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WWE Smackdown Live Recap
From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Venue: BOK Center

Air Date: May 28th, 2019

The build to Super Showdown continues as the story between WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler continues to heat up as Ziggler is taking Kingston’s success personally.

The show begins with a video recap of Kingston’s victory over Sami Zayne last week then the post-match attack by Ziggler. Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome everyone to the show as Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring accompanied by a video package recapping his own feud with Kingston. Owens told the crowd the original plan was to kick off Smackdown Live with the Kevin Owens show but he has decided against it because he has been in Oklahoma all day and the fans just don’t deserve it. Instead, he will face Kingston next.

Owens then said he did not attack Big E last week. Owens said he is too good a person so The New Day and its fans cannot blame him for that. He did say he would take the blame for putting Xavier Woods in his recent pain and for helping Ziggler win the WWE title because he is about to hurt Kingston.

Owens believes that Ziggler should thank him with WWE Championship shot since, after all, Owens is the show. Kofi Kingston made his entrance and screamed at Owens to stop lying. Kingston believes it was, in fact, Owens who attacked Big E. Kingston said Owens never wanted in the New Day and he is not a good person. Kingston said that instead of Owens softening up Kingston for Ziggler, Kingston will make Owens pay for injuring Big E. Kingston told Owens that after tonight, you will know why I’m still WWE Champion.

Match 1: WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens in a non-title bout.

Both men traded shots early until Kingston telegraphed a back drop and got thrown on his head sending the show to a commercial.

The two men are battling on the floor when Owens throws Kingston into the ring side barricade and follows up with a running senton. Owens thought he had the win so he covered Kingston but Kofi powered out. Kofi came back and kicked Owens to the floor and flopped on him to the outside.

When the action returned to the ring, Owens caught Kingston with an SOS for a near-fall but Kingston recovered and climbed to the top rope. Owens caught Kingston and shoved him off the rope to the floor. Owens told the referee to count but Kingston beat the count at eight. Owens decided to try again and threw Kingston into the barricade. Kofi made it back to the ring at the count of nine. Owens then performed a cannonball on Kingston before throwing him to the floor again. Kingston beat the count again!!.

Owens came off the top rope with a frog splash but could not put Kofi away. Owens climbed the ropes again but Kingston met him there and began to fight back. Owens head butted Kingston to the mat and hit him with a top-rope senton but he still couldn’t put Kingston away. Kingston somehow got back to his feet and nailed Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Backstage, we see Shane McMahon talking things over with Raw’s Drew McIntyre and Elias. The 24/7 Champion, R-Truth along with Carmella were seen running from a whole host of challengers for Truth’s title.

In the arena, WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions, Daniel Bryan and Rowan made their entrance right as the show headed for a commercial.

After the break, the champs were set for an in-ring interview by Kayla Braxton. Braxton asked Bryan what was on his mind and he told her that the Smackdown Live tag team division was a joke. Bryan then turned the promo to being the planet’s champions and put down Oklahoma for its drilling practices causing many earthquakes in the state. Bryan said he and Rowan are on a two-fold mission to save the tag team division and the planet.

Braxton told Bryan that despite his personal assessment of the division, she did know of some teams that wanted to challenge them. Heavy Machinery made its entrance. Tucker Knight acknowledged that Bryan and Rowan are great but its time for them to really do some blue collar work. Otis Dozovic added that Machinery’s business is the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships.

Brayan accepted the challenge on behaf of his team but said the match would not take place tonight. Rowan and Bryan left the area.

Backstage Bayley was shown preparing for her match against Lacey Evans. Also, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are backstage passing out copies of Muscle & Fitness Her that features Rose on the cover. When the duo noticed Ember Moon reading the book, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, the dumped the remaing magazines on her and headed to the ring. Rose faces Carmella next.

We come back from the commercial to see Rose make her entrance. Carmella is waiting in the ring.

Match 2: Carmella vs. Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville)

Deville was walking around ringside holding up a copy of the magazine while Rose took control of action in the ring. Carmella did come back briefly after hitting a jaw breaker but Rose answered right back with a high knee and a two count. Carmella recovered and hit Rose with a Bronco Buster for a near fall. Deville hopped up on the apron to distract the referee allowing Mandy to roll up Carmella for the victory.

Winner: Mandy Rose.

The announce team promoted Bayley against Raw’s Lacey Evans for later in the show. Backstage, we saw R-Truth running for his life again and avoiding a pin attempt from Jinder Mahal. Truth avoids the masses by hiding in a photo booth. Back at ringside, Shane McMahon, Elias and McIntyre made their way to the ring for Shane McMahon appreciation night. The show breaks for commercial.

We return to see another Aleister Black promo. He is still looking for a challenger.

Shane McMahon and company are in the ring for Shane McMahon Appreciation Day. McMahon first addressed the crowd and said he was uneasy about having a Shane McMahon Appreciation Night because he doesn’t do what he does for appreciation. He enjoys being in front of a crowd but considers himself very humble. He told all the people in the crowd and the home audience that he had something that would put a smile on everyone’s faces. A video aired of Shane’s career highlights. McMahon dedicated the video to Roman Reigns and was tired of Reigns walking around like he owned Smackdown Live. At Super Showdown McMahon will beat respect into him.

Elias had a song he wanted to dedicate to McMahon. He began singing but was interrupted by R-Truth running to the and running away from Drake Maverick. Maverick caught Truth in the ring but Truth was able to pin Maverick while McMahon, McIntyre and Elias watched.

Shane was not happy that his celebration was cut short so he directed Elias and McIntyre to attack Truth. Truth tried to fight back but the numbers were too much for him. When Truth was almost out cold, Elias hit the Drift Away and pinned him to win the 24/7 Championship. McMahon then made a tag match for later in the show that features McIntyre and Elias against Truth and Roman Reigns. McMahon suspended the 24/7 rules during the tag match.

Kayla Braxton is busy backstage tonight as she finds Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans having tea together. They agree that Bayley is in over her head and they will send her back to the kiddie pool where she belongs. Bayley makes her entrance for the next match as the show heads to break.

We return to action with a Superstar Showdown update; Lars Sullivan will face the Lucha House Party.

Match 3: WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Lacey Evans in a non-title bout. Charlotte Flair joins the commentary table for this match.

Both women traded shots early until Evans hit a springboard elbow from the apron then tossed Bayley to the floor. Flair threatened to attack Bayley but restrained herself. Evans tossed Bayley in the ring and began working on her left arm.

Bayley fought back and nailed Evans with a running cross-body. Evans regained control with a well-placed kick then a corner splash for a near-fall. She followed up with another springboard move attempt which Bayley blocked. Evans got hung up in the ropes as Bayley through her to the floor. Bayley followed her out and took the opportunity to nail Flair at the announce table. Bayley and Evans

made it back to the ring as Flair hopped on the apron and distracted the referee complaining about Bayley. While the referee’s back was turned Evans rolled Bayley up for what looked like a three count. As the referee turned around, Bayley had rolled up Evans for the three count.

Winner: Lacey Evans.

After the match, Evans went after Flair but Flair was able to put her down with a foot to the face. The referees hit the ring to restrain the two. Backstage, Carmella was trying to fire up Truth.

The tag team main event was hyped for later. The Super Showdown hype continued as a Randy Orton versus Triple H video was promised after the break. .

We return to the show where it was announced that both Undertaker and Goldberg would be at Raw on Monday ahead of their match at Super Showdown. The Triple H versus Orton video aired.

Andrade was interviewed backstage and was shown footage of Balor saying he is not cleared to wrestle do to taking severe shots from the ladder match at Money in the Bank. Andrade said he was the one that power bombed Balor into the ladder causing his injury. Andrade said if he wants to compete with him, he better find his inner demon by Superstar Showdown. Reigns makes his ring entrance as the show heads to break.

Firefly Fun House was shown again before R-Truth makes his entrance. Truth was jumped from behind on his way to the ring by Elias and McIntyre. Roman helped his partner fight off the pair then got back in the ring so the match could officially get underway.

Match 4: R-Truth and Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre and Elias (with Shane McMahon)

Reigns started the match for his team but got distracted by McMahon so that Elias and McIntyre could work him over. Roman creates separation by hitting Elias with a Somoan Drop. Elias and Reigns make tags. McIntyre sends Truth to the floor and slams him to the barricade and the LED board as the show goes to break.

As we return, McIntyre continues to work over Truth. Truth is isolated in the corner for several minutes as Elias and McIntyre use quick tags to keep him at bay. Truth was able to break free by sidestepping a charging Elias into the ringpost and knocking McIntyre to the floor.

Truth makes the tag and Reigns enters and unloads on Elias and knocked McIntyre off the apron. He hit a big boot then loaded up a Superman Punch. He caught McIntyre with a Superman Punch knocking him off the apron. He nailed Elias with a drive by and hit Shane in the head. McIntyre tried to sneak up on Reigns with a Claymore but Reigns side stepped the attempt and McIntyre hit the desk. Reigns made it back to the ring and hit Elias with a spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns and R-Truth.

After the match, McMahon and McIntyre bolted from ringside leaving Elias in the ring. Reigns hit Elias with another spear and Truth covered him to win back the 24/7 title to end the show for this week.

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