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IMPACT Wrestling Report – March 1st, 2018

By The Gonzo Shark

Impact Wrestling gets started Eddie Edwards arriving at the Arena as he will face Sami Callihan in the main event!

A vignette is played highlighting the events last week between Johnny Impact and EC3. Johnny defeated EC3 in last week’s main event and will still face Austin Aries for the World Championship at Crossroads!

Once we hit the arena EC3 is making his entrance for a match. Josh Matthews invites us to the show and informs us that EC3 will face Tyrus! EC# immediately starts talking trash and gets in Tyrus’ face as soon as the bell rings. Tyrus knocks him down and he retreats to the outside to get away from the big man. EC3 gets back in and charges him, only to get knocked down and have to retreat to the outside again. Tyrus starts wrenching and stomping on his finger which forces EC3 to have to retreat to the outside yet again. He tries to slap Tyrus’ chest and clothesline him but it’s having no effect. Tyrus slams him and starts the beatdown! He roughs him up in the corner so badly that EC3 starts stumbling around the outside of the ring like some kind of drunkard. He regains his scruples and manages to get the upper hand on Tyrus and hits him with a huge double axe handle from the second rope to knock him down. He works a neck crank on the big man. Tyrus gets back up and executes an enormous t-bone suplex and a big splash in the corner. After a gouge to the eyes, EC3 goes for the One Percenter but he gets reversed. Tyrus hits the One Percenter on EC3 and follows it up with the Death Grip to Chokeslam combo for the pinfall victory!

Tyrus defeated EC3 by pinfall.

We see Joseph Park on the phone with his Grandmother promising that “The Monster” will not come back and he will take on Kongo Kong himself!

We see a video where OVE is tearing up pictures of other IMPACT superstars but pieces a picture of Eddie Edwards back together. Sami Callihan proclaims that Edwards has made a huge mistake by messing with them. OVE is taking over everything according to Callihan!

Next we will see El Hijo De Fantasma against the returning Braxton Sutter. Sutter tries to shake Fantasma’s hand and gets his wish although Fantasma is reluctant to say the least. The men start flying around the ring and Fantasma hits a hurricanrana quickly. Unfortunately for him, he them misses a huge flying cross body from the top rope! Sutter starts to take control right away. He goes for a pinfall but only gets the two count, so he decides to work a chin lock. He gets him to the corner and starts chopping and stomping El Hijo. Fantasma catches Sutter on his shoulders and tosses him down to hit a really hard superkick that sends Braxton out of the ring. He then launches himself head first like a torpedo through the middle rope and flattens Sutter. Once back in the ring, Sutter manages to hit a powerbomb to a pinfall and grabs the tights, but only for a two count to his frustration. Fantasma rebounds quickly and hits the Thrill of the Hunt for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

El Hijo De Fantasma defeated Braxton Sutter via pinfall.

Sutter cuts a promo and complains about not getting respect. He claims he’s the biggest star. Brian Cage comes out and hits a giant discus clothesline that nearly beheads the Canadian! He picks him up and drops him with the Drill Claw and walks off with his arms up!

We see a vignette about the IMPACT Grand Champion Matt Sydal. He is interviewed in the back and says his destiny is the X Division Championship. Ishimori comes over and hands him a paper and challenges him to a match title for title next week!

Kongo Kong makes his entrance with Jimmy Jacobs. Next, Joseph Park comes out and he looks very much afraid of the “New Monster!” Kong quickly shoves Park down with one hand and knocks him down again as soon as he gets up. He starts smashing on Park in the corner but Park tries to fight back with punches and a headbutt. He manages to knock Kong down with a shoulder tackle. Kong gets up real quick and splashes Park in the corner and hits an enormous cannonball-like body splash in the corner. He climbs to the top rope and hits a huge splash that crushes Park. he mercifully pins him for the 1-2-3. Jacobs asks Park for Abyss again as Kong strangles him. Park goes unconscious and limp and his face turns bright red and Jacobs let’s him know that they are just getting started!

Kongo Kong defeated Joseph Park via pinfall.

We see Cult of Lee hanging out poolside somewhere and having a party with themselves. The Mumbai Cats come over and Konnan comes over as well. Lee and Konnan get in each other’s faces and start talking trash. The Mumbai Cats unmask and it’s actually the rest of LAX. They proceed to beat down the Cult of Lee and toss them in the pool! Up next, Hania will take on Rosemary.

Alberto El Patron is in the back and cuts a promo on Austin Aries. He says that Aries stole his spot. Patron warns Johnny Impact and Austin Aries that they are against him and he will become the world champion once again!

Hania makes her entrance to the ring. Rosemary makes her entrance next and the place goes crazy! Hania charges her and Rosemary catches her and clubs her down and tosses her across the ring twice! She hits a huge clothesline and pins Hania for a near fall. She goes for Red Wedding, but gets countered and Hania hits a huge boot to the back of Rosemary’s head. Hania charges her in the corner and eats a huge elbow and locks her in the upside down submission on the ropes. Rosemary climbs to the top and hits a huge missile dropkick followed by an elbow in the corner and a pin for a near fall. Rosemary hits a huge spear and the Red Wedding for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory. Rosemary grabs a microphone and vows that she will stop at nothing to get back the Knockouts Championship! Taya Valkyrie makes a shocking return and gets in the ring with a mic to talk trash to Rosemary. She gets in Taya’s face and challenges her but Taya walks away to play some mind games. Rosemary makes the mistake of turning her back and she gets attacked by Taya. She destroys Rosemary on the stage with the Road to Valhalla!

Rosemary defeated Hania via pinfall.

We see a vignette highlighting the madness and insanity of IMPACT Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness and her infatuation with the title. The belt is brought to the ring by Kenny M. with a bowtie on it and he will be a “commitment ceremony minister.” She makes her entrance for the “commitment ceremony” between her and her title and she’s wearing a wedding gown! Kenny M. claims that he in an ordained minister. He starts to recite his schtick and Van Ness interrupts him to cut ahead to the objection part. Braxton Sutter comes out in a neck brace and he objects. He tells Van Ness that she is the only one that’s important to him. He says he regrets walking out on her a year ago and that he still loves her. He wants her to marry him and the title and she flips out screaming no! She makes Kenny ask if anyone has objections again. She starts freaking out again and Allie sneaks in the ring and issues her a quick beatdown. Laurel has to get out of there with the belt and she’s very disheveled!

We see another short video of OVE and Sami Callihan saying “thumbs up or thumbs down?”

We also see a video package highlighting next week’s title match between Austin Aries and Johnny Impact and how we got here.

Sami Callihan makes his entrance with the rest of OVE and it’s main event time! Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring next. Sami runs and Edwards and he side steps him and tosses him through the middle rope. Eddies hits a hug dive to the outside on Callihan and tosses him back in the ring. As Edwards turns to the crowd to boast, Callihan seizes his opportunity and lands a suicide dive through the middle and bottom ropes that floors Edwards! He tosses Edwards back in and he lands a second dive through the ropes on Callihan. Edwards starts beating Sami all around the ring and tosses him back in. The referee has to send Jake and Dave of OVE back to the locker room and Edwards is distracted on the outside by the commotion. Callihan runs out of the ring and flattens Edwards with a devastating big boot! We cut to commercial…

Returning, Callihan is working a headlock but Edwards gets out and starts hitting clotheslines. Callihan manages to land a pal strike but Eddie still hits a huge toss suplex. The two start fighting on the apron and Callihan drops Edwards with a piledriver on the apron. Eddie is down on the outside and looks like he’s in some serious pain but manages to beat the ten count back in the ring. Sami hits a huge sit down powerbomb for a razor close near fall pin. Sami just starts maniacally beating Edwards all over the ring and locks him in a standing stretch type submission. He then goes for a sleeper hold but Edwards escapes with a jawbreaker. Callihan climbs to the top rope, but Edwards lands a kick and climbs up to deliver a thunderous super plex. Eddies is trying to pin Callihan down but he just can’t do it. Sami trips Edwards as he runs toward him and then lands a brutal series of body splashes . The two men fight back and forth until they are both down. They begin trading kicks, but Edwards manages to roll him over for the pinfall victory! Callihan hits a big shoulder breaker and puts a chair over Edward’s face and smashes it with a baseball bat! Bobby Lashley gets attacked by eh rest of OVE in the back as he comes out to help Edwards. Callihan stands tall to end the show!

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