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Jermaine Royster reporting

This week on New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we go back to September of last year and witness two title matches from the “Destruction in Tokyo” show in Tokyo, Japan. From this show we get Katsuyori Shibata facing the “Infamous” Bobby Fish of ReDragon(Ring of Honor) with the NEVER Openweight Championship at stake. After that in the main event we get yet another classic match between two Jr. Heavyweight rivals KUSHIDA putting his IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title on the line against Bushi of Los Ingobernables de Japon.

Destruction in Tokyo

September 17, 2016
Ota Ward Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

Singles Match
NEVER Openweight Championship Match
“The Wrestler” Katsuyori Shibata© vs “Infamous” Bobby Fish(ROH)

This match starts with both men looking for a takedown, Fish scores with a double leg takedown which Shibata switches over forcing a break in the ropes. Both trade high kicks then Shibata gets Fish on the mat and tries the Penalty Kick right away but Fish scurries out of the way. After a tie up Shibata puts his knees in Fish’s back getting him down then Shibata goes with a leg lock by the ropes, Fish screams in pain but soon reverses the hold but Shibata rolls back over. Shibata brings Fish back to the middle of the ring and continues with the leg lock then transitions to a knee bar, Fish counters the hold but Shibata gets to the ropes, Fish begins to work that same leg of Shibata by slamming it off the ring apron. Fish charges Shibata in the corner then comes back with a brain buster and Shibata falls to the outside. Bobby Fish attacks Shibata on the outside putting his head through the barricade and pulling on Shibata’s neck. Fish unloads with chops to Shibata by the apron then Fish sends Shibata flying off the steel barricade. Fish sends Shibata in the ring but Shibata just rolls right back to the outside, as Shibata enters the ring Fish spring board senton splash for a two count. Fish scores with a perfect back suplex for a two count then wraps up Shibata in a arm bar then hits another back suplex for another two count. Fish then hits a DDT followed by a hanging chock hold, Shibata gets away but Fish scores with elbows to Shibata’s back. Fish goes with the Maui Thai knees then another big chop that drops Shibata, Fish then blast Shibata with a kick to the chest, Shibata shakes it off so Fish blasts him three more times and Shibata raises up with a elbow that stuns Fish. Shibata then scores with two big boots to Fish in the corner then the running drop kick in the corner to Fish for a two count. Shibata then locks on the Abdominal stretch by the ropes and Fish screams in pain, Shibata then goes for the triangle choke hold but Fish slams Shibata to break the hold but Bobby holds on to Shibata’s leg and locks on with another knee bar. Shibata would reach the bottom rope to cause a break, Bobby Fish would score with a exploder suplex but Shibata comes right back with a belly to back suplex followed by the Penalty Kick. Shibata doesn’t cover Fish but instead goes for another Penalty Kick but Fish counters into yet another knee bar and this time Shibata is fading away with pain but somehow manages to get to the bottom rope. Fish hits two belly to back suplexes for a two count, Bobby then signals for the Fish-hook but Shibata counters the move with a massive head but that busts open Shibata’s fore head. With Fish dazed we see Shibata quickly pounce on Fish with a sleeper hold then the Penalty Kick again and Shibata covers Fish for the win.

Your Winner: Katsuyori Shibata retain the NEVER Openweight Championship

After the match we see Shibata with his hand raised in victory, Fish’s tag team partner Kyle O’Reilly enter the ring and stare down Shibata. Kyle grabs the microphone and challenges Shibata to a match then Shibata accepts.

Singles Match
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Bushi[Los Ingobernables de Japon] vs KUSHIDA©

Both men circle the ring then tie up which is broken as both men tie up by the ropes, Bushi then runs the ropes and fakes out Kushida with a pose a la Naito. After another exchange we see Bushi doing the same thing as he fakes out Kushida again this time sending him to the outside. Kushida gets back in the ring but Bushi meets him with kicks to the gut, Kushida then drop kicks the knee of Bushi dropping him to the outside. Bushi throws Kushida off the barricade on the outside then grabs a chair and places it by Kushida’s face, Bushi then drop kicks the chair into Kushida’s face. Bushi doesn’t let up as he comes back outside slamming Kushida off the barricade again before sending him back inside. After a pin attempt by Bushi we see him stomping on Kushida by the ropes then Bushi goes with a leg scissors on Kushida’s neck. Kushida gets to the ropes but Bushi doesn’t let up on the hold then Bushi scores with a neck breaker then a rear chin lock. Bushi hooks the leg and turns that into an STF submission but Kushida gets to the bottom rope. Bushi goes up to the top rope and blasts Kushida with a drop kick, Bushi then chokes Kushida with his shirt but Kushida counters with a back suplex. Kushida comes back with kicks and chops but when he runs the ropes Kushida gets pulled down by Bushi’s cornerman who is wearing a mask, Bushi pounces and blasts Kushida with a kick. Kushida would then counter Bushi with an enziguiri on the apron, Kushida then spring boards himself into the ring and blasts Bushi with a lariat. Kushida hits the spring board elbow off the ropes but then he runs the ropes again and the mysterious cornerman wraps up Kushida in the ropes, Bushi runs in for the cheap shot but Kushida gets out of the way and Bushi hits his partner. Kushida grabs Bushi and sends him to the outside and Kushida runs the ropes and flys over the top rope and crashing down onto both men. Kushida sends Bushi back in the ring then Bushi counters Kushida in the corner and Kushida arm drags Bushi but holds on to hook on the arm bar but Bushi gets to the ropes. Kushida then drop kicks the arm of Bushi by the ropes then Kushida goes to the top rope for the missile drop kick but Bushi pushes red shoes in front of him and Kushida blasts the referee instead. Kushida goes to pick up Bushi but instead Bushi spews the green mist in Kushida’s face sending him to the outside. Naito then comes down the isle to the ring and he holds up a lifeless Kushida so Bushi can run the ropes and blast Kushida with a suicide dive through the ropes. Naito & Bushi get in the ring and double team Kushida as Naito holds up Kushida again while Bushi looks to come down off the tope rope hitting the “MX”(Diving Double Knee Facebreaker). All of a sudden Michael Elgin comes into the ring and makes the save as he gives Naito a big boot to the face and he catches Bushi who tries an elbow off the top rope. Elgin picks up both Naito & Bushi and slam them both, Elgin & Naito fight each other back up the ramp. Kushida hits a seated drop kick to Bushi then Kushida follows that with a moonsault for a two count. Kushida then misses a kick then Bushi counters with a rollup for a two count, Bushi goes back up to the top but Kushida gets his knees up blocking Bushi as he comes down off the ropes. Both men trade blows while getting to their feet but neither man budges, Kushida then lets off a big kick but Bushi catches Kushida also. Kushida picks up Bushi the wrenches the arm of Bushi twice on his shoulder. Bushi runs the ropes but the Kushida counters into his finisher the Hover Board Lock(Key Lock), Bushi is by the ropes but Kushida brings him back and Bushi rolls up Kushida for a two count. Kushida then blasts Bushi with a discuss punch, Bushi then counters with the last shot pile driver. Both men raise to their feet and Bushi hits an enziguiri then hits the double knees, Bushi then goes up to the top rope and score with the MX but Kushida kicks out at two. Bushi goes back to the top rope again and he hits the MX again and this time Kushida flies back on the impact, Bushi covers Kushida and gets the big win.

Your Winner: Bushi wins and becomes the new IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion

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