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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us Live from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California and tonight we get all the fallout from Elimination Chamber last Sunday night. Naomi captured the Smackdown Live Womens Championship by pinning Alexa Bliss for the third straight time in three meetings, The American Alpha just barely retained their Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships as they took a serious beating by The Uso’s & Bray Wyatt survived the Chamber Match winning the WWE Championship for the first time by eliminating John Cena then pinning AJ Styles hitting the Sister Abigail. After that match was over we saw Randy Orton staring at Bray from the entrance ramp, Orton also defeated Luke Harper earlier in the night. Bray Wyatt’s music hits and the new WWE Champion makes his way to the ring to start the show. We learn that tonight on Smackdown Live we will see John Cena get his rematch against Bray for the WWE Championship. Bray begins by saying Sister Abigail always spoke the truth and so does he, Bray says he knew this day would come and he wasn’t lying when he said it. Bray says that standing here tonight he has the whole world in his hands. Bray says too much power is a scary thing and that if the people stand by him he will lead them to the promise land and that this is the era of Wyatt. John Cena then comes out and he shows respect to Bray by introducing him to the crowd. Cena says Bray brain washes the fans sometimes because the crowd chanted “You deserve it!” In reference to Bray Wyatt winning the WWE Title. Cena says no man in the WWE deserves anything and its all about what you earn, Cena then says he wants his rematch now then we get interrupted by AJ Styles. AJ comes out then tells Cena to hold on a minute because Styles has yet to have his rematch, AJ then says its about him not Cena. AJ then turns to Bray and says he knows he can beat him so he wants his rematch now just like Cena does. Daniel Bryan comes out to solve the issue, Bryan congratulates Bray then says it will be a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship in the Main Event.

Dean Ambrose is shown entering the building and he’s screaming for Baron Corbin to come out.

Tag Team Match(Non Title)
The American Alpha© vs The Ascension

Viktor starts with Gable and both trade pin falls and reversals then a break, Gable takes down Viktor but he gets away to thr corner. Gable scores with a waist lock take down to Viktor then a bulldog for a two count. Viktor then goes for Jordan and Konnor comes in and they send the Alpha’s to the outside. Gable & Jordan get back up on the top rope together and come down onto both Konnor & Viktor sending them to the outside. Ascension get back in control in the ring when Viktor scores with a arm bar on Gable then sends him flying chest first into the turn buckle. Konnor gets the tag and they double team Gable with a high knee combination then Konnor goes with the head lock. Gable tags Jordan and Jordan hits suplexes both Konnor & Viktor but he misses the spear in the corner, The Ascension double team Jason Jordan for a two count. Jordan then somehow gets the tag to Gable and they counter Viktor into the Grand Amplitude for the win.

Your Winner: The American Alpha

The Uso’s appear on the big screen after the match and they talk about how fun it was injuring Chad Gable just sometime ago, they talk about their history with the Alpha’s then go away.

Carmella is backstage with James Ellsworth and they are interrupted by Dean Ambrose who is still searching for Baron Corbin in the backstage area. Carmella tells Ellsworth to get rid of Dean but Ambrose tells Ellsworth to get away from Carmella. Daniel Bryan shows up and Dean tells him he just wants to punch Ellsworth and he asks for permission. Bryan then says he can accommodate Ambrose in terms of Ellsworth tonight.

Carmella is now in the ring with James Ellsworth and James quiets the crowd telling them not to boo her. Ellsworth confesses his love for the Princess of Staten Island Carmella then he gets interrupted by Dean Ambrose’s music. Baron Corbin comes out with Dean Ambrose in a head lock, they begin fighting by the ramp then Baron Corbin hits the Deep Six to Ambrose and Dean lands on the electronic equipment on the side. Referees come in and force Corbin to move away from the scene.

Next we get a highlight clip of what happened backstage at Elimination Chamber when Natalya attacked Nikki Bella backstage during an interview. Daniel Bryan is backstage with Daniel Bryan and he says this has to stop, Natalya comes in and the two of them continue to argue but Natalya fires a right hand then Nikki does the same in return and they have a brawl backstage. Security comes for the separation but Bryan loses his cool and tells both women that next week on Smackdown Live they will take part in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Baron Corbin is backstage and he says he did what he did because Dean Ambrose kept him from winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber last Sunday.

Renee Young is with Dolph Ziggler and he is asked about being a sore loser, Ziggler says after Sunday the only losers are Crews & Kalisto. Ziggler says all of the young guys coming to the WWE are here to take his spot but nobody steals the show like him. Ziggler says it doesn’t matter who it is they can all be put in their places.

Womens Division Match(Elimination Chamber Return Match)
Singles Match
Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

Both women circle each other and James goes to work the arm of Lynch then tries a pin attempt for a two count. Becky then scores with a front face lock then a hammerlock into a bridge. James gets away but Becky scores with another take down then tries the Disarmher but James gets away. Lynch goes for another quick rollup followed by a backslide that James gets away from, Lynch then blasts away with shots forcing Mickie James to retreat to the outside. James counters Lynch with fore arms to the back but then Becky Lynch counters with arm drags then goes back to the arm bar. Lynch hits a springboard side kick to James sending her to the outside, on the outside both women collide with a double clothesline and Becky Lynch seems to have taken a big drop because of it. Back in the ring James is in control with a reverse chin lock, after a pin attempt by James she goes back to the head lock. Lynch gets away hitting clotheslines followed by a back kick and the exploder suplex for a two count. James then hits the flapjack then a kip up, Lynch counters her with a snap exploder suplex for a two count. Lynch hits knees to James in the corner then she knocks Mickie James to the outside using fore arms. Lynch gets James back in the ring but James looks to have hurt he shoulder, Lynch is told to step back by the referee. As Lynch comes back in Mickie blasts her with a Mick Kick and Lynch is down, James covers Becky and she gets the win.

Your Winner: Mickie James

Newly crowned Smackdown Live Womens Champion Naomi is in the ring with Renee Young, Naomi informs the crowd that during the match she suffered an injury but it will not affect her going forward. Naomi says its taken her eight years and at WrestleMania 33 she will be bringing the title home to Orlando. Alexa Bliss shows up and she tells Naomi that she was lucky last Sunday. Bliss says Naomi is dreaming up this supposed injury because she knew Bliss would get her rematch tonight. Bliss then says she wont feel the glow because Naomi is a flop, Bliss calls Naomi a tragedy and that Bliss is the real champion. Naomi tells Bliss to stop playing around, Bliss tells Naomi she has one week to face her then Naomi will be the one feeling the glow.

Smackdown Live Main Event
WWE Championship
Triple Threat Match
Bray Wyatt© vs John Cena vs AJ Styles

As Bray is making his entrance to the ring he gets interrupted by Luke Harper who appears when the lights come back on. Harper stares down his former family member then Harper attacks Bray on the outside then leaves him laying beaten before the match begins. AJ & Cena are battling in the ring and as Cena goes for the 5-Knuckle Shuffle he gets pulled out by Bray then AJ takes out Bray with a fore arm. AJ then attacks Bray with kicks to the chest on the outside, back in the ring Styles continues to attack Bray then goes for the pin only getting a two count. Bray counters AJ off the ropes with an elbow then Bray attacks AJ in the corner with strikes and elbows, Cena comes back in to attack Bray. Cena hits the 5-Knuckle Shuffle then Styles hits the Phenomenal Fore Arm to Bray, Cena then hits the Attitude Adjustment to AJ but Styles kicks out at two. Bray then hits Sister Abigail to Cena out of the blue, Bray covers Cena but Styles comes flying in to make the save. The action spills to the outside and Styles hits a high cross body to Bray laying on the announce table, AJ goes back up one more time and this time AJ comes crashing down onto Bray breaking the table. Cena gets back in the ring but AJ gets on the apron, Cena then hits the AA on Styles. Cena tries another AA but AJ counters into the Calf Crusher, Cena counters into the STF submission hold. Bray comes in and hits a senton breaking the hold from Cena, Bray sends AJ over the top ripe then sets up for the Sister Abigail. Cena blocks Bray and hits another Attitude Adjustment but Bray kicks out at two. AJ then comes back in the ring and hits the Styles Clash to Cena but he kicks out at two as well, all three men are down. AJ gets to the apron but Cena hangs him on the ropes, Bray comes from behind and scores with the Sister Abigail to John Cena and Bray holds on for the win.

Your Winner: Bray Wyatt retains the WWE Championship

After the match we see Randy Orton come out as Bray collects himself in the ring, Orton walks to the ring and tells Bray he that even though he won the Royal Rumble he will not face Bray Wyatt because he has pledged his allegiance to him. Orton kneels to Bray then Wyatt says to Orton that he now has the keys to the kingdom. Both Orton and Bray pose as the lights go out and Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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