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Kevin Gill Show Episode 96- Bullet Club and Guerrillas Of Destiny member Tama Tonga talks New Japan, Ring Of Honor, Haku, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson in WWE, Colt Cabana, Tanga Roa, Wrestle Kingdom, AXS TV, Jim Ross, early days, working the Briscoe Brothers, Nakamura, Ultimate Warrior, and Positive Mental Attitude! Recorded in person. KG talks joining Podcast One and Chris Jericho’s #TheJerichoNetwork as part of Keepin It 100 With Konnan!

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On Guerillas Of Destiny:
“It’s destiny. We split at the beginning of our careers. My experience was through the indy scene and traveling while his experience was through the limelight. We both have this different experience and now we’re brought back together. He’s the power, I’m the speed We’ve just got this combo that we know we’re capable of.”
“It’s important for us to do traveling together and to experience the different styles of wrestling so we can learn and figure out and get that experience together to figure out each others movements and moves and get to know each other better.”

On his father Haku:
“I had random ass fans, even other wrestlers come to me like “Yo, your pop man…I love him. I respect him. But he used to beat the s*** out of me.”

The advice Haku gave him for being in Japan:
“Just go over there. Don’t worry about being good or bad. You just beat the f*** outta everybody….Don’t hold back, just fight. Fight everybody.”

On his first match at the Super Juniors show in Japan:
“I beat the hell out of everybody. I watched half of it back on TV and I would not go back and watch that match again.”
On trying out for WWE with his brother Tanga Loa:
“We went and tried out. My brother got picked up. But I didn’t. So we split. He went to WWE…and I wasn’t what they were looking for. So my pops was like “okay….We’ll send you to Japan.”
On Luke Gallows:
“He is amazing, man. A good brother. He’s a wrestling genius. He’s an encyclopedia, man. Anything you got to ask, he knows. And he’s really, really quick.. Sharp.. When he want to be… (Laughter)”
On Styles, Gallows, Anderson & Nakemura all giving notice to New Japan Pro Wrestling on same day!
“It was high tension man. I’ve never seen New Japan like that before….They didn’t know what to do. It was mayhem.”
On The Bullet Club:
“The whole Bullet Club thing…We were all just good friends, chasing a common goal and we were having so much fun just doing it”.
“It’s not just a faction. It’s a thing of ours, that we understand. Forget what everyone else is thinking, we’re just gonna keep running with it. If you don’t like it F.U.”
On The Young Bucks:
“I love their style. They’re perfect for Bullet Club. The more you hate them, the better they become.”
On PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) :
“I stay positive man. That’s one of my biggest things. I try to be that positive influence to my crew.”
What makes New Japan different:
“The first thing you notice is the respect the fans have for the wrestlers….It’s great wrestling. Those guys are amazing and there’s a style there that I think is starting to transform.”
On who as a team he would like to face:
“Honestly, The Briscoes. I worked with them at the dome, and probably at every single pay per view. And every single time it got better. I just want to see what we can do together.”

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