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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla with a preview of the upcoming Elimination Chamber ppv coming up Sunday 17th of February.

Raw Tag Team Championship — The Revival (c) vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable – this match is likely the kick off show match — Revival just got belt — so they likely will retain in fine fashion and show why they are one of the best teams on RAW — I could see a fall out between Roode and Gable as a result perhaps set up a match between these 2 at Mania.  I do not think they get another chance if they stick together.  Revival will hold the belts for awhile and show there dominance in tag team division.  Prediction — Revival retains via pin fall over Chad Gable.
Cruiserweight Championship — Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Akira Tozawa — another potential kick off match — and I see Buddy continuing to control the Cruiser Weight division for now — at some point i like to see buddy move on to the IC or US title picture — right now — he is holding down the fort and doing a nice job executing and story telling — he is being matched up well with good opponents.  Tozawa is no push over so i expect a high flying entertaining match with Buddy getting the pin fall and retaining heading into Mania.

Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin: Baron has been pushing the monster for some time now, along with the help of Drew — Something tells me, Baron is going to pull out an ace and get the 1-2-3 even if its is with the help of Drew — I just do not see Braun walking out with a victory because Baron has been causing chaos and that will culminate at Mania – I can see these 2 having 1 more match at Mania in a No hold barred, no DQ match — even with Baron winning there will be just enough to keep it going to the grandest stage.  Prediction — Baron gets the victory via pinfall or DQ.
SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Miz & Shane McMahon (c) vs. The Usos - The new greatest tag team — Miz and Shane O Mac.  i like it –  USO’s will present a formidable challenge but no chance they get the belts here — Miz/Shane are heading to Mania where they will continue onward — too soon to pull the belts and turn on each other — that likely happens over the summer — The match should be entertaining — shane will do one of his cross the ring moves and get the pinfall for the 1-2-3.  Prediction — Miz/Shane head to mania as champs.
Raw Women’s Championship — Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Ruby Riott:   If you watched Raw on Monday night — everyone saw what Ronda did to the riot squad — this is just a tune up before Mania.  There is zero chance Ronda loses here — the question will be how much Ruby can do against Ronda and weaken her heading into Mania.  The Riot Squad will interfere as usual but Ronda will hit the arm bar and Ruby submits.  Ronda leaves as Champion still and heads to the Mania Main Event. I believe what this will do is demonstrate that Ruby can hold her own in singles and down the line get another title shot — This match will serve the purpose — elevate Ruby and get Ronda much needed challenge heading into Mania.
Intercontinental Championship — Bobby Lashley (c) & Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor: The odds sure seemed stacked against Finn in this one.  Something tells Finn just may become Champion at the Chamber –Its very possible — Finn is no longer in the World Title picture — he deserves a run as champion — and now is the time to let Finn shine and I believe Finn will get the belt and walk out the Champion.
Women’s Tag Team Championship — Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Riott Squad vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs. The IIconics vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Naomi & Carmella (Elimination Chamber): in the first of 2 elimination chamber matches we are guaranteed to have New Women’s Tag Team Champions — the women’s titles are being brought back after being dormant for so long — if you go back in time — Jumping bomb angels were tag team champions and leilani kai and judy martin held the belts but that is going back a long time — now you have a much deeper depth of women on the roster and the titles needed to be brought back — and i like it — one champion to defend on either show — everyone is picking sasha and bayley to win and i do not believe they will get the titles here — i think it will be best if they win the titles at Mania in front of a very large rabid NY/NJ audience.  Someone will need to challenge the new champions and sasha/bayley will be the ones to do so.  The question is who is winning ?  — Nia  and Tamina seems like the obvious choice here to get the belts and have a match at Mania against Sasha/Bayley but I am going elsewhere — I think the dynamic duo from down under The Ilconics are going to pull off a major upset and shock the world and become the Champions and then there will be a fatal 4 way to determine the #1 contenders and that is when Sasha/bayley will get there shot and win the belts at Mania. – Prediction — New Women’s Tag Team Champions — The IIconics –
WWE Championship — Daniel Bryan (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston (Elimination Chamber):  the 2nd of the two elimination chamber matches has Daniel defending against 5 others to keep his title — daniel is going to retain here one way or the other — Daniel is walking out champion no matter what — the question will be who faces him at Mania and we have about 40 something days to determine a true opponent — Kofi has looked very good in singles competition and i expect him to do very well but not enough to leave with the belt — Joe has had his run and he maybe looking at the Andre Giant Battle Royal or a Ladder Match at Mania — AJ and randy have been working house shows together — i have seen footage online so this tells me they will likely work a match at Mania together — the WC is Jeff Hardy — i think Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan could be a nice Championship quality match for mania and perhaps jeff gets one last run before its over — Right now for the match itself — Daniel walks out of the Chamber still champion.
Overall, this show is expected to be some what a set up for Mania to a degree.  Some further ground work will be placed.  for all those becky lynch fans — the Man will be back — i am sure that it will not be charlotte vs ronda to close the show — Becky will be apart it and it will be a triple threat match — the WWE has enough time to make it happen — What i think will happen and should happen is this — Ronda will come out and threaten Vince that she will not defend the title against Charlotte since Charlotte did not earn the right to go to Mania and if that is the case she may drop the belt in the ring — Vince will then make it a triple threat match — Charlotte will be furious and attack Ronda from behind — and then Alexa Bliss — will finally get her baby face turn as she will come out and take out Charlotte and help Ronda and the fans will go crazy — and now you accomplish Alexa’s turn and you get Becky back in the main event — because there isn’t going to be a true main event this year to close the show other than Charlotte vs Ronda vs Becky –
I also see AJ and Randy will have there match for Mania as a result of the Chamber — and jeff Hardy will get Daniel Bryan for the title — Sasha and Bayley will get there chance to get gold as well and the match itself is just a way to get them to celebrate on the biggest stage –
So, I do see these scenarios playing out and we should get some excitement and resolution to the upcoming Mania Card.  This ppv will serve its purpose going forward.
Finally, Pedro Morales passed away at 76.  A very sad time indeed.  A great champion and even better human being.  R I P Pedro.
For this edition of Rough Cuts, this is Sal LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla.  may all your matches be a main event.

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