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Roll the Opening Montage!

We are live at the 2600 Arena (formerly ECW Arena). Kevin Kelly was joined by Mr. Wrestling 3 (who sounds oh so familiar).

Roderick Strong came out to face the Philly crowd. They immediately cranked up the “You Tapped Out” chant. Strong appeared to tap out to Bobby Fish at Final Battle. Strong did manage to keep his title.

Roderick Strong vs “Big Stevie Cool” Stevie Richards
Ring of Honor World TV Title Match

What a great surprise to kick off the show. Stevie has wrestled for close to 2 ½ Decades. Collar and Elbow and they jockeyed for position. Strong yanked the arm of his challenger. Stevie flipped over and cranked on the arm. Strong took Richards down. Test of Strength failed as Strong kicked Richards’ ribs. Stevie pulled the arm and then kicked the back. Knife Edge Chop by Strong. Reverse Whip by Stevie. Scoop Slam by Stevie. Knife Edge Chop by the veteran. Float Over by Strong. Nice Dropkick by the champ. Strong stomped away and hit the Back Drop Suplex.

Stevie fought up from his feet, for a moment. Olympic Slam by Strong. Strong rode the back and twisted the neck. Stevie dropped Strong but Roddy came right back with a Dropkick. Off to commercials.

Stevie pounded the ribs but Strong came back with wild kicks. 2 count. Strong brought Stevie to the corner but Stevie unloaded with the Stevie Kick. The two unleashed wild Forearms on each other. Implant DDT gave Stevie a two. Roddy reversed a Whip and hit a Climbing Knee. Backbreaker by Strong for another 2 count. Roddy bashed Stevie with several shots before hitting the Double Knee Gutbuster. Stevie Kick! 2 count. Boston Crab by Stevie. Strong turned to get free. He kicked Stevie out of the ring. Uranage Backbreakre led to the Stronghold (Walls of Jericho). Stevie rotated around to reach the ropes. Jumping Knee by Strong brought this contest to an end.

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Bobby Fish came out to chat with Roddy. Fish was there to do a live Fish Tank. RoH went to break before the interview segment.

The Fish Tank

A table was set up, during the break. Strong tossed aside one of the chairs. Fish praised Strong for beating Jay Lethal. It also credited Lethal for taking the TV title to new levels. Fish brought up “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, the first TV Champ. Fish knew the buzz about Roddy was enormous. Fish brought up the still of Strong tapping out to Fish at Final Battle. Fish demanded to know if Strong did tap out. Strong denied it, big time. Strong grabbed a microphone and accused Fish of being a sore loser.

Will Ferrara vs Caprice Coleman
No-Disqualification Match

RoH showed how the last match between these two ended up being thrown out.

Caprice took the microphone and commented about how things recently got out of hand. He liked that they were going to do No-DQ in THIS arena. Caprice was going to embarrass Will. Will blasted Caprice and hit a Suicide Dive when Caprice went to the floor. Will ran Caprice into the barricades, over and over. Caprice ran Will into the ring apron and then boxed the ribs. Back Kick by Caprice, after missing the first shot. Caprice grabbed someone’s belt. They got in the ring and Caprice whipped Will like a government mule.

Will grabbed the belt and then hit a wicked German Suplex. Will went out and got a chair. So did Caprice. They clashed chairs, several times. Caprice went low with the chair to rock Will. Caprice sent Will sailing with 3 Rolling Northern Lights, the final one hitting the chair, in the corner. Caprice smacked Will, which seemed to fire him up. Will Hulked Up and caught the chair. DDT onto the chair and Will got 2 plus.

Will got a table from under the ring. Will put the table in position and went back after Caprice. Will put Caprice up top and pounded away. Will wanted the Superplex but Caprice blocked it. Caprice hit the Sky Splitter to put Will through the table.

Your Winner: Caprice Coleman
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Prince Nana came out to congratulate Caprice…and possibly Will, as well.

Cedric Alexander (w/Veda Scott) vs Jonathan Gresham

Veda Scott has settled her lawsuit against Ring of Honor. Cedric got a diamond crusted Rolex watch as a part of the deal. Cedric patted Gresham in the face. Cedric took Gresham to the corner and punched him. European Uppercut by Cedric. Step Down Dropkick to Gresham’s head. Forearm by Cedric but Gresham fought back. Three Amigos by Cedric failed as Gresham rolled up Ceddy on the 3rd. Gresham with a surprise Dropkick. Veda was freaking out. Gresham used a Forearm Smash and Big Boot. Crossbody for two. Modified Octopus by Gresham. Veda got up on the apron. Gresham went for the O’Connor Roll but couldn’t complete it. 540 Kick and Dropkicks by Cedric. Cedric hit the Lumbar Check. Gresham rolled back Cedric when Alexander went for the cocky cover. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Jonathan Gresham
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Cedric stormed to the back.

Donovan Dijak vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Dijak was seconded by Truth Martini and Jay Lethal. No Taylor Hendrix? Dang. Jerry Lynn rushed up to tell Jay Lethal that Jay was the better man at Final Battle. Lethal defeated A.J. Styles.

Speaking of Styles, he has gone on record to deny that he, Luke “Doc” Gallows, Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson and Shinsuke Nakamura have made a deal to be a part of the WWE. I hinted that the Bullet Club and Nakamura might be heading to NXT. I apologize for that.

Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow took them to the corner. Elgin rocked Donovan with a wild Forearm. Dijak hit a Back Elbow. The two collided and neither backed up. Donovan blasted Elgin but Big Mike hit a hard Shoulder Block. Donovan blocked the Discus Elbow. Incredible Press Slam by Elgin. Corner Clothesline by Elgin. Stall Suplex by Elgin. Dang, he held him up for a full 30 seconds. 2 count.

Donovan flipped Elgin onto the apron and hit a Spinner Kick. Truth Martini did a Martini-Rini and then slid out of the ring. Break time.

Elgin was down and dazed. 2 count for Donovan. Donovan yelled “Time to Fly” and then hit a Suplex Throw. 2 count, again. Cravat by Donovan. Elgin worked the ribs to get free. Elgin took Donovan over and then hit a nice Belly to Belly Suplex. Flying Forearm and Scoop Slam by Elgin. Slingshot Splash by Elgin as Lethal talked about not being impre3ssed with Big Mike. The two fought up on the rope. Enziguri by Elgin. Dead Lift Bridging German by Elgin. 1-2-not yet. Dijak clubbed Elgin’s neck. Jumping Enziguri by Elgin. Back Kick and Chokeslam Backbreaker by Dijak. Twisting Moonsault by Donovan. 2 count.

Dijak lifted Elgin but Big Mike punched away. Discus Knife Edge Chop by Elgin. Dijak blocked the Roaring Elbow but Elgin lifted Dijak for the Powerbomb Lift. Damn! Elgin Bomb!

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Elgin and Lethal had a face off. Lethal got in the ring and yelled at Mike. Mike just grinned at Lethal.


–Jay Shannon

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