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The Raw Score
A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“Always look on the bright side of life”–Eric Idle (Monty Python’s Life of Brian)
So, Summerslam and NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 are this week-end. Both shows should be excellent but I am looking forward to the NXT show a little more than SS. The final touches to the Raw side were placed.
Ronda Rousey came out to my childhood crush…Joan Jett. She is stil wearing the leather jacket given to her by the late Roddy Piper. Renee Young got her chance at the announce desk. Keep her there, I think. The crowd chanted Ronda’s name, over and over.
Ronda announced that Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart died. I had the honor to work with Jim in Reno. Ronda told Natalya to stay strong. I send my deepest sympathies. Ronda introduced Ember Moon.
Alexa Bliss came out and cut a scathing promo against ROnda.Alexa also talked trash about Kurt Angle. Bliss said Alicia has a dislocated shoulder. Bliss said she talked with Baron Corbin. Bliss now has her own security rorce.
Security got in the ring to provide a human wall to protect the women’s champion.
Alexa Bliss vs Ember Moon
Non-Title Match
Bliss Pearl Harbored Ronda as Rousey got out of the ring. ROnda got back in and beat the stuffing out of the security squad. Ronda also took out Fox.
Bliss was on her bicycle as Raw returned. Bliss with a Head Scissors but Ember got free and used Arm Drags on the champ. Bliss popped Moon in the face. Ember came back with a SLider DDT to pull a two count. Bliss slid out of the ring to catch her breath.
Baseball Slide Dropkick by Moon. Ember pitched Bliss back in the ring. Seated Side Headlock by Moon. Bliss worked over Moon’s left shoulder. Dropkick by Alexa. Step Up Enziguri that Bliss sold, even though it missed by quite a bit. Break time.
Bliss was kicking Moon in the head. Flip Knee Driver to Moon’s mid-section. Rear Chin Lock by the champ. Moon spun under to get to her feet. Jaw Breaker by Moon but Bliss came right back with a Clothesline. Bliss went back to the Side Headlock. Bliss cackled like Aunt Maggie Hamilton toward Judy Garland. Moon almost pinned BLiss but Alexa hit a Basement Dropkick for a series of twos. Bliss connected with a solid Right to the face. BLiss slapped Moon, which freaked out Ember. She went wild on Bliss. Tornado SUplex by Moon. 2 count. Ronda took out Fox. Bliss jumped Ronda and threw her into the barricade. Bliss got back in the ring and fell to a Gut Buster. Eclipse! Fox jumped in and caused the Disqualification.
Your Winner (by Disqualification): Ember Moon
Raw Score: 70 out of a possible 100
All 4 women punched it out, post match. Ronda stood tallest of all.
We flashed back to two weeks ago, when Brock Lesnar was ordered to come to the ring. Brock did and took out Kurt Angle…and Paul Heyman. Sunday should be quite interesting. They sent it to a video of Paul Heyman talking with Renee. Paul said he has been with Brock for 16 years and he has never seen Lesnar this violent. “Roman Reigns doesn’t stand a chance”. Paul knew how Roman could beat Brock but would not elaborate.
Kurt and Baron argued, in the back. Baron headed to the ring. Dolph and Drew showed up, looking for Seth Rollins. Seth had travel issues but should show up, later.
Baron Corbin vs Tyler Breeze
The Finish:
Breeze hit several Dropkicks but Corbin came back to brutalize Breze. Shinu Numaki by Corbin. Tyler tried to get to his feet but was thrown down. Kick by Tyler. La Bandera by Breeze. Tyler missed a Tope Con Hilo. Dropkick by Tyler. RVD Roll by Tyler. Deep Six by Baron.
Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 68
Jindar Mahal vs Finn Balor
Corbin made this match to punish Balor. Corbin had more to add to this situation. Corbin made it aHandicap Match that also included Kevin Owens.
Finn Balor vs Jindar Mahal and Kevin Owens
2-on-1 Handicap Match
Balor was all smiles as he came to the ring. Corbin headed up the ramp. Kurt Angle then came out. He changed the match to…
Kevin Owens and Jindar Mahal vs Finn Balor and BRAUN STROWMAN
KO and Jindar went to Brown Alert when they saw The Monster in the Bank.
Mahal took Finn to the corner but couldn’t do much against the leader of the Balor Club. KO applauded Jindar as Mahal kneed Finn. Shoulder Tackle by Mahal. Basement Dropkick by Finn. Tag to KO. Corner Shoulders by Owens. Arm Bar by Kevin. KO stomped away on Finn and took him to the enemy corner. Tag to Mahal. Jindar with a few shots and then he tagged back out. Irish Whip by KO but Finn got the tag. KO instantly tagged out. Palm Strike by Braun. Shot to Mahal’s ribs as “Get these Hands” rang out. Braun with a Steam Roller Corner Clothesline. KO kept his distance. Shoulder Tackle by Braun. Clubbing blow by Braun. Tag to Finn. Braun slammed Balor onto Mahal. 2 count. Dropkick by Finn sent Mahal to the floor. KO grabbed Finn’s leg and Braun took off after him. Tope Suicida to take out both KO and Mahal. Commercial time.
I see all these burger commercials and they look so good. Thankfully, Mr. Kodai fixes some of the best sushi in Northern Texas. I have a plate of Philly Roll Sushi and a Root Beer to get me through tonight’s show. Smile. Domo Arigato (slight bow to Kodai-San).
Back to the action, Jindar had another Arm Bar on Finn. Finn powered up to his feet and threw hard Elbow Smashes. Big Boot and tag to KO. Elbow Drops by Owens. Rear Chin Lock by Owens. Jindar tagged back in and worked over the neck of Balor. Finn fought out of the enemy corner but couldn’t reach Braun. Jindar flew through the ropes. He tagged KO. Owens fell to a Slingblade. Both men were down. Hot tags on both sides. Braun took out both foes with hard Clotheslines. Braun drove Singh into KO. Flying Knee by Mahal. Bulldog Bounce by Braun.
Your Winners: Braun Strowman and Finn Balor
Raw Score: 84
Braun chased KO to the back. Corbin slid in the ring and hit End of Days on Finn.
Kurt was on the phone, trying to reach Seth Rollins. Dolph and Drew came into the office and said Seth was scared of them. D and D mentioned if Seth didn’t sign the contract, there would be no title match, on Sunday. Dolph demanded to see the contract.
Bobby Lashley warmed up, in the back.
They ran a promotional piece about Seth Rollins.
Ricky Roberts was in the ring to praise Elias. Who is this ham and egger? Yawn. Elias came out to meet this fanboy. Elias said he was the one and only Elias. Elias pushed his stuff on WWEShop.com. Elias asked Ricky to beat and humiliate Bobby Lashley, tonight. Elias crowed about what he has done in the past few months. Elias has concerts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Elias has a song to share. He praised and insulted the locals. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley came out onto the stage.
Bobby Lashley vs Ricky Roberts
Bobby talked to Ricky and said the kid needed a new schtick. Ricky cracked Bobby with a guitar. Spinebuster to the 7th level of Hell.
Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 10
The B Team talked strategy, in the locker room. Bo Dallas was freaking out at only having a 33% chance of keeping their title. Axel said it was the run of their lives.
The Deleters of Worlds (Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy) vs The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) vs The B Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel)
Triple Threat for the Raw Raw Tag Titles
The Finish:
All six men got a chance to shine. Hart Attack by The Revival to Matt. 2 count. Vicious Clothesline by Dawson to head to break.
Bray Wyatt took the tag and hit the Uranage on both Revival members. HE then hit one on Bo. Axel blocked it. Tower of Doom like move. Dash went for a Suicide Dive but Bray hit a Uranage to the ring apron. Bo took down Bray. Matt climbed the ropes but got caught. Dawson went for a Superplex and then went to the floor, not into the ring! Holy Sweet Baby Jesus, that was amazing!
The ref started to count out all six guys. They kept fighting on the floor. Bray pitched Dawson into the ring. Bray opened up and tried for a Double Sister Abigail. Shatter Machine. Axel, who was legal, pinned Bray Wyatt.
Your Winners: The B Team
Raw Score: 89
I can’t help it…I like the B Team. Hate their lousy theme music but they have so paid their dues (including goofy name changes and so many other bad angles).
Roman Reigns walked backstage. He ran into the B Team. Roman just ignored them.
Dolph didn’t like that Seth could have someone in his corner, on Sunday. Kurt said if Seth gave up his 2nd, Drew would be banned, as well. Dolph back peddled.
Roman Reigns came out to the ring. Roman said it was time for Lesnar to go and get his head stuck up Dana White’s *ss.
That brought out Paul Heyman. Paul praised the Usos and Roman. Roman invited Paul to join him in the ring. Paul had an offer for Roman. Paul knew he could help Roman by telling Roman all of Brock’s dirty little secrets. Paul was confident that Roman COULD beat Brock, wtih Heyman’s help. Roman reminded everyone how he Speared Brock through a cage in Saudi Arabia. Paul knew he was at fault for past transgressions. Paul sees the future and in his mind, Roman and Paul stood side-by-side as the new champion. Paul wanted to be Roman’s new manager. Really? Roman said he was groomed for this spot, by his father and other family members. Roman knew Paul was “drowning” and wasn’t worth saving. Paul talked about his relationships with the Wild Samoans. Paul said something in Samoan that Sika taught him, years ago. Paul had a contract for Roman to consider. Paul then sprayed Roman in the face with pepper spray or mace. Paul stepped out of hte ring as they tried to clear Roman’s eyes.
brock Lesnar’s music hit and The Beast hit the ring. Brock butchered Roman with Knee Strikes. Where is Braun? Brock applied a Sleeper/Kokina Clutch. Roman was out cold. Last week, I said I smelled a swerve. Well, it stinks like week-old tuna fish. Brock came back to the ring to add more punishment. F5! Paul and Brock then left as we headed to another break.
Titus O’Neil, Apollo Crews and Bobby Roode vs Akum, Razar and Mojo Rawley
Six Man Tag Team Match
The Finish:
Hot Tag to Roode. He hit the Blockbuster to Mojo but Akum made the save. Glotious DDT.
Your Winners: Roode, Crews and O’Neil
Raw Score: 80
Roman was getting medical attention, backstage.
They did a great tribute to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. One of the first shows I worked in Reno saw “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine team up with Anvil. Jim’s hometown, for many years, was Reno, NV. I consider Reno MY hometown, even though I am now in Waxahachie, TX. God Bless You, Jim. May you rest in peace.
They ran down the updated SummerSlam card.
Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riott
The Finish:
Ruby got to the ropes to break the BankStatement. Ruby injured Sasha’s hand, on the outside. Ruby with an insulting kick to Sasha’s face. Inside Cradle and Backslide by Banks. Ruby stomped the hurt hand.
Ruby worked over the injured fingers of Sasha Banks. Bayley cheered on her best buddy. Morgan and Logan cheerled their leader, Ruby. Sasha slapped away with her good hand. Walk Up Arm Drag. Sasha took out Logan with a Suicide Dive. Step Up Knee by Banks. Morgan pulled Sasha off the apron. Bayley took out Morgan. Riott with a surprise Roll Up to take the win.
Your Winner: Ruby Riott
Raw Score: 75
Baron and Kurt were still waiting for Seth Rollins. Baron ridiculed Kurt for waiting so long to sign the contract. Kurt headed to the ring with the contract.
Kurt was in the ring for the contract signing. He addressed the attack on Roman. Reigns will be able to compete on Sunday. Kurt wants to see Roman kick Brock’s *ss, on Sunday, and bring the title back home. Kurt said Brock was the worst champion of all time. (Amen).
Drew and Dolph came out and talked trash. Kurt called, twice, for Seth. Drew and Dolph felt Seth was running from them. Drew actually praised Seth for his work ethic. Dolph insulted the WWE Universe. Dolph talked about how Drew pushes him to be better. Dolph said he and Drew took the entire show over. Dolph called for the match to be considered a forfeit.
Seth’s music hit and he admitted he was here for sometime. Seth had something to share with Dolph. Seth revealed the person who would be in his corner…Dean Ambrose! Drew and Dolph freaked out, big time. Dean and Seth hit the ring and cleared Dirty Deeds to Drew. Renee got dead quiet as her hubby made his triumphant return. Seth signed the contract.
Kurt Angle came out. Seth was not with him. Drew and Dolph came out. They rambled on for quite some time about how good Seth was but how he had turned into a coward. Dolph signed the contract and demanded a forfeit. That brought out Seth Rollins. He said the travel problems were not his but the person who would be in his corner…Dead Ambrose. Dean and Seth hit the ring. They emptied the ring as Raw called it a night.

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