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The standard opening opens the show this week.  We are shown the crowd shot at Full Sail and Rich Brennan says he cannot wait for Takeover: London, just one week away.
Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, and Carmella make their way to the ring without their usual entrance.  They look serious tonight.
Match 1: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (with Carmella) vs. Corey Hollis and John Skyler.
Cass starts against Skyler and drives him into the corner and works him over with fists to the gut.  Cass follows up with a back elbow to the face and a clubbing forearm.  Skyler is tossed from the corner to the opposite corner.  Cass goes in for a big splash in the corner.  Cass picks up Skyler and carries him to his corner to tag Enzo but Skyler escapes and moves as fast as he can to his corner to tag Corey Hollis.
Hollis charges after Enzo but Enzo ducks, comes off the ropes, and nails Hollis with a flying forearm.  Enzo connects with a standing dropkick and makes the tag to Cass.  Cass returns and throws Enzo onto Hollis in the corner.  Then, he knocks Skyler off the apron with a huge boot to the face.  Cass picks Hollis up and hits a sidewalk slam before launching “Air Enzo” for the three count.
Winners: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.
Post-match: Enzo & Cass cut a promo from inside the ring.  Enzo points to the carnage and says that is how we put food on the table.  Enzo calls out Dawson then Dash and says he will not let them interefere with how he feeds his family.
Enzo says that he and Cass have been together longer than any team in NXT history.  Cass is like family and if you take him out and mess with his future, you mess with my future.  Enzo continues and says that the only people that will mess with his future are standing in the ring.  Enzo says we can walk the walk and talk the talk because we know who we are and where we are going.
Cass takes his turn and says Dash and Dawson tried to take him out.  But, at NXT Takeover: London, they will get retribution, they will leave Dash and Dawson laying, and they will walk out the NXT Tag Team champs.
Backstage, Tom Phillips is standing with Emma and Dana Brooke.  He asks Dana if shes calmed down from last week.  Dana says I’m fine, but Asuka may not be.
Tom tells Emma that, next week, she finally gets her chance at Asuka.  Tom asks her if she is ready for that match.  Emma says the question is not if she’s ready but why Asuka has been given the red carpet treatment since arriving here.  She says she’s pretty sure that neither she nor Dana have ever had that.  Emma says she relizes she was big in Japan but this is NXT.  Emma says the “Diva’s Revolution” would not have happened without the “Emmalution.”  Emma says she paved the way long before you had even heard of Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte, or Asuka.  Emma believes that, at NXT Takeover, the Emmalution will be the solution to put Asuka in her place.
Dana concludes by saying that, just because they can, they will take a closer look at Asuka’s match tonight because they are in control.  Dana makes Tom bend down for a pat on the head.
Rich Brennan checks in on commentary along with Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.  They are talking about the match next between Asuka and Emma.  Rich says he cant wait to see it.  Byron says its like fight or flight syndrome.  Emma will either show up and get the job done or Asuka will tie her into a pretzel.  Graves thinks we will see the pretzel.
The announce team teases Asuka for next and also highlights Blake and Murphey against the Hype Bros for later in the show. They tease the main event as well that has Finn Balor and Apollo Crews facing Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin.  Asuka is in action next as we go to break.
As we return to Full Sail, Asuka makes her entrance.  Her opponent, Deonna, also gets an entrance.
Match 2: Asuka vs. Deonna Purrazzo
The bell rings and the crowd begins an “Asuka’s going to Kill You” chant.  The two ladies lock up and Asuka flips Purrazzo to the mat.  Asuka grabs an armbar that gets reversed by Purrazzo.  Asuka reverses back and turns it into a hammerlock.  Deonna powers up and Asuka takes her to the mat with a headlock takeover.  Deonna quickly grabs a head scissors and Asuka is, just as quickly, out.
Asuka takes Purrazzo to the canvas and quickly traps her in her arm bar submission hold.  Purrazzo is able to clamp her feet to the ropes and force a break.  Asuka breaks the hold but opens up with some hard kicks to Purrazzo.  Purrazzo is able to catch the leg of Asuka and nail her with a solid forearm.  She tries to whip Asuka to the ropes but Azuka reverses it and catches Purrazzo with a running hip attack.
Emma’s music hits and she and Dana walk to the stage and distract Asuka.  Deonna tries to take advantage.  She spins Asuka around but gets caught with a roundhouse kick to the head knocking her unconscious.  Asuka is declared the winner by knockout as Emma and Dana look on in stunned disbelief.
Winner: Asuka
We go backstage with the Hype Bros on interview.  Zack says, later in the show, they go two-on-two with Blake and Murphy. Rawley makes a comment about them about Blake and Murphy in a club.  He also makes fun of Blake’s pigtails.  He says Blake looks like Ms. Doubtfire.  Mojo says they are taking them on a ride.
Zack says Blake and Murphy have two tickets for the Hype Ryder.  They say their catch-phrase to end the segment.
We cut immediately to Alexa Bliss with Blake and Murphy.  She says two goofballs got one over on her boys.  She said, while she was taking care of Bayley, Blake and Murphy embarrassed her.  Blake and Murphy were shocked.  She says she handed them the keys to victory and they lost.  Alexa says shes upset about what happened with Bayley and she blames Blake and Murphy because they failed to take care of business.
Murphy cuts her off and says they are former champions and can take care of business.  Blake says consider the Bros broken. Blake and Murphy leave and Alexa says that Blake and Murphy are back.
The announce team hypes the tag match for next but also teases Bayley against Peyton Royce for later in the show as we go to break.
During the break, we see the same drifter music video that we saw last week.
We return to see the Hype Bros make their way to the ring.   Blake and Murphy follow with Alexa.
Match 3: Blake and Murphy (with Alexa Bliss) vs Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder (The Hype Bros)
Mojo starts off against Blake.  Blake gets an arm bar.  Mojo turns that into a side headlock.  Blake forces him to the ropes and makes a blind tag to Murphy.  Blake throws Rawley into the ropes and Blake and Murphy double leapfrog Rawley but Mojo catches them with a double shoulder block.  Mojo leads the crowd in “He aint Hype” chants and makes the tag to Ryder.
Mojo whips Zack into the ropes.  Ryder goes feet first through the ropes and double kicks Blake and Murphy as he lands on the floor.  Ryder throws Murphy into the ring, catches him with the double knees and a dropkick off the second rope.  Murphy rolls to the corner and Zack catches him with a running forearm causing him to slump to the canvas.  Ryder sets up for the Broski boot but Blake comes in to distract Zack.  Zack side steps Blake.  Murphy attempts to charge him but is thrown outside the ring. Blake comes back again and eats a spine buster.    Ryder catches Blake with the Broski boot sending him to the floor.  Murphy is able to catch Zack from behind with a forearm smash.
Murphy nails Ryder with a forearm uppercut.  Murphy continues to punish Ryder with stiff shots and choking maneuvers.  He takes Ryder to his corner and tags in Blake.  Blake continues the attack in the corner then grabs a rear chin lock.  They make a tag and Murphy maintains the hold.  Ryder tries to force Murphy to the “Bros” corner for the tag but Murphy knocks Mojo off the apron and drags Ryder back to Blake and Murphy’s corner.  Blake and Murphy make a tag, taunt Mojo on the apron, and attempt a double team whip into Ryder.  Ryder is able to get his feet up and kick Blake into Murphy.  With both men down, Zack is able to tag Rawley.
Mojo nails Blake with running shoulder blocks.  When Murphy comes in, Mojo kicks him from the ring.  He hits Blake with a corner splash.  When Blake gets to his feet, Rawley nails him with a discuss punch.  Mojo covers but Murphy is in to break it up prompting Ryder to enter the ring.  Ryder throws Murphy from the ring but as the ref ushers him out, Blake catches Mojo in the eyes and Murphy nails a superkick.  Blake goes for the pin but Ryder breaks it up.
Murphy charges at Ryder but Zack sends him to the floor.  Blake clotheslines Ryder over the ropes to the apron giving Mojo enough time to catch him and set him up for the Hype Rider finisher.  Zack gets the three count.
Winner: The Hype Bros
We cut to Samoa Joe and Baron standing in the back, in what looks to be an equipment area.  Joe says he’s not pretending that he and Baron see eye-to-eye but, tonight, its not about them; its about Apollo Crews and Finn Balor.  Baron addresses Apollo saying that its no secret that he doesn’t like anything about him.  He refers to Crews as a nobody rookie.  Joe addresses Finn saying he gets blamed for betraying their friendship.  Joe asks if it was really him.  Joe says he fought by Balor’s side and did everything he was asked and, when Joe asked him for one favor, Finn could not do that for him.  Corbin says that, tonight, they will put a beating on them so bad, they will be lucky to make it to London.
The show goes to break.
We return to Bayley’s ring entrance for our next match.  Peyton Royce also gets an entrance.
Match 4: Bayley vs. Peyton Royce
The two women lock up to “Hey, We want some Bayley chants.  Peyton grabs a headlock and Bayley sends her to the ropes. They do a series of leapfrogs and cartwheels ending in Peyton executing an arm drag. Bayley goes around behind with a waistlock but Peyton frees herself with an elbow.  Peyton whips Bayley to the corner, Bayley jumps to the second turnbuckle and hits a flying arm drag.  She follows that with a running forearm in the corner.
Bayley tries to execute a suplex but Peyton slips out and catches with a forearm and a running knee.  Peyton goes for the cover but is too close to the ropes.  She continues working on Bayley.  The Bayley chants start up again when the champ is in trouble. Peyton kicks Bayley in the corner and chokes her to the count of four.  She attempts a cover but Bayley kicks out at two.  Peyton clamps on a rear chin lock.
Bayley is quickly back to her feet and armdrags her way out of the hold.  She follows up with a drop toe hold and right hands to the back of the head.  Bayley whips her to the ropes and Peyton ducks Bayley’s move and nails her with a spinning heel kick. She goes for the pin, but Bayley kicks out at two.  The two trade blows in center ring.  Peyton shoves Bayley to the corner. Bayley catches her charging in then follows up with a back elbow from the second rope.  Bayley attempts a pin but Peyton powers out at two.  Bayley hits Royce with a hard suplex.  Bayley moves in on Royce but Royce executes a jawbreaker.  Peyton rolls up for a two count.  After the kick out, Bayley is up quickly and Peyton turns into the Bayley-to-belly suplex for the win.
Winner: Bayley
Post-match: As Bayley is handed her belt, Nia Jax’s music starts and she comes to the stage with Eva Marie.  Eva tries to speak but is booed loudly.  Eva says that, somehow, Bayley escaped with the championship two weeks ago.  Jax takes the mic and says she doesn’t need Eva to do her talking.  Nia says that Bayley is lucky she didn’t get here sooner because, if she had, Bayley would have never been women’s champion.  Jax says she has been destined for greatness since day one.  She tells Bayley that she is looking at the next NXT Women’s Champion.  Nia closes by saying see you in London.
We go to the back where we see Finn Balor getting loose for his match.  Apollo comes in and says he just wanted to make sure Finn was ready for tonight.  Apollo says he’s been calling all week and Finn hasn’t answered.  He just wants to make sure his head is in the game.
Finn tells Apollo not to worry they’re fine and all they have to do is give Joe and Corbin a little taste of what its going to be like in London.  Apollo tells him not to forget about their unfinished business and, after Takeover, he will be coming for the NXT championship.  Crews leaves but Balor glares at him as he exits.
The show goes to commercial.
During the break, a Sammi Zayne returns video plays.
Back from break, we are ready for the main event.  Apollo Crews is out first. Finn is out next.    Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe get their entrances.
Match 5: Apollo Crews and Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin
Joe moves in as if he is going to start the match against Balor, but he immediately tags Baron Corbin.  Balor opens up with forearms on Corbin and goes after Joe on the apon but Joe drops to the floor to avoid the contact.  When Balor turns around, Corbin catches him.  Corbin drives a knee to the midsection then bounces off the ropes but Balor catches him with a dropkick. Finn drags Corbin to the corner and tags Crews.  Corbin backs away from Crews and tags in Joe.
Crews grabs an arm bar on Joe.  Joe catches him with jabs to get out of the hold.  Joe bounces off the ropes.  Crews leaps him then catches him with a dropkick.  Joe retreats to the corner as the show takes its final break.
Back from break and Joe is pushing Crews into his corner.  He tags Corbin and Baron goes after Apollo.  Baron throws Crews into the ropes, Crews bounces off and goes around behind Corbin with a waistlock.  Corbin fires an elbow to break the hold. Corbin drops Crews to the mat and nails him with a forearm to the forehead.  He goes for the pin but Apollo kicks out.  Baron makes the tag to Joe.
Joe applies an armbar to Crews while Apollo is on the mat.  Crews fights out but Joe catches him with an elbow to put him right back to the mat.  Joe drags Crews to the corner and tags Corbin.
Corbin chokes Crews over the bottom rope.  Corbin punches Crews into the corner and charges in.  Crews is able to move and Corbin drives his shoulder into the ringpost.  Crews is able to make it to his corner and tag Balor but Corbin also makes the tag to Joe.
Balor hits Joe with a couple of forearms and running clothesline off the ropes.  Finn follows that up with a big kick to the head. Balor hits Joe with two running chops.  He mounts Joe in the corner and hits him with a series of right hands.  Joe reverses the move and sets Finn on the turnbuckle to set him for a muscle buster.  Finn slides into a sunset flip on Joe for a two count. Corbin makes the save for his team prompting Crews to hit the ring.
Crews attacks Corbin and they both go to the outside.  Balor hits Joe with a Slingblade and a running dropkick.  He goes to the top rope for a Coups de Grace but Corbin jumps up on the apron and pushes him off the ropes.  Joe catches Finn, catches him with an Attitude Adjustment, and then chokes him out with the Coquina Clutch.
Winner: Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe
Post-match:  Joe stares at a prone Balor, grabs the belt, and stands over him with the belt raised to close the show.

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