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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“We started with a simple Hello but ended with a complicate Good-bye”–Anonymous

It is with a heavy hear that I wrie this. My good friend, Rolland Boyd, lost his battle with cancer on Sunday morning. He loved reading my columns, so “My Brother”, this one is dedicated to you.

Tonight, I have a very special co-host sitting right next to me. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I officially introduce Miss Jean LaKay.

A steel cage lowered for our opening contest.

Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre
Steel Cage Match


Dolph with the early attack and he tried to scale the cage. Drew caught him. Knife Edge Chop by Drew. Dead Lift Suplex by Drew. McIntyre with another set of Kinfe Edges. Dolph slapped Drew and hit a DDT out of the corner. Glasgow Kiss Headbutt to block the Superkick. Drew tried to leave the cage but Ziggler caught him. Dolph rammed Drew’s face, over and over, into the cage wall. Drew Crotched Dolph but then ended up slipping and crotchig himself. Jeannnie just let out a sympathetic “Owww” for both of them.

Drew screamed at Dolph to fight for him. Finn Balor watched from the back. Dolph began to fight back and nailed the Famouser. 2 count. Dolph converted the Alabama Slam into a Victory Roll for a two count. Drew was thrown into the cage wall and then Superkicked ito a near fall. Dolph crawled towards the door but couldn’t make it out. The door was shut as both men went down to a Headbutt. Dolph headed out the cage but Drew wasn’t going to let that happen. Dolph pulled the cage door into Drew’s face. Drew blocked the exit route. Famouser! Could be…might be…Denied! Break time.

Dolph was on top of the cage. Jeannie was getting really ervious. Ultra-Plex off the top of the cage! The fans were chanting their approval of both men. Drew ordered Dolph to get up. He talked trash and then Lawn Darted Dolph into the cage wall. Drew was determined to get rid of Dolph. He slung Dolph into the cage wall. Drew refused to let it be over. Zig Zag! 1-2-Kick Out! Claymore Kick! Drew would not take the pin. Claymore Kick, again. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 97 out of a possible 100

Dolph screamed at Drew, asking if that was all he had. Drew put a chair by Dolph’s head and Dropkicked it and Dolph’s head into the cage wall. Damn! Drew proclaimed himself as the “Kig of the Raw Jungle”. Drew was now ready to focus on the Royal Rumble. Drew wants the Universal title. Drew went back to the ring and delivered another Claymore Kick.

A limo arrived. It was Shane McMahon and Triple H.

The Superstars started talking bout New Years Resolutions.

Seth Rollins came out to a monster pop. Jeannie isn’t a big fan of beards but she does think Seth is cute. Seth took the stick and soaked in the love from the fans. Seth wanted to get the party started, right now, with a rematch for the Intercontinental title.

Triple H’s music hit and the fans were thrilled beyond words. HHH reminded Seth that there are NO automatic rematches. HHH wasn’t sure if Seth was worthy of another shot. Seth knew Trip only thought of him as a former puppet. HHH corrected him by saying Seth “Made him Believe” all that Seth said. HHH talked about how Seth kicked Hunter’s *ss at Wrestlemania. Seth bellowed that he has carried Raw for over a year. Seth does want to earn his shots. Seth wodered if HHH wanted the soulless b*stard from the past. HHH said “Yes”. HHH put Seth agaist Bobby Lashley. Seth even threatened the McMahon family.

Shane rushed down to calm thigs down. Shane launched the Fresh Start Battle Royal…

Battle Royal


No Way Jose and Viktor were quickly elimiated. Dean Ambrose watched on the monitor. The Lucha House Party sent Titus O’Neil to the showers. Break.

Gran Metallik was pushed off the ropes. Kalisto and Lince Dorado were also eliminated by Fin Balor. Baon Corbin hit the post. Curtis Axel saved Bo Dallas. Apollo Crews eliminated both members of the B Team and then Konnor and Mojo Rawley. Apollo tossed out Tyler Breeze. Chokeslam by Corbin to Crews. Sling Blade by Balor. Shotgun Dropkick to Baron. Curt Hawkins was dropped. Double Stomp by Balor. Baron threw Balor over the top rope. Zack Ryder with a Dropkick and wild Forearms to Baron. Broski Boot failed and Zack was tossed out by Corbin. Baron laughed at Curt Hawkins. Curt pulled Baron up and over but he didn’t fall. Curt was tossed out. Apollo escaped a Chokeslam. Step Up Enzigurits to send out Baron Corbin and take the win.

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Scroe: 95

Apollo was interviewed. Crews said h has been asking for this for a long time….a fresh start. Apollo was very confident that the IC title would be his…by the end of the night.

Natalya was interviewed next. We saw the end of Nttie’s title match shot against Ronda Rousey. It was a great match that Ronda eventually won. Nattie emtered herself in the Royal Rumble. Nia Jax nd Tamina attacked Natalya.

Baron Corbin whined, in the ring, that he should have won that Battle Royal. He grumbled that no one knew how tough his job was. Baron demanded a reward.

He got…Elias. He did a cool guitar piece of that New Year classic. Elias told Baron that Losers were allowed at Elias’ party, so Cobrin would have to thigs about Detroit. My father’s side of the family is from that area of the country and the Motor City always felt like a second home. Elias went back to singing. Baron wemt up the ramp and the fight was on. They brawled out into the crowd. Elias rammed a equipment case into Baron and pounded away. Baron took off running.

Time for more Resolutions. I’ll have mine at the end.

Ember Moon, Sahsa Banks and Bayley vs the Riott Squad
Six Woman Tag Team Match


We saw how the Riott attacked the faces, last week. Morgan and Bayley started it but Logan quickly tagged in. Crossbody to both. Several quick tags on both sides. Ember got Triple Teamed. Sasha and Bayley rushed in to eveen things up. All Hell broke loose on the floor as we went to break.

Bayley was in control of Ruby with a Deep Arm Drag. Ruby blocked a Hip Toss amd hit oneo f her own. Ember took the tag ad almost got the pin. Sasha crashed and burned wih the Knee Drop. Ruby with a Full Nelson. The two went hard and heavy with shots. Double Team on Sasha but it only brought a two count. Logan hit a wicked Running Knee. Morgan tripped out when she couldn’t get the three.Logan hit a nasty Headbutt. Double Team on Sasha. Ember made the save. Moon took out Morgan and Riott. Baylhey with blind tag and the Savage Elbow.

Your Winners: Bayley, Sasha Banks and Ember Moon
Raw Score: 85

Raw presented a video package about Braun Strowman.

Seth Rollins vs “Almighty” Bbby Lashley (w/Lio Rush)

The Fiish:

Lio used a Rana to send Seth into the ring post. Seth fought back but took a nasty Hammer Throw to almost fall. Seth “Hulked Up” despite a lot of brutality. Stall Suplex by Lashley, escape. Sling Blade and Suicide Dives by Seth. Seth Tued up the Band. Lio Rush distracted. Huge Spinebuster by Bobby for a 2 plus. Seth escaped the Dominator. Seth went up top but Lio got on the apron. Seth chased Lio who ran to the edge of the crowd. Seth dropped Lio and Slammed him. Bobby jumped Seth from behind. Seth grabbed a steel chair and smacked Lashley with it, multiple times.

Your Winer (by Disqualification): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 75

Seth wore out Lio and Bobby with the ch air. Stomp by Seth to Lio.

Ronda Rousey was fuming, bckstage.

Time for another Fresh Faces video package about those coming up from NXT.

Jindar Mhal and the Singh Brothers vs Heath Slater and Rhyno
3-on-2 Handicap Match

The Finish:

We saw the wildness between these five men, last week. Rhyno dressed up as Santa and hit the “North Pole” aka the Gore.

The Singhs provided a distraction. That allowed Jindar to hit his finisher.

Your Winners: Jindar Mahal and the Singh Brothers
Raw Score: 55

More Resolutions.

Dean Ambrose vs Apollo Crews
Intercontinental Title Match


Dropkick by Crews, before the bell. Float Over into a Universal and a Flying Back Elbow. Roll Up by Crews. La Bandera Clothesline by the challenger. Dean got on his bike to retreat as we went to break.

Rear Chin Lock by Dean. Crews got kicked in the ribs. Low Bridge sent Dean to the floor. Inside Cradle brought Apollo a two. Step Up Enziguri and kicks by Crews. Apollo dropped Dean and hit a Kip Up. Inverted Samoan Drop by Crews to pull another deuce. Crossbody, off the top, for a two. Standing Shooting Star Press almost got Crews the Ivory strap. Belly to Belly Overhead Throw by Crews. Apollo blocked Dirty Deeds. Sit Out Powerbomb by Apollo. 1-2-hand on the ropes. Flip Dive by Crews. Apollo headed up top but missed the Frog Splash. DirtyDeeds.

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Score: 79

Alexa Bliss now has a talk show. Sigh. She will interview Ronda Rousey, next week.

Promo Video for Brock Lesnar. He has to be my least favorite wrestler. Sorry but it’s the truth.

Tamina and Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey and Natalya


Jeannie just asked me when one of the Princesses of Pain did I like best. I didn’t answer beause they are both lovely. Ronda went wild on both women. She almost got the Cross Armbreaker. Nia with a Corner Splash. Ronda avoided a Barrel Roll. Tags on both sides. Dropkick by Natalya. Snap Suplexes by Miss Neidhart. Corner Shoulders by Nattie. 2 count. Tamina battled out of the Sharpshooter. Ronda took the tag. Flyig Crossbody to the floor. Break time, again.

Double Team on Nattie. Nia choked Natalya on the bottom rope. Frequent tags betwwen the cousins to keep Nattie off her game. Double Crossbody Blocks. Tamina prevented the tag. ewith a blind tag. Superkick. 2 count. Tamia missed the Flying Headbutt. It broke down into total chaos. Ronda escaped a certain pin. Tamina went up top like her beloved daddy. Ronda got the knees up and cinched in the Cross Armbreaker. Tap Out!

Your Winners: Ronda Rousey and Natalya
Raw Score: 83

Well, time for my Resolutions:
1. Start my gym workouts
2 Really get started on my book projects
3 Convince a certain very special lady to consider sharing my last name

Rolland: Rest Well, Brother
Rey and Kristal: Happy Birthday
Jean: I Love You


–Jay Shannon

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