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WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard will be appearing tomorrow on the latest episode of legendary pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter’s podcast Is Wrestling Fixed?

1Wrestling has obtained the following transcribed quotes from Blanchard’s appearance where he talks about the formation of the original 4 Horsemen. Blanchard’s full interview will be released tomorrow morning. A new episode of Is Wrestling Fixed? is released every Friday morning.

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On whose idea it was to put The 4 Horsemen together:

TB: It wasn’t anybody’s idea to put us together.

BA: Really, who came up with the idea for The 4 Horsemen?

TB: Nobody. Arn was the first person who, just in an interview, called us The 4 Horsemen for a tag match. Which is why nobody could duplicate it. It wasn’t a promotion saying, “We want four guys to be The 4 Horsemen.” Or, “We want four guys to be this faction.” They always had “families” and they always had managers and whatever else. We were trying to get some houses out of the main matches before Starcade or before The Bash. I forget exactly which one of the big shows. You put Dusty and Nikita and The Road Warriors in a match against Arn, Ole and Flair. I was working with Dusty so I got put in the mix. I was the only non-Anderson family member. I got to be the fourth man in the eight-man tag matches.

BA: They didn’t try to make you Tully Anderson?

TB: No. No. We were good about that. Arn in the way that he is, I’m not sure exactly how, I know I read an article on the airplane about the old Notre Dame backfield that was called The 4 Horsemen. Maybe Arn read the same thing and mentioned it? He mentioned it in the interview and it caught. It instantaneously connected with wrestling fans and we popped in to the Greensboro Coliseum and there was a whole row of college students with sunglasses, coats and ties saying they were The Horsemen.

BA: I took a photo of that! I remember that very well.

In tomorrow’s episode Blanchard goes in to more detail about the formation of the Horsemen, why they remain so talked about, the success of his daughter Tessa Blanchard and much more.

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