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Ring of Honor presented Glory by Honor. We had a solid hour of hard-hitting wrestling…not a bit of “Sports Entertainment” in sight. Smile.

Roll the Opening Montage!

Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly were at ringside for this night of fantastic action. Hopefully, Steve Corino will return soon. Welcome to Kalamazoo, MI.

Cedric Alexander (w/Veda Scott) vs ACH

Veda whined about almost being hit in the face by streamers. Whatever. Veda is threatening to take Ring of Honor to court. As ACH made his way to the ring, RoH showcased the four matches between ACH and Matt Sydal.

ACH offered the Code of Honor Handshake. Cedric kicked the hand away and left he ring. Once he got back in, the two men circled each other. Collar and Elbow into a Hammerlock. Side Headlock Takeover by Cedric but ACH reversed it into a head Scissors. Cedric and Veda talked strategy, quickly. Side Headlock. Both men with Deep Arm Drags. Cartwheel Dropkick by ACH, but it only brought a two. Tornado Suplex by Cedric. Clip to ACH’s knee. Cedric pounded the face. Knife Edge Chops by Cedric. ACH with a vicious Thrust Kick. Ach went for the Punt but Veda got in the way. STO, on the apron, by Cedric. Ring of Honor went to a break.

The two men threw Haymakers and Cedric got the better of it. Three Amigos hit Dos Amigos but wouldn’t give them the third. STo by ACH that sent Cedric into the corner. Cedric got rocked with Knife Edge Chops. ACVH wanted a Whip but it got reversed. Back Kick Enziguri by ACH. Running Clothesline nearly took Cedric’s head off. ACH slid under the bottom rope. Cedric wanted a Flip Dive but hit the brakes to avoid taking out Veda. Step Up Flip Dive by ACH. Dang!

Ach tossed Cedric back in the ring and went up top. Discus Forearm into a Snap German Suplex. 2 count. Cedric flipped ACH onto the apron. Get Over Here blocked. Michinoku Driver brought Cedric a two. Ach crouched down to avoid a German. Cedric went for the 540 Kick but ACH hit a Superkick, first. Standing Switch but Cedric hithe 450. Running Corner Dropkick by Cedric. Cedric waited on the apron. Cedric slipped as he went for a Springboard move. Superkick into the Brainbuster by ACH. Ach went up top and nailed the Midnight Star!

Your Winner: ACH
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Kevin Kelly chatted with ACH. Kevin asked what would happen in the finale of the Best of Five Series. ACH said he would walk in with the same attitude he has had against A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe but he was planning on walking out the winner.

Veda Scott was behind Kevin and Nigel, grumbling. Veda complained that the top rope was covered in baby oil. Nigel was fed up with Veda’s crap and told her to leave.

Will Ferrara vs Caprice Coleman

Prince Nana recently gave an envelope to Caprice. Coleman has been acting strangely, lately. Caprice praised Will Ferrara for his rise. Caprice seemed to show some jealousy before the match started. Code of Honor Handshake.

Collar and Elbow and Standing Switches. Clean break. Side Headlock by Will. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle by Will. Universal into Deep Arm Drags by both men. Arm Bar by Will. Will locked up the arm but Caprice got his feet on the ropes. Caprice worked on the arm but Will rolled over. Caprice rocked Will with a knee to the face. Scoop Slam by Caprice into an Elbow Drop and Leg Drop. 2 count.

Armbreaker by Will into the Flying Arm Bar. Float Over by Caprice into a Back Elbow. STO by Caprice sent Will into the bottom turnbuckle. Corner Dropkick by Caprice. 2 count. Shining Wizard by Caprice brought a two. Knee Strikes by Caprice. Dropkick by Will. Running Back Elbow by Will. Tornado DDT by Will. 1-2-not yet. Prince Nana came out to scout the match. Caprice picked up Will but Ferrara with the School Boy. Caprice kicked out at two and sent Will into the ring post. Caprice threw him back into the post. Stroke by Caprice. Half Camel Clutch aka Judgement Seat.

Your Winner (by Submission): Caprice Coleman
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Prince Nana handed Will Ferrara an envelope, after the match. Is Nana building a new stable?

Inside RoH was hosted by Adam Cole, this week. He calls it Storytime. I prefer Mandy Leon. Adam discussed his feud with Kyle O’Reilly. Adam bragged about beating Kyle in last week’s Triple Threat. Adam went back to 2012 for a Future Shock match. Adam saw the scar on his face, from that match, was a badge of honor. Adam promised to eliminate Kyle O’Reilly from Ring of Honor.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Prince Nana. Nana would not disclose what was in the envelope but it suggested that a new faction, the Age of Enlightenment, may be in the offing. Prince Nana wanted it know that he was far from done.

Rhett Titus and Kenny King came out to face the Briscoes All-Star Extravaganza. ANX won the match, shocking many.

Mark and Jay Briscoe vs The All Night Express (King and Titus)

The streamers flew all around the ring. Code of Honor Handshake. The match was set to go…after a few more commercials.

Mark and Kenny kicked off the match. Go Behind by Mark that led to a Side Headlock Takedown. Mark slid out of a Leg Scissors and took a Hammerlock. King spun around and used a couple types of Arm Drags. Bulldog blocked by King. King rocked Mark with a hard shot. Tag to Rhett. Running Boot to Mark’s ribs. Gut Wrench Suplex by Titus. Float Over by Mark into a Double Clutch Throw. Tag to Jay. European Uppercut and hard punches rocked Titus. Hip Tosses blocked. Nice double Team by King. Kign apparently had tagged in. I didn’t see it.

King worked Jay’s arm. Scoop Slam by King and Splash by the now-legal Titus. Rear Chin Lock by Rhett. Jay cracked the ribs but Rhett Booted Jay. The boots went back and forth. Tag to Mark. Mark took out King with a Dropkick and then unleashed Knife Edge Chops on Rhett. Flip Dive by Mark to King.

Mark Shouldered Titus and then flew off the top. Double Team on Rhett. 2 count. Mark punched Rhett in the face. Both Briscoes punched away on Titus. Tag to Jay. He choked Titus with the boot. The two traded punches and Jay used an Elbow to drop Titus. Jay taunted King. Tag back to Mark. Kick to the ribs. Mark threw the bombs to Titus’ face. Kick by Rhett. Tornado Hot Shot to Mark. Mark came back to battle Titus. Jay rushed in and punished his foe. Jay was NOT legal. Mark stomped the chest of Titus. Mark dropped Titus and pulled a two. Jay finally got the tag and hit a Leg Lariat. There was time for one more quick break.

Jay nailed a Headbutt and tagged out to his brother, Mark. Titus flipped out and tagged King. King flipped Mark over and hit a nice Exploder Suplex. Jay made the save. Corner Clothesline by King. Jay tried to stop the Superplex so King went for the Step Up Enziguri. Rope Run X Factor by Titus. Mark hit an Exploder to Titus. Jay came back and hit a Roaring Forearm to King. Funk Neckbreaker to Titus and Mark (legal) went for the pin. 2 count. Mark took out King as Jay set up for Doomsday. King came up and blocked. The Briscoes blocked the One Night Stand. Suicide Dive by Jay that took out Titus. King with a Blockbuster, off the apron. Jay Driller! Froggie Bo!

Your Winners: “Dem Boys” Mark and Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Handshakes all around by the four men.


–Jay Shannon

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