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Before the show a video hyping up all the matches is played and then Justin Roberts,(Who was not advertised) makes his way to the ring to the Ring Announcer for the evening.

1. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Hero
This was the opening match on the show , very entertaining match the crowd loved. A lot of
outside action and inside the ring action. Dreamer takes the pin in the opener.

Winner: Chris Hero

After the match Tommy Dreamer is in the ring and thanks the Toronto Crowd for coming out to the show and said this was the largest crowd ever to attend a House of Hardcore show and would return. Cherry Bomb and Pepper Parks come to the ring while Tommy is still talking. Cherry Bomb takes the mic and said that he was a washed up has been and needs to retire and that Pepper Parks is the future.

Dreamer smiles and said he has someone who take care of you and suddenly Bobby Roodes music plays and the crowd goes crazy as he was not advertised for the show.

2. Bobby Roode vs. Pepper Parks

Really good match that went back and forth and Roode wins it with a fisherman suplex.

Winner Bobby Roode *Huge Ovation for him during and after the match as he was a complete surprise*

3. Ethan Page, RJ City, Vik Delishus & Ben Ortiz vs Team Tremendous, Hacker Scotty and Matt Striker

Before the match starts Matt Striker starts counting everyone that was in the ring and noticed there was no referee for the match and left the ring and went backstage to grab one. He comes back out with former WWE Referee Jimmy Kordeas who is the special referee for this match.

This was probably the match of the night, the crowd was so into this match

Winner: Ethan Page, RJ City, Vik Delishhus & Ben Ortiz

4. John Hennigan (Mundo) vs. Tony Nese

Pretty good match Hennigan won with his top rope Starship pain.

Winner: John Hennigan

5. Tommaso Ciampa vs Eddie Kingston

This match was great brawling style that was pretty entertaining. The bottom rope broke during the match but fight kept continuing with the remaining two ropes. Ciampa comes out on top here.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

6. The Kingdom ( Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/ Maria) vs. The Addiction (Chris Daniels & Kaz)

Another great match that had the crowd on its feet. Traci Brooks comes to the ring during the match and starts a catfight with Maria

Winners: The Addiction

After the match they due a farewell tribute to Traci Brooks, this was advertised as her final pro wrestling appearance. Scott Damore was called to the ring and Traci thanked him for helping her get her break in this business. They then should a tribute video of Traci which was very nice.

7. Rhino’s Open Challenge: Rhino comes to the ring and issues an open challenge to anyone. Thea Trinidad comes to the ring to accept it on behalf of someone which turned out to be another unadvertised surprise for the show and had the crowd going insane…Austin Aries.

This match didn’t go too long, but it was fun..the highlight of this match for me is when Rhino gores Thea Trinidad in the middle of the ring. She really took that gore like a pro. That set up for Rhino to get distracted and have Austin Aries get the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

7. Team 3D vs The Young Bucks

This is the main event. Before the match starts Bully Ray gets on the mic and says if we are going to do this…lets do this the right way and now makes the match a street fight. The Crowd was 50/50 for both teams. A lot of the action spilled outside of the ring but eventually came back inside. Team 3D wins this by Dudley bombing Nick Jackson through a table.

After the match The Dudleys take the mic and say The Young Bucks are their favorite tag team in the business today and are the future of this business. They really put The Young Bucks over big time with their promo and crowd chants Hall of Fame at the Team 3d. Bully Ray says that everytime to perform of a crowd that chants their name is the Hall of Fame to them. They then thanked everyone for coming out and called out and that was it.

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