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Wrestlemania is shaping up nicely. Bray finally got his answer to his challenge to face The Undertaker. And where does Randy Orton stand, as related to The Authoriy? Let’s take a look…

This week’s show opened with a look back at how Randy Orton helped Seth Rollins in his match with Roman Reigns. Seth didn’t want the help, at first. Randy actually distracted Roman, allowing Seth to get the win.

The Authority members, minus HHH and Stephanie, were waiting in the ring. Randy Orton came out to join them. Kane talked with Randy, first. Kane wanted to publically state that Randy is a member of The Authority. Kane welcomed Randy back into the elite group. Big Show took over the stick but got seriously booed as he began to talk. Show lost his cool at the disrespect of the crowd. Show got back on point and said what a nasty person Randy could be. Jamie Noble was next to speak. Noble was certain Randy was a “low down snake that couldn’t be trusted”. Seth mocked Noble for still being upset at Randy for a recent RKO. Joey Mercury also wasn’t happy that The Authority was allowing Randy back in. Seth dismissed both of them and talked about “The Elephant in the Room”, which is that Randy is just waiting to get his revenge on Seth Rollins. Seth knew that Randy had buried the hatchet and all was good. Seth insulted Big Show by saying no one cares what Show thinks. Seth wanted to shake Randy’s hand and welcome him home. Seth asked everyone to stand and pay respect to “The Viper”.

Randy said he words were kind and touching. Those thoughts had Randy thinking. Randy wondered what happened to The Authority, kissing his *ss. He took shots at each member of The Authority. Orton’s shots about Noble’s height were cold but still funny. (You can’t get on all the rides at Disneyland. Don’t worry, my four-year old daughter has the same problem). Randy said he was ready to make Seth his b*tch. The fans chanted for the RKO. Randy then switched gears and claimed he was just messing around with them. Seth bought it and cackled. Seth was the only one buying this baloney. Seth announced that he and Randy would go 2-on-1 against Roman Reigns. The announcers were a little confused as far as what Randy was really up to.

Wiz Khalifa, a rap guy, was the special guest, this week. Honestly, never heard of him.

Daniel Bryan vs “Bad News” Barrett
Non-Title Match

Before the match, video ran about the whole I-C title belt thing. So many people are determined to hold the strap. Now, Star Dust has thrown his sparkly hat in the ring That Ladder Match is going to be awesome. Nice replacement for Money in he Bank. R-Truth was at the announce desk for this match. Barrett came out without his Intercontinental title belt. Not sure exactly who has the strap, right now. Star Dust seems the most likely candidate.

Daniel went into a Hammerlock but Barrett Elbowed out. Kitchen Sink by Daniel, followed by a Knee Drop. Daniel drove his knee into Wade’s shoulder blades. Wade Elbowed and kicked away. Snap Mare by the IC Champ. Barrett missed he Knee Drop and Daniel with a Double Underhook Suplex. Daniel with a Seated Hammerlock. Barrett came back with a hard Forearm Shot. Daniel slid under Barrett and kicked up at him. Big Boot by Barrett. Knee Strikes by Barrett, in the ropes. Barrett then used a Big Boot to send Daniel to the floor. Time for a break.

Daniel was on the top rope as the show returned. Barrett kicked Daniel and then nailed a Superplex. 1-2-not yet. Barrett wanted Wasteland but Daniel escaped. Barrett escaped the Crucifix Backslide but fell to the Flying Knee Strike.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

After the match, Daniel partied with the crowd. Barrett waited and then laid out Daniel with the Bull Hammer Elbow. Barrett threatened to take out R-Truth, next. Dean Ambrose came out and decked Barrett. Dean was on his way out for the next match.

A really good video aired to promote the Triple H vs Sting match at Wrestlemania. That is one of the battles that I personally look forward to. I’m likely going to have to catch it on the replay as I’m pretty sure I will have to work during the actual live performance.

Dean Ambrose vs Star Dust

Cody…err…Star came out wearing the IC title belt. Michael Cole pushed SuperstarsforHope.com. R-Truth was still at the announce desk. The “Cody” chants started early. Side Headlock by Dean. The two men went back and forth until Dean dropped Star with a Running Shoulder. Dean punched the skull of Cody and then hit a Clothesline and Muta Power Drive Elbow Droop. Kitchen Sink and Running Dropkick by Dean. Dean Face Washed Star. Star Kick and Cartwheel by the odd one. Dean slapped Star and sent him out with a La Bandera Clothesline. Suicide Dive by Dean. Dean said the title belt was his. Star blasted Dean and did a Dragon Screw Leg Whip, in the ropes. Star fondled the title belt as Raw took another break.

Star had Dean trapped in a Half Crab. Star stayed focused on the injured leg of Dean. Dean came back with punches and chops. Shoulder Tackles by Dean. Corner Splash into a Bulldog by Dean. Snap Mare by Dean into the Teeter Totter Clothesline. Dirty Deeds!

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Dean took possession of the title belt. Wade rushed out and clocked Dean. Daniel came out and attacked Barrett. Luke Harper rushed into the ring. Dolph Ziggler also got involved. R-Truth slid up and snatched the belt and put it in his bag.Everyone hit huge moves (Superkick, Flying Knee, Big Boot, Bull Hammer Elbow). JBL gave R-Truth up for taking the belt. Truth handed the burlap bag to Barrett. Not sure if the tile was actually in the bag. As Truth jobbed up the ramp, Barrett found a replica belt in the bag. Truth had the real title belt. This is actually the most fun that they have done in some time.

The next inductee of the Hall of Fame was announced. It was not a wrestler or celebrity. This is a new category…The Warrior Award. The very first award goes to a brave young man, Connor “The Crusher” Michalek. Connor passed away, last year, at the tender age of 8. He was battling cancer and lost the fight. It brought tears to the eyes of everyone learning about him, including me. The only thing that would have made this even more special would have been if Connor had still been with us to receive this award. I guess Heavenly Father had need for one of his most special children to return home, far too early.

Paul Heyman came out to chat with the crowd. Paul watched a video of Roman Reign’s rise. Roman then talked about his cousin, The Rock. Byron Saxton asked Roman what he thought about his detractors. Roman appreciated their thoughts. Roman then discussed Brock Lesnar. Roman was confident that he would conquer the Conqueror.

Back to live action and the crowd was booing the piece. Heyman felt Roman did make some interesting points. Heyman decided to bring out Brock Lesnar. The Beast emerged from the back. Michael Cole mentioned that Roman has never faced Brock. Paul mocked the video that we all just saw. Paul said Roman’s dad used to take Roman and his cousins to a local bar and have them beat up the football stars. An uncle would then take them all to the beach to beat the Muscle Heads. Paul was certain that Roman would fail to beat Brock Lesnar for the title at Wrestlemania. Paul also took shots at Seth Rollins and The Authority. Paul said if the WWE tried a “Montreal Screwjob” on Brock, they would not leave California alive. Paul knew that Roman was going to take an *ss-Beating. The microphone, again, suddenly went dead. Paul went on a tirade about the way he and Brock were being treated. Paul suggested that Brock might unify the WWE and UFC tiles. Interesting. Paul said the WWE World title did not belong to WWE, it belongs to Brock…and he ain’t giving it back. Paul went on about all the people that Brock has dominated (Rock, Undertaker, Cena). Paul wrapped up the segment by saying that Brock Lesnar would leave Wrestlemania as the champion.

Bray Wyatt did another promo about being The Reaper. He demanded to the Undertaker “Find Me”

Kane and Big Show vs Erick Rowan and Ryback

Ryback tore into Kane with punches and a Shoulder Tackle. Thesz Press and Big Splash by Ryback. Spinbuster to Kane. Ryback cocked for the Meat Hook Clothesline but ate a Big Boot. Big Show took the ag and Speared Ryback. Huge Hip Toss by Show. Show then stood on Ryback’s chest. Show then dropped Ryback. Skillet Slaps by Show. Kane tagged back in and kicked Ryback in the face. Ryback blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own. Ryback tagged out and Rowan sent Kane into the corner. Flying Back Elbow by Rowan for a two count. Kane hit a Thrust after a Big Show distraction. Show went for the KO Punch but accidentally hit Kane. Rowan took the easy pin.

Your Winenrs: Erick Rowan and Ryback
Raw Ranking: 2.0

After it was all said and done, Kane was livid. Show tried to calm things down, which just pushed Kane even more to exploding. Stephanie McMahon came out and told the two to quit arguing like little children. Stephanie said Randy just might have been correct about Show and Kane. She demanded the return of The Giant and The Monster. She ordered them out of her ring. Stephanie sent both men out of the arena for the night. They would also be out of everything until they got their act together.

Raw reran the embarrassing Erectile Dysfunction commercial that Miz got involved in. The whole Niagara thing was just hilarious. Miz went off on Mizdow for airing the tape, even though Miz told him to do so. Miz then talked about being in theater. He was trying to talk Wiz into doing a duet. Wiz said he was more interested in…WIZdow. Wizdow/Mizdow let Miz know he was going to ge in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Miz stormed off in total disgust.

Another video aired about the return of Sheamus.

Wiz Khalifa performed and I got a fresh soda. Sorry, I can’t stand rap music. So many decent wrestlers don’t get a spot on TV so they can push this guy? Boring! S—U—A—W! Shut Up and Wrestle!

Raw returned to wrestling by looking at the return of A.J. Lee. Lee was set to return to action, next.

The Bella Twins cut a promo about their role in the new Flintstones/WWE cross promotional film. The girls were in Flintstones-like outfits.. The Bellas will face Paige and A.J. at Wrestlemania.

A.J. Lee vs Summer Rae

Lee with a Roll Up and Dropkick to the Blonde Beauty. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors by Lee. Summer countered the Wheelbarrow Bulldog into a Faceplant. Shinu Numaki by Summer but Lee fought back. Summer got a two count. Boot Choke by Summer. Thesz Press by A.J.. Corner Clothesline and Funk Neckbreaker by Lee. Summer pre-sold the move and messed up. Lee covered nicely and hit a DDT. Leg Lariat by Summer but she only got a two. Lee caught Summer in the Black Widow and Summer Rae tapped out.

Your Winner: A.J. Lee
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Sting said he was the Silencer of Injustice, The Vigilante, The Face of Retribution….I Am Sting! He has been watching HHH. Sting said he failed to save WCW. Sting warned that HHH could not control vengeance or destiny. Sting knew HHH’s only loyalty was to himself and he promised that at Wrestlemania…Game Over!

Rusev was set to fight next…in a non-title match. Rusev and Lana ran into John Cena. John called Rusev “Stupid” for not recognizing what has been given to him. John told Rusev to stop insulting the country that gave him everything. John promised to shut Rusev’s mouth if he talked trash about the USA.

Rusev (w/Lana) vs Curtis Axel

I so like the new Axelmania thing. Curtis claims he has been in the Royal Rumble for 42 days. Rusev jumped Axel, before the bell. Axel kicked and punched away on Rusev. Thrust Kick to Axel’s face. Rusev stomped Axel’s back and applied he Accolade.

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Rusev demanded a microphone. Rusev said America was strong during the Hulkamania days but not now. He called Americans spineless. He said God would spit on the American’s so-called souls. John Cena came out and tore into Rusev. He put Rusev in the S TF. A “USA” chant rose from the crowd. Cena cranked on the move more than just about any other time that I’ve seen. Rusev completely passed out! Rusev ran off the medics and refs and poured water on Rusev. He reapplied the STF. Rusev tapped out! Lana shrieked at Cena to release Rusev. She said John Cena would get his match against Rusev…at Wrestlemania. John will be allowed to go after the U.S. Title.

Bray was back for another promo. Bray was tired of waiting so he planned to Raise The Dead…tonight.

Rusev was being checked in the back. He was seriously ticked off at Lana for allowing John Cena to have the match at Wrestlemania. He ordered her to leave. None of this was in English.

New Day vs Cesaro and Kidd
Non-Title Match

The New Day did an insert video claiming that they would take the tag belts at Wrestlemania. Xavier Woods and Big E represented their trio. Woods started against Kidd. Go Behind by Kidd. Push Off by Kidd but Woods nailed a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. Corner Splash and tag to Big E. Backbreakers by Big E. Tag To Woods. Big E ran towards the corner so Woods could hit an Enziguri. Kidd held the ropes and did a Flip Kick. Cesaro clipped Woods knee. There was a blind ag. European Uppercut by Cesaro. Kidd wrapped up Woods’ bad leg. Woods has had issues with the leg for the past few months. Cesaro took the tag and applied a Half Crab. Woods kicked free and crawled towards his corner. Kidd got the tag and Dropkicked Big E off the ropes. Woods with a modified Wheelbarrow Flapjack.

Your Winners: Big E and Xavier Woods
Raw Ranking: 2.0

The Usos brought Naomi out to the ring.

Naomi vs Natalya

Natalya punched Naomi but Naomi fought back. Naomi with a Slingshot Atomic Drop. The two Divas went back and forth with pin attempts. Natalya told her hubby and Cesaro to Shit up. Nattie pulled Naomi into the Splits. Ouch!. Nattie tried for the Sharpshooter but Naomi was able to roll and Back Flip Nattie into the corner. Cesaro got into it with the Usos. The Usos took out the tag champs. Rear View by Naomi, after dodging the Discus Clothesline.

Your Winner: Naomi
Raw Ranking: 1.75

The Usos vs Los Maadores

Handshakes from both sides. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Jimmy worked over the arm and then flipped Fernando up onto the ropes. Arm Drag by Fernando as Raw went to break.

Double Team on Fernando. Jey got a two count. Fernando avoided the Thrust Kick. Skidmark on Jey. Diego with a Springboard Senton. El Torito urged his amigos on. Diego set Jey to the corner and then hit an Underhook Suplex. Kneelift by Fernando, who had tagged back in. Tag to Jimmy Uso. He hit a Crossbody. Fernando with a wild Double Spin Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. Jimmy caught Fernando with a Thrust Kick. Diego with a Baseball Slide but Jey nailed a Tope Suicida. He did catch his foot on the ropes. Diego got planted with a Samoan Drop. Torito distracted Uso and Diego rolled him up.

Your Winners: Los Matadores
Raw Ranking: 2.0

J and J Security tried to talk sense to Seth Rollins. Seth felt they could trust Randy Orton. Seth could not believe Randy would tell him exactly what he planned to do. Seth reminded Jamie and Joey that Seth was the architect who built and then destroyed The Shield, as well as engineering the return to power of The Authority.

Bray Wyatt said he did not sleep but he was always dreaming. He went all gothic and cryptic about fallen civilizations. Bray was guided by the buzzards to come and find a shell of a man…the Mighty Undertaker. Bray said this was always about Undertaker. Pride brought Bray to this rotten world to find and destroy Undertaker. Bray screamed that he was the New Face of Fear. Bray said it was not Taker’s fault. Fate stole Undertaker’s destiny but Bray could resurrect Undertaker. Bray straight up challenged Undertaker to face him at Wrestlemania. Bray felt Taker was playing games with him. Bray opened The Urn and found it empty. He replaced it on the table and smoke began to billow from within.

Thunder rumbled the arena as lightning flashed on the Tron. Bray kept screaming for Undertaker to come out. Suddenly, Undertaker Bell sounded, several times. He able was gone and Bray’s rocking chair was in the center of the ring. A lightning bolt struck the chair and it burst into flames. Taker’s voice echoed off the walls, proclaiming that Bray would “Rest in Peace”. On the Tron was the Wrestlemania logo and the words “The Man Comes Around” (Taken from the Johnny Cash song that Taker used…and was the opening music for the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Bray cackled like a demented soul at the site of the chair on fire.

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins and Randy Orton
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Seth asked to start the match. Collar and Elbow and Roman threw Seth down. Seth slithered around and tried to get away from Roman. Roman blasted Seth in the face. Seth ducked Roman and Reigns ended up on the floor. Roman smacked Seth. Randy had gone to the floor to go off on J and J Security. Modified Protobomb by Roman. Roman lifted Seth but he slipped free and Chop Blocked the knee. Roman pushed Seth away but Seth came back with the Sling Blade. Seth choked Roman on the middle rope. Randy came down off the apron and creamed at Jamie and Joey. Randy ducked Jamie. Seth ordered Jamie and Joey to take a hike. Samoan Drop by Roman. He threw Seth into the corner and Clotheslined him silly.

Roman kept up the pressure. Seth hit a Jumping Enziguri. Randy asked for the tag but then refused to tag in. Randy stood just out of reach. Seth still thought Randy was playing around. Randy flipped off Seth. Spear!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Randy stood and stared daggers at Seth. Randy got in the ring and Seth begged off. Randy picked up Seth and slapped him around. He screamed at Seth and pitched him over the top rope. Seth tried to run away but Randy was right on his tail. Randy threw Seth down. Randy then whipped Seth into the ring steps. Randy tore the ring steps apart and put Seth on the steps. Orton yelled at Seth if Rollins remembered what he did to him. Orton remembered and slammed Seth’s head into the steps and then whipped him into another set of steps. She tried to crawl away but Randy was right there. Randy connected with repeated European Uppercuts. Randy sailed into the Bullpen as the fans called for the RKO. Randy grabbed a steel chair and stalked Seth. They went up into the crowd. Randy cracked the chair across Seth’s back and side. Randy had Zombie Eyes as he continued to follow Seth through the crowd. Randy yelled for the fans to “Take a Picture”. They started back towards the ringside area but Randy stopped to scream at Seth. Randy said it was time to show Seth just who he is. Randy nailed another European Uppercut. Seth crawled back to the Bullpen. Randy waited and hit the Barricade Assisted DDT. Randy was in another place as he came back to where Seth laid. Andy tossed Seth over the announce table. Randy then took apart he announce table. He busted one of the monitors, big time. Randy slithered up on the desk and reached for Seth. Randy continued to yell at Seth and then put him through the table with an RKO!


–Jay Shannon

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