Posted June 19th, 2016 by jshannon

The fans were definitely behind A.J. Styles in this one. At least at first. They tied up and jockeyed for position. Side Headlock by Styles. A.J. talked serious trash to his opponent. John took control of the arm. Universal by Styles tripped Cena and jogged around. Universal and John with Deep Arm Drags. John launched Styles and went for the AA. He let it go and nailed a straight right to the face.

A.J. unloaded with Knife Edge Chops and assorted strikes. Back Roll and strikes by Styles. John came back to plant Styles. The two fought on the floor. Styles leaped over the ring steps while being whipped. Nice. Styles hit a Flying Knee Drop to pull a two. Styles mocked John by asking “Is this all he’s got?”. John went to work on Styles until John hit the corner. Monster Back Body Drop by John. John nailed the first Flying Shoudler but A.J. stopped any further momentum with a wicked Dropkick.

Styles slowed things down with a Side Headlock. Styles escaped the Protobomb and nailed an Enziguri. John came back to hit the Protobomb. The fans were seriously hostile towards John. Styles used a Head Scissors to block the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Styles flew out to blast John. Cena was so off his game, tonight. A.J. went for a Tope but John moved. Styles crashed so hard.

Styles fought out of the AA. A.J with his controlled frenzy barrage of strikes. John took Styles down and applied the STF. Styles barely made it tot he ropes. Styles snapped John’s neck on the top rope. John caught Styles up top and pounded away. Styles slid off the ropes and nailed a modified Trip/Hot Shot. John flipped Styles up and onto the ropes. John placed Styles on the top turnbuckle. Styles blocked the Super AA. Styles powered out of the AA and applied the Calf Crusher/Calf Killer. John made it to the ropes. Styles kicked away at the injured calf. John exploded with a Clothesline to drop Styles.

Styles tried to fight out of the AA but John hit it. Could be…might be…DENIED! This takes me back to the days of Austin vs Rock. John went for the Guillotine Leg Drop but Styles converted it into a Powerbomb. 1-2-Kick Out by John. Pele! Styles Clash. 1-2-Kick Out, again! Styles went for the Springboard 450 but John got he knees up. AA-Blocked. Styles Clash-Blocked. AA-Blocked. STF-Blocked.

The ref got knocked down. AA! No count. Anderson and Gallows rushed in and hit the Magic Killer. The ref recovered and made the count.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Register Receipt: 4.25 (points off for lousy ending)

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