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WAR Wrestling had a special event called “Blood, Sweat & Fears 5” at the UAW Hall in Lima, Ohio on Saturday, October 1, 2016 that I was so happy to attend. The reason why this was a special event is because of the “Spin The Wheel Challenge” – which means the fans got to be involved by spinning the wheel to determine who will wrestle who. The names of the WAR Wrestling superstars were on the wheel. In between matches, lucky fans would go spend the wheel to pick the participants in the next match. In order to spend the wheel, you had to get a raffle ticket, and if your number was called, then you would have the opportunity to spin the wheel. More raffle tickets increase your chance of spinning the wheel of course.

In the beginning of the event, Big Tom Williams (the owner of WAR Wrestling) came out and made a few announcements. He talked about the vacancy of WAR Respect Title, his incredible weight loss and upcoming WAR Wrestling events. WAR Champion Jake Something, one half of the WAR Tag Team Champions Austin Manix, Orlando Christopher and their manager, Corey Grant, came out. They are all members of a ruthless stable, The Dirty. “Bullet Proof” Brandon Edwards came out as well – only to reveal that he became the new member of The Dirty. One of WAR Wrestling Originals, Brian Beech, made a surprised appearance during this segment to confront The Dirty. Big Tom announced a match for the WAR Respect Title involving six superstars. The winner of that match will not only become the next WAR Respect Champion but will also advance to the main event against the WAR Champion Jake Something with Brian Beech as the special guest referee.

The match for the WAR Respect Title was the first match at the event. Prior to the match, six lucky fans spun the wheel to determine the six participants – “Bullet Proof” Brandon Edwards, Orlando Christopher, “Crazy” Coy Samson, Dusty Dillinger, Beast and the legendary Cody Hawk. It was interesting to see two members of The Dirty being in this match. At first, they were working together – but at the end, Edwards pinned Christopher to capture the WAR Respect Title. Christopher was extremely distraught about it. The rest of The Dirty came out to celebrate Edwards’s victory but they attacked Christopher instead. Samson, Dillinger and Hawk returned to the ring with steel chairs to save Christopher.

The next match was between everyone’s favorite Dancing Machine “No Shame” Jimmy Shane and a very eccentric and creepy individual, “The Voodoo King” Mojo McQueen. McQueen carried around this wooden box with a red cross on it, and every time he opens the box, red smoke would emerge from it. I will say that it was entertaining to watch Shane perform in the ring. He was having fun with McQueen by making him shake his hand and dance with him. Obviously, McQueen was not having it. “The Voodoo King” was serious about annihilating Shane. He even used a voodoo doll to inflict more pain on him. The match ended with McQueen being victorious. I am not sure about the history between the ring announcer and McQueen but I do know that the ring announcer was terrified. At one point, the ring announcer was hiding underneath the table. He even ran into the audience to get away from “The Voodoo King”.

There was a tag team match between the team of Vernal Lee Samson and Bill Jack Samson and the team of Sherman Tank and “Silverback” Chris Hall who are known as Badd Company. As these four big men were having their tag team match, Tanu The Savage and Papa Dingo, known as The Roots, came out and attacked both teams. Mr. Hooks, who manages Beast, revealed that he now has control over The Roots. Big Tom appeared after the attack to confront Mr. Hooks and The Roots. He announced that he is willing to give up his ownership of WAR Wrestling to manage Badd Company. I am interested to see more of this feud between The Roots and Badd Company.

The fourth match was between Jay Maynard and Kyle Kraven. Kraven pretty much manhandled Maynard and dominated the match until his victory. After the match, there was an intermission. The fans had another opportunity to meet and greet the WAR Wrestling superstars during this session.

After the intermission, “True Grit” Bruce Grey and “Big Hurt” Jon Murray, also known as Grits & Gravy, faced The Scarboni’s in the next match. It was odd to see Grey and Murray as a tag team – but it worked. They ended up winning the match.

The sixth match was very interesting because it was an Intergender Match between Mikey Smalls and “Hardcore” Heather Owens. After “Hardcore” Heather won the match, Grits & Gravy came out and attacked her and Smalls. Fortunately, Cody Hawk and Jimmy Shane returned to the ring to help Owens and Smalls. After Grits & Gravy went to the back, Owens and Smalls showed each other good sportsmanship which the fans were very pleased to see. Unfortunately, the night was not over for Smalls. After Owens, Shane and Hawk left the ring, a wooden coffin arrived and out came Mojo McQueen. Sure enough, McQueen attacked Smalls and placed him in the coffin. The “Voodoo King” rolled the coffin away to do God knows what to Mikey Smalls.

The next match was supposed to be a Fatal 5-Way match, involving “Darkstar” Matt Taylor, both members of The Roots, SW Walker and The Dirty member Austin Manix. However, Taylor was attacked at ringside prior to the match. The match turned into a handicap tag team match between The Roots and Beast and the team of Manix and Walker. At the end, Manix ditched his tag team partner as The Roots were manhandling Walker. This lead to The Roots winning the match. After the match, Badd Company came out to seek revenge on The Roots, and the fight became so chaotic. Even Big Tom came back out and scolded Mr. Hooks and his three minions for putting their hands on his wife.

The eighth match was the main event. It was WAR Champion Jake Something versus the newest member of The Dirty and current WAR Respect Champion “Bullet Proof” Brandon Edwards, and Brian Beech was the special guest referee. Edwards volunteered to lay down for the WAR Champion but Brian Beech was not having it. He wanted to see a real match between the two. Later, Big Tom turned the match into a Triple Threat Match after he added “Darkstar” Matt Taylor. Taylor was very impressive fighting both members of The Dirty. At the end, Beech was attacked, and all members of The Dirty buried Taylor in so many steel chairs to take him out for good. The show ended with The Dirty being triumphant.

I had an awesome time at the show. I really enjoyed seeing these superstars perform. They gave the fans what they wanted. It was undeniably different from the other shows I have attended. The best part was when the fans got involved in deciding the next match. The show was definitely full of surprises and unexpected turns.

The next WAR Wrestling event is “November Reign” which will be at the UAW Hall in Lima, Ohio on Saturday, November 5th. I strongly recommend wrestling fans to come out and check it out. For more information on the show, visit www.warwrestling.com. You can also follow them on Facebook – www.facebook.com/warwrestling and Twitter @TheWarWrestling

- 1Wrestling Diva ~ Lisa S. Williams

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