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NXT Recap

NXT Arena

Full Sail University

Orlando, Florida

Air Date: December 20th, 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to this NXT written review. This NXT show may be one of the best of the year with two title matches and the final fatal four-way qualifying match. The show starts tonight with the NXT voiceover guy hyping the two title bouts before the opening credits roll.

Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinnis welcome us to the show. Sanity makes its entrance for the first match. Ranallo tells us that Sanity member Alexander Wolfe is not medically cleared to return to action. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish made their entrance.

Match 1: Sanity-Eric Young and Killian Dain (Champions) vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly for the NXT Tag-Team Championship

Dain and Fish start the match and Fish tries to apply a sleeper to Dain to set him up for O’Reilly but Dain is able to clear the ring of the Undisputed Era tag team. The challengers regrouped and O’Reilly tagged in and tried to take Young off the apron but Young was ready and took down O’Reilly instead. O’Reilly gets hit with gutbuster then Young hits an elbow off the ropes for a two count. Young gets in a shot to the head but is tripped by Fish as the show heads to commercial.

Back from break and Young is taking a great deal of punishment. He is getting worked over big time in the corner. Young was worked over big time with kicks and punches by both men. Young tries to fight back and goes high-risk offense into O’Reilly’s knees but then creates separation with a big clothesline. A dazed Young was crawling to the opposite corner and Fish and O’Reilly tried everything they could to stop the tag to Dain but, to no avail, as Young did make the tag.

Dain tags in and dominates both members of the UE. A Michinoku Driver on Fish for a near-fall. They tried to set up some double-team moves but Dain was sent to the floor. Young keeps up the momentum with a big powerbomb to Fish. Young goes to the outside ropes for some high-risk offense but Adam Cole ran out and tripped EY. That brought out Nikki Cross who dove onto Cole. She was knocking him around pretty good until she pulled off and sent to the back.

Inside the ring, Young almost got a near-fall off a neckbreaker. Dain was taken out when he tried to slam Adam Cole on the outside and Cole sent him to the post. Young tries to help his partner with a dive on Cole. When Young goes back in the ring, he is caught with the high/low and falls victim to the three-count.

Winners and New NXT Tag-Team Champions: Kyle O’Reilley and Bobby Fish

They showed highlights of the match and then hyped the Number-One Contender’s Fatal Four-Way match that Dain will take part in. The final qualifying match for the final spot in the four-way is tonight so there was a bio video of Roderick Strong that was shown.

The show goes to break.

During the break, a Shayna Baszler video package played. She apparently is coming soon.

We return from commercial and we are outside the Performance Center with Heavy Machinery, Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic who are apparently looking for cars to lift. Dozovic spots what he thinks is a Corvette and tries to lift it. He was just getting started when the owners of the car, Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli come out and stop him. They start talking about how rich they are and maybe someday, with hard work, Knight and Dozovic would be able to afford a car like that some day. This angers Otis who challenges them and screams to pump himself up. The screams scare Tino and Riddick so they bolt in a hurry.

At ringside, Ranallo recaps the match 2 weeks ago with Sonya Deville and Ruby Riott that showed Riott passing out to take the loss. We cut to an “earlier today” video from the Performance Center where an interviewer is trying to interview Sonya Deville about Absolution but she wants to talk about Ember Moon. She believes Moon used the damage inflicted by her ankle lock to score the win so she wants her shot at Moon. As she walks away, we hear that General Manager, William Regal, has granted Deville that match for next week.

Roderick Strong versus Lars Sullivan is hyped for after the commercial. A Sullivan vignette is shown. The show goes to commercial.

We return and a video is recapped of the last qualifying match that saw Aleister Black defeat Adam Cole to earn the third spot in the match. Lars Sullivan and Roderick Strong make their entrances.

Match 2: Lars Sullivan vs. Roderick Strong: The winner earns the final spot in the Fatal Four-Way Number One Contender’s Match for the NXT Championship.

The story of this match was could Strong come up with an effective strategy to take the monster Sullivan down. To that end Strong goes right after Sullivan with everything he has but Sullivan is able to cut him off with a shot to the face. Strong tries an Angle Slam but Sullivan blocked it and was able to hinder Strong with a running lariat. Sullivan locks in a bear hug until Strong punches his way free.

Strong tries to follow up with some running forearm strikes. Sullivan blasts Strong in the head then tries to go up to the top rope. He gets caught by Strong for a one count. Strong follows up with some jumping knees and, this time, is able to hold Sullivan down for two. Sullivan stops his momentum with a pop-up powerslam then, a short time later, hitting the Freak Accident for the pin.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

The commentary team really put over Strong saying how he has come the closest to beating Sullivan… Nigel McGuinnis hyped up the UK Title match coming up after the break. The show heads to commercial/

We return just in time to see the latest edition of Street Talk with the Street Profits. Dawkins was all about sharing the knowledge which they did with the fans outside Full Sail. Nigel McGuinnis advertised the Fatal Four-Way match again with Sullivan in the graphic this time.

They cut to Tyler Bate being interviewed backstage. Bate says he has been battling Dunne all year for the UK Championship. He believed they had a great match at Takeover: Chicago but the wrong man won. He says, tonight, he is getting his title back.

Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne make their entrances for the main event.

Match 3: Pete Dunne (Champion) vs. Tyler Bate for the United Kingdom Championship

Dunne takes control early with an arm bar. Bate reversed the nove but got caught by a head scissors. He escapes the move then playfully waves to Dunne for good measure. Dunne powered Bate to the mat with a test of strength but Bate was able to power up and catch Dunne with a shot to get an early two count but Dunne regained control with a shot to Bate once the action spilled to the outside. They fought by the steps and Bate stomped Dunne’s hand into the stairs. Dunne comes right back with a superplex off the stairs.

Back in the ring, Dunne stomped a hand and popped one of Bate’s fingers out of socket. Bate popped it back in but Dunne stomped it again. Bate recovers and challenges Dunne to “Bring It!!!” Bate counters a kick into a T-Bone suplex. Bate tries for the Tyler Driver here but it gets countered into a triangle.

Bate tries to come back with powerbomb but it doesn’t really work so Tyler picks him up again and drapes Dunne over the middle rope before catapulting him into the top rope for the break. Bate picks Dunne up into anairplane spin. Bate reverses the spin then performs a third spin. Bate looked like he wanted a pin attempt here but was too dizzy to go for the cover right away. When he finally did, Dunne was out at two. Dunne crawls to the ropes and Bate follows him and hits a exploder suplex but Dunne is out again at two. They trade kicks with Bate winning the exchange until he misses and gets caught with the pump-handle into the Bitter End from Dunne for a near-fall.

They trade clotheslines before battling again on the apron. They get back in the ring Dunne lands a punch in the face then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Bate comes back and knocks Dunne to the outside and dives on him. Tyler gets him back in and connects with a Tyler Driver for a near fall. Bate hits a Spiral Tap for another near-fall. Bate was feeling it though and went for a German suplex but Dunne landed on his feet and was able to hit the Bitter End to retain his title.

Winner: Pete Dunne

This match was an instant classic and Mauro Ranallo called it one. Dunne celebrated by chewing the title. Ranallo closed the show by wishing everyone a Happy Holidays.

I also want to take this time to wish a Happy Holidays to all the visitors to 1Wrestling.com throughout this past year.

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