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Welcome to this Summer Slam Edition of Rough Cuts, this is Sal LaSardo reporting in from Orlando, Fla.

Summer Slam is the time of the year that culminates the end of Summer and onto to an exciting fall where anything and everything will happen.  Also, the ground work begins for next year’s WM at Met Life Stadium in NJ.
Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns is 2-11 in WWE Title PPV matches.  The number do not lie, as his record is not very promising and yet we are to believe he is going to walk out with the title over Lesnar.  Lesnar is likely going back to UFC to fight Cormier in the biggest UFC battle in there history and I seriously doubt Dana White would want Lesnar working WWE matches with the payday looming.  Also, I think the fans are just tired of the lack of title defenses and appearances by Lesnar and it is time to move on from this.  The fans are the ones who buy the tickets and want to see champions and I do not believe this is best for business. So, Reigns and Lesnar will do battle and go back forth with suplexes and spears and lots of power slams.   Heyman will try to interfere but in the end Reigns will spear Lesnar out of no where and get the pin 1-2-3 and become your New Universal Champion.
Money in the Bank Briefcase — Braun Strowman (Briefcase holder) vs. Kevin Owens – I find it very to believe that Strowman will defeat Owens here as Kevin has been a master at getting this feud over the insane bumps he has taken.  Strowman will have the upper hand most of the time but in the end Owens finds a way to get the victory and briefcase.  However, Owens will try to cash in the same night with the help of Paul Heyman and Reigns will spear Owens and get the pin 1-2-3 which means Reigns leaves Barclay Center as the Champion and there will be no more MITB.  Remember the WWE is doing everything they can to get Reigns over and by defeating Lesnar and Owens in the same night we will see if mission accomplished.
United States Championship — Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Jeff Hardy:  These two have not really had a match yet since Randy Orton has been involved.  I do expect we will finally get a decent match but I just do not see Nakamura dropping the belt just yet.  In fast paced type match lots of spots, I expect Nakamura will leave as champion.
WWE Championship — AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe:  These two have a long history together in other promotions so we should get a real treat in this.  AJ has been a fighting champion and done above and beyond what the WWE has expected of him.  With the crowd so against Reigns I find it hard to believe you pull the title off AJ here and as good as Joe is its not the right situation for him to become champion at this time especially with the turmoil facing the Universal Title.  AJ is in his prime of his career and I feel a longer run is substantial at this point which also will solidify his entrance into the WWE HOF someday.  No doubt they will bring it as there prior matches have shown so but AJ will find a way to show why he is just Phenomenal !!!
Intercontinental Championship — Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Seth Rollins:  I predict Seth is finally going to get the IC title off Ziggler here but it won’t be the title change people will be talking about.  As Rollins is celebrating in the ring with Ambrose who is back, I see Ambrose turning heel and hitting the Dirty Deeds on Rollins and holding up the IC belt and laying it on a fallen Rollins.
Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz: They both have daughters so maybe in 20 years or so we will see the Bryan’s vs Miz in a match.  They both have reality shows, but the MIz and Mrs is better, they are both former Champions, they know how to get the crowd going.  This has the potential to be match of the night.  There is allot here between these two talent wise as two premier veterans go at it.  I expect nothing short of equivalent of a title based match even though there is no title at stake.  I can see Brie coming out to help Daniel, and I can see Maryse coming out to help the Miz and maybe a cat fight or 2 between the women.  In the end, this match will be a toss out.  I predict a DQ/No Contest.  This will be entertaining and exciting with lots of spots but way to soon to end this.  Lets keep it rolling into the fall and get there wives involved.  Allot of potential here.
SmackDown Tag Team Championship — Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. New Day:  The New Day is getting another push by going for the Smackdown Titles now but I just feel the Bludgeon Brothers are too good and devastating of a team and I do not see no matter what New Day does they are not walking out Champions.  The Bludgeon Brothers are mean, vicious, brutal, and everything you expect from a heel tag team and they are just destructive and I like there dominance and it needs to continue for a long while.  There is no team right now that can do what these two do.  They remind me of Demolition with there way to just demolish there opposition.
Raw Tag Team Championship — The B Team (c) vs. The Revival:  The Revival has been getting a push and even though they lost the triple threat match on Raw on Monday, I do believe they get the belts from the B Team.  They are primed for a push and now every opportunity is there for the taking.  Revival walks out New RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.
Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin: These two are in a rubber match now, but both these guys need to be competing for championships or just shake hands and form a tag team which is not a bad idea.  I think they would be a solid team together because if neither of these two individually are going to get a title push of some sort then put them together and let them go for the tag team titles and put the straps on them.  These two are way too talented for mid card status and its time to elevate these guys and let them shine.  Corbin can have a nice feud with Reigns for the Universal Title and Balor can have a solid program with Rollins or Ambrose depending how there feud plays out for the IC title.  Balor will win the rubber match by pinfall 1-2-3.  I think this will be good but with so many other matches on the card I doubt there is enough time for them to be at there best.
SmackDown Women’s Championship — Carmella (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte: Women’s Champions are 1-6 in Summer Slam PPV matches and we have both women defending there respectable titles. The WWE dropped the ball here because Becky deserves so much better as she has been incredible in the ring and on the microphone and her overall ability has far exceeded any expectations you can ask for from the Irish Lass.  If this was not a triple threat match I give the nod to Becky without question.  Now you throw Charlotte into the mix and it changes the way this match goes down.  Everyone is expecting Charlotte to walk out champion and I could not disagree any more on this.  Becky and Charlotte will come to blows in this match.  Charlotte will get tossed from the ring and Carmella will roll up Becky and retain the title 1-2-3.  This will lead to a feud with Charlotte and Becky and you have Carmella walk out Champion and retain and continue her reign of terror as Champion.
Raw Women’s Championship — Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Ronda Rousey:  I hope this is the last match on the card but I do believe Lesnar and Reigns close the show and I hope I am wrong.  You have the rookie in Rhonda Rousey vs 5 time Undisputed champion the Goddess Alexa Bliss.  I honestly feel for Alexa here.  She has been amazing for the WWE and the run she has had each time with the belt has been better than ever.  Her mic skills are A+, her in ring ability A+.  You have to say she is right now a WWE HOF.  No doubt what she has done and she is still improving at 28.  She has a a good 3-5 years left I believe and we can surely see even more and better from her as these next few years go by.  She can carry this match without any help from Micki or anyone else.  The problem going into this is I do not want Rhonda to leave with the title just yet.  If you pull the title now off Alexa where does Alexa go? A few rematches and then what? Once Rhonda gets the belt she is going to run with this till WM next year and Main Event against Charlotte which is why I am against Charlotte getting Carmella’s title.  Alexa will be in limbo and unless she heads to Smackdown she is not going to be Champion again on Raw till likely this time next year.  Alexa is the face of the WWE RAW’s Women’s Division and she needs to be on tv and relevant and to cement her legacy she needs to walk out Champion.  I would have Alexa come out with Micki and they have a good match but Micki distracts Rhonda and Alexa pulls out an object and hits Rhonda with it and she gets the 1-2-3 further igniting the feud between the 2.  Angle the next night sets up another match in September 16, where they face off in Hell in a Cell and that’s when you put the title on Rhonda.  I just feel out of RESPECT for what Alexa has accomplished and on the biggest stage next to WM you keep the title on Alexa till HIC and let the feud continue and this gives the WWE time to decide how they will use Alexa going forward once Rhonda takes the belt as this what Rhonda was signed for.  Make no mistake about it.  Rhonda is here to take the women’s division to another level with her star power and if she can improve and continue her progress Rhonda will succeed in doing just that thanks to the Goddess Alexa Bliss.  So, I predict Alexa leaves as Champion for 1 more ppv.
Overall, there are allot of matches on this card and the timing may not be enough to really get the most out of each and every one of them.  I understand you want to showcase your talent and defend the titles but we need to have the matches themselves shine and not just a few specific ones.  That seems to be the downfall here.  The only true shock will be when Ambrose turns on Rollins after Rollins gets the IC belt and that is needed for sure as you need something to keep people tuned into the fall.  NY is a very hostile crowd and no doubt they will not be happy with Reigns walking out as Champion but at least Reigns will be a fighting Champion and that has possibilities.  Carmella is basically home in Brooklyn as she is from Staten Island and I am from Staten Island myself and born in Brooklyn and I think the crowd is going to give her a warm reception after she defends the title in her triple threat match.  Miz/Bryan will steal the show and no doubt the feud continues into the fall.  There is so much room for those two going forward.  I hope Rhonda and Alexa can live up to the hype and expectations and I do believe they will exceed this better than anyone can imagine.  This is important because of the all Women’s PPV in October so allot rides on how this plays out going forward.  As I said, the right thing to do is for Alexa to use an object and knockout Rhonda, which will set up HIC and then you give Rhonda the title and a few rematches with Alexa to close the year that will cap off 2018 and prepare Rhonda for Charlotte at Mania in 2019.
This has been Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla,  May all your matches be a main event.  Your feedback is welcome to salnbandit42@gmail.com.

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