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Welcome to the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA.

John Cena came out to kick off the show. He is looking to settle things with Kevin Owens, at Money in the Bank. The night was about to kick off with the U.S Open Challenge. John did a brief History Lesson about some of the great events that have happened, in the past. John made it clear that neither the US nor NXT titles would be on the line, Sunday. John knew Owens feels that John is “full of crap”. Kevin wants to prove that Cena’s time is up and Owens’ time is now. John countered that he was just getting started. John let everyone know that he was the “safe bet” on Sunday. John was ready to make sure everyone knew he was the standard-bearer.

Out strolled Kevin Owens. Kevin told John that Cena was just proving his point that Cena was delusional. Kevin knew the fans were tired of seeing John Cena come out, each and every week. Kevin wanted to give an NXT Open Challenge. John loved the idea. John then accepted the Open Challenge. Huh? Kevin would not allow John to get the match. John mocked Kevin for his unwillingness to compete against him. John reissued the Open Challenge for the US title. Kevin suggested that they let the next Superstar who showed up decide which title he wanted to go after.

Neville came out to take the challenge…but which one? Neville wanted to face John Cena…some other day.

Neville vs Kevin Owens
NXT Open Challenge for the NXT Title Match

John Cena took a place at the announce table. Lilian Garcia, looking exceptionally pretty, did the introductions. Kevin immediately bailed out of the ring to throw off Neville. Neville slid out of the ring and pounded away. Neville slid back in the ring and hit the Running Hurancanrana. Flip Dive to take out Owens. Neville brought Kevin back in and got a two count. Kevin blasted Neville over and over. Kevin punched Neville in the face and then lifted him for a Short Arm Clothesline. Neville worked over Kevin’s ribs but Owens came back with a Corner Splash and the Cannonball. 1-2-no.

Owens with the Front Drop over the top rope. Kevin with a Hammer Throw to the corner. Rear Chin Lock grounded Neville. Neville twisted up to attack Kevin’s ribs. Neville threw a hard Forearm. Backsplash Senton after the Torture Rack Gutbuster. Kevin clubbed Neville and taunted the smaller man. Knife Edge Chop by Kevin but Neville rebounded with hard kicks. Kevin rocked Neville with a solid Forearm. Vicious Side Slam by Kevin brought another two. Raw took a break.

Neville fought from the apron but Kevin went for an Attitude Adjustment. Neville countered it into a DDT. Neville kicked away but Kevin hit a hard shot. Low Bridge put Owens on the floor. Neville with a Top Rope Moonsault, to the floor. Kevin Elbowed out of the Go Behind. Neville connected with a Missile Dropkick. 2 count, yet again. Kevin held the ropes to block an Irish Whip. Inverted Gut Wrench Neckbreaker by Owens. Neville with a hard kick and a Rolling German. Neville with a Dead Lift German. Wow! Neville wanted the Red Arrow but Kevin blocked it. Neville blasted Owens and then went back up top. He missed the Red Arrow but hit a Superkick. Neville went right back up but Kevin hit the ropes. Pop Up Powerbomb!

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

John taunted Kevin. Owens then opened the ropes to invite John inside for a fight, tonight. John slid under the bottom rope and stared down Kevin. Owens suddenly went all yellow tail and bailed out of the ring.

Michael Cole sent it to a video package about the Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose feud. Ambrose appeared to win the World Title at Elimination Chamber but the original ref disqualified Seth, allowing him to keep the belt. Dean won the battle but lost the war, on that night.

HHh and Stephanie were looking at thing son their phone. Seth came out to talk about Dean Ambrose’s posts on Instagram. Seth whined that Dean stole his title. Seth asked what “They” were going to do. Stephanie called Seth on his comments that he didn’t need anyone’s help. He back paddled at warp speed. HHH told Seth to pick an opponent to show how he could stand on his own.

The announcers then talked about the problems within the Divas division. The Bellas pulled a little Twin Magic on Paige, last week. Paige stated, on Smackdown, that she would have to change things. Renee interviewed Nikki Bella. Nikki felt sorry for naïve Paige. Tonight, Nikki was prepared to battle Summer Rae. On Sunday, Nikki would defend, again, against Paige.

Summer Rae vs Nikki Bella
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow into a Roll Up for a two. Summer kicked out. Nikki kept going for early pins but stopped to do Push Ups. Go Behind by Nikki. Summer kicked Nikki and then Steam Rolled her. Modified Shinu Numaki by Summer. Summer tried to get a pin but couldn’t pull the 3. Leg Lariat by Summer as Paige watched the match, on the monitor. Corner Choke by Summer. Disaster Kick by Nikki. Rack Attack!

Your Winner: Summer Rae
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Raw looked at the multiple matches that Roman Reigns was forced to endure, last week. Roman survived “King” Wade Barrett, Mark Henry and Bray Wyatt. Roman would be out to address the crowd, next.

Roman came through the crowd to talk about the Money in the Bank match. 7 men will participate. Roman admitted that he used to hate the Money in the Bank Briefcase. He kind of changed his mind, since Seth doesn’t have it anymore. Roman was seriously confident that he would win MitB. Roman wanted to win the briefcase and then cash in on…Dean Ambrose.

Kane interrupted the promo. Kane was certain that Roman would lose, based on past performances. Kane said he was in the Money in the Bank match to “protect the Authority’s interests”. Roman invited Kane to step in the ring and face him.

Before Kane could answer, Dolph Ziggler arrived on the scene. Dolph made fun of Kane for being The Authority’s lap dog. Dolph called Kane “The Biggest Tool in the WWE”. Dolph was confident that he would, once again, take Money in the Bank. Kane retorted that any tool could be used to do damage.

R-Truth didn’t want to be left out, so he came out onto the ramp. Kane cut off Truth’s rant. Kane said Truth wasn’t in the match. Huh? Truth said “Oh, my bad” and left. That was ridiculous.

New Day then walked out in unison. Big E and Kofi started preaching positivism. New Day felt the Briefcase was going to be a group possession. Kane started to say something but Sheamus came out to join them. Sheamus said he had a smile on his face, since the others actually thought they would win the Money in the Bank match. Kane wondered if anyone else wanted to join this little group of interviews. Kane reminded everyone that Neville and Kane would be in the match, as well.

Suddenly, Randy Orton came out. Why? To face Sheamus…right after the break.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Before the match, Raw looked at how Sheamus brutalized Randy, last Monday. Randy punched and kicked away, just as soon as the bell rang. The fight spilled out to the floor. European Uppercut by Randy. Twisted Sister Backbreaker by Randy. Orton/Garvin Stomp by The Viper. Randy slid out but got surprised by Sheamus. Randy reversed a Whip and sent the Irishman into the barricade. Hard Clothesline by Randy. Both men got back in the rign and Sheamus kicked up at Randy. Another series of European Uppercuts by Sheamus. Randy gave back what was given to him. It turned into a European Uppercut Fest. Sheamus bailed out to the floor. Randy with a Hard Whip but Sheamus go the boot up. Mr. Wrestling II Kneelift by Sheamus into a Jake Roberts Short Arm Clothesline. 2 count. Sheamus drove his knee into Randy’s back, several times. Kneedrop by Sheamus brought a two count. Sheamus went to work on Randy’s arm. Randy got to his feet and nailed a nice Dropkick. Randy threw bombs into Sheamus’ face. Corner Mount Punches but Sheamus slid under and pulled Randy off the ropes. Sheamus punched Randy off the top rope. Raw went to another set of commercials.

Sheamus had Randy trapped in a Rear Head Lock as Raw returned. I know who I’m thinking is going to get the Briefcase. More on that later. Sheamus kneed Randy and then screamed at him. Two count. Sheamus returned to the Rear Chin Lock. Randy blasted Sheamus’ mid-section. Sheamus brought down Orton and almost pinned him. Sheamus punched and kicked away at the Viper. Randy kicked Sheamus and hit a pair of Clotheslines. Snap Powerslam by Randy. Sheamus charged and ended up striking the ring post. Exploder Suplex by Orton. Rope Assisted DDT to Sheamus. Randy then headed down the dark path to his “special Place”. Sheamus blocked the RKO and Randy dodged the Brogue Kick. The fight went outside and Sheamus drove Randy into the ring apron and threw him over the announce table. Sheamus got a steel chair but didn’t get to use it. Randy picked it up and threw it into Sheamus’ stomach. He got DQ’d but didn’t care. Randy continued to destroy the Irishman on the floor. Back Drop Suplex onto the announce table. Randy then threw Sheamus into the ring steps. Randy rolled Sheamus back in the ring and planed him with the RKO!

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.75

So, who is going to win the Briefcase? I know I usually wait until I break out the Crystal Ball but I want to go ahead and do it now. I really want it to be Neville but I think Creative will go a more interesting direction. Kane will win the match and then “turn” on Seth and claim the title.

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury were there with Seth. Jamie felt hurt that Seth felt he did not need them. Seth went off on Joey and Jamie and said he plucked them out of obscurity. Jamie looked at Seth and said “Screw You”. Jamie said the three of them were Shield 2.0. Jamie told Seth he would not last a minute without the Authority. Seth decided he wanted to battle both members of J and J Security in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Joey finally spoke up and said they were going to kick Seth’s *ss.

Kane vs Dolph Ziggler

The fight started before the bell. Crossbody by Dolph was blocked. Dolph came back with a couple of Dropkicks. Uppercut by Kane. Lana watched, dressed in all pink. Kane wanted a Suplex but Dolph fought out. Kane sent Dolph into the corner and hit a Corner Splash. Kane applied the rear Chin Lock.

Dolph punched away but Kane planted him with the Back Drop Suplex. 2 count. Kane stomped Dolph in the face. Kane boxed away, in the corner, until the ref backed him off. Kane with a Big Boot to a weakened Dolph. Scoop Slam by the Corporate Monster. 1-2-not yet. Dolph fought back with kicks and punches. Kane reversed a Whip and hit a brutal Side Slam. Dolph nailed a DDT for a two count. Kane blocked the Zig Zag and caught Dolph with a huge Boot. Raw headed off to commercial world.

We’re back and Kane had Dolph in a Bear Hug. Dolph tried to Elbow free but Kane ran him into the corner. Superkick by Dolph into the Famouser. Kane got free at 2. Kane avoided a Superkick and went for a Chokeslam. Dolph slipped free and nailed the Superkick. Lana showed her approval. Rusev came out, on crutches, to confront Lana. Rusev rambled on in Bulgarian. Lana accidentally stepped off the ramp and twisted her ankle. Dolph saw it and couldn’t believe it. Kane took advantage and planted Dolph with the Chokeslam.

Your Winner: Kane
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Medics checked on Lana’s ankle. Dolph rushed over to check on the new girl in his life.

Ini the back, Jamie and Joey talked strategy.

Miz TV will interview Ryback and Big Show, next.

Backstage, the doc was still working on Lana’s ankle.


He is just so NOT Roddy Piper and this is just SO not Piper’s Pit. Miz was ticked off that Big Show cost him his shot at the Intercontinental Title, last Monday. Big Show knocked out Miz. Show said he would be the man to defeat Ryback for the IC strap. Miz said he was considering legal action against both men.

Ryback’s music quieted Miz. The IC champ strolled down to the ring. Ryback will defend the IC title against Big Show, at Money in the Bank. Ryback knew Miz was likely boring the fans so he decided to come out early. Ryback was robbed, last week, of meat Hooking Miz’s face off. Miz went off on Ryback for disrespecting him. Ryback shut him up and told him we all get it. Ryback stuck in the knife by talking about Damien Sandow/Mizdow/Macho Mandow. Miz said Ryback was ugly. Miz made fun of the crowd for being ugly, too. Miz lost it when the crowd followed Ryback’s chant request. Miz whined about what Big Show did to him, on Raw. Miz tried to turn this whole situation against Big Show.

Show pulled the Lenny/Squiggy moment by arriving on cue. Show made Miz move over and let him sit down. Show let Miz know that Miz was the one partner he had that he truly hated. Ryback assured everyone that he was not afraid of Big Show. Miz kept trying to stir the pot, until Big Show threatened to shut Show’s mouth permanently. Show ended up attacking Mzi and Ryback. Ryback hit Shell Shocked!

Dean was on his way to the arena.

Los Matadores vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

So glad the Bearded Beasts are back together. Erick began against Diego. He took Diego to the corner and the Matador chopped away. He flew off the ropes and Eric caught him. Tag to Fernando. Rolling Senton to drop Erick. Fernando bounced off the ropes and got clubbed. Luke tagged in and they double teamed their opponent. 2 count. Tag back to Rowan. Huge Splash brought a 2 count. Arm Bar and Knuckle Drive by Erick. Torito got on the apron and got sent flying. Diego was down checking on Torito so Fernando couldn’t get a tag. 3D aka The Way by Rowan and Harper.

Your Winners: Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Luke cut a promo talking about “Time to pay for your sins”. Erick told everyone it was ok to be afraid because we should be. They so need a catchy team name. The Judgement works well.

Kane joked with Seth about how Dean has been touring New Orleans with Seth’s title belt. Kane informed Seth that he was going to win Money in the Bank and cash in on either Seth or Dean. Seth didn’t sweat Kane. He dared Kane to come down and cash in on him. Kane let Seth know that he would be in J and J Security’s corner for the main event.

So, Total Divas returns on my birthday…July 7th. Big deal. I lost interest in that Kardashians wanna-be show about midway through last season.

Big E vs Titus O’Neil

The Prime Time Players will get a shot at New Day’s tag titles on Sunday. Collar and Elbow to the corner. The ref tried to force the break. Belly to Belly by Big but he only got a two. Big blasted Titus with hard punches and a kick. I couldn’t believe Byron Saxton didn’t have a clue who Mister Ed was. Jeez…children. Big E clubbed Titus’ back, and cinched in an Abdominal Stretch. He smacked the ribs in the New Day Rocks/Sucks chant rhythm. Big E released the hold and clapped away. Titus pitched Big E in the corner and slapped the color off Big E’s chest and replaced it with red. Shoulder Tackles and a scoop up. Big E got free. Titus grabbed Big E and ran him into the corner. Whip by Titus. Titus started barking and hit The Pounce. Woods attacked Darren Young. New Day’s distractions allowed Big E to put out Titus with the Big Ending.

Your Winner: Big E
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Roman came through the crowd, right after the match. Roman was on deck to face Kofi Kingston, next.

Roman Reigns vs Kofi Kingston

The bell rang and Roman just kicked back and waited. They circled each other and then locked up. Kofi took control of the arm of the big Samoan. Shoulder Tackle by Reigns. Kofi with a Side Headlock but Roman flipped Kofi off him. Kofi bailed out to the floor. Big E and Xavier Woods devised strategy for their partner. Kofi attacked with kicks on the former Shield member. European Upperbut by Kofi and Corner Shoulders. Kofi rocked Roman with another European Uppercut. Kofi charged and just barely escaped a Samoan Drop. Kofi kicked and punched. Decapitation Clothesline by Roman, followed by a La Bandera Clothesline. Kofi sailed out to the floor. Roman stared down the men in blue. Roman came out and clocked Woods. Kofi hit the Slider Dropkick on Roman. Break time.

Kofi had Roman locked in the Rear Chin Lock. New Day helped Kofi keep Roman off his feet, during the break. Roman kicked out of a pin attempt. Kofi punted Roman’s ribs for another 2 count. Modified Cravat by Kofi. Roman bashed and battered the ribs but Kofi slid under the ropes and tripped Roman on the pass through. Kofi went to the penthouse and waited. Ax Bomber! 2 count only. Woods kept talking trash from the floor.

Roman got his second wind and dropped Kofi with Clotheslines. Roman ran Kofi into the corner and charged in with a Corner Splash. Roman missed the Superman Punch but hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam. Spin Kick by Kofi. Roman blocked the S.O.S. and lifted Kofi for a Sit Out Powerbomb. Could be…might be…Denied! Woods screamed at Kofi to get up. Roman set for the Special Delivery from Krypton. Roman took out Big E. Woods distracted Roman. Kofi with a Roll Up but couldn’t hold him down. Kofi flew off the ropes…right into the Superman Punch!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Roman stood around and waited for…Dean Ambrose. Dean came through the crowd with popcorn, soda, beads and the World Title Belt. HHH and Stephanie watched this from the office. Seth came in and they told him Dean had his title belt. They wondered if he needed something. The teased him about needed their help. Seth never said anything but stormed out of the office. Dean was sin the front row for the upcoming match.

Seth Rollins vs Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury (J and J Security) Kane in Jamie and Joey’s corner
2-on-1 Handicap Match

J and J came out to Kane’s theme music. Joey started against Seth. Seth worked over Joey’s arm but Joey spun around to take the arm. Joey yanked on the arm. Seth then reversed the move. Joey made it to his corner and Jamie entered the ring. Dean cheered for J and J. Jamie with a Side Headlock. Seth with a Shoulder Tackle. He then pitched Jamie and Joey out to the floor. Seth invited them to come back in the ring.

J and J and Kane surrounded the ring. Double Team on Seth as Kane distracted the ref. Dual La Bandera Clothesline. Seth ended up at Dean’s feet. Dean sprinkled popcorn on Seth’s head. Joey with a great Dropkick. Seth kicked out quickly but Joey with the Deep Arm Drag. Seth threw Joey into the barricade, right in front of Dean. Seth threw Joey back in the ring. Corner Splash by Seth. Joey swung at Seth and missed, big time. Seth stomped Joey’s hand. Hard Whip by Seth. Joey almost pinned Seth. Seth clamped on the Side Headlock. Dean kept trying to distract Seth. Joey flipped Seth over the ropes. Joey ducked Seth’s top rope move. Seth missed a Corner Splash and Joey crawled towards his corner. Seth tried to prevent the tag but failed. Back Eblow by Jamie. Stone Wall by Jamie. Rolling Neckbreaker by Jamie. The fans chanted for the former top cruiserweight. Seth caught Jamie and took him down hard. Outside In Suplex but Joey held the leg. Seth with a Superkick to Jamie. Joey went to attack but got laid out. Buckle Bomb sent Joey into Jamie. Joey was tossed to the outside and Seth went back to work on Jamie. Seth wanted the Pedigree but Dean jumped the rail and set the World title in the ring. Joey rolled up Seth!

Your Winners: Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury
Raw Ranking: 2.5

After the match, Dean nailed Dirty Deeds and took the title belt, again.


–Jay Shannon

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