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The Raw Score
by Jay and Lottie Shannon

Kalisto has issued a special challenge to Braun Strowman…a Dumpster Match. I haven’t seen one of those since the New Age Outlaws went up against Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk).

The show started with a flashback segment about Braun Strowman. Braun decimated Roman Reigns and then took out several others, including Kalisto, Goldust and R-Truth. He eventually fought Big Show. The match ended when the ring IMPLODED! I believe that was the third time that Show has broken a ring like that. I

Roll the opening montage!

We were live from Kansas City. Payback is this Sunday and it will be wild.

Chris Jericho came out for the opening live segment. Jericho may be leaving Raw, after Sunday. If he wins the United States title, he will have to go to Smackdown to defend the US strap. Booker T was back to join the announce team.

Highlight Reel:

Jericho apprecated the loudness of the crowd. Jericho swore this would be the final Highlight Reel…on Raw. Jericho was confident that he was headed to the Blue Brand. Jericho decided to be his own guest, this week. Chris brought up all the past issues between himself and Kevin Owens. Typical insults for KO.

Chris was about to put Owens on “The List” but Miz and Maryse interrupted him. Chris mistimed it, just a bit. Miz told everyone to shut up. Miz realized that Raw is no longer Jericho, at least since they arrived. “You Suck” rang out from all corners of the arena. Miz gave back as good as he got. “We can’t suck…we aren’t from Kansas City”.

Jericho stood his ground agaisnt Miz. Miz said the Highlight Reel has been replaced by MizTV. Who cares? Neitehr of them are Roddy Piper and this sure as heck isn’t Piper’s Pit. Just saying…

Miz forced the monkeys to change the set to make room for MizTV. As Miz started to talk…

Dean Ambrose decided to join the party. Great…another talk show time waster. Dean felt Miz WAS a “Stupid Idiot”. Dean was certain that no one wanted to see MizTV. Dean decided to fix things by setting up “The Ambrose Asylum”. Wake me when this is over. Dean hoped Jericho would defeat KO, on Sunday. Dean wanted to make peace with his former enemy, Chris Jericho. Chris reminded Dean that Ambrose STILL owed him 15 Grand for the Lite Brite Jacket destruction. Dean had a gift for Chris…a NEW Lite Brite Jacket! Christmas Tree Lights on a grey jacket. Dean asked Chris to try it on. Miz was having no part of it. Miz argued with the crowd about hte ugly jacket. Jericho slid the modified suit jacket on and looked sharp-ish. Miz rambled on about how much Dean has devalued the IC Strap. Miz was there to rescue the WWE from Dean as champion. Miz demanded a gift…so Dean hit Dirty Deeds! Jericho then put Maryse on “The List”.

The Hardy Boyz walked backstage. Matt had a singles, next.

Sheamus (w/Cesaro) vs Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy)

The Finish:

10 Beats by Sheamus. Sheamus climbed the ropes and waited. Flying Clothesline brought the Celtic Warrior a two count. Matt fought out of White Noise. Sheamus crashed into the corner. Tornado DDT by Matt. Matt hurt himself on that move. Matt threw wild Forearms and then bashed Sheamus into the corner, over and over. Running Bulldog byMatt. Matt then went up on the middle ropes. Savage Elbow to pull another two. Matt got the “Delete” chant going. Sheamus nailed a vicious Knee Strike. Sheamus hit hte Rolling Senton to avoid the Twist of Fate. Sheamus took out Jeff. Jeff got up on the apron. Cesaro pulled him down. Twist of Fate by Matt!

Your Winner: Matt Hardy
Raw Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

It looked to break down, post match. Sheamus was actually the Peacemaker, this week. Handshakes all around, again.

Kurt Angle was on the phone, talking about the Dumpster Match. Miz hung up the phone call that Kurt was having. Miz whined that Chris and Dean disrespected MizTV. Kurt ordered Miz to find a partner to work a tag match against Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. Maryse yelled at Kurt in French. Kurt just blew her off.

Tomorrow night’s Smackdown is going to be awesome. Naomi vs Charlotte PLUS Shinsuke Nakamura will explain what he wants on Smackdown.

Neville and T.J. Perkins vs Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

The Finish:

Aries got the hot tag and went to town on Perkins. Tick Tock Elbow Drop to TJP. Bell Ringer to Neville, followed by a Senton. Aries flipped Neville over the ropes and nailed a Neckbreaker and Suicide Dive. Perkins kicked out at 2. Last Chancellory on Perkins. Neville broke the hold. Jack attacked Neville with hard forearms. Neville kicked away at the Gentleman. Headbutt from Hell by Jack. Double Team on Perkins. Discus Fivearm by Aries to close this one out.

Your Winners: Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher
Raw Score: 3.75

Braun Strowman vs Kalisto
Dumpster Match


Braun will fight Roman Reigns, on Sunday. Tonight, Braun just stared into the dumpster and waited. Some fans were chanting for Roman to show up. Braun called the fans nothing more than trash. Braun also got a shot in on Roman.

Backstage, Kurt asked Kalisto if he really wanted to do this. Kalisto was fired up and wanted to fight for his pride. Kurt smiled and nodded as Kalisto headed towards almost certain doom. Kalisto has a new cooler version of the old Lucha Dragons theme.

It has been 17 years since WWE did a Dumpster Match. Kalisto used his speed to avoid Braun, for a few moments. Enziguri by Kalisto. Springboard Dropkick did not take down the big man. Spinning Jawbreaker by Kalisto. Braun caught Kalisto on the fly and pitched the Luchadore across the ring. Damn! Corner Splash by Braun. All the announcers were certain that Kalisto had no chance of winning this battle. Braun lifted Kalisto and took him towards the dumpster. Kalisto did a Rey Mysterio to try and pull Braun over. Braun stopped the momentum and threw Kalisto back in the ring.

Braun used his knee to choke Kalisto in the corner. Corner Splash by Braun. Braun clubbed the chest of Kalisto. Crossfaces . Braun seemed to have this one won but a Dropkick caused Barun to fall into the Dumpser.

Your Winner: Kalisto
Raw Score: 2.0

Braun seriously butchered Kalisto, after the match. The fans screamed for Roman, who didn’t show up. Braun threw Kalisto into the Dumpster and shut the lids. Braun dragged the Dumpster towards the ramp. Braun pushed the dumpster up the ramp. Officials ran out to stop Braun but they backed off. Braun used a strap to seal the dumpster. Braun thought it over and then pushed the dumpster off the stage!

The EMTs helped put Kalisto onto a stretcher. The announcers were stunned at the brutality they just witnessed. Kurt watched as Kalisto was loaded into the ambulance. At least Braun didn’t flip over this ambulance.

Raw ran a promo package about Roman Reigns. Roman is likely not going to be at Raw, since he is still dealing with the loss of his older brother, Matt (Rosey).

Bray Wyatt cut one of his creepy rants about his upcoming war with Randy Orton. Bray promised Pain and Suffering in the House of Horrors Match. Bray explained that Randy would never be able to leave his prison.

Dana Brooke vs Alicia Fox

The Finish:

Emma came out to watch thle mach that she caused to happen. Dana ran over Alicia and hit a hard Slam. Fox got the knees up but missd the Ax Kick. Dana hit a weird version of the Michinoku Driver.

Your Winner: Dana Brooke
Raw Score: 1.25

Emma got in th ring to congratulate Dana. She hugged her former buddy.

The announcers gave an updated list of matches for Payback.

Samoa Joe, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were interviewed. Joe had his strategy ready for Enzo, Cass and Seth. Karl said Joe has taught them new ways to punish. Joe rambled on about the pain he was going to dish out to Seth, for what Rollins did to Triple H and Stephanie.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
Six Man Tag Team Match


Luke and Karl Pearl Harbored Enzo. Joe took out Cass. Magic Killer to Enzo. Seth finally came out to join the fight. Seth tore into all three foes. Hockey Fight between Seth and Joe. Luke and Karl jumped Seth. Cass got back in the ring to protect his partner. Enzo was down and seriously hurt. We cut to commercial break.

Kurt was on the stage and set up the new Six Man Match.

Samoa Joe, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs Big Cass, Seth Rollins and FINN BALOR
Six Man Tag Team Match


Finn was once the leader of the Bullet Club, which Luke and Karl were members of. Cass bashed away on Karl. Corner Splash by Cass. Fallaway Slam by Cass. Tag to Seth. Fist Dop off the ropes and tag to Finn. Finn hit a Flying Dropkick to Luke. Karl got the tag. Joe took the tag and Finn tore into the big Samoan. Corner Attack by Joe. Joe hit straight jabs to Finn’s face.

Tag to Karl, who blasted Finn. Arm Bar by Karl. Backbreaker by Karl to earn a two count. Tag to Luke. Luke boxed the ribs and jaw of Balor. Luke refocused on Finn’s arm. Finn fought to his feet but took a knee. Double Boots but Luke hit a Side Slam. Superkick to Cass.

Tags on both sides. Seth went to town on Karl and hit the Blockbuster. Sling Blade by Seth! Cass hit a Big Boot to take out Luke. Joe tried to attack Seth’s knee but didn’t get far. Seth hit a Rainmaker Knee Strike to take the win.

Your Winners: Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Big Cass
Raw Score: 3.0

Miz chatted with Cesaro and Sheamus to try and get them to be his partner. They declined.

Alexa Bliss was on deck for action.

Alexa Bliss came down to the ring. She is 2nd cutest 5 foot tall lady out there (Lottie comes first). Alexa will fight Bayley, on Sunday, for the Women’s title. It will be in Bayley’s home town.

Alexa made fun of Bayley for being so bright and cheery. Alexa was over confident. Bayley came out to put Alexa in her place. Bayley agreed that Alexa has proven how great she is. Bayley knew Alexa liked to talk behind people’s backs. Bayley said she worked her butt off, day in and day out, to keep her dream going. Bayley swore she would walk out of her home town with the belt. Alexa didn’t know they were fighting in Bayley’s home town. Alexa was happy that she would get to humiliate Bayley in front of her daddy. Alexa asked Bayley if she had ever kissed a boy.

Sasha Banks came out to stop this nonsense. Alexa got really nasty about the notes that Sasha leaves for Bayley. Sasha was certain that Bayley woulud shut up Alexa, on Sunday. Sasha wanted to do that, right now. Alexa said that she would not be fighting the “unhinged” Sasha Bankss. Alexa didn’t feel safe in the ring. Sasha delivered a right to confirm that it was NOT a safe place to be.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss


Bayley was at the announce desk for this one. Alexa hid in the ropes. Bliss threw Banks down hard. Alexa stood on Sasha’s back and stomped the head of her foe into the canvas. Sasha bashed and battered Bliss but Alexa came off the ropes. Forearms and Dropkick by Sasha. Hard kick and Shotgun Knees by Sasha. Corner Drop by Sasha.

Alexa stomped away on the purple haired battler. Sasha went for the BankStatement but Bliss was too close to the ropes. Alexa slid outside and took the count out loss.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 1.25

Bayley went and got Alexa.. She dragged her down the ramp. Alexa broke free and ran to the back. As Bayley turned, Alexa came out and jumped Bayley from behind.

Dean and Chris chatted, in the locker room. Dean asked to be removed from “The List”. Jericho explained that no one gets removed. Jericho still had issues with Dean. Jericho thought it over and Dean UNMADE the List. Dean was all kinds of excited. Jericho ended up putting Dean right back on the List. Jeez.

We want to send our best out to our “little sister”, Jill. She’s having surgery on Wednesday. She is a huge fan of wrestling and one of the dearest friends we have. We will be at her side when she goes under the knife. Love you, girl.

Enzo and Cass will fight Anderson and Gallows on the Kick Off Show, Sunday.

Heath Slater and Curtis Axel were being interviewed. Miz came up to try and recruit one of them to be his partner. Heath and Curtis turned him down. Rhyno walked in with food to share. Miz was so upset. Maryse got ugly with Curtis and Heath. Rhyno tried to give Maryse a cracker, which she slapped away. Someone came in with a note. Miz now has an AWESOME partner.

Curt Hawkins was back to create another star. He was ready to share the Star Factory with anyone who thought they had what it takes. He got…Apollo Crews!

Curt Hawkins vs Apollo Crews
Star Factory Challenge


Curt kicked away. Crews went into a Universal and Dropkick. Crews crashed into the corner. Curt stomped away. Back Drop Suplex by Hawkins. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Curt. Modified Shining Wizard by Crews. Big Boot by Crews. Flying Clothesline and Kip Up led to the Jumping Enziguri. Crews Missile Spinning Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 2.5

Titus O’Neil got in the ring to talk with Apollo Crews. Titus wants to ride on Crews’ fame.

Hate to say good-byes. Last week, we lost Matt “Rosey” Anoi’a and Erin Moran (from Happy Days). Both brought a lot of entertainment to fans, even though they were in different areas of performing. Wishing them both a gentle and loving rest.

There was an update on Kalisto. He suffered hip trauma and other injuries.

Raw ran a video package about the feud between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

Austin Aries wanted to set up a special match for 205 Live. Kurt then asked Miz if he had a partner. Miz was tickled with who he found. The Drifter strolled by playing a guitar. Kurt thought that was the partner but Miz said it wasn’t that guy.

Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose vs Miz and ?

The mystery partner turned out to be…no one! Miz needed things postponed or cancelled. Kurt Angle stopped everything. Kurt reminded MIz he gave him plenty of time to find a partner. Kurt said Miz will fight, right now.

Dean and Chris worked over Miz and sent him out with a Double La Bandera Clothesline. Raw went to break.

Suplex by Dean. Chris tagged in and hit an Ax Bomber. Chris hit a Running Forearm. Lax cover brought only a two. Stall Suplex by Jericho. Chris choked Miz on the middle rope. Skidmark Knee by Jericho. Tag back to Dean. Ax Bomber by Ambrose. Miz tried to talk his way out of a fight butt didn’t happen.

Miz offered a Handshake but decided to slap Dean, instead. Maryse blasted Dean. Miz threw Dean into the barricade. Miz then drove Dean into the ring apron. Running Boot by Miz drew a two.

Dean got caught in the Reality Check but kicked out at two. Miz taunted Jericho. Danielson Kicks by MIz. Small Package by Dean. Rebound Clothesline by Dean. Jericho wanted the tag. Chris came in and Steam Rolled Miz. Jericho hit yet another Ax Bomber. Bulldog by Jericho. Lionsault! Miz blocked the Code Breaker but fell to the Dropkick. Miz tried to run away. Dean attacked Miz and blasted him on the stage. The announcers had to run for their lives. Dean got up on the announce table and then pulled Miz up with him.

Suddenly, BRAY WYATT showed up! I guess he was the partner. Sister Abigail into the light wall. Double team on Jericho. Bray ordered Chris to be taken to the ring. Code Breaker! Sister Abigail! Bray stood over Jericho and then took out Miz with a Sister Abigail!

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: 2.0

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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