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NXT Recap
Full Sail Arena
Orlando, Florida
Air Date: August 30, 2017

There is trouble brewing right from the start tonight on NXT as we go to the entrance of the NXT arena to see the members of Sanity and NXT security laid out. Commissioner, William Regal made it out but the perpetrators had already fled. Off in the distance we could see three shadowy figures, presumably, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reiley and Adam Cole.

Inside the NXT Arena, we check in with the table where Percy Watson, Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness each have their theories. Not surprisingly, two-thirds of the table go right for Cole, Fish and O’Reiley as the culprits, only Nigel appears unconvinced.

The new NXT Champion heads to the ring to cut his first promo as champ. He touches on this being the culmination of his 17-year career and if anybody wants a shot, all they have to do is step in the ring and tell him they want to fight.

Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring and says he saw what happened at Takeover: Brooklyn but doesn’t care. All he cares about is his family and the NXT Championship and, after he beats Bobby Roode, he wants to step up. McIntyre respects Strong and wants him to fight like a man. He just hopes Roddy is ready to lose like one.

Mauro Ranallo announces Strong, Bobby Roode as the main event for later in the show. They then go to thr replay of Roode’s unfinished business promo from last week. The first match: Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riot is announced as the show heads to commercial.

We return to a Twitter update on Asuka’s injury and are reminded that she had to give up the title despite not losing. She returns next week to make an announcement about her future.

The two ladies make their entrance for the opener. The announce team runs footage that shows Ruby Riot beating Billie Kay three weeks ago.

Match 1: Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay) vs. Ruby Riot

This match is set up as Riot trying to beat both members of the “Iconic Duo.” After some early jockeying for position, Riot nails some deep arm drags and a dropkick and takes control with an armbar. Royce backs her to the ropes and snaps her arm over the ropes breaking the hold. She throws Riot at the feet of Kay as we take another commercial timeout.

We return to see Riot free herself from a hold with hard forearms and running clothesline. Riot nails a big boot to the face in the corner and gets a two count. Riot tries to finish her from the top rope but Royce recovers and cuts her off. Royce goes for superplex of her own but its blocked by Riot. Riot is distracted by Kay allowing Royce to nail a fireman’s carry death valley driver for a near-fall Royce goes for a roundhouse kick but Riot ducks and comes back with a powerbomb for a near-fall of her own.
Kaye pulls Royce to the safety allowing Riot to take both women with a suicide dive. She throws Royce in the ring where Peyton tries to crawl away. She grabs the ring skirt forcing the referee to kick it out of the ring. This allows Kaye to pull Riot to the floor and hit her with the 50 Shades boot knocking Riot clean out. Royce drug Riot back in the ring and hit the fisherman’s suplex for the academic win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

From his office, Regal is asked to comment on the carnage we saw earlier tonight with Sanity. Regal is immediately cut off by Kassius Ohno who informs Regal his is healed again and wants Hideo Itami. Regal answers in the affirmative when Ohno asks for another favor, fearing Itami may use underhanded tactics again, Ohno that the match be no disqualification. Regal also grants the stipulation.

Strong meditates as Ranallo hypes the main event. A vignette of Heavy Machinery is shown as we head to break.

Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight) vs. Damien Aweel and Edwin Negron

Heavy Machinery is back and looking to get themselves back in the title hunt. Otis starts out here against Damien Aweel. Aweel is a bit timid to start and Dozovic takes advantage by shoving him down. They lock up again and Aweel tries to climb the ropes to get the break. Dozovic obliges by just dropping him to the canvas. Sensing a different strategy is needed, Aweel tries to run right through Dozovic. As you might guess, that didn’t work either as Otis doesn’t budge then tags in Tucker Knight.

Knight makes the tag and Heavy Machinery do the double-team body block on Aweel. Miraculously, Aweel gets to the ropes and slugs Knight on the break allowing time to make the tag to Negron. Aweel and Negron attempt a double-team move on Knight which he ducks and hits a cross-body on both men. After a couple of corner splashes, Heavy Machinery performs the compactor and pins both men simultaneously for the win.

Winner: Heavy Machinery.

The announce table switches gears and talks Lars Sullivan. They feel he has anger management issues and to illustrate this point, they show a clip where Sullivan attacked NoWay Jose during his fiesta at ringside. GM Regal has Anderson in his office and informs him that, next week, he will battle three opponents. Sullivan is unfazed by this and just turns and leaves.

Roode is taping up for the main event as we head to commercial.

We are back and Ranallo runs through the card for next week. Andrade “Cien” Almas returns to get his long-awaited rematch against Cesar Benoni. Also, the main event will be Hideo Itami vs. Kassius Ohno in a no disqualification grudge match.
We are set for the main event as Strong and Roode make their entrances.

Match 3: Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode

Roode opens by calling Strong a failure and hitting the “Glorious” pose. Strong is understandably perturbed by this and shoves Roode. Strong would take that momentum to take the lead early after a great dropkick and a backbreaker. Roode tries the escape the ring defense but Strong blocks him and scores another backbreaker.

The action spills to the apron and Roode takes control shoving Strong to the post. The fight continues on the floor with Strong going back-first into the ring steps. Strong tries a desperation boot to the face but Roode with a spinebuster on the floor. As both recover on the floor, we head to commercial.

Both wrestlers are in the ring when we come back and Roode tries to end it with a neckbreaker. Roode hits a backbreaker of his own before striking his pose. Strong tries to fire back but Roode is unfazed and turns his advantage into a surfboard.

Strong levels the playing field with a gutbuster and follows with a running lariat. Strong hits another backbreaker for a near-fall. When Roode kicks out, Strong picks him in a powerbomb for another two-count. After Roode escapes, Strong immediately turns it into a Boston crab but Roode was too close to the ropes.

Out of desperation, Roode throws Roddy to the floor. Once back in the ring, Roode tries a modified fireman’s carry into a jawbreaker but only gets two. Roode presses the advantage with another spinebuster and a “Glorious” DDT but Strong blocked it. Strong comes back with an Olympic slam and a flapjack for a near-fall.

Roode, again in desperation mode, snaps Strong’s neck off the rope. He goes to the top rope but is met by Strong. They fight and Strong hits and enziguri. Strong follows with a superplex but Roode kicks out!! They trade shots in the center until Roode finally scores the “Glorious” DDT. Strong beat it with a foot on the bottom rope.

Strong gets his second wind here and starts wailing Roode with multiple high knees. Strong finishes the match with a modified back suplex into a backbreaker followed by a Strong breaker to get the three.

Winner: Roderick Strong

McIntyre makes his way to the stage to show props to Strong. Out of nowhere, he is jumped by the faction of Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reiley and Cole. They DDT him on the stage and bolt out of the arena. Regal and his security force are in hot pursuit to close this week’s show.

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