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What Happened @ 205 Live
Fed Ex Forum
Memphis, TN.
Air Date: January 17, 2017

Tonight’s show begins with a video outlining the feud between Ariya Daivari and Jack Gallagher setting up the main event I Forfeit match. The regular show opening runs and Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves and Austin Aries welcome us to the show. They bein their banter hyping the Royal Rumble championship match between Rich Swann and Neville. They tease a special look at Swann and Neville for later in the broadcast. The “I Forfeit” match is hyped for later in the show. Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander make their entrances for the first match. Alicia Fox follows Alexander.

Cedric notices Fox following and tries to send her to the back. Fox throws a fit and will not go prompting Noam Dar to come out and stand up for Fox. Dar and Gulak take the opportunity to jump Alexander but Cedric fights them off. He had appeared to clear the ring until Gulak executed a chop block on Alexander’s knee. Alexander goes down in a heap and the referee asks him if he wants to continue. Alexander wishes the match to go on.

Match 1: Drew Gulak vs. Cedric Alexander

The story of this match was, of course, Alexander’s hurt leg but he continued to fight hard on one good one. Gulak took control with a dropkick and a roundhouse kick. A dragon screw leg whip across the ropes takes out the leg. Alexander will not quit continuing to fight back even landing a moonsault off the ropes and goes for a pin but Gulak kicks out. Alexander tried to pick Gulak up for the Lumbar Check but couldn’t hold him. Gulak chop blocks the right leg and hits a belly-to-back suplex for the win.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Dar and Fox were watching the action backstage when Dar tried to claim Alexander’s loss as his doing. Fox slapped him and walked away.

We go to video profiling the Cruiserweight Championship bout that will take place at the Royal Rumble. Quoted in the piece, Neville says Swann is impressive but not on his level. Swann says, given the friendship that they had, he feels betrayed. The show goes to commercial.

We return from break as Mustafa Ali is making his entrance for the next match. His opponent, Tony Nese is being interviewed backstage. He is asked how he prepares to face someone like Ali. He says being the premier athlete; he is already better than anyone else. Nese makes his entrance.

Match 2: Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese

Ali offered to shake hands but Nese refused. Early on in the match, Ali tried to avoid Nese’s power by keeping him on the mat. Ali then used his speed and quickness edge to gain the upper hand early. Ali tried to go to the ropes but took too long to get set and got caught. Nese executes a nice gut buster to take control.

Nese would try a high-risk move and miss giving Ali a chance to hit a rolling neck breaker and a tornado DDT. Ali would cover but only get a two count. Nese would come back with a hard German suplex followed by a running knee to the side of the head for the win.

Winner: Tony Nese

The announce team filled us in on the latest superstar to be on the injured list. Tajiri will be out of action indefinitely with a knee injury.

A video package aired of Akira Tozawa. This video featured Apollo Cruz touting the ability of Tozawa and how great he is. Tozawa will be coming soon. The show goes to break.

We return for the main event “I Forfeit” match. Jack Gallagher makes his entrance with his umbrella. Ariya Daivari is out next.

Match 3: I Forfeit Match: Jack Gallagher vs. Ariya Daivari

Gallagher uses his unique offense to tie up Daivari but Ariya comes back to send Gallagher to the floor. Daivari tried to get Gallagher to forfeit but Gentleman Jack said no so Daivari kept working him over at ringside.

Daivari tied his turban to Gallagher’s wrist and connected on a couple of short-arm clotheslines. Daivari then tied Gallgher’s arms behind him and tried to get him to quit. Gallsgher not only declined but called Daivari a scoundrel in the process. Gallagher was able to send Daivari to the outside and was able to untie himself.

Gallagher went after Daivari and they start fighting on the floor. Daivari crashed Gallagher into the video wall then went for a piledriver but Gallagher countered into a catapult and sent Daivari into the video wall. Gallagher was able to stay in control with a little help from William the umbrella.

The two men battled all the way back to the ringside area but stayed on the floor. Gallagher scored with a headbutt and throws Daivari over the announce table. Gallagher tried to end it with a move off the table but Daivari swept the leg to dodge the move. Gallagher would not be denied and caught him with a running dropkick into the barricade. Gallgher throws him in and tries to get him to quit.
Gallagher corners Daivari and gives him a chance to forfeit but Daivari jabs at the throat and locks in the Cobra Clutch but Gallagher refuses to forfeit. Instead, Gallagher is able grab the umbrella and bash Daivari. Gallagher forces the forfeit with a chicken-wing hammerlock with the umbrella.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

After the match, Daivari writhes in pain while Gallagher makes his way to the back celebrating his win.

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