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Highlights from GFW Press Conference, September 26, 2017 featuring Impact Grand Champion, Ethan Carter III (EC3)

With Bound for Glory in Canada this year, what is like travelling and taking the product to see new audiences?

- Ethan feels like its important to take the product to new places both for himself and the company as a whole. It is a great gauge to see how your television show is working for fans that don’t have an opportunity to come to the Impact Zone.

Are you excited to do or see any tourist attractions while in Ottawa?

- He’s not too familiar with what Ottawa has to offer but maybe he can meet up with some oil tycoons and light some cigars with some $100 dollar bills. When we go anywhere for television, it is about work probably wont be a lot of time for touristy stuff.

With all the new faces coming to Impact recently, what has it been like backstage now that you are a veteran presence?

- Before the change in ownership I saw myself as becoming a locker room leader. Since the change, I stood back to let the chips fall but has spoken to new management briefly trying to see what his role can be backstage.
- He sees a lot of passion and hunger in the new talent. They are trying new things. He enjoys trying new things and working with new talent, seeing what works and doesn’t work. He will give new talent an opportunity to work with him and he will try to help them but at the same time, working with new talent helps me learn as well.

How do you prepare in delivering such great promos and what promo advice do you have for young talent?

- First you have to keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish with the promo. Next, you want make it believable and entertaining. I try to be creative and different. My advice for young talent is find the comfort zone in your chacter and try not to do too much.

Compare the creative approaches of NXT versus Impact do you have more creative freedom at Impact?

- Whre I am now in Impact, I do have a certain amount of freedom but at the same time I expect to held accountable and will be held accountable if I mess up. I try to keep in mind what we are trying to accomplish.

- In NXT seasons 4 & 5 we had creative freedom simply because there was very little supervision from the top because no one watched.

How much does the Impact Grand Championship mean to you?

- Honestly, it could mean more. I enjoy some aspects of the matches and the belt looks awesome. owever, hes not sure how to make the title more important but definitely thinks it can be more important. He would love to be the guy to help add prestige to the title.

What makes for good management?

- Communication is a key. The problem with communication is its different for every individual. A clear vision as far any end and forv s who we are, where are going, accountability both on the company end and by the talent. You have to have creative vision but at the samr time you can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. You have to have a creative direction and the talent should be held accountable if they fail to do what is expected of them.

With your great comedic timing, is there a place for comedy wrestling at the top of the card?

- He tried comedy at NXT to be different and it backfired. He got pigeon-holed as a comedy wrestler. He believes you can still have serious angles and incorporate personality to be humorous and entertaining ala the Rock or Stone Cold.

Given the changes in management, do you feel more pressure now as the face of the company than before?

- He doesn’t really consider himself the face of the company due to the roster and the options at the top. He doesn’t feel more pressure now than before due to the pressure he puts on himself to always do a great job.

Whats your opinion of the National Anthem protests?

- Personally would never do it but respect the power of the First Amendment.

What is your opinion of the Grand Championship match concept vs. MMA or traditional wrestling?

-The match is intriguing but, at the same time takes commitment. Making the concept work in a “work” environment is a challenge as opposed to regular MMA which is a work. It is unique and different and can work in a wrestling show. Educating the public is a big push to its success.

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