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Ring of Honor is on the Fast Track to Las Vegas. The major players in the upcoming PPV got a chance to shine, this week. Welcome to the Road Rage edition of Ring of Honor.

Roll the Opening Montage!

Steve Corino had the week off and Truth Martini took his place.

ACH vs Alberto El Patron

Alberto now hails, at least in RoH, from San Antonio, Texas. The fans were solidly behind El Patron. Code of Honor Handshake to begin. Collar and Elbow and they headed to the ropes. Ach shoved El Patron, a couple of times. Knuckle Lock and ACH kicked the thigh. ACH then chopped away at the thigh. El Patron turned things around with Corner Mount Punches and a Snap Mare. 2 count. Truth kept mentioning how much he disliked El Patron. Knife Edge and punches by ACH. Shoulder Block by ACH but El Patron didn’t drop. Single Leg and Dropkick by Ach. Eddie Shimmy by ACH. Back Drop Suplex by ACH but it only brought a 2. El Patron kicked ACH and then choked him on the ropes. El Patron took ACH down but couldn’t get the 3. ACH flipped Alberto over the top and El Patron fell a good 10-12 feet to the floor. Step-Up Enziguri as ACH came to the floor. RoH needed a break.

We’re back and ACH went up top and waited. Crossbody from the top brought ACH a two. Scoop Slam by ACH. Alberto tripped Ach, on the top, and then hit an Inverted Superplex. 1-2-not yet. Alberto called for the Cross Armbreaker but didn’t get it. Alberto charged and ended up hitting the ring post. ACH went to the top and hit a Warrior’s Way for the two.

ACH taunted Alberto but El Patron hit the Flying Arm Bar and Superkicked ACH after calling him something rude in Spanish. AACH kicked out at two. ACH snapped El Patron’s neck over the top rope and hit a La Bandera and wild Flip Dive. Truth was impressed. El Patron went for his finisher but ACH escaped and hit a German. El Patron got the knees up as ACH went for the 450. Cross Armbreaker and ACH submitted.

Your Winner (By Submission): Alberto El Patron.
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

RoH showed ODB training with the Briscoes. She will face Maria at the PPV. Kevin Kelly ran down the 13th Anniversary show line-up, as it stands right now.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs Mark Briscoe

Elgin tore into Mark as the bell rang. No Code of Honor Handshake in this one. Elgin blasted Mark and sent him to the ropes. Mark Low Bridged Elgin. Redneck Kung Fu and Uncle Mule Kick. Impressive Flip Dive over the ring post. Back in the ring, Mark unleashed chops and punches on the former World Champ. The two men fought each other with Haymakers. Elgin kicked Mark and hit the Flip Leg Drop. 2 count. Elgin clubbed the back and went for a modified Neckbreaker. Elgin drove the knee into Mark’s neck. Elgin blasted Mark and then pulled him to mid-ring. Cravat into Knee Strikes. Uranage Slam by Elgin. Elgin missed a Moonsault and Mark went for the Tornado DDT. Elgin blocked it and hit a Dead. RoH took an unexpected break,

Mark kicked Elgin in the face as the show returned. Elgin escaped a Samoan Drop. Mark unleashed Redneck Kung Fu but Elgin popped Mark like a pimple with a hard punch. Flying Clothesline by Mark. Elgin got out of the Fireman’s Carry but fell to the Exploder Suplex. Elgin nailed an Enziguri but Mark hit the Death Valley Driver. Mark went to the Penthouse but missed his target. Elgin stomped down Mark. Elgin climbed up top and hit the Frog Splash. 1-2-Kick Out! Elgin invited Mark to keep hitting him. Elgin then clocked Mark. Standing Clotheslines by Elgin .Mark flipped out of the Germanand hit another Uncle Mule Kick. Mark struggled to get to the top. Elgin blocked the Dropkickand hit a Buckle Bomb. Jay Driller by Elgin!

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

Elgin grabbed a turnbuckle from under the ring and tore at Mark’s face with it. Jay Briscoe came down to run off Elgin. Elgin slid back in the ring and used the World title belt to knock out the Champ. Ciampa and Hanson also go involved. Hanson laid out Ciampa with a Big Boot. All four men fought. Jay was busted open. Ciampa flew off the top to the floor. Elgin was the only one not hit by the flying Ciampa.

Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal
RoH TV Title Match

Jimmy Jacobs was at ringside to help with commentary. J. Diesel and Truth Martini escorted Jay Lethal to the ring. The feed was a bit jumpy during this battle. Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow and both men jockeyed for position. Jay worked the arm but Roddy with a Rolling Arm Bar. Jay got loose and nailed the Cartwheel Dropkick. Strong grabbed the Side Headlock. Float Over by Strong led to a Leg Lariat. The fight went out to the floor. Jay stomped away on Strong as they got back in the ring. Knife Edge Chops by Lethal. Strong blocked a Whip but Jay Chopped and punched away. Strong caught Jay on the Float Over and Back Ran Jay into the corner. Flying Backbreaker by Jay. Truth distracted Strong which allowed Jay to hit a trio of Suicide Dives. Amazing. RoH took a final break

Strong charged the corner but ate a boot. Back Drop Suplex by Strong. Roddy then took out J. Diesel with a Baseball Slide. Olympic Slam by Strong. Strong lifted Lethal but got popped. Kitchen Sink but Jay came back with a Hurancanranta. Lethal Combination into the Koji Clutch. Strong swung around to reach the ropes. Jumping Knee Strike by Strong. Whitmer snuck in to attack Strong as the ref was distracted. Exploder on the floor after one in the ring by Whitmer. Strong recovered and called Lethal a coward for not actually beating him. Strong wanted to restart the match. The two started slugging away. Superkick by Lethal. Strong blocked the Lethal Injection and hit a Backbreaker. It almost brought a three. Stunner by Lethal for a two count. Lethal went to the corner for Hail to the King. Strong pushed Jay off the top and Lethal straddled the ropes. Strong with the Superplex.

Lethal almost got pinned but Jay had a little left in the tank. Strong tried to lift Lethal but struggled. Stronghold! Jay crawled towards the ropes and got the break. Jay snapped Strong’s neck over the top rope. Lethal collapsed on the top turnbuckle. Strong wanted a Top Rope Gibson Driver but couldn’t get it. Jay punched the ribs and sent Strong tumbling to the mat. Hail to the King! 2 count. Sick Kick after Roddy avoided the Lethal Injection. 1-2-no. Truth screamed at Jay. Lethal nailed a pair of Superkicks and hit the Lethal Injection.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Strong went to the back and began kicking the crap out of B.J. Whitmer. Jay was still in the ring and Alberto El Patron ran in to start punching the daylights out of Lethal. Jay bailed out and headed out of the arena.


–Jay Shannon

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