Posted May 22nd, 2016 by Bill Apter

Champion Kalisto vs. Rusev (with Lana)

Coming into the match with injuries (injured back and ribs) the champion was not ready for such a massive challenge. Rusev’s power was too much during most of this match. Kalisto was up in a backbreaker and was able to change it into a sleeper hold on the challenger but Rusev was able to power out by dropping Kalisto to the mat.

A ‘Hurricanrana” saw Kalisto get a near three count … Kalisto was able to send Rusev’s head into the steps outside the ring and then tossed him into the ring and got another near three count … Kalisto with an amazing corkscrew flying move onto Rusev on the floor …. Rusev was able to slam Kalisto spine firsst on the ring apron when Kalisto was ready to try a move off the top rope … A ringside medical attendant came to the ring and Rusev kept attacking Kalisto. Rusev finally put Kalisto in the “Accolade” for the submission win and the title is now his!

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