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BRAUN STROWMAN wiping out SAMI ZAYN in a “Last Man Standing” match was a Pay-Per-View quality brawl. The slow paced way they are building Strowman make him the hottest monster bad guy I have seen in ages. I’d love to see him against BILL GOLDBERG or BROCK LESNAR.

TITUS O’ NEIL wants to be a member of the NEW DAY. I found his talk and style very entertaining. I suggest a match on a stipulation that he takes on one of the NEW DAY team and if he wins he is accepted in the fold.” He lost against Xaviar Woods tonight so this program probably won’t go much further.

MICK FOLEY looks really good with his weight loss and the haircut. However was I the only one who was thinking that this is someone who used to be one of the most dangerous men in wrestling yet he (in his non-wrestling role) had to stand and watch Strowman savage Zayn. Knowing Foley as well as I do I bet he was thinking of how he would destroy Braun but his body — due to the years of abuse it has taken in the ring — most likely would not be on the same page!

(SHAMELESS PLUG TIME): On my podcast this week I will reveal a new tag team IMO that would be sensational AND probably make fans actually CHEER Roman Reigns)! It “drops” onto the podwaves on Friday with my guest “Midnight Express” member “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton in a rare appearance)!

The NEAR loss of the United States title defended by ROMAN REIGNS against CHRIS JERICHO — where Reigns could lose the belt by disqualification — was an awesome match. Jericho’s use of the referee’s back turned (busy re-tying a turnbuckle Jericho removed) and then running out of the ring, grabbing the title belt, giving it to Reigns and they lying down on the mat hoping the referee would disqualify the champ backfired (but what a great idea). Reigns wound up pinning Jericho who has really not lost a step in the ring.

BAYLEY is so over with the fans. Her amazing “Bayley-to-Belly” suplex of Nia Jax tonight from a top rope perch was well executed (with a distraction from Sasha Banks that allowed her to do the move). Bayley now becomes the number one contender to Charlotte’s Woman’s title.

THE KEVIN OWENS SHOW with Owens and CHRIS JERICHO debuted with guest BILL GOLDBERG. The two sat at a desk in the ring and had a beach chair for Goldberg to sit on. A man with a Kevin Owens sign mounted somehow on his head stood between the desk and beach chair. Rather than introduce Goldberg Owens said his guest is Jericho! As fans chanted the name Goldberg the fans were yelled at by Jericho that the entire arena made the list!
Jericho had breaking news that he is entered in the Royal Rumble. Owens objected saying he does not want to fight his best friend. At this point Goldberg’s music came on and he made his way through the pyro to the ring!

Goldberg told Jericho he is first. Owens offered the chair to Goldberg who tossed it out of the ring. Jericho was about to put Goldberg on the list. Goldberg said he would spear Jericho and Jackhammer Owens who tossed the table and chairs out of the ring to show he is not intimidated. Goldberg told him to take his best shot and Paul Heyman came out!

Heyman said that Lesnar would “elimination repeat” over and over and then told Owens it is either he or Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Owens said Goldberg was crazy and Reigns came to the ring.

Roman and Goldberg went nose-to-nose and Strowman came to the ring (Heyman was cowering outside). Strowman said he will win the Royal Rumble! Now it’s Reigns, Goldberg and Strowman in the middle and they double speared Strowman!


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