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The Top Prospect Tournament continued with two fantastic matches.

Roll the opening montage!

Ring of Honor was still in Nashville. Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling III were your announce team.

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser vs The Boys

Bruiser brought a keg with him to the ring. Dalton Castle rushed in the ring and tore into Bruiser and Silas. The Boys were on the apron, waiting. Dalton was curtailed by security. He was ushered to the back. Brent and Brendon, The Boys, walked down to ringside. Honestly, I really can’t tell these kids apart. Silas took the microphone and berated the two young men. Silas tried to be patient with the Boys, even after they turned on him. Silas was done being understanding Silas said he would quit wrestling if he and Bruiser couldn’t defeat The Boys. Interesting.

Brent, I think, began the match against Silas. Collar and Elbow and Silas took the kid to the corner. Vicious Knife Ede Chop and tag to Bruiser. BcB unloaded with Knife Edge Chops. Brent got the boot up. He flew off the apron but got caught. Brent got free and kicked away. BcB blocked him. Brent wanted a Whip but he couldn’t move the behemoth. Brenden came in and hit BcB, only to hurt himself. Double Eat Da Feet but Bruiser didn’t fall. Silas charged the corner, which allowed BcB to hit a Top Rope Fallaway Slam. RoH took their first break.

BcB was back in the ring to work over one of the Boys. I think it was Brenden. Brenden went for a Wheelbarrow Bulldog but BcB turned it into a vicious Wheelbarrow German Suplex. Brenden hit so hard. Silas tagged back in and, this time, Brenden hit the Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Tag to Brent. Clothesline by the kid but it put him into Silas’ corner. Tag to Bruiser. Brent and Brenden double teamed Bruiser. Brent with a wild Tornado DDT. Silas made the save. Double Whip but Silas held the ropes. Hurancanrana to Silas. Brent countered the Electric Chair but Silas nailed a Lawn Dart DDT. Low Bridge to Silas. Brenden went after BcB, who was up top. Bruiser missed the Frog Splash. 1-2-kick out. The Boys rocked Silas and Bruiser with flights to the outside. Moonsault, to the floor, took out BcB and Silas. These kids remind me of young Jimmy Snukas. Backslide but Silas rolled through. X Factor to Silas. Assisted Legdrop but it only brought The Boys a two. BcB and Silas double teamed The Boys. Cannonball by Bruiser allowed Silas to score the pin.

Your Winners: Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Dalton Castle rushed back down to protect his charges. It turned out to be an unwise move, as he got double teamed. Ring of Honor headed back to commercials before the Top Prospect Tourney continued.

Adam Cole cut a promo against Matt Sydal. They would square off in the Main Event.

Brian Fury vs Action Ortiz
Top Prospect Tournament, Semi- Finals Match #1

RoH looked at how both men moved forward from the opening round. Ortiz is a student of Tommy Dreamer. Fury has five more years of experience than Ortiz. Code of Honor Handshake.

Collar and Elbow and Fury took the Side Headlock. Ortiz blasted the ribs and Shoulder Tackled Brian. Scoop Slam by Ortiz. Ortiz missed the Jumping Elbow Drop. Fury rocked Ortiz with Forearms. Pounce by Ortiz. Fury exited the ring. Flip Dive by the huge Ortiz! Wow!

Back in the ring, Ortiz quickly went for the pin. He only got a two. Fury Dropkicked the knee of Ortiz as Action charged. Ortiz’s head landed hard, in the corner. Running Back Elbow off the Whip. Fury only got a two count. Ortiz fought out of the Funk Neckbreaker. Straight jabs by Ortiz. Reminded me of Dusty Rhodes, back in the day. Slider Clothesline by Ortiz. Corner Splash by Ortiz. Running Back Drop Suplex brought Ortiz another two count. Fury fought out of another Suplex. Straight punch but when Fury fell he kicked up in the crotch. It wasn’t intentional, I don’t think. Pop Up Powerbomb and Brian Fury moves on.

Your Winner: Brian Fury
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Fury was interviewed, post-match. Fury was super confident, going into the final round. He didn’t care who has would have to face.

Punisher Martinez vs Lio Rush
Top Prospect Tournament, Semi Finals Match #2

RoH profiled both Rush and Martinez. Rush was way smaller than Martinez. Code of Honor Handshake and Martinez tried to crush Rush’s hand. Lio hit punches and kicks, which had almost no effect. Rush ducked a Clothesline and hit a Dropkick. Martinez just stood there. Rush wanted a Roll Up but that wasn’t happening. Rush escaped the 911 Chokeslam. Rush hit a Crossbody but he might as well been hitting a wall. Martinez flipped Rush. Martinez showed some amazing flexibility with kicks that missed. Rush was put on the apron. Rush nailed an Enziguri and Martinez just shrugged it off. Low Bridge to send Martinez to the floor. Suicide Dive but Martinez just caught the kid. Rush with a Corkscrew Moonsault that finally took Martinez off his feet.

Rush with a Bicycle Kickand Savage Elbow. 1 count only. Rush Dropkicked the neck, which only seemed to aggravate Martinez. Clutch Drop Cutter, off the ropes. Corner Flying Elbow by Maratinez. Martinez hit a Spin out of the Vertebeaker that ended up being a Neckbreaker over the knee. Martinez threw Rush into the corner. Lio quickly escaped but got laid out by a Flying Knee Drop. How did Rush kick out of that? Martinez went up top but Rush rolled out to the floor.

Martinez hit an incredible Tope Suicida to almost destroy Rush. Rush escaped a Razor’s Edge but couldn’t avoid the shot that followed. Springboard Tornado DDT by Rush. Martinez blocked Rush’s offense and nailed the Bicycle Kick. Rush kicked out again and Martinez showed some signs of frustration. Martinez threw Rush on the apron and went for the South of Heaven Chokeslam. Rush converted the move, in mid-air, to the Spanish Fly/C4 (Feel the Rush).

Your Winner: Lio Rush
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Rush was interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Rush admitted that he was beaten up and broken but that wasn’t going to stop him. Rush was determined to be the Top Prospect. He warned Brian Fury to prepare to “Feel the Rush”. Next week, the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament will happen.

So, I’ve checked my schedule for Dallas and it looks like I will be at the Ring of Honor TV Taping on Saturday night. Hope to see some of you great fans there.

Adam Cole (Baby!) vs “Reborn” Matt Sydal

Code of Honor Handshake before the bell. The two quickly went into a Collar and Elbow. Adam took over on the arm. Matt flipped around to get free. Go Behind by Adam. He worked Matt’s arm. Adam did his Adam Cole Baby pose and Matt slapped him a double High Five. That ticked off Adam, who kicked away. Cole missed a Corner Rush and got Hurancanrana’d for his efforts. Matt kicked away at Cole. Universal into a Leg Lariat.

Matt locked up the leg and hit a Back Bridge Clutch. Adam bit the fingers to force the break. Hard Elbow by Cole. Matt took Adam to the corner and kicked away. Knee Twist by Matt. Cole kicked free and hit a nasty Jawbreaker. Double Boots by Matt. Adam pushed Matt off the top. Matt’s head hit the apron pretty darn hard. Cole acted like he was going to toss Matt into the crowd, only to throw him back in the ring. Scoop Slam by Cole but Matt wasn’t done, just yet. Cole drove his knee into Matt’s back, repeatedly. Rear Chin Lock after faking out a high impact move. Time for one more break.

Matt unloaded with hard kicks and an Enziguri. Matt Clipped the knee of his opponent. Matt spun into a Final Cut. Standing Moonsault for the two. Adam just barely kicked out of that one. Adam stared to fight back. Matt with a Jumping Back Kick that sent Adam to the floor. Matt wanted the Basement Dropkick but Adam caught him and Wheelbarrowed him into the apron. Slider Dropkick to the face by Cole. 2 count, once again. Matt kneed out of a Suplex. Matt flew off the ropes but got caught. Shining Wizard by Cole but he just could not score the three. Cole took too long bragging and Matt hit a Hurancanrana. Cole slapped on the Figure Four. Matt rolled over to reverse the move. Break when Cole grabbed the bottom rope.

Matt rocked Cole with a hard shot. That led to the two going back and forth with kicks and punches. Superkick to the knee by Cole. Matt kicked out of the Figure Four. Both men hit wild shots. Cole nailed like three Superkicks in a row. Reverse Rana by Matt that was just beautiful to see. Matt scooted up top and waited. Shooting Star Press!

Your Winner: “Reborn” Matt Sydal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75


–Jay Shannon

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