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The Raw Score: A look at this week’s Monday Night Raw

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

Would the Shield reunite? We would learn, maybe, this week. Also, Enzo Amore learned when he would defend his Cruiserweight title. And Asuka’s opponent at TLC was determined.

We began with a flashback to last week’s Intercontinental title match between Roman Reigns and The Miz. Roman almost had it won but Sheamus and Cesaro attacked Roman. The led to a hint of a reunion of The Shield.


His guests were Sheamus and Cesaro. This was considered The Mizzies, Part Two. Miz now figures he has taken the position of “The Guy” from Roman. Miz’s first Mizzie went to Curtis Axel. Whatever. Axel made it sound like he had won an Academy Award and he dedicated it to Bo Dallas, who was out with an injury. Best Supporting Actor Mizzie went to…Sheamus and Cesaro in a tie. Yawn. Miz brought out The Bar.

Sheamus and Cesaro came down to accept the award. Typical acceptance speech. Sheamus thanked roman Reigns for taking The Bar so much higher. They mocked the Big Dog, big time. Cesaro stepped up and thanked Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose…who gave them a reason to put the three into their deserved place.

Miz blew off the possibility of a Shield Reunion. Miz knew Dean, Seth and Roman do not want any part of Miz and his crew. Miz screamed that they had ended Roman Reigns. Miz had one final award for…himself. Seriously? Miz is good on the stick but I wish I was seeing some wrestling action. Miz dedicated his award to his unborn kid.

He was cut off by the arrival of Roman Reigns. He stood on the ramp and waited. Miz mocked Roman for not having the guts to come to the ring. Roman gave the guys one chance to get out of his ring. Miz called him on it. Miz mentioned how much Roman was outnumbered. That started a “Shield” chant. Miz accused Roman of being only hype. Roman said the reunion was NOT a rumor…

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins joined their “Brother” on the stage. The Shield lives again! Miz was getting so nervous. The Boys of Justice slowly walked to the ring to kick some serious butt. Miz and his buddies got their behinds handed to them by the Brothers in Black. Roman, Dean and Seth all hit finishers on Miz’s allies. Miz tried to run away but Dirty Deeds stopped him cold. Shield Bomb to Miz! Damn! (nod to Ron Simmons).

Shield Triple Fists to signal the acknowledgement that the Hounds of Justice have been released.

Jason Jordan vs Karl Anderson

The Finish:

This one went back and forth. Olympic Slam by Jason. Karl was stunned. Double Sledges and Corner Runs by Jason. Overhead Belly to Belly Throw. Spear by Jason. Luke thumbed Jason’s eyes. 2 count. Karl got tangled up in the corner and Jason nailed the Flying Neckbreaker.

Your Winner: Jason Jordan

Raw Score: 2.75 out of a possible 5

Elias walked backstage.

Miz was being treated in the training room. He whined and complained and asked for ice. Kurt Angle checked on him. Kurt was not sympathetic to Kurt. Kurt set up a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match of Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Shield! Awesome!

Elias had a new song and insults for Apollo Crews and NASCAR. He then went off on the crowd. Making friends fast.

Elias vs Apollo Crews (w/Titus O’Neil and banjo).

Titus did a really bad song for Elias. He just needs a few more lessons on the banjo, I think.

The Finish:

The fight went to the floor. Apollo hit a wicked Moonsault off the apron. Crews may have tweaked his knee on the landing. Crews punched away and Elias was stunned. Apollo was pulled into the ropes. Drift Away.

Your Winner: Elias

Raw Score: 2.25

Enzo walked around, backstage. He had something to say.

Enzo Amore did his modified How You Doing? Intro. He now insults crowds and wrestlers. Enzo complained about how Kalisto attacked him but wasn’t banned from a title shot. Enzo brought out Kurt, who explained Kalisto was signed AFTER that document was signed and it did not pertain to him. Enzo was ticked off but it went to a whole new level when Kurt said Enzo would not have to wait until TLC to defend…it would happen tonight…in a Lumberjack Match! Enzo only agreed if Kurt made the match the Main Event.

I thought it was cool that Corey was supporting Breast Cancer month by wearing a light pink suit. I applaud him for his show of support.

Speaking of support, I want to send my love out to my step-mother, Shirley. She had a stroke on Monday evening and is in ICU in a local Dallas hospital. She is a fantastic woman who raised my brother (Bobby) and three sisters (Bettie, Sherry and Annie). Please keep her in your thought and prayers.

Braun Strowman vs Matt hardy


Braun just threw Matt all around. Braun blocked Side Effect and just pitched Matt over. Shoulder Tackle by Braun. Break time.

Brraun cranked on a Rear Chin Lock. Matt fought to his feet and hit a weak Jawbreaker. Braun charged and hit the post. Braun fell out to the floor. Braun got back in and rushed Matt. Back Elbow and Kick by Matt. Huge Tornado DDT and Twist of Fate to Braun. Braun kicked out at ONE! Braun Chokeslammed Matt after stopping a 2nd Twist of Fate. Braun just Chokeslammed Matt an\gain and hit the Bulldog Bounce. Count to 100.

Your Winner: Braun Strowman

Raw Score: 2.75

Braun pitched Matt out of the ring. Braun picked up Matt and headed up the ramp. He was stopped by the entrance of The Shield. They had the new Shield shirts on. I want one. Mugging of Braun. The crowd exploded with glee. Spear by Roman. They stomped away on the Monster. Dean and Seth dismantled the announce table. Shield Bomb! Hell, Yeah!

Dean, Seth and Roman were interviewed. Is it time for a WWE Six Man Championship? Miz-tourage…Shield…reunited Wyatt Family? Seth said they are back and stronger than ever. Dean said it was time to destroy all in their path. Roman was ready for them to take on the whole world. Believe That! The Shield vs Miz and The Bar in a TLC match! Sweet!

Mickie James came out to chat with the crowd. That is my girl’s favorite wrestler. James gets Alexa Bliss at TLC. Mickie knew that people didn’t accept her from the first day she came back. James knew it was all because of Alexa’s attitude. James berated Alexa for not having the nerve to insult her to her face. James knew Bliss prevented Mickie from beating Nia Jax, last week. James told Bliss to put on her Big Girl Pants and step up. James suggested Bliss wasn’t woman enough to deal with her. James was certain that she would be a 7-time champion.

She was cut off by the arrival of Bliss. Bliss had a video to share. It was a hack job about Mickie’s age. It looked like something out of the Vaudevillains era of video packaging. Bliss giggled at the video and cracked more jokes. Mickie told her to bring her Biscuit Butt to the ring. That got a chant going. Alexa got grumpy about the chant. Bliss faked out a ring entrance. Mickie got Alexa and threw her in the ring. Mickie took her lunch money and made her fix her a sandwich. Grin. Bliss bailed and pouted on the ramp.

We got another great Asuka promo piece. She will debut, on the big stage, at TLC. Kurt talked with the women about who would get to fight Asuka. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Emma, Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke all want to fight Asuka. Kurt set up a Fatal Five Way match to determine who will face Asuka at TLC.

Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali vs Jack Gallagher and “The” Brian Kendrick

The Finish:

So, Jack has gone heel? Weird.

Ali got a Hot Tag and took down Jack. Push Up Dropkick as Brian took the tag. Kick by Ali. Rolling Cutter by Ali but Jack made the save. Brian rolled up Ali for a two. Sliced Bread #2 by Brian to take the win.

Your Winners: “The” Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher

Raw Score: 2.5

We will learn the truth behind Sister Abigail…next.

Miz came up to talk with Kurt Angle. Miz wanted to set up a match with extra guys against the Shield. So it will be Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Braun Strowman!

Finn Balor came out to the ring. He was set to meet with “Sister Abigail” during this Hour Turner segment. The infamous “Too Sweet” chant got started. Finn considered Bray Wyatt a virus that keeps mutating. Balor knew Bray was desperate. Finn said he and the Balor Club and The Demon are not afraid of Bray, Sister Abigail or any member of the family.

The lights went out. We saw a rocking chair. Bray sat down and started to talk. Bray talked about Sister Abigail by saying the woman was dead. Bray said the Season of the Witch was upon him. Bray morphed, slightly into Sister Abigail. The voice was distorted. “She” talked about how she trained Bray. The voice kept going back and forth from Bray to Abigail. Suddenly, I thought about Anthony Perkins and his “mother” in Psycho. Bray just took creepy to level 11.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Emma vs Dana Brooke vs Alicia Fox

Elimination Match to find an opponent for Asuka.


The women took turns beating on each other. Dana clocked Fox in the head. Emma wanted an alliance with Dana. They beat down on Fox. Dana pushed Emma away and then beat on her. Handspring Elbows to Fox and Emma. Bayley attacked Bayley. Bad Scoop Slam by Dana. 2 count after a Cartwheel Splash. Dana lifted Bayley but a Bayley to Belly sent Dana to the showers.

Sasha rolled up Bayley for a two. Bayley looked so hurt and she clocked her BFF. Ax Kick by Fox to Bayley. 3 count and Bayley was gone. Break time.

Emma and Fox double teamed Sasha. Double Suplex to The Boss. Emma turned on Fox and almost pinned her. Fox looked so hot when she kicked out. Fox attacked Emma. Hard Elbow on Emma. Roll Up failed at the 2 point. Double Dropkick by Sasha. Sasha wore out Fox with shots and kicks. Head Scissors by Banks. Shotgun Knees to Fox. Kick to Emma. Fox tried to roll up Sasha but Sasha sent Fox into Emma. Back Stabber and BankStatement. Emma rolled up Sasha to get the match! Really? I’ll predict it NOW…Asuka has an easy night in her debut.

Your Winner: Emma

Raw Score: 2.0

Renee Young interviewed Finn Balor. Finn thought Bray had lost his mind. Finn was scared that Bray has unleashed something truly evil. Finn now had a plan to deal with Sister Abigail but he did not expand on his plan.

We got another flashback of the rebirth of the Shield. They have only shown this clip like 4 times since it happened.

Kalisto was interviewed. Charlie asked him about getting this title shot. Kalisto talked about Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. Kalisto was tired of Enzo’s disrespect and wanted to earn back respect for the title.

Kalisto vs Enzo Amore

Cruiserweight Lumberjack Match for the Cruiserweight Title


Corey Graves was seriously negative towards Enzo Amore. It might be some of Enzo’s recent comments about Graves’ career and family. Enzo ran off at the mouth for what seemed like forever. I really wish Corey could get in the ring and kick Enzo’s behind..

Kalisto rushed out to a decent pop. Michael Cole brought up Eddie Guerrero, who would have had a birthday on Monday. The bell sounded and Kalisto bounced around. Knuckle Lock and Enzo kicked away. Side Headlock by Enzo. Enzo used the match to avoid a break. Kalisto lost part of his mask but he action kept going. Universal but Enzo avoid a wild kick. Enzo bailed out to the floor but jumped back in. Dropkick sent Enzo to the floor. The Lumberjacks didn’t do their job. Roll Up and Rolling Kick by Kalisto.

Kalisto got the Lucha chant going. Drop Toe Hold and Front Face Lock took us to break.

Enzo stomped away on Kalisto and then yelled at the Lumberjacks. Enzo set up for a Field Goal Kick. He talked trash and then went after the pin. Enzo pitched Kalisto onto the apron. Kalisto kicked Enzo. Springboard Crossbody by Kalisto into a La Bandera Clothesline. Enzo was thrown back in. Enzo used a Roll Up to slam Kalisto’s head into the turnbuckles. Whiplash, if you will. The heels beat on Kalisto before he was thrown back in. Enzo stomped away on the masked man. Flatliner by Enzo to pull a deuce.

Legdrop by the champ into a Rear Chin Lock. Kalisto rolled through but Enzo would not release. Enzo threw Kalisto down, hard. Enzo then rested on the ropes. Enzo wanted the Extra Point but Kalisto caught he leg. Spin Kick and Seated Head Scissors DDT. 2 count.

Enzo with a modified Curb Stomp. Enzo pushed Kalisto out of the ring but he was pushed back in. Enzo attacked Mustafa Ali. The Lumberjacks got into one Hell of a fight. Kalisto fought on the ropes and hit a Superplex to drive himself and Enzo into the entire Cruiserweight roster!

Both men fought to slide back into the ring. Enzo’s eyes were so glazed. Kalisto psyched himself up. Enzo blocked Kalisto’s finisher and hit Eat da Feet. Ali pulled Enzo out of the ring to prevent the three count. Enzo was livid. Ali and Enzo screamed at each other. Enzo then dropped Ali. Kalisto was pulled off the ropes. Enzo attacked Kalisto but Kalisto hit a Super Salida del Sol!

Your Winner (and NEW Cruiserweight Champion): Kalisto

Raw Score: 3.0


–Jay Shannon


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