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The Top Prospect Tournament came to an exciting conclusion. Plus, “Almighty” Christopher Daniels battled “The Human Peacock” Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle cut a semi-creepy promo about wanting to become a winner. He talked about being “hungry” for victories. Christopher Daniels would get his heart broken, according to Castle.

Roll the opening montage!

We were still in Nashville, TN. Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling III were the announce team.

Brian Fury vs Lio Rush
Top Prospect Tournament Finals

RoH showed both men’s comments about going into the finals. The Tale of the Tape led to the Code of Honor Handshake.

Mr. Wrestling III called Rush “The Million Dollar Rookie”. Collar and Elbow and Rush took a Side Headlock. Fury got free and thought about who he was dealing with. Go Behind by Rush but Fury broke it and worked the arm. Heel Trip into a Seated Front Face Lock by Rush. They ended up in the ropes and Fury hit a Back Elbow and kicks. Float Over by Rush and tons of dodges. Jumping Kick and Dropkick by Rush. Lio with a wicked Flip Dive, landing on his feet. Knife Edge Chops by Rush to rock Fury. Hip Toss sent Rush into the barricade. Ouch! Ring of Honor took a quick break.

RoH returned and Rush fought from his knees. Back Elbow by Fury. 2 count. Whip by Fury but Rush Dropkicked his foe. Wicked kicks by Rush. Fury flipped Rush with a Clothesline. Fury stalked Rush but Lio gave as good as he got. Rush rocked Fury with Forearms but a Headbutt stopped him. Rush countered the Pop-Up Powerbomb. Tornado DDT by Rush. 1-2-not yet. Yes Kicks by Rush. Fury hit a modified Gory Bomb for the two. Fury seemed to struggle getting Rush into position. Fury put Rush up top and smacked him, hard. Rush fought Fury and used a Headbutt to send Fury off the ropes. Wild Frog Splash to pull another two for Rush. Fury reversed a Whip but couldn’t do the London Bridge, properly. He grabbed the ropes and the ref made him break. Rush rolled backwards and almost pinned Fury.

Fury nailed the Pop Up Powerbomb. Could be…might be…Denied! Rush flipped out of the Back Drop Suplex. Feel the Rush! (Standing Spanish Fly/C4)

Your Winner: Lio Rush
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

The owner of RoH and Nigel McGuinness was in the ring to congratulate Lio Rush.

reDRagon talked about the upcoming Tag Team Gauntlet Match.

Kongo vs Moose

Moose came out without Stokely Hathaway. Big Stoke wanted his man to do this one on his own. The two men stared each other down. Kongo popped Moose and Moose returned the favor. They tore into each other with a serious level of viciousness. Nice Dropkick by Moose. They went to the floor and Moose was sent to the ring apron. Moose came back and whipped Kongo into the barricade. Kongo then Hip Tossed Moose into the barricade. Cannonball by Kongo. Kongo rolled Moose back into the ring. Corner Splash by Kongo. Spinner Splash by Kongo but it only brought a two count. Kongo clubbed the neck of Moose and Headbutted the neck. Moose Hulked Up and hit his own series of Headbutts. Corner Splashes by Moose. Moose punched away in sync with the chants of his name. Back Exploder Throw but Moose got right up. Back Splash Senton after a Moose Clothesline. Headbutts by Moose. Pounce by Kongo. 1-2-kick out. Corner Splash by Kongo. Bicycle Kick and Springboard Crossbody by Moose. Spear!

Your Winner: Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0

The Young Bucks talked about the Tag Team Tourney. There will be 7 teams involved.

Mike Posey and his posse were in the ring (from earlier in the night). His group is the Get Along Gang. I so hate guys trying to rap that have no clue what they are doing. Cheeseburger came in and hit the Palm Strike on just about everyone, including Posey’s muscled up girl. P-Dog just got neutered.

RoH looked back at when Veda Scott tried to buy off Jonathan Gresham. Veda Scott came out in her wrestling gear to accompany Cedric Alexander to the ring.

Cedric Alexander vs Adam Page

Adam has a great new video and music package. B.J. Whitmer rushed the ring and hit an Exploder Suplex, in the corner. Cedric and Whitmer double teamed Page, until Johnathan showed up. This wild fight went all over the place.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Honor Roll Ranking: N/A

Page told Whitmer “This is not over”. Whitmer agreed but stayed clear of the ring.

RoH looked back at how Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser decimated The Boys, last week. Silas had put his career on the line. Dalton Castle rushed in to fight Silas and BcB. He lost. The led to our main event…

“Almighty” Christopher Daniels (w/Frankie Kazarian) vs “The Human Peacock” Dalton Castle (w/The Boys)

Silas Young joined the announce team. Kevin Kelly asked Silas when he was going to let this feud go. Silas berated Kelly for trying to keep things stirred up. Silas said he was at ringside because Christopher Daniels asked him to be there. The Boys weren’t quite as peppy as usual. There were security guards around Silas, by the order of Ring of Honor.

Modified, to say the least, Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow but Dalton pushed free. They locked up again and jockeyed for position. Silas stood up to distract Dalton. They went into a 3rd Collar and Elbow but went to the corner. Dalton bent back to freak out Daniels. Daniels kicked Dalton and took a Side Headlock. Universal into a Daniels Shoulder Tackle. Daniels arched back to taunt Dalton. The Boys fanned Castle. Go Behind into a Side Headlock by Dalton. Universal into Shoulder Blocks. Dalton arched way back and Daniels tried to do the same. He ended up falling on his butt.

Gut Wrench by Daniels and a Roll Up that almost got a 3. Dead Lift Gut Wrench by Dalton. Dalton flipped Daniels onto the apron. Dalton connected with a Running Knee that sent Daniels sailing out to the floor. The two fough on the floor. Dalton missed his version of the 619. Kaz chased the Boys around ringside. Daniels dropped Dalton and almost got a pin. Daniels stood on Dalton’s chest. Knee Strikes by Daniels. Daniels took Dalton over and put him in a Reverse Bear Hug. RoH needed to pay the bills, so time for a few more ads.

Daniels tied up Dalton and punched the ribs and struck the face with knee shots. Dalton rocked Daniels with chops and punches. Daniels reversed a Whip but got Clotheslined. Running High Knee into an Exploder by Castle. Daniels fell into the corner. Daniels got the knee up and then flew off the ropes. Castle caught him and dumped Daniels, overhead. Dead Lift German brought a two for Dalton. Daniels ran Dalton into the corner but Castle fought back. Dalton charged and flew up and over the ropes.

Daniels came out and whipped Castle towards the ring. Hurancanrana by Castle. Dalton also smacked Kaz. Dalton missed a Crossbody. Daniels wanted to use something but Brett saw it and attacked. Kaz blocked Bang-a-Rang. Angel’s Wings by Christopher Daniels.

Your Winner: Christopher Daniels
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

Silas Young got up on the apron and yelled at Castle. Silas kept saying that Dalton couldn’t beat anybody. Dalton took the stick. Dalton admitted that he lost but he was still fantastic. Dalton knew he focus on Silas was costing him championships. Dalton wanted to end this feud, once and for all. Dalton wanted one more fight. He challenged Silas Young to a “Fight Without Honor”!


–Jay Shannon

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