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The remaining entrants to the World Title Series were announced. Buckle Up, Campers….this is gonna be good.

The show did a quick recap of last week. Matt Hardy walked backstage. He began his climb back to the World title, tonight.

Josh Mathews and The Pope were back in the studio to discuss all the upcoming action. They announced the other four groups:

Matt Hardy, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards and Robbie E were Group Tag Team Specialists.

Jessie Godderz, Micah, Eli Drake and Crimson: Group Future Four

Tigre Uno, DJZ, Mandrews and Manik are Group X-Division

James Storm, Bobby Roode, Abyss and Eric Young comprise Group TNA Originals

Robbie E has an issue with Robbie G of the New England Patriots. Robbie E challenged the football guy to a wrestling match. Seriously?

Matt Hardy vs Davey Richards
Word Title Series Match, Group Tag Team Specialists

Handshake and Davey went right after Matt’s arm. Matt reversed things and yanked on the arm. He took a Side Headlock. Universal into a Davey Dropkick. Back Heel Trip by Davey. He rolled Matt into an Inverted Figure Four. Insert Videos showcased both men’s thoughts. Davey with a nice Snap Suplex. Davey climbed up top and flew…into Matt’s feet. Davey and Matt fought on the apron. Side Effect, on the apron, by Matt.

They got back in the ring and Matt pulled a two count. Matt worked over Davey’s neck with Elbow Drops. Snap Mare by Matt led to a Slider Dropkick. Hogan-esque Leg Drop by Matt. 2 count. Davey punched away but Matt cinched in a Sleeper. Matt dropped back and got a two count. Hard Whip by Matt. Davey tried to kick Matt but Matt hit a Draping Final Cut. Davey got his foot on the 2nd rope. Matt hit hard Knee Strikes and then climbed up top. Ax Bomb er Elbow Drop into a Funk Neckbreaker attempt. Back Stabber by Davey, once he escaped Matt’s grip. Davey and Matt traded wild blows. Low Bridge sent Hardy to the floor. Crash and Burn!

Davey pitched Matt back into the ring. He climbed up the ropes and nailed the Missile Dropkick. Kip Up by Davey. Davey blasted Matt with hard kicks. Backspring Elbow by Davey. Davey went for a huge kick but Matt blocked it. Davey reversed the Twist of Fate but couldn’t hold Matt down. Side Effect by Matt for two. Davey blocked another Twist of Fate. Corner Shoulders by Davey and he put Matt up on the top turnbuckle. Davey called for the Superplex but Matt fought his way free. Matt flew off the top and took a kick to the ribs. Running Boot to Matt’s face. Exploder Suplex by Davey. Davey wasted time going up top. Matt came out of nowhere with the Twist of Fate when Davey came down to go after Matt.

Your Winner: Matt Hardy (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.25 out of a possible 5

TNA showcased the dissolution of Beer Money. Roode smashed a beer bottle over James Storm’s head to start his epic World Title Run.

The X-Division Group did a Round Table discussion with Jeremy Borash. They were all asked who they thought would not go forward. Most of them agreed that Mandrews would be out early.

Aiden O’Shea vs Kenny King
World Title Series Match, Group Wildcard

Pope joked about knowing about Elijah Burke (D’Uh, it’s his alter-ego in WWE. Smile.). Aiden tore into King, even before the bell. Aiden threw King into the corner and punched away. King Back Elbowed his foe. Aiden kept up the pressure on his group mate. Hard Whip by Aiden. King rolled under and Thrust Kicked Aiden in the face. Elbow Drops to King’s forehead and skull. King came up swinging. Aiden rushed King into the corner. Hard Slam by Aiden. The Roundtable almost got physical.

King and Aiden went back and forth. Crucifix Side Slide by King but Aiden powered out. Aiden with a Spinning Backbreaker by O’Shea. King spun around and kicked Aiden. Dropkick by King into a Paradise Kick. King lifted Aiden but Aiden bit his way free. King was tossed out onto the apron. Knee Strike by King. Springboard Blockbuster and King rolled up O’Shea.

Your Winner: Kenny King (+3 Points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Eric Young was asked about the World Title Series. Eric said he controlled and still controls the fate of the World Title. Eric claimed he was God and he was going to destroy Abyss. Eric was confident that he would become the next World Champion, beginning tonight.

Davey Richards showed great respect to his opponent, Matt Hardy. Davey said he would learn from his loss and come back stronger.

Jeremy Borash talked with Team TNA Originals.

Eric Young vs The Monster, Abyss
World Title Series Match, Group TNA Originals

Impact looked back at the Kurt Angle vs Eric Young match. Eric used a Piledriver on Kurt…and the ringside medic. Kurt did come back to force Eric to tap out to the AngleLock.

Eric jumped Abyss, before the bell. Eric rammed Abyss into the corner but The Monster shoved Eric away. Corner Splash by Abyss. Eric bit Abyss’ hand to avoid the Chokeslam. Break time.

Eric bashed Abyss in the face and then came off the ropes. Abyss dumped Eric out to the floor. Abyss came out to get his prey. He popped Eric between the eyes, multiple times. Eric dug into the mask and then smacked Abyss. Abyss blocked Eric when he tried to slam him into the ring steps. Eric ended up going into the steps. Abyss punched the crazed Canadian. Eric dodged a charge and Abyss struck the ring post. Eric then worked over the neck and arm. Elbow Drop, from the apron, by Abyss. Eric got up in the ref’s face and then choked Abyss with the boot. Eric choked Abyss on the middle rope. Reverse Skidmark by Eric. Abyss reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Eric flew off the ropes but got Goozled. Samoan Drop by Abyss. Abyss hit a pair of Clotheslines and a Back Body Drop. Eric stomped the foot and kicked the knee to avoid the Chokeslam. Abyss came back and hit the Chokeslam. 2 count only. Abyss tore back the ring apron and found his true love…Janice (the nail studded board). Abyss pitched “her” into the ring. Low Blow by Eric. Young went up top for the Savage Elbow. 2 count. Eric couldn’t believe it. Eric set for the Piledriver but Abyss turned it into the Back Body Drop. Black Hole Slam!

Your Winner: Abyss (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Ethan Carter III was interviewed. He grumbled about being robbed of his World Title. Ethan accused Matt and Jeff Hardy of being in collusion with Dixie Carter. Josh asked about Ethan’s match, last week, with Austin Aries. Ethan was disappointed that he only got a draw but at least he wasn’t defeated. Josh asked Ethan if he felt behind the Eight Ball in his match, next week, against Lashley. Ethan was ready to Destroy the Destroyer. Ethan finished by saying the Series would not be over until he won it.

Ethan finished by saying the Series would not be over until he won it.

Eric Young went all paranoia about everyone being against him. Eric was determined to come back and win. Abyss vowed to destroy James Storm and Bobby Roode.

Robbie E .vs Eddie Edwards
World Title Series Match, Group Tag Team Specialists

Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock and Arm Bar. Robbie Kipped Up and worked Eddie’s arm. Eddie then turned things around and twisted the arm. Float Over by Robbie but he still took an Elbow. Robbie then dropped Eddie and tried to score the pin. He got a two. Running Knee by Eddie for he two. Davey charged and struck the ring post. Cannonball off the apron by Robbie. Robbie Shouldered Eddie and almost made the pin. Matt Hardy felt Robbie is least likely to advance.

Eddie flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex. Jumping Hurancanran by Eddie. He knocked Robbie off the apron. Eddie slid out of the ring. Double Clotheslines. The ref started the count. The two punched from their feet. Robbie and Eddie got back in the ring and Eddie unleashed the Knife Edge Chops. Robbie hit the Boom Drop but only got a two. Eddie Snap Mared out of a Slop Drop. Jumping Enziguri into a Running Clutch Stunner. Eddie went right into the Single Leg Crab. Robbie got free but took a knee to the temple. Robbie nailed the Slop Drop to gain three points.

Your Winner: Robbie E (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Eddie and Robbie showed great respect to each other.

The next vignette of Bobby Roode and James Storm showed Bobby winning and losing the World title…twice. Bobby then won the King of the Mountain title.

Bobby Roode was asked about the World Title Series. Bobby is enjoying being the King of the Mountain title holder but he has not forgotten about the World title. Roode paid respect to his former tag partner, James Storm. Bobby knew they had both changed. It was a question of who wants it more. Bobby was certain he wanted it more than anyone.

Robbie E said most fans overlook him. He reminded everyone that he is a former X-Division Champion. Eddie knew Robbie surprised all the critics, including him. Eddie looked forward to a rematch, down the road.

It was time for a Roundtable for Group Future Four. Eli Drake complained about being introduced last. Eli has an issue with Micah. Everyone figured that Eli Drake would not move forward.

Crazzy Steve vs Mahabali Shera
World Title Series Match, Group Wildcard

Steve wanted to play but Shera just stood there. Shera mentioned that he will keep “Khoya” on his trunks as a reminder of what he has gone through. Steve stomped the foot of Shear and punched him. Shera with a Shoulder Tackle. Corner Clothesline by the huge Indian. Scoop by Shera but Steve escaped. He bashed Shera in the back of the neck. Shera tossed off Steve like an old overcoat. Steve ducked a Clothesline and hit a Clothesline. Steve jumped up on Shera and bit him. Sky High Powerbomb!

Your Winner: Mahabali Shera (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 1.75

Impact looked at Storm’s path after the destruction of Beer Money. It focused on The Revolution. The group eventually imploded and Storm now walks alone.

Josh and Pope previewed next week’s show. That led to a video package about Lashley. He will most definitely make it to the Super Sixteen, Great Eight and maybe even the Four Finalists (wanted to be sure I didn’t tread on the toes of the college sports world. Smile).

“Cowboy” James Storm vs “It Factor” Bobby Roode
World Title Series Match, Group TNA Originals
(King of the Mountain Title not on the line)

Storm tried to do the Beer Money chant. Bobby wouldn’t complete it. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. They locked up again and went right back to the corner. It led to a shoving match. Side Headlock by Storm. Shoulder Block by Bobby sent James out to the floor. TNA took a quick commercial break.

Storm cracked the ribs and back of Bobby. Shoulder Tackle by Storm. Universal aborted when Bobby nailed the Back Elbow. Corner Mount Punches by Bobby. Roode nailed a super sweet Dropkick. Storm went to the floor and yelled at the fans. Storm popped Bobby in the face. Storm and Bobby went in and out of the ring. Bobby whipped Storm into the barricade. Storm kicked up to Low Blow Bobby. The ref was shadowed out. Storm stomped away at Bobby’s chest. Rear Chin Lock by Storm. Bobby punched away and hit a Spin Kick to the ribs. Eye of the Hurricane by Storm for a two. Storm choked Roode on the ropes. Storm rocked Bobby but couldn’t pull the trigger on this match. Storm kept Bobby down by way of the Rear Chin Lock. We were down to the final five minutes…

Bobby almost seemed out but he pushed up to his knees. Bobby punched free and clocked Storm. Storm with a Running Kick. Standing Switch but Storm held the ropes. Spinebuster by Bobby but he only got a two count. Big Boot and Blockbuster by Bobby. 1-2-not yet. Bobby rallied the crowd as he waited for Storm to get to his feet. Storm avoided the Fisherman’s Suplex and hit the Code Breaker and Lung Blower. Could be…might be…Denied!

Storm slid out of the ring and got a steel chair. Storm slammed it on the rign steps. Bobby kicked Storm and got the steel chair. The ref took the chair. Storm blasted Bobby in the back of the head with the cow bell. Bobby barely kicked out at two plus. Bobby got out of the way off the Last Call. Bobby escaped Eye of the Storm and took the win with the Fisherman’s Buster.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 4.25


–Jay Shannon

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