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Drew Galloway vanquished the challenge of Tyrus. It was time for a new number one contender to be determined.

TNA looked at a video from Bobby Lashley, recorded earlier. Bobby was ticked off that Drew would dare to call him out. Drew was cutting a promo when he got jumped, in the gym, by Lashley. Drew fought back and they went all around the gym. Bobby pitched Drew inside an Octagon and got ready to beat the champ down. Drew still had some fight left in him and went after Bobby. Lift Drop by Drew onto the mat. Several guys rushed in to break them apart.

TNA then looked at the end of Ethan Carter III’s 30-month run as undefeated//unpinned/unsubmitted. Mike Bennett took the win, with a little help from Maria.

Mike and Maria Bennett then arrived back in the Impact Zone. Maria then introduced her hubby, the Miracle. The Bennetts were walking on air as they made their way to the ring. The fans were hostile towards Mike. Bennett shut them up when he explained he did what over a dozen men could not do…pin EC3. Mike told everyone that he does not have a God Complex…he IS God. Mike said no one can defeat him. Mike then demanded to be World Champion.

Mike was cut off by the arrival of Jeff hardy. The crowd popped for Jeff, so loud. Jeff couldn’t believe Mike called himself a God. Maria made fun of Jeff and then allowed her hubby to do the same. The “Hardy” chant rose to a deafening level. Jeff gave Mike credit for beating Ethan but that was not Godlike. Jeff said Mike was not a miracle. Mike gave Jeff credit for some awesome destruction towards Matt Hardy. Mike tried to kidnap The Creatures and turn them into Mike’s Miracles. The fans said “Jeff is better”. Jeff threw out a challenge to Mike to face him. Mike realized that Jeff was trying to springboard off him to get to the World title. Mike said he would go ask Dixie Carter if the match could happen. Jeff didn’t want to wait. He floored Mike and Bennett headed for higher ground. Mike screamed for a ref and the match was on…

“Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Jeff Hardy

Mike was already in control as TNA returned. Suplex by Mike for a two count. Seated Front Face Lock by Bennett. Mike tried to turn it into a Sleeper but Jeff escaped. Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Legdrop/Dropkick by Jeff. 2 count, once more. Mike avoided the Twist of Fate. Jeff put Mike up top. Bobby Lashley rushed out and Speared Jeff! Lashley then took out Mike Bennett.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impact Scorecard: 1.25

Bobby said he would go through everyone to get to Drew. Lashley ordered Dixie to come out and give him the World Title Match. Dixie reminded Bobby that she was the boss, not Bobby Lashley. Dixie explained that Bobby would have to earn his title match. Dixie set up a Triple Threat: Mike Bennett vs Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley. The winner will get the next shot at Drew Galloway. Dixie set Drew as the ref for the match. Wow!

Rosemary cut a cryptic promo about their multi-step plan. Rosie asked Steve and Abyss if they fear change. Rosemary said Steve was about to get a change. She Misted Steve. Eww. Rosie had Abyss take off his mask and then she Misted him, as well. Abyss shrieked in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Decay strolled from the back. Abyss and Steve had their faces covered with dark towels. It was all Taz-like. Rosie giggled into the microphone and rambled on about being the Death Dealers. Rosie said two of her men were now changed and evolved men. Steve Talked! Steve went all Joker with his first promo. Abyss then showed he wears face paint, not a mask. Abyss knew he was now free from his pain. Abyss considered himself to be “Beautiful”. Rosie took the stick back and said their paths of destruction were only beginning.

Beer Money’s theme hit and James Storm came from the back. Abyss chuckled that Beer Money is dead. Storm knew there wasn’t a Beer Money, right now, but James Storm was still standing. Storm wasn’t giving them a chance of which one would get his *ss kicked. Storm went after all three members of Decay. Steve and Abyss stood back. Storm wanted to finish business with Abyss. Steve and Rosie tried to hold Abyss back.

James Storm vs Abyss

Storm opened up the contest with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Storm smashed Abyss in the face, over and over. Abyss kneed the Cowboy. Storm rammed Abyss’ face into the ring steps. Rosie jumped Storm and James strutted towards her. Crazzy Steve jumped Storm. That let Abyss grab Storm and run him into the ring post. Storm threw a hard forearm. Abyss then threw Storm out of the ring. Steve jumped on Storm and hit and bit.

Back in the ring, Abyss Headbutted Storm. Neck Crimp by Abyss. Storm got to his feet and punched away. Storm Skinned the Cat when thrown over the top. Storm hit several Clotheslines. Abyss went down to a Flying Forearm. Storm kicked the daylights out of Abyss and nailed a Bulldog. 2 count. Abyss flipped Storm to the apron. Enziguri but Abyss came back with the Chokeslam. 1-2-not yet.

Abyss missed the Corner Splash. Sling Blade by Storm. James went up top and nailed the Savage Elbow. 2 count, one more time. The two fought in the corner. Storm escaped a Chokeslam and connected with the Lung Blower. Steve got on the apron and tried to Mist Storm. Abyss then Misted Storm. Black Hole Slam.

Y our Winner: Abyss
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Maria screamed at a guy to get the papers to Dixie Carter. She also wanted to speak with Jade.

Jeff Hardy knew he was beaten up but he was focused on getting back the World title. Jeff knew Bennett and Lashley were tough opponents but he had to wrestle his best. Jeff was asked about Matt Hardy. Jeff said Matt has changed…for the worse.

Maria came out and invited Jade to join her in the ring. Jade didn’t come out and Maria got her panties in a twist about it. Eventually, Jade did come to the ring. The fans really seemed to respond to Jade. Maria didn’t want Jade’s star to fade and die. Maria needed Jade to admit her mistakes. Jade didn’t feel she had made any mistakes. Maria decided that Jade needed to be taught a lesson. Maria demanded that Jade “Lay Down” for her so Maria could win the Knockout title. Seriously? Jade said she would not lay down for anyone. Maria brought out someone to fight Jade.

Sienna vs Jade
Non-Title Match

Sienna had that Bride of Frankenstein thing going with her hair. Jade rushed the bigger Sienna. Sienna tossed Jade around and then hit the Tree Slam. Jade came up swinging. Jade clocked Sienna but fell to a Big Boot. The fight went to the floor. They fought up the ramp. Jade went for the Pedigree but Sienna hit a Back Body Drop. Sienna threw Jade down the ramp and then into the ring steps. Sienna took Jade into the ring and punched away. Sienna finished off Jade with a wild Dominator-like Side Slam.

Your Winner (unofficially): Sienna
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Bram cut a promo about his new championship. He was ready to fight anyone that wanted to challenge him.

Jeremy Borash let us know that Ethan Carter III was about to break his silence about his devastating loss, last week.

Borash was back and Ethan had not shown up. Mike Bennett took the seat and grumbled about having to fight Lashley and Hardy. He knew he could pull it off.

Bram vs E-Li Drake vs Andrew Everett vs Eddie Edwards vs Jessie Godderz
King of the Mountain Match

Everyone tore into each other. Drake and Jessie kept trying to pin each other. Andrew missed a dive and Bram pinned him. Bram is now eligible to hang the title belt and win. Andrew went into the penalty box. A ladder ended up in the ring. Eddie hit the Backpack Stunner and then went into the Single Leg Crab. Drake tried not to submit. Andrew got out of the box and he rushed the ring. He went after Eddie. Andrew was sent sailing out of the ring. Eddie dove on him.

Gregory Shane Helms pushed Eddie off the top and he was pinned by E-Li Drake. Eddie went into the penalty box. Jessie drove a ladder into Andrew. Bram kicked away on Jessie. Bram set up the ladder. Bram got the belt and tried to go up the ladder. Jessie stopped him. Andrew also attacked. Drake took out Jessie and praised himself. Andrew missed a Moonsault. Andrew tapped out to Jessie’s Adonis Lock. Drake went up the ladder but fell short. Drake cracked his briefcase into the face of Jessie. Drake set up the ladder and grabbed the title belt. Drake headed up the ladder but Bram hit a Missile Dropkick to the ladder! Holy Moses!

Bram went up the twisted ladder and secured the title belt.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

E=Li Drake jumped Bram and then cashed in the Feast or Fired Brie…no, wait, Bram is up. Never mind.

The Main Event is on deck!

Matt Hardy cut a very dark promo about how Jeff Hardy has sent Matt to the darkest place in his life. Matt has been told, by his doctors, that he should never wrestle again. Matt could not believe his brother’s cruelty.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley
Triple Threat to determine the number one contender to the World Title
Drew Galloway—Special Guest Referee

Ethan Carter III came out before the match got started. He got up in the ring to confront Mike and Maria. Ethan only had one thing to say to Mike…Congratulations. Ethan knew he and Mike would never be friends or acquaintances but he did respect Mike for doing what he said he would do. Ethan talked about all the guys he beat, who came out b*tching about being beaten. Ethan would not be like that. He would accept the loss and the change that it caused him. Ethan knew this moment would be a defining moment for Bennett. Ethan wanted Mike to win the World Title so Ethan could take the great feeling away from Mike. Ethan swore that he and Mike would fight, again. Ethan said the loss to Mike would help catapult Ethan to the next level. Ethan said he was the Devil to Mike’s God. Mic Drop!

Lashley came out as Impact took a quick break.

Jeff hardy came out to finish off this trio of warriors. Drew Galloway then arrived as the Zebra in Charge. Bobby got up in Drew’s face. Drew swore he would call this match, down the middle. The bell rang and all Hell broke loose.

Bennett went right after Hardy. Bobby pushed Mike out of the way and tore into Jeff. Jeff came back and went after Bobby. Mike jumped Jeff and bashed him. Double Whip on Hardy. Bobby Clotheslined Jeff. Mike almost pinned Jeff but Bobby stopped it. Bobby tried to unite with Mike to eliminate Jeff. It didn’t work. Jeff hit a Double Clothesline to both foes. Jeff kept dropping his opponents with Clotheslines. Basement Dropkick to Bobby, by Jeff. Jeff then flipped Mike over the ropes and out to the floor. Jeff went up top and Moonsaulted to the floor! TNA cut to commercial.

The fighters were just getting back into the ring. Hardy went up top and nailed a Swanton to Mike. Bobby picked up Jeff and nailed the Running Powerslam. Bobby blasted Mike and went into the Stall Suplex. Bobby pointed at Drew to say this awaits you. Bobby accidentally Speared Drew. Cutter by Mike to Bobby. Jeff sent Mike out of the ring. Jeff nailed a Twist of Fate to Lashley, followed by the Swanton. There was no ref to make the count. Jeff kicked Mike, through the ropes, and then dove over the top. Jeff adjusted the ring steps. Jeff slammed Mike’s face into the steps, over and over. Jeff then Clotheslined Mike. Jeff tore off his shirt and went up the ropes. Swanton to Mike, who was laid on the ring steps.

Crazzy Steve, Abyss and Rosemary came out and attacked Jeff. Why? Abyss Chokeslamemd Jeff onto the ring steps. Did Matt orchestrate this? Or did Maria? Bobby stalked around ringside and the Speared Jeff into the ring post! Damn! Back in the ring, Drew was available to serve as the ref. Bobby waited to hit another Spear on Jeff. Drew went for the pin and he got the three.

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Bobby demanded that Drew raise his hand in victory. Drew didn’t want to do it but did. Bobby tried to attack but Drew was ready. Drew beat the daylights out of Bobby. Claymore. The two slugged it out as TNA went to dark.


–Jay Shannon

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