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This week marked the return of one of the most unique characters in TNA History…but the arrival should be quite impossible. Read on and learn more…

Pope and Josh Mathews opened the show by announcing Bobby Lashley as the new number one contender to the World title. Pope wasn’t thrilled about it. They sent it to a video package about the Triple Threat Match that allowed Lashley to take out Jeff Hardy and “Miracle” Mike Bennett. Drew Galloway was the number one contender. Decay got involved in the match, taking out Jeff Hardy. Lashley then took the pin. Drew and Bobby went wild on each other, post-match.

Jeff Hardy made his way out to the ring. Jeff was beyond upset that Decay got involved in his match, last week. Jeff talked about wrestling every match as if it were his last…for the “Creatures”.

Decay arrived to stop Jeff’s rant. I like the Black Light Poster Paint on Steve and Abyss and Rosemary. Abyss took the stick and mentioned their previous wars. Abyss said Jeff could be a great addition to the Decay Family. Abyss said Jeff was weakened by his devotion to the pathetic fans. Steve took over and stated that the Creature make Jeff weak. Jeff was almost amused by the claims. Jeff was ready to “kill” Decay. Rosemary said Jeff’s pain and suffering brought a high price to Decay. Jeff wondered about someone paying a bounty on him. Abyss said the mystery person will reveal himself at the “right time”. Abyss and Steve moved around the ring. Jeff tore into both members of Decay. Rosemary also got in the ring. She nailed a Low Blow. It was a Macabre Beat Down.

James Storm’s music hit and The Cowboy hit the ring. Decay headed for higher ground. James knew he deserved a tag team rematch. Storm wanted to team with Jeff Hardy to go after the tag belts. Jeff branded his new alliance as the…Charismatic Storm!

Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs Abyss and Crazzy Steve
World Tag Team Title Match

Steve caught Jeff in a vicious Side Headlock. Hardy worked the ribs but Steve came off the ropes and laid out Jeff. Hip Toss by Hardy. Tag to Storm. Ax Bomber off the middle rope. Butterfly Suplex by Storm. Storm whipped Steve to the corner but Steve got the boot up. Jumping Neckbreaker by Storm. Abyss took the tag and charged. Storm bashed and battered his foe. Storm kicked Abyss in the face and hit several Clotheslines. Sling Blade aka Calf Wrangler by Storm.

Steve tagged back in and sent Strom to the corner. Steve nailed a Clothesline. Abyss took the tag and Chokeslammed Steve onto Storm. Steve chuckled through the pain. Headbutt by Abyss. Abyss sent Storm to the corner and hit a Corner Splash. Abyss pulled Storm to the enemy corner and brought Steve back into the match. Steve missed eh Cannonball. Storm tagged out. Jeff worked over Steve with wild punches. Flying Forearm by Hardy. Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Legdrop. He topped it off with the Basement Dropkick. Steve blocked the Twist of Fate. Abyss got the tag. Enziguri by Storm, from the apron. Twist of Fate by Jeff. He went up top and then…the lights went out.

Suddenly, WILLOW’s music and laugh hit. The alter ego of Jeff Hardy came out onto the ramp, complete with umbrella. Jeff got Misted, in the ring, and then Abyss put him down with the Black Hole Slam.

Your Winners: Decay
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

How can Willow and Jeff Hardy be in the same place, at the same time. I have seen this done, once before.

TNA looked back at Dixie Carter’s announcement of the Triple Threat and the special guest ref for last week’s main event. Bobby Lashley speared Jeff Hardy to become the number one contender. Bobby and Drew got into one Hell of a fight, after the match.

Drew cut a promo about how much he was happy to get the chance to finally face Bobby Lashley. Drew wanted the Bad *ss version of Lashley to meet him in the ring.

Jeff Hardy screamed and fumed about the fake Willow. Jeff was determined to reveal Willow’s true identity, by the end of the night.

Maria and Mike Bennett did a video post about being at Billy Corgan’s concert. Mike and Maria even got to go backstage. .Maria wanted Billy to talk with Mike about his ideas. Yawn.

Drew Galloway came out to the ring. He was dressed to fight. Drew reminded everyone that he swore to be a fighting champion, when he won the belt. Drew ordered Bobby Lashley to get his arse out there. He didn’t have to ask twice.

Bobby wondered if Drew finally grew a set. Drew said Bobby had been a ghost, as of late, nowhere to be found when called. Drew said he wasn’t scared of Bobby but Lashley suggested that Drew should be. Bobby mentioned all the people that he has hurt. Bobby was over-confident that he would take the title from Drew. Drew knew Bobby liked to play games but Galloway would not play. He let Bobby know that Drew would not be broken. Drew challenged Bobby to fight him. Bobby stated that he was in Drew’s head and could be him in seconds, right now. Bobby wanted to wait and do battle, next week. Drew warned Bobby not to turn his back on him. Drew said he wanted to fight, tonight. Bobby said he would hurt Drew, if they fought.

Suddenly, E-Li Drake came out to “Talk to ya”. Drake said he was ready to fight Drew. Drake rambled on about how he was going to eventually take all the gold but he wanted to start with the “Holy Grail” (World Title Belt). Drew warned Drake that E-Li picked the wrong night and wrong person to fight.

E-Li Drake vs Drew Galloway
World Title Match

Drew tore into Drake as TNA went to break.

Drew stomped Drake’s chest and took him to the corner. Drake reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Drake snapped Drew’s neck on the top rope. 2 count. Drake tore at Drew’s face and choked him on the ropes. Drew with an Arm Drag but Drake nailed a Powerslam. Drake Elbow Dropped the champ but got only a two count. Drew pitched Drake to the floor and exploded with Knife Edge Chops. Drake popped the champ and rolled him in the ring. Drake snapped the neck on the top rope, again. Drake tried for the Ax Bomber but Drew launched Drake with an Overhead Throw.

Drake and Drew exchanged wild shots. Drew laid out Drake with a wicked Knife Edge and then went up top for a Falling Clothesline. Drake barely escaped the Future Shock DDT but fell to the Powerslam. 2 count, again. Drew rocked Drake with a hot to the face. Drake hit a Running Superplex to pull another two count. Drake picked up the World Title Belt and slid it into the ring. Drake went to use the briefcase but Brian Hebner stopped him. Claymore into the Future Shock DDT.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Bobby Lashley slid in the ring and dropped Drew with a Spear.

Ethan Carter III said he was a businessman and was ready to make a deal with Mike Bennett. Ethan said he would not leave the ring until he got what he wants.

Maria wanted to talk with Jade and Gail Kim. Maria wanted a five star match and she was going to have Sienna at ringside to make sure it happened. The two women would fight for the Knockout title.

Ethan Carter III strolled out to the ring. EC3 actually partied it up with the fans. Ethan asked for the stick. Carter liked the chants from the crowd. He thanked the crowd for their support. A huge “EC3” chant rose from the Impact Zone. Ethan said he now has a vendetta against the Bennetts and wanted to work a deal.

Mike and Maria came from the back. Ethan said he didn’t want to talk to “Toots McGee” (Maria), he wanted total attention from Mike. Mike said Ethan had nothing to offer him and he has moved on from Ethan. Ethan got a “D—cheVille” chant going. Ethan knew Mike had an ego almost as big as his own. Mike bragged about beating the unbeatable. Ethan taunted Mike about not being the number one contender. Ethan wanted a rematch with Mike, now. Maria said Mike shared a great idea at the Smashing Pumpkins concert with Billy.

Mike talked about the demons that helped Ethan spiral down. Mike waned to help Ethan recover from his demons. If Ethan were to get past the demons, Mike would fight him. Ethan accepted, quickly. Mike said the Road to Redemption starts later tonight…inside Six Sides of Steel! Ethan would learn his opponent at the beginning of the fight.

Gail Kim vs Jade
Knockout Title Match

Sienna stood at ringside to watch both women. Collar and Elbow and the two women went to the ropes. They fought out and Jade took Gail down. Gail turned the tables and worked he arm. Side Headlock by Gail. Back Roll Suplex by Jade. Gail went right back to the Seated Side Headlock. Gail flipped out of a Back Suplex. Jade took the Side Headlock. Jade countered a Back Drop Suplex and kept the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle into a Universal. Gail hit her own Shoulder Tackle. Deep Arm Drags by both women. Body Scissors but Gail got free. Roll Up by Gail. Gail went for a Crucifix but ended up Arm Dragging the champ. Hurancanrana by Jade. Hockey Fight fists by the two women. Jade Floated Over and hit a wild German Suplex. 2 count. Jade did her best to avoid a Backslide. Gail adjusted and connected with a good Clothesline. Gail put Jade up top but Jade pushed her away. Arm Bar, in the ropes, by Jade.

Gail blasted Jade, who fell to the floor. Jade flew off the top and hit a Crossbody. Gail threw Jade back in the ring and got up in Sienna’s face. That let Jade hit a Suicide Dive. Sienna threw Jade into the ring post and ring steps. Huh? Sienna swung Jade into the ring steps. Gail went off the apron and flew into Sienna. Gail was so ticked off. Sienna reversed a Whip and hit a Short Arm Clothesline. Sienna threw Gail into the ring. Sienna used a modified Destroyer on Gail Kim.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Al Snow was at his wrestling academy. He wants the men and women to learn respect and not just walk through the door and get it all handed to them. Al Snow would do anything to keep his sport the way it used to be. Snow was ready to shut the door on Grado and Mahabali Shera and those like them.

Ethan was ready to start kicking *ss inside the steel cage.

Al Snow vs Mahabali Shera

Shera chased after Snow. Al caught Shera coming int eh ring and beat him silly. He threw Shera’s shoulder into the corner. Shera unloaded with hard Forearms. He also hit Shoulder Tackles. Snow was knocked out to the floor. Snow found an “International Object” and blasted Shera with it. The ref, of course, didn’t see a thing. The ref checked Snow but couldn’t’ find the object. 2 count. Snow therw Shera into the ring post, again. Side Headlock and then Snow used the tape on his wrist to choke the Indian superstar. Shera was sent out to the floor. Snow pounded on Shera’s back and chest.

Snow rammed Shera’s arm onto the ring steps. Shera would not give up. Running Knee Strike by Snow as Shera tried to get through the ropes. The fans began to chant for Grado. Snow Plow by Al but Shera kicked out at two. Earl Hebner was done with Al’s baloney. Snow went in his trunks for knucks. Grado ran out to confront Snow. Sky High Powebomb!

Your Winner: Mahabali Shera
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Jeff walked backstage, screaming for Willow. He found him and beat the stuffing out of him.. Jeff kept yelling that Willow was his creation. TNA cut to commercial.

Jeff Hardy was still beating the daylights out of Willow, as the show returned. Another Willow showed up to fight Jeff. The other Willow connected with a steel chair. Willow I cracked Jeff in the head with a steel chair. A third Willow joined his “brothers”. Odd.

A profile of Drew Galloway vs Bobby Lashley ran. That should be a decent match, next week.

Ethan Carter III vs ?
Six Sides of Steel Match

Ethan came out first, of course. He had no idea who he would be battling. Josh felt that losing might have been the best thing to happen to Ethan. I agree. Maria was back to introduce her hubby…”Miracle” Mike Bennett. The Bennetts were ready to reveal the man from the past that would challenge Ethan. We had to wait through more commercials to learn who it would be.

Ethan Carter III vs Rock Star Spud
Six Sides of Steel Match

Ethan kind of shrugged and was ready to go. Spud looked so nervous, despite the brave face. Spud rushed in and Ethan just opened up on the Brit. Knife Edge Chops by Ethan. Spud slipped free and slapped Ethan. Ethan lost it and ran Spudf into the cage walls, several times. Josh and Pope discussed how Spud could win, not just survive the match. Spud tried to get out but Ethan caught him. Gorilla Press failed and Spud nailed a Low Blow.

Spud took off his studded belt. He whipped Ethan like a government mule. Spud choked Ethan with the belt. Ethan flipped Spud off his back. Spud got he boots up and dropped his former boss. Spud tried to get out and almost made it. Ethan pulled Spud in by the ankle. Ethan caught Spud’s foot and flipped him over. Ethan kept the pressure on Spud. EC3 Splash, in the corner. Spud tried to go over the top and he knocked Ethan down. Spud was all the way up top when he got caught. Spud blasted Ethan in the face and Carter fell to the mat. Spud hit the Savage Elbow and got a two count.

Spud wrapped his belt around his fist and drived to drive the buckle into Ethan’s face. It didn’t happen. Ethan just threw Spud into several areas of the cage. Gorilla Press Throw into the cage. Ethan let out a primal scream. Enziguri by Spud. Spud went for the underdog but Ethan blocked it. Spud scooted up the cage but got caught. Spud bit Ethan in the face and almost got out. Ethan hit a Mega Slam off the top of the cage. Ethan screamed and jumped down to finish off his former buddy. 1%er!

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Mike Bennett applauded Ethan for his win. Ethan told Mike to come get in the ring but that wasn’t about to happen.


–Jay Shannon

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