Posted May 1st, 2016 by Bill Apter

The fans loudly chanted for “CM Punk!”

Mr. McMahon introduced Stephanie who came out to a huge chorus of boos.

She said how The Authority has made the WWE the great company is is today. All her decisions have been perhaps unpopular but best for business. She also said how her brother Shane abandoned the family and company for seven years — and lost to the Undertaker and the just off the cage was pure stupidity. She said that Shane stabbed him (Vince) in the back and spit in his face and she should be the only choice to run Monday Night Raw. At this point Shane came out.

The fans went crazy chanting “Shane-O-Mac!” Shane showed newspaper and Internet clips about how he has revitalized Monday Night Raw. The fans chanted, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” Shane says the network numbers jumped up and that it was his match vs. Undertaker that probably caused that. Fans chanted “You still got it!”

Shane said his departure 7 years ago was because his voice was not being heard and that is why he left. He said that Stephanie and her husband’s venom spread all over the WWE and they nearly burned it to the ground and he came back to keep the WWE for the family and the fans. Shane said the fans (who are all chanting for him) are his voice. Stephanie said that Shane is liked and she is not.

Vince said Shane did okay when he ran RAW but he only listens to himself. He said tonight is about what he wants — he wants blood — see both slit each other’s throats — or a joint effort between the two of them. He said that they both are now running Monday Night RAW! Shane and Stephanie shook hands and left.

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