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The top 3 contenders for the World Title faced off to determine who is next to challenge Lashley. Plus, the Knockout and Tag Team titles were on the line.

The show began with a flashback to last week. MVP had his shot at Lashley and his World title. The Beat Down Clan were prepared to aid their leader in taking the strap. Gunner took out Samoa Joe and then Drew Galloway annihilated MVP. The ref was down and didn’t see a thing. Lashley then nailed the Spear to keep his prized strap.

The B.D.C. came out in full force. To say they were unhappy would be like saying Boston has gotten a little snow, this winter (nod to my buddy, Frank). Kenny King took the stick and said things were getting out of control with Drew Galloway. MVP took over and said the B.D.C. has issues with Grado, Al Snow and Galloway. MVP reminded everyone that he came to TNA, one year ago, to dominate the World Title scene. MVP gave Drew a chance to come out and explain his action and apologize for what he did.

After a pregnant pause, Drew Galloway arrived in the arena. No music, no hoopla. Drew did a Roman Reigns by coming through the crowd. Drew let everyone know that he was at home. Drew said he just stopped MVP from stealing the World title. Drew took a shot at the whole “Sports Entertainment” name. Drew told everyone that he was there to stand up for wrestling. Drew said he was tired of the B.D.C. screwing with everyone. Drew was seriously taking shots at the WWE (although they were veiled). Kenny King took back the mic and demanded satisfaction. King threatened to go to Drew’s home and attack his mum and dad. King told Drew to think about his options. Drew unleashed his hair and told the B.D.C. that he was there to stand up and fight. That got a nice “Fight” chant started. Drew suggested that King send his boys to the back and they would go, right now. King claimed he was a “One Man Army”. King asked his “brothers” to go to the back and let him handle this.

Kenny King vs Drew Galloway
Special Challenge Match

King jumped Drew and all the other B.D.C. members rushed back down to gang up on Drew. King choked Drew. There was no DQ, because the bell had not sounded. Drew opened up on King with a Knife Edge Cop, Knee Strikes and one awesome Snap Suplex. The fight went out to the floor and King took control of the situation. The two got into a Knife Edge Chop-a-Thon. Drew used a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam to send King onto he edge of the ring. I’ve set up my share of rings and I can tell you that the edge is the hardest part. King snapped Drew’s neck over the top rope. King went into a Rear Chin Lock but Drew quickly escaped.

High Cradle Suplex by King. King Paintbrushed Drew to add insult to injury. The slaps seemed to fire up Drew. Drew unloaded with repeated punches and a huge Biel. Flying Clothesline by Drew that brought him a two count. Drew went for the Future Shock DDT but King blocked it. King dropped Drew with a Springboard Buffbuster. King lifted Drew but couldn’t hold him. Backslide with the feet on the ropes but Drew slipped free. Future Shock DDT!

Your Winner: Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, the B.D.C. rushed back down to attack Drew. The only problem was that Drew had high-tailed it up into the crowd.

Bobby Roode walked backstage. He was about to share his thoughts with the crowd.

“The It Factor” made his way out to the ring. Bobby yelled at Eric Young for costing him the World title and almost ending his career. He wanted to make it clear that he was still standing. Roode was confident that he was going to earn the number one spot and no one would stand in his way…

Lenny and Squiggy Moment of the night. Kurt Angle came out and told Bobby that he was going to get in Roode’s way. Kurt was determined to go after Lashley. Kurt was set to fight and Roode was cool with it. Eric Young with a Pearl Harbor on Roode. Eric then got up in KK Kurt’s face. Eric tried to jump Kurt but got laid out by Kurt and Bobby. The match didn’t start right then but it would happen, a little later on.

TNA ran a video about Taryn Terrell’s reign as Knockout Tile. Tonight, she had to face the most dominant female in pro wrestling, Awesome Kong. That epic contest would happen very soon.

Bram told James Storm, in the back, that he didn’t need anything to do with The Revolution. Storm seriously tried to recruit the wild brute to be part of his squad. Storm flashed a maniacal grin as he walked away from Bram.

Destination America kind of spoiled the ending of the main event when they previewed next week’s big match between Lashley and the person who won. If you didn’t see the show, I won’t spoil it.

A video package ran about Kurt Angle.

Bram vs Matt Hardy

TNA looked back at how Bram attacked Magnus with a cue ball, several weeks back.

Bram charged but Matt side-stepped him. Matt punched away and ran Bram into several corners. Shoulders by Bram in the corner. Bram missed a Corner Splash and Matt hit a Bulldog and La Bandera Clothesline. The fight went to the floor and Bram ran Matt’s back into the ring apron. They got back in and traded shots. Bram dropped Matt into the corner and then nailed a Spinning Leg Lariat. Bram applied the Rear Chin Lock to ground Matt. Matt tried to get up but Bram threw him down. Bram missed the Elbow Drop. Matt wanted another Bulldog but had to settle for an Elbow Drop to the back of the head. Elbow Drop off the 2nd rope to follow up. Side Effect by Hardy. 1-2-not yet.

Hardy climbed up top and nailed the Moonsault. 2 count. The ref got in the way and Bram hit the Low Blow. Impact DDT, now called the Brighter Side of Suffering.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Bram left he ring and got a turnbuckle. He was stopped by the return of Magnus! Magnus exploded all over Bram. He just beat the stuffing out of his old buddy. Bram slithered out of the ring. Magnus talked about his missus (Mickie James) slapping him. Magnus told Bram that he had two choices: be a quitter or stand up and fight. He was going to fight for the honor of his newborn son. Magnus said this war was personal and he was going to give Bram the beating he should have gotten as a lad. Magnus promised to make Bram bleed.

Backstage, Ken Anderson and Rock Star Spud talked. Spud was wearing a Union Jack suit that was just way too cool. Spud said it was time to end the feud with Ethan Carter III.

Low Ki was livid that Kenny King got dropped by the Future Shock DDT. Drew Galloway cut a promo about how the members of the B.D.C. were one of the things that is ruining wrestling. Drew was ready to stand up for wrestling and he urged others to sit back and watch what was going to happen, next.

The EC3 vs Rock Star Spud feud was highlighted. Tyrus, Mandrews and Ken Anderson have also been drawn into this little war. Spud came out and you just know the guys on the monitors were playing Hell with the color balance. Spud discussed how he and his friends have gone through months of torture and embarrassment. Spud invited Ethan to come out, all by himself, to end this. Ethan did come out without his bodyguard, Tyrus. The two men stared at each other for some time. Spud expressed his desire to fight Ethan to end this, once and for all. Ethan told Spud that people like Spud do not get to challenge him. Ethan shrieked that he was undefeated but Spud told him to shut up. Spud was determined to beat Ethan’s undefeated streak. Ethan said he would accept the match but only if Spud agreed to one stipulation. If Ethan wins, he gets to shave Spud’s head. Spud suggested that Ethan put his hair on the line, as well. Ethan accepted the Hair vs Hair match. He also reminded Ethan that the bad guys do win in this industry. Spud reminded Ethan that Carter always told Spud that he was a tiger, lion and gazelle. He corrected Ethan that he was, in fact, a man….a man that would shave Ethan bald.

Video package ran for Eric Young.

Awesome Kong vs Taryn Terrell
Knockout Title Match

Taryn jumped on Kong but Kong dropped her like a bad habit. Stone Wall by Kong, followed by a Running Kick. Hair Biel by Kong just after the ringing of the bell. Kong threw Taryn around by the hair, again. Taryn threw Forearms but a Shoulder Tackle by Kong. Corner Splash by Kong. He fans really appreciated the large woman. Taryn flew off the ropes but Kong shrugged her off. Kong just stood over the champ and then picked her up to club her head and neck. Taryn dodged a Corner Rush. Full Corner Mount Punches by Taryn. Taryn snapped Kong’s neck over the top rope. Flying Crossbody by Taryn but Kong kicked out so easily. Kong blocked the Cajun Cutter of the Knockout Champ. Kong shrugged off a 2nd Cajun Cutter. Taryn tried to avoid Kong’s stomps. Kong shoved the ref aside and he called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 1.25

Kong continued to annihilate Taryn, after the match. Kong dragged Taryn around and set for the Implant Buster on the floor. Gail Kim rushed down to prevent it from happening. Kong clocked Gail and hat set Kim off. Kong and Gail fought up the ramp and to the back.

TNA looked back at how James Storm and Abyss took the tag bels from The Wolves, several weeks ago. The Wolves were on their way to take back the tag titles…according to Davey Richards. That match is on deck…

It was time for the Bobby Roode promo video.

James Storm and Abyss (The Revolution) vs Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (The Wolves)
TNA World Tag Team Title Match

The Revolution members Khoya, Sanada and Manik jumped the Wolves before he match started. Storm and Abyss tried to Double Team Davey Richards but it backfired. The Wolves Dropkicked Abyss which had Storm fall to a DDT. Davey threw hard shots at Abyss but he ignored he hits and Scoop Slammed Davey. Abyss missed the Big Splash. Eddie was pulled off the apron to avoid a tag. Tag to Storm.

Storm cracked he skull of Davey and then pulled at Davey’s face. Uppercut by Storm as Davey came off the ropes. Davey missed the Jumping Enziguri. Davey flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex. Eddie finally got the tag and then took the fight to both tag champs. Storm got he boots up but Eddie with the Running Clutch Jawbreaker. 2 count. Storm with a Flying Lung Buster into the Eye of the Storm on Eddie. 1-2-Kick out. Matt Hardy came out to even the side. Flying Neckbreaker by Storm and tag to Abyss. Goozle but Davey got involved. Double Boots to Storm and Stereo La Banderas. Flying Wolves to take out all the Revolution members. The Wolves flew a 2nd and then 3rd time into the champs. They took out Khoya and even laid out Matt Hardy. Storm rolled Eddie back into the ring. Enziguri to Storm’s head. Manik and Sanada go involved and Sanada accidentally blew the Sapphire Mist into Manik’s face. Abyss popped Eddie in the head. Abyss grabbed he cowbell. Matt Hardy slid in and hit the Twist of Fate. Hammer of the Gods by Davey and Eddie made the pin.

Your Winners (and New Tag Team Champs): The Wolves
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Matt let The Wolves know that he and Jeff Hardy would be chasing The Wolves, once Jeff heals up. Impact then looked back at how the Hair vs Hair Match was put into place. Next week, the Hair vs Hair match would happen. Also, Magnus vs Bram.

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode vs Eric Young
Triple Threat Match to determine the Number One Contender to the World Title

Eric and Bobby fought on the floor until the bell rang. When it did, everyone got in the ring and Eric got Double Teamed. Kurt used a German Suplex to send Bobby over. Bobby fought out of another one. Kurt came back to hit an Overhead Belly to Belly. Buffbuster by Roode but Eric made the save. Eric wanted a German but Kurt with the Standing Switch. Eric held the ref, Brian Hebner, to block the move. Kurt was sent out to the floor and Eric nailed the Funk Neckbreaker.

Bobby slugged away at Eric and sent him to the ropes. Eric came back with a Running Neckbreaker. Eric kicked at Kurt and then went back to work on Bobby. Inside Cradle brought Bobby a 2 count. Eric sat Bobby on the top turnbuckle and popped him in the face. Kurt slid in the ring and converted a Superplex into the Tower o’ Doom. Bobby rolled out of the ring. Hat Trick Germans by Kurt. Actually, Kurt just kept going and hit a few extra Germans. It was a total of 10. Roode went for the Roode Bomb but Kurt converted it into the Angle Lock. Bobby rolled through and into the Crippler Crossface. Eric broke up the move. Double R Spinebuster by Roode and Kurt hit the Angle Slam. Drop Toe Hold into the Angle Lock on E.Y.. Eric made it to the bottom rope. Kurt escaped another Roode Bomb and applied the Angle Lock to Bobby. Roode rolled forward and Kurt crashed into Brian Hebner. Eric had a steel chair that he drove into Bobby’s face. Kurt knocked Eric off the apron and hit the Angle Slam. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Lashley walked from the back with his World title belt slung over his shoulder. Lashley applauded Kurt for his win. Next week, Kurt Angle will battle Lashley for the World title. He two men stood face-to-face.


–Jay Shannon

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