luke cheered on their “brother”. Seth fought out of a Styles Clash, on the apron. Seth swept the leg. Luke and Karl threw Styles back intothe ring. Seth just barely beat the count. Controlled Frenzy by Styles. Sling Blade by Seth. Discus Forearm and Falcon Arrow by Seth. 2 cont.

Seth sat Styles on the top turnbuckle. A.J. fought back and knocked Seth down. Rope Run by Seth. Forearm by Styles. Superkick by Seth! Rollins went up top. Luke pushed Seth off the top. The ref was distracted. The ref ejected Gallows and Anderson.

Seth rolled up Styles and avoided the Pele Kick. Luke and Karl rushed the ring to attack.

Your Winner (by Disqualification); Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 80

Ricochet rushed out and took the fight to the O.C.. Boot o’ Doom on Ricochet. Ricochet was thrown out of the ring. Styles called for Seth to be handed tohim. Braun Strowman made his return. He ran through Anderson and then took out Gallows. Styles got planted by Braun. Bulldog Bounce! Braun went and got the Universal title belt. He got back in the ring and confronted Seth. Braun handed the strap to the champion. He also offered a handshake, which Seth took. Ricochet joined them to close it out.

John: Treat her well.
Jean: Thanks for lunch on Sunday
LeeAnne: Enjoy Day One in first grade
Candy: Love you, baby


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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