Posted August 23rd, 2015 by Bill Apter

Match start: 10:24 PM

Lesnar attacks ‘Taker as he gets in the ring (still in costume)….Undertaker tries to walk the ropes Lesnar pulls him off … Lesnar kicks out of a chokelslam … 10:25 PM first suplex followed by another … Taker pushes Lesnar’s head into the turnbuckle dazing him … Taker with a big boot that sees Lesnar go out of the ring and he is bleeding above the right ye (Lesnar) as Taker bashes Lesnar into the barrier and the ring apron … Taker with a legdrop on the apron to Brock’s throat (fans chanting ‘You still got i” t) … Suplex by Lesnar (who dodged a chokeslam) … another  suplex (10:29 PM) … More suplexes follow … Lesnar F5 and ‘Taker goes through the announcer’s table! … Lesnar has blood running down his face  as he yells “I will kill you you SOB” … Taker with a devastating chokeslam .. Taker with a Tombstone Piledriver and pin attempt but Brock gets out … Fists fly punch for punch … Lesnar tries to break Taker’s left arm with a Kimura lock … Last Ride by Taker but only a two count . .. Lesnar with another F5 and Taker kicks out … Another F5 and another kickout! …Taker with Hell’s Gate! … Lesnar gets out and puts on the Kimura lock!! … The bell rings???  Referee says he did not call for the bell … Low blow by Taker … Hells Gate … Lesnar gives Taker the middle finger .. Lesnar is out cold bu submission Undertaker wins.

Match finish: 10:41

Match Ranking: 10 (except for the finish)

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