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The show opened with the arrival of Seth Rollins. He is perched to go after the World Title, currently held by his former best buddy, Dean Ambrose. He will also have to go through Roman Reigns to get there. That Triple Threat Match will happen at Battleground. Tonight’s show came from Tampa, Florida.

Seth knew the fans have dreamed about having all three Shield members fighting it out, for the World title. Seth stopped abruptly to listen to the crowd. Seth switched gears and began to talk about Roman Reigns. Seth knew he was not supposed to talk about Roman and his suspension. Seth was embarrassed by Roman’s actions and the follow up social media . Roman got in trouble with the Wellness Program. Seth dissected Roman’s little Tweet. Seth didn’t know who Roman was apologizing to. Seth ripped Roman for claiming to own his mistake. Seth said HE owns Roman. Seth did not feel that Roman deserved a 2nd chance. Seth wanted Roman pulled from the Main Event of Battleground. The fans actually agreed with Seth. Seth demanded to get a one-on-one match with Dean Ambrose.

That brought out the Champ. Dean “The Dude” Ambrose walked down to the ring. Dean asked for a microphone and then got up in the ring. Dean taunted Seth with the World title belt. Dean questioned Seth about his condition. Dean wondered if SEth was really all that upset at Roman or if it was about him (Dean). Dean admitted that being friends with Seth was a big mistake. Dean wanted the Triple Threat atch to stay in place.

Suddenly, A.J. Styles came from the back. Huh? What the heck does this have to do with him? Styles wanted to replace Roman in the Triple Threat match. Neither Dean nor Seth cared for that idea. Styes bragged about beating John Cena in a “Dream Match”. Styles was redy to make it a Fatal Four Way.

John Cena then came out to confront Styles. John mentioned that he has held the World title on 15 occasions. Tonight was John’s 14th Anniversary of joining the WWE main roster. John popped the crowd by mentioning that he lives in the Tampa area. John wanted to increase the main event into a Fatal Five Way. Seth freaked out until Stephanie McMahon joined hte party.

Stephanie had a solution for this situation. Stephanie said Roman’s actions were an ambarrassment to the company. So was having Dean Ambrose as the champion. Shane wasn’t at Raw, this week. Stephanie put Seth against John Cena. A.J. Styles will fight Dean Ambrose. If John and A.J. win, they will be added to the title match. Stephanie got a shot in on Dean as she left.

Florida is going to be a hot area, this week. We get Raw tonight and starting Friday, Florida Supercon will present Road Warrior Animal, Demolition, “Diamond” Dallas Page, ickie ames and others. Plus, one of my childhood heroes, Bob McGrath, from Sesame Street, will be there. My buddy, Darren, is going to let hm know that his version of “Good Morning Starshine” sent y first wife, Linda, to her reward. Smile.

Paige and Sasha Bamks vs Charlote and Dana Brooke

Raw looked back at Sasha’s return, last Monday. Sasha is likely going to be the woman to end Charlotte’s run as champ. Carloote oozed into the ring, under the bottom rope.

Sasha opened the contest against Charlotte. The two women talked trash and Charlotte ran to tag out. Dana talked just as much trash as her mentor, Charlotte. Sasha ran Dana intothe corner and Boot Choked her. Sasha slapped hte daylights out of Dana and brought Paige into the match. Double team on Dana. Raw went to break.

Dana choked Paige on the middle rope. Tag to Charlotte. Double Suplex on the Brit Babe. 2 count. Knife Edge Chop by Charlotte and the Flair Strut. 2 count. Dana came back in and kicked away at Paige. Charlotte came in and lockedi n a Rear Chin Lock. Charlotte hit a FLying Rolling NEckbreaker. Charlotte knocked Sasha off the apron. Dana got to work over Paige, as the ref was distracted. Charlotte blocked Paige’s attempt to make a tag. Paige exploded on both opponents and headed to The Boss. She didn’t make it. , at least until Paige kicked Charlotte. Tags on both sides. Sasha rocked Dana with strikes and a Dropkick. Double Stomp in the corner but Charlotte made the save. Paige laid out Charlotte. Dana rolled up Sasha but only got a two. Back Stabber into the BankStatement! Dana tapped out.

Your Winners (by Sibmission): Sasha Banks and Paige
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Tonight was the very broadcast of Raw in China! There are the 91st country to air Raw.

Raw looked at Titus O’Neil’s attackon Rusev, last week. Rusev had made rude comments about Titus’ family. The two men will fight, next.

The Draft is coming and I don’t know anyone thatis happy about it.

Lana was in the ring to introduce her man. Lana feels that Rusev is the greatest United States champion, ever. I can’t say I agree with that. There have been some fantastic men that have held that strap.

Rusev vs Titus O’Neil
Non-Title Match

Tampa is Titus’ home town. Titus tore into Rusev before the bell. THe ref held Titus back and called for the bell. Titus beat the stuffing out of the US champ. Corner SPlash and Snap Powerslam by Titus brought a two count. Rusev hit a modified Clothesline on Titus. Rusev pounded away on the Florida Gaotr. Rusev waited for Titus to rise and then threw wild Knee Strikes. Rusev stomped awayon Titus. Rear Chin Lock by The Bulgarian Brute. Titus Elbowed free and got dropped by a wicked Dropkick. Rusev is just so darn impressive.

Rusev stomped away at Titus. He also clubbed away. Back Elbow by Titus. Titus exploded on Rusev and dropped Rusev with a series of Shoulder Tckles. Rusev dodged teh Big Boot. Rusev calld for hte title belt and starte to leave. Both men hit CLotheslines, on the floor. Dang. Titus tossed Rusev into hte Bullpen and the ref reached 10.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Titus O’Neil
Raw Ranking: 2.25

The WWE Technology experience was explained. It was basically about cameras, this week. It is sponsored by DeVry.

Kane wanted to talk to Stephanie. Kane plead his case to run Raw. Stephanie said he was going to run the show. MIz and Maryse b*tched about Stephanie not shwoing Miz the level of respect he deserved. Kane mentioned his acting career. Miz was amused that Kane would dare to compare himself to Miz. Kane mentione dhte old 30-Day Rule. I thought I was the only person who remembered the rule. Smile. Kane wanted Miz to defend the IC title. Miz would have to wait to see who his opponent was going to be. She called it a Cliffhanger.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena

If Seth were to lose this match, John Cena will be added to the World title match, at Battleground. 14 years ago, tonight, John Cena battled Kurt Angle in Cena’s debut. It was an amazing match.

The bell rang and the two gladiators stared each other down. They tied up and Seth grabbed a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by John. Knuckle Lock and John took his own Side Headlock. Push Off into a Universal. Seth dropped John with a Shoulder Tackle.

Seth kicked away at John and hten punche dhim out. Seth clubbed the lower back of the 15-time champion. Headbutt by Seth. Rollins connected with an amazing Dropkick. Seth popped JOhn in the face. John reversed a WHip nad hit a Dropkick, sort of. John landed awkwardly. JOhn recovered and punched away. Seth hit a Blockbusteron John to pull a two. Seth kept stoping on Cena’s back. Seth applied a modified Camel Clutch on John. John powered free but got kickd in the ribs. John went all Vintage on The Architect. Seth kicked John out of the ring as Cena went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Raw took a break.

We’re back and the fight was still going strong. Seth barely avoided the STF. John went Vintage, once again. This time, he blocked the kick from Seth and hit hte Five Knuckle Shuffle. Seth avoided the AA and kicked John in the face. 2 count. Jon blasted Seth with a Back Elbow and a Tornado DDT. 2 count, again. Enziguri by Seth but Seth couldn’t get the three.

John blocked a right hand nad then got into a See Saw Slug fest with Seth. Step Up Dropkick by Seth. Rollins went up top but got caught. John climbed up top and went for a Superplex. SEth converted it to a Running Buckle Bomb. 1-2-not yet. Seth went back up top but missed the Frog Splash! John rolled out onto the apron.

John went up to the Penthouse and ended up getting Superplexed and Falcon Arrowed by Seth. Nice series of moves, Seth. Seth set for the Pedigree but John countered it. Crossbody by Seth but John rolled through and went for nad hit hte AA. 1-2-Foot on the Rope! The ref explained it to John that Seth broke the count. Jjohn went for another AA but Seth lande don his feet. John switched a Pedigree into the STF! The Club came out to confront John. Luke Gallows and Karl ANderson surrounded the ring. Pedigree by Seth Rollins on a distracted John Cena.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Wanking: 3.0

Oh Heck Yeah! It’s time for Enzo and Css. Enzo cut another of his soon-to-be classic promos. Enzo gave credit to the fans for being The Wave that kept them going. Enzo called for a Wave to go when the bell soudned.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Carlos nad Mitch

The Wave got rolling. Enzo and Cass just annihilated the two local guys. Bada Boom Shaka Laka!

Your Winners; Enzo Amore and Big Cass
Raw Ranking: 1.25 (way too short of a match)

JBL grumbled that Enzo was going to have a Wave flowing at every match. Big Cass spelled it out…”S-A-W-F-T”. He was cut off by the return of the Social Outcasts. Bo Dallas said there was one word to describe the Outcasts. Bo felt the Social Outcasts were “H-a-r-d”. Heath Slater said they had all been at Marine V. Cass messed with the Outcasts. THet led to a stand off between the two teams. Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Heath Slater backed down. Cass repeated that the Social Outcasts are SAWFT.

Time for another Life Lesson with “Coach” Bob Backlund. Bob wanted to go over Darren’s personal goals. Bob wanted to make this the “Darren Young Era” like the 70s were the “Bob Backlund Era”.

Michael Cole sent it to a special training session with WWE, NXt and Special Olympics ladies and gentlemen. My nephew, Robbie, is a part of the Special Olympics, in the Dallas area, and I couldn’t be prouder of the young man. Smile.

The President of Special Olmpics North America and several Olympians were on the stage. Big Show discussed “Play Unified”, along with Renee Young. Big Show mentioned his dealings with Special Olympians. Such a classy segment. Makes my heaert smile to see this kind of thing.

Summer Re vs Becky Lynch

Natalya was at ringside for this match. Nattie and Becky are having issues. Nattie was tired of being the nice girl, who gets walked on. Becky rushed out nad attacked Natalya. The ref tried to break them apart. That wasn’t happening. Natalya back peddled, big time. Becky kept going after Natalya. Nattie looked completely stunned at Becky’s actions. Natalya kept backing up hte ramp.

Your Winner; No Match
Raw Ranking:N/A

Raw pushed the Cruiserweight tournament. I’ve seen the opening round results nad it will be amazing to watch.

The Highlight Reel:

Chris Jericho strolled out to host this segment. I miss the Lite Brite jacket! Jericho ordered the fans to get quiet. Yeah, that will work. Jericho had a lot to say. He mentioned his two guests: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Jericho was still upset that Dean Ambrose put 69 Tacks in his body. Jericho brought out Kevin Owens, first.

Kevin took his time getting to the ring. Kevin picked up a microphone as he entered. Jericho then introduced Sami Zayn. Kevin was not amused at the sight of his former best buddy and now bitter rival. Jericho said he could feel the tension between the two men. Jericho had the techies removed the Jerichotron 5000 to keep it safe. Jericho really stirred the pot when he talked about the how things have fallen apart between the two former friends. Sami was ready to end this feud so they could move forward. Sami mentioned how much he has cost Kevin, in recent months. Sami wanted to end the feud at Battleground. Kevin thought it over but didn’t say anything. Sami accused Kevin of being a coward. Sami wanted Kevin to tell the truth about why he has started this feud. Sami told Kevin to “Grow a set and say it to my face”. That started a “Grow a Set” chant.

Kevin listened to the chants and then stated that he has already told the truth. What he did was a business move and best for his career. Kevin said Sami ruined their friendship, not him. Kevin knew they both wanted to go to the WWE. Kevin was happy that Sami got the call to go to WWE. Kevin felt Sami was jealous of Kevin. Kevin claimed he was a better friend to Sami than Sami was to him. Kevin accepte dthe match for Battleground.

Jericho stepped in and said Sami was a terrible friend and example to others. Jericho took shots at both Kevin and Sami. Chris also insulted the fans, calling them “Muttonheads”. Jericho said Sami makes him sick. Chris wanted to slap Sami in the face, but would let Kevin do that at Battleground. Jericho said he had plans for Battleground, but he wasn’t ready to reveal them, just yet. Chris was ready to share “The Gift of Jericho”. Double SUperkicks to Chris! Awesome! Kevin Owens then lef the ring.

The Miz vs ?
Intercontinental Title Match

Miz had no clue who he was going to face in this match. It seemed kind of obvious who he would be battling but you never know. Maryse was with her hubby for this match. From what I’ve heard from my friends inside the business, she is as beautiful inside as she is outside. I’ve heard she is just a sweet young Lady, and I do stress Lady.

The MIz vs Kane
Intercontinental Title Match

It was the Demon Kane who came from the back. So obvious. Miz rushed Kane and got decked. Kane ran Miz into the corner and punched away. Miz Dropkicked hte knee nad then kickd away. Miz punched away on The Demon. Goozle by Kane. Miz escaped hte Chokeslam and kicked hte knee. Big Boot by Kane. Kane sent Miz into the corner nad punched and Clotheslined the champ. Side Slam by Kane for a two. Kane stomped away at Miz. Stall Suplex by Kane. Slider Dropkick gave Kane a two count.

Kane threw Miz into the corner but Miz got an Elbow in. Kane hit an Uppercut. Maryse shriekeda at Kane. Maryse fell off the apron, as if she was hit. Kane threw Miz over the rope. Miz snapped Kane on the ropes. Miz then checked on his wife. She feigned being injured. The ref began to count but Miz could care less. He lifted his lovely bride and took her tothe back.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Kane
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Miz and Maryse walked backstage. Maryse laughed nad admitted that there wa snothing wrong with her. Maryse let Miz know that she was just acting. Yawn. iz said his wife was the best.

Cesaro and Apollo Crews vs Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio

Cesro and Crews took the early advantage. Uppercut Train by Cesaro. Del Rio took the fight to Cesaro and locked him in the Sulivan Tree of Woe. Sheamus tagge din and stomped on Cesaro. Short Arm Clothesline by Sheamus. Hard Whip by Sheamus, followed by a High Running Knee. Irish Curs Bckbreaker by Sheamus but he only pulled a deuce. Sheamus decked Cesaro with a clubbing blow. Sheamus talked trash to his own partner and teased a tag. Rear Chin Lock by Sheamus as Del Rio fumed.

Cesaro flipped out of the Irish Curse Backbreaker and threw Sheamus. Crews asked fo the tag. Tags on both sides. Crews laid out Del Rio with Clotheslines. Kick by Del Rio. Crews was launche dover the rpes. Step Up Enziguri to Sheamus to tag the Celtic Warrior in, I guess. Del Rio walked away as Crew sDropkickd the ring steps into Sheamus. Crews Control (Spinning Sit Out Powerbob).

Your Winners: Apollo Crews and Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Jojo interviewed Dean Ambrose. Jojo wondered if this was all Dean expected it to be. He would have liked to have had a parade but what hte heck. Dean was all about hte opportunities that he gets. Dean then brought up A.J. Styles. Stephanie McMahon walked up to talk with the Champ. She hated the idea of Dean being champion. Stephanie hoped Styles won to give her more chances to take the strap off the undeserving Dean Ambrose.

The Wyatt Family cut a promo…no wait, it was New Day mocking The Wyatts. New Day cme ou to the ring dressed as Bray and his crew. The fans were eating this up. Kofi said the Wyatts strted this little feud with New Day. Kofi said the Wyatts needed a big o’ bowl of Booty-os. Kofi, Xavier Woods and Big E slid in the ring. THe fans chanted for the tag champs. Kofi admitted that he Wyatts were intimidating. New Day took turns insulting the Wyatts’ hygiene. Big E popped the local with the Foley Pop. Big E mentioned that he was born in Tampa, at Tampa General. New Day then mocked the Wyatts’ ring gear.

THe Wyatts came out to stop the Roast. JBL knew things were about to get interesting. Bray took the stick and made fun of the NEw Day chant. Bray insulted the Power of Positivity. Bray knew the fans followed New Day because New Day told the fans what they wanted to hear. The fans tried to chant down Bray. Wyatt didn’t mind being turned into the villian. Bray explained it was a Cruel World. Bray went so dark with his cynicism. Woods was so nervous as Bray talked to him. Bray tried to sway Woods over to his camp. Bray sounded like a Hellfire and Brimstone preacher as he alked about New Day falling.

The Club talked strategy, in the back. The Main Event is on deck.

New Day was interviewed about feuding witht he Wyatts. Big E and Kofi thought it was a good idea. Xavier stayed silent nad walked away.

Dean Ambrose vs A.J. Styles
Non-Title Match

If Styles wins this match, he goes into the World title match. Seth Rollins was at ringside to watch.Seth admitted that he was rootig for Dean to win this match. The two locked up and went ot the corner. They jockeyed for position. Side HEadlock by Dean. He took Styls on over. Push Off but Dean hit a Shoulder Tackle. Roll Up by Dean 2 count. Dean took the Side Headlock, on the canvas. Dean worked over hte arm but Styles popped the champ in the face. Styles took Dean down with the Side Headlock.

Styles sent Dean to the ropes and hit a Leap Frog. Scoop Slam by Dean. Knif Edge CHops by Styles. Dean reversed a Whip. Dean blocked Styles Clash. Styles avoided Dirty Deeds. Raw went to break.

Dean and Styles traded control as Raw returned. Flying Neckbreaker by Dean brought a two count. Dean headed up top. Seth stopped hte Standing Savage Elbow. Dean with the Backslide. Dean blocked Styles Clash and hit a Jackknife Pin. Styles with a Japanese Facebuster to pull a two. Styles headed up the ropes. Dean caught Styls and set for the Superplex. Styles escaped the Running Bulldog. Styles spin Dean around nad hit a Powerbomb. Seth was conflicted about what he was seeing. Styles set for the Phenomenal Forearm but Dean kicked Styles. Dean went for a Blockbuster but hurt his left knee. Styles missed a Corner Splash. Calf Crusher! Seth wanted Dean to keep fighting. Seth actually chanted for Dean to get tot he ropes, which he did.

Dean flipped Styles up and over the ropes. Dean shook out his leg and hit hte Suicide Dive. Dean pitched Styles back in the ring and then went up top. Styles rolled through the Save Elbow and almost pinned Dean. Pele into the Rebound Clothesline. Both men were down. Luke Gallows nad Karl Anderson rushed down to ringside. Styles hit he SUnday Bloody Sunday Brainbuster but Dean still kicked out. John Cena rushed down and fought LUke and Karl. Dirty Deeds!

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.75

Seth Rollins was thrilled that Dean won. Luke and Karl attacke John. Dean came to John’s aid, almost. Seth rushe din and Pedigreed Dean. John fought all three members of The Club. Styles wanted a Magic Killer, on the stage. He got it. Seth hit another Pedigree on Dean. The Club mocked John as Raw drew to a close.


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