Posted August 20th, 2017 by Bill Apter


A few minutes into the match AJ did a 450 off the ropes and it connected with McMahon. A poup power bomb by Owens and its a two count … Owens gets in Shane’s face about the count … Calf Crusher by AJ but Owens rakes AJ’s eyes to escape. Owens kicks Styles into McMahon who is catapulted outside the ring …. Owens taps out to the calf crusher but McMahon didn’t see it … AJ confronts and pushes McMahon who pushes him back.

Styles Clash but only a two count … Popup Power Bomb but AJ put his foot on the ropes and Owens thinks he won … Owens gets into a battle with Owens … Pele kick by AJ … Phenominal Forearm …. Styles Clash and pin!

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