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We are just about TWO weeks away from the Biggest Wrestling Convention to hit Charlotte in a long time!!
The Gathering
Coming to The Hilton University Place in Charlotte North Carolina August 15th – 18 2019
Superstars that will be there Kurt Angle, The Midnight Express Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey , Randy Rose, Stan Lane and Jim Cornette, Memebers of The Four Horsemen Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Lex Luger and James J Dillon, Former NWA World Champion Ricky the Dragon the Steamboat, Sgt. Slaughter, Scott Hall, The Boogeyman, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Kevin Sullivan, Madusa, Missy Hyatt & Hollywood John Tatum, Carlos Colon & Abdulla the Butcher together for Photo Ops, Nikita Koloff, Sheik Adnan EL Kassey, Kendo Nagasaki , Greg Gagne , Ron Simmons, Bob Backlund and so many more as we have over 100 Wrestling talents over the 4 day period.
Thursday Live at the Hilton Queens of Combat live all women Wrestling show.
Five live Question & Answer Sessions with
1. Greg Gagne
2. World Class Memories with John Tatum, Missy Hyatt, Scott Casey and Marc Lowrance
3. The wife of the Late Bruiser Brody will be doing a live Q & A Barbara Goodish
4. Kevin Sullivan
5. The Franchise Shane Dougles
Saturday night Rumble at the Hilton event that will feature a 20 man Royal Rumble match that will have the Legends of wrestling in it.
A Night to Remember Dinner Banquet takes place Friday night and we will honor The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette, Missy Hyatt, Barry Windham , Bobby the Brain Heenan, Bruiser Brody and Macho Man Randy Savage
Tickets for the Banquet are the only tickets you must Pre Order before August 8th.
A live Podcast takes place late Saturday night Grillin with Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson bapt
VIP Ticket Packages and General Admission tickets are on sale now on our website at www.tmartpromotions.com or you can buy at the event each day if you like.

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