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Lisa “The Poet” Williams reporting

On August 20th, there was a special SummerSlam event that took place at Nick’s Roast Beef in Philadelphia. It was called Legends SummerSlam PPV Party featuring Nikolai Volkoff and Cowboy Bob Orton. In addition to that, the special event was hosted by the legendary Bill Apter.

The event started off with Nikolai Volkoff singing the Soviet National Anthem. Out of respect for Volkoff, everyone in the audience stood up as he was singing the anthem. The anthem was followed by the Q & A session where Apter was asking Cowboy Orton and Volkoff different questions regarding their wrestling careers. The fans were also invited to ask the legends some questions. During the session, both men told different stories that were very interesting. Some stories even made us laugh. And there were stories that broke my heart. Cowboy Orton and Volkoff told their experiences they had with the fans. For those who watched professional wrestling in the 1980s would most likely know that both men were “bad guys”, “heels”, “rule breakers” or whatever you wanted to call them. I learned that back in those days, fans not only hated them but they wanted to kill them. It was horrifying to find out that fans would go as far as flipping over vehicles to attack wrestlers they hated in those days. It is good to know that all of that has changed.

There were some very interesting facts about Volkoff. He talked about how he started doing the Soviet National Anthem, how he started crushing apples with his one hand as part of his gimmick, being trained at The Dungeon by Stu Hart, funny stories about Mr. Fuji ribbing people backstage, and other stories that many of us never knew.

Cowboy Orton told the fans some amazing stories as well. I learned that he was never trained by his father, Bob Orton Sr. His wrestling training actually came from Hiro Matsuda, Jack Brisco and Eddie Graham. He told an interesting story about how he met Hulk Hogan. In Florida, Hogan was a musician for a band, and he asked Cowboy Orton about getting into professional wrestling. That led to Hogan being trained by Matsuda as well. I find that story so interesting because I started watching wrestling in the 1980s around the time when Hogan was feuding with “Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper and Cowboy Orton. I would never knew that Cowboy Orton was the one who helped Hogan get into professional wrestling. There were other stories that Cowboy Orton told that were interesting…and some were crazy and bizarre.

After the Q & A session, there was a drawing for a cool prize. It was a steel chair signed by The Rock and Mick Foley. I had the honor of drawing out the ticket from a hat. Volkoff jokingly told me to not cheat when doing the drawing, and it made me laugh. Even though I was not the winner, it was still cool to watch a happy fan win that prize.

The drawing was followed by an autograph and photo op session with Volkoff and Cowboy Orton. I had two very cool 8 x 10 photos for them to sign, and I had the pleasure of taking a picture with them. I noticed that more fans were arriving to get autographs and have their photos taken with the two legends.

The last part of the event was a dinner buffet and an opportunity to watch the 2017 SummerSlam PPV at the restaurant. It was a real treat to watch the show with the legends and even being in the same room with Cowboy Orton as he watched his son, WWE superstar “The Viper” Randy Orton, being victorious.

I enjoyed myself at the event. It was truly a pleasure meeting both Nikolai Volkoff and Cowboy Bob Orton and hearing their incredible stories. I was so happy to be in an environment where I got to meet and get to know legends who inspired the next generation of wrestlers and be surrounded by enthusiastic wrestling fans. In addition to that, I want to stress out that Matt Milcarek, wrestling promoter and owner of Matymil Events, did an outstanding job setting up and running the Legends SummerSlam PPV Party event. I look forward to future events run by Matymil Events, and I highly recommend that wrestling fans attend any future event.

For more information on upcoming events, go to: www.matymilevents.com

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