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WWE Smackdown Live Recap

From: Denver, Colorado

Venue: The Pepsi Center

Air Date: September 25th 2018

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show as we here the Miz’s music for Miz TV. Its R-Truth and Camella in the ring for the first episode of Truth TV. Truth introduces Daniel Bryan as his first guest. R-Truth asks Bryan if its been cathartic getting ready to fight the Miz at SuperShowdown. Before Bryan could answer, R-Truth and Carmella took the mandatory seven-second dance break. Once the interlude completed, Bryan went back to answering the question. The Miz came out to the stage.

Miz wants to know what Truth is doing in his talk show. He explains that, since he beat Miz two weeks ago and he didn’t have a championship to win, Truth helped himself to the talk show. Miz turns to Bryan and reminds him he will do anything to win and thats why Bryan will never beat him because Daniel won’t compromise his morals.

R-Truth is angry because the Miz talked too long and ruined the “animal segment” next on Truth TV. Miz reminds him that it is not his show. Truth makes the challenge to fight him for it. Miz complains to Smackdown General Manager, Paige but Paige tells him to go fight for his show. The show heads to break.

After the break, Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton run down the rest of the show. Coming up, Rusev demands answers from English about his attack last week and AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will meet in the ring to sign the contract for their match at Superstar Showdown. Daniel Bryan is on commentary for the opener.

Match 1: The Miz vs. R-Truth (with Carmella)- winner gets control of the Smackdown talk show.

Truth tries to steal it with a quick roll up for a two-count. Miz kicks Truth in the face to take control. He nails Truth with the “It Kicks.” Truth manages to duck one and roll Miz up for another two-count. Miz takes back control with a two-count of his own. Mix kept the pressure on with a knee to the gut as the show takes a commercial time out.

When we return, Truth is on the outside and the count is on!! He gets back in the ring at the count of eight. Truth comes back on Miz getting two near-falls and driving Miz to the corner. The referee pulled Truth back and Miz took the opportunity, while the referee’s back was turned to poke him in the eye. That led to the Skull-Crushing Finale and a Daniel Bryan running knee for the win.

Winner: Miz

We are taken to the backstage area where Charlotte is being photographed. She is jumped by Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, who wants the photographer to document her beat down. She has her picture taken standing over Charlotte.

Phillips explains that the footage was shot earlier today and because of the sneak attack, Charlotte was sent home. The Bar makes its entrance as we head to another commercial time-out.

We return to the New Day making its entrance complete with all of their breakfast foods. They cut a promo and admitted that they fool around too much but respect the Bar. They are participating in the # Say Something Nice Challenge. They appear to say nice things about Cesaro and Shaemus but they actually took veiled shots at them. A fact not lost on the Bar. The Bar said that will end at the Superstar Showdown when they take the Smackdown Tag Team Titles.

Match 2: Shaemus (with Cesaro) vs. Big E (with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

Shaemus goes for”Ten Beats of the Bowery” but Big E hip tosses him out of the ring and out to the floor. E followed up with a big splash on the apron as the show goes to break.

We come back to see Big E hit Shaemus with a Urinagi out of the corner. E goes for a big splash but Shaemus blocked it getting his knees up to regain control. Shaemus goes for a Brough Kick but Big E counters it with a power bomb for a near-fall. Big E sets for the “Big Ending” twice but Shaemus is able to avoid it and catch Big E with a surprise Brough Kick for the win.

Winner: Shaemus

Backstage, Paige asks WWE Champion, AJ Styles to control his emotions when he goes out for the contract signing. Styles assures her that he is going out there just to sign the contract and nothing else.

Lana knocks on Rusev’s door. He comes out wondering why Aiden English attacked him last week and wants Lana to tell him as the show heads to break.

We are back and see Rusev and Lana heading to the ring. We see the English sneak attack from last week. Rusev calls out English. English comes to the stage and says the problems in their relationship are not his fault. He then takes credit for Rusev becoming so popular and shows a video to prove his case. English blames their problems on Lana and has a video to prove that as well. Lana says English for riding Rusev’s coattails and says before him, Lana had Rusev crushing people. Lana says she has always been honest Rusev. English asks Lana if she was honest enough to tell her husband about “that night in Milwaukee.” Lana looks stunned as she talks to Rusev.

The announce desk moves on hyping the championship contract signing for later in the show. They show the attack on Styles by Samoa Joe. Asuka and Naomi are shown warming up backstage as we take another commercial break.

Lana and Rusev are shown talking backstage when Becky Lynch shows up cracking jokes about Milwaukee. Lana asks her to please leave because it is none of her business. Lynch disagrees saying that, since Lana competes in her women’s division and she is the champion, she is her business.

The Iconics are in the ring to cut a promo but are immediately silenced by Naomi’s entrance music. Asuka’s entrance follows as we find out that the Iconics will join the commentary team for the next match. A video confrontation between Naomi, Asuka, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose that shows Deville and Rose making fun of Asuka’s friendship with Naomi. That led to Naomi issuing a challenge that led to tonight’s match. Deville and Rose make their entrance as the show goes to break.

Match 3: Naomi and Asuka vs. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

Asuka starts the match with Rose. Asuka twists Rose’s arm but Mandy works over Asuka and tags Deville who hits Asuka with a clothesline. Rose and Deville are working over Asuka with a double-team kick. Asuka comes back with an overhead suplex. and makes the tag to Naomi who drops a big leg. She goes for the pin on Rose but Deville makes the save. A double-team kick from Naomi and Asuka takes out Deville for the three-count.

Winner: Asuka and Naomi

Becky Lynch versus Lana has been made official for later in the show as the show heads to break.

The Connor’s Cure segment runs for Pediatric Cancer Awareness month. Tye Dillinger waits in the ring as United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance.

Match 4: United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. “The Perfect Ten,” Tye Dillinger in a non-title match

Dillinger starts fast and goes right after Nakamura. Nakamura ducks a Dillinger chop and nails with a kick to the back of the neck. Nakamura goes for a Kinshasa but Dillinger avoided it. Dillenger follows up with a Super Kick and a Frog Splash for a near-fall. Dillinger mounted the corner and was punching Nakamura when Randy Orton showed up and attacked Dillinger.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

Orton’s sneak attack on Dillinger ends with a DDT off the ring apron. As Orton leaves, Nakamura nails Dillinger with a Kinshasa for good measure.

Lana and Rusev are shown talking backstage again. Rusev tells her he doesn’t believe English but is just frustrated. Lana Leaves to go the ring.

Orton walks backstage and is stopped and asked why he attacked Dillinger. Orton simply responded that the “Perfect Ten” gimmick, “pisses him off.”

Becky Lynch makes her entrance as Lana waits in the ring.

Match 5: Lana vs. WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch in a non-title match.

Becky immediately trash-talks Lana causing Lana to slap her sending Lynch to the outside to curb momentum. Lana goes out after her and Lynch scores with a kick. Back in the ring, Lana blocks a Super Kick and rolls into a small package for a two-count. Lana scores a big kick for a near-fall. Lana goes to the top rope but Lynch recovers and knocks her off. Lynch hits the Beck-sploder and the Disarm Her for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Aiden English is backstage watching Lana’s match when he is asked to elaborate on his Milwaukee claims. English promises a tape proving his accusations next week.

Paige is backstage briefing security as the show heads to break.

Paige is in the ring and introduces Styles. AJ comes to the ring. Paige then introduces Samoa Joe who doesn’t appear. Styles starts cutting a promo on Joe when he is interrupted by Joe on the TitanTron. Joe has the camera pan down to reveal Styles’ mailbox. Styles pleads with him not to go any other further while Joe tells AJ he will go in and be the daddy to his kids that he isn’t. The show ends with Samoa Joe ringing the doorbell as the camera goes to black.

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